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Spanish and Portuguese Language Cinema for films by Latin American film makers or set in Latin America. The film focuses on the impact the revolution and paramilitary violence have had on the daily lives of Mayan peasants in Chiapas, Chenalho and Acteal, Mexico.

Directed by Daniele Lacourse, Yvan Patry. Description from Icarus Films catalog. The people of South and Central America and the Caribbean reflect on their lives, their history and societies in this series. This look at contemporary Latin America examines issues confronting the entire region by focusing on individual communities. The Garden of Forking Paths [Argentina]. The Americans: Latin American and Caribbean Presence in the U.

ABC-CLIO Video Rating Guide for Libraries. Academic essay editing site sf Americas Before the Europeans, This tape examines the early civilizations in Central and South America, primarily the Maya, Aztecs, and Incas. It describes the art, architecture, and intellectual achievements of these people as well as their downfall to the Spanish Conquistadors.

The Americas in the Revolutionary Era. Lectures by Marshall C. From Lexington and Concord to Yorktown -- Lecture 6. Radicalism of the American Revolution -- Lecture 7.

Slave rebellion in St. Dominigue -- Lecture 8. From Lexington and Concord to Yorktown : Covers academic essay editing site sf fighting during the American Revolution from Lexington and Concord to the British surrender at Yorktown inan extraordinary story of a small group academic essay editing site sf colonials challenging and defeating the most powerful empire in the world.

Radicalism of the American Revolution : Discusses the "meaning" of the American Revolution. For some, it was a conservative effort by planters to sieze power and control the development of a society already divided between slaves and free men, white and non-whites, and the landed and landless. For others, it represented a radical break with a monarchical past and a move towards a republic and democratic politics.

Dominigue : The Haitain revolution is the only successful slave rebellion in the Americas. This section and the next analyze the only case of slaves rising up, taking power, and creating an independent nation.

Also looks at the French revolution and its influence on Saint Domingue, a classic example of the sugar and slave plantation complex in the Americas. Haitian Revolution : Inthousands of slaves rose up in St. Academic essay editing site sf, in a war for their freedom.

Over more than a decade the slaves defeated invading armies from France, England, and Spain, but the black leadership eventually turned against itself in a struggle for control of the revolution. Seeds of the rebellion in Spanish America -- Lecture Napoleon invades Spain and Portugal -- Lecture Francisco de Miranda: the precursor -- Lecture Simon Bolivar: the liberator. Seeds of the rebellion in Spanish America : Looks at a series of wars for independence in Spanish America.

Bythe Spanish Empire in the Americas had been in place for two and a half centuries. In the midth century, the Bourbon dynasty embarked on a series of reforms to revitalize the Spanish Empire which became the source of grievances by the Creoles and their motivation to break with Spain.

The defeat academic essay editing site sf Napoleon and the return of Fernando VII in created another flashpoint that set off a second series of wars in Spanish America that were largely successful. Francisco de Miranda, the precursor : Looks at the dramatic life of Francisco de Miranda whose life and work foreshadowed the generation of revolutonary leaders in Latin America who would lead the wars for independence. He became the early mentor of the most famous of these liberators -- Simon Bolivar.

Simon Boliver, the liberator : This segment looks closely at the life of the revolutionary figure, Simon Bolivar, from his birth in Venezuela in to his first forays into politics and war in Once in power, Bolivar was never able provide the stability needed by the new republics.

He eventually returned to Europe, committing his life to the liberation of his fellow Americans. Liberating Northern South America. San Martin and Argentine independence. Liberating Northern South America : With the imprisonment and eventual death of Miranda, Simon Boliver assumed the mantle of the leader of the South American independence movement.

The liberation of Venezuela and the rest of northern South America, including Colombia, and Ecuador, proved to be a bloody and drawn out struggle that would last more than a decade. San Martin and Argentine independence : Jose de San Martin is the counterpart of Simon Bolivar in southern South America.

This segment focuses on the process of independence in Argentina and Uruguay and the figure of San Martin and his leadership of the armies that liberated southern South America.

Follows the virtual civil war in Chile as Creoles vied for control and Spaniards attempted to crush the moves toward independence. Liberating Peru : The liberation of Peru, the great Spanish stronghold in South America, commencing in came from two directions: led by Simon Bolivar from the North and Jose de San Martin from the South. Bolivar led the final assult liberating Peru and upper Peru Bolivia with the assistance of his lieutenant, Jose Antonio de Sucre. Mexico: race and class warfare.

Mexico: empire and chaos -- Lecture Brazil: a royal revolution? Failed movements in the Caribbean. Academic essay editing site sf race and class warfare : The war for Mexican independence took place in two stages. This segments looks at the first stage, a race and class war in Two priests, Academic essay editing site sf Hidalgo and Jose Maria Morelos, led an uprising of poor people, largely Indians, and threatened to annihilate the upper-class academic essay editing site sf, who closed ranks to defeat the insurgency and restore order.

Mexico, empire and chaos : Events in Europe sparked the second war for independence in Mexico when the supporters of a liberal constitution triumphed in Spain in A so-called "conservative compromise" avoided bloodshed and brokered Mexican independence when the Spanish general, Agustin de Iturbide, came over to the side of independence in Crowned Emperor Agustin I, he was quickly deposed and Mexico slid into a half century of political chaos.

King Joao Academic essay editing site sf elevated Academic essay editing site sf to the status of a kingdom, diffusing most desires for separation and independence. Failed movements in the Caribbean : Some of the American colonies did not achieve independence in the age of revolutions.

This segment looks at Cuba and Puerto Rico, two colonies in Spanish America that failed academic essay editing site sf achieve their independence. Also examines the troubled case of the Dominican Republic, a nation that had to fight several times, first against Spain and then Haiti, to achieve its independence. The British West Indies and Canada -- Lecture The strange case of More info -- Lecture Revolutions made and unmade -- Lecture British West Indies and Canada : Canada and the British possessions in the West Indies did not seek independence.

Both regions experienced a gradual transition to independence that presents a fascinating comparison to both the British North America and Latin American experience. Strange case of Paraguay : When the first set of wars for independence broke out in the La Plata region ina strong man, Jose Gaspar de Francia, emerged as the authoritarian leader of independence and the new nation.

Unlike the rest of Latin America, in the aftermath of academic essay editing site sf, Paraguay turned inward and isolated itself from the outside world until the midth century. Revolutions made and unmade : This segment looks at the "big picture," of the age of revolutions and the general processes across all of the Americas, comparing all the revolutions. In particular, focuses on how the differing colonial traditions political, economic and cultural shaped the revolutionary paths and the outcomes of the wars for independence.

Aftermath of independence : Examines the larger vision of the Americas in the aftermath of the wars for independence, academic essay editing site sf article source the key concepts of revolution and emphasizing the complex nature of the different wars for independence, as well as their common patterns.

Concludes with a summary of the legacies of the wars and revolutions, in particular comparing the United States in roughly with Latin America. Ten out of the eleven films are produced by the U. Office of Inter-American Affairs, which was created to foster and report on relations between the United States and Latin American countries.

Contents: Brazil at war10 min. Autocracy and Rebellion in Mesoamerica Mesoamerican Cultural Code Interviews with: Enrique Arrieta, Tomie S. Montgomery, Sonia Cansino, Miguel Huezo Farabundo Marti FrontRoberto Canas Farabundo Marti FrontColonel Carlos Herrarte Salvadorean Armed Forces. Documentary film with dramatized segments describing the political behavior of Mesoamericans through a historical and cultural analysis of the cultural traits of autocracy and rebellion.

This particular group of video makers have politicized their work by visualizing these unique geographical characteristics and academic essay editing site sf forging links between self, history, and memory.

The exploration and experimentations represent here constitute a politically charged and significant contribution to what we know as video portraiture.

Part 1 of the film examines the background and global intricacy of the "coffee crisis," an ongoing situation that has been described as a "humanitarian catastrophe. Part two examines a variety of simple but effective solutions to the coffee crisis and explains the rationale behind and the importance of academic essay editing site sf trade coffee.

Produced and directed by Anne Macksoud and John Ankele. Berkeley Media LLC catalog description. Each star represents a facet of the South American character: A Colombian bullfighter embodies academic essay editing site sf "lordly Spaniard," while a black world champion boxer and the people of his village symbolize rebellion or the "Guerrilla.

The Academic essay editing site sf Mirror: Reflections on Spain and the New World. Written and presented by Carlos Fuentes. A reflection on the Old and New Worlds, the diverse cultures of Spanish speaking countries, and the themes, institutions, and symbols that have endured through time. Directed by Peter Newington. The Virgin and the Bull In Part one Carlos Fuentes looks for his forebears in the mix of people that created Latin America: Spanish, Arab, Jewish, Indian, and African.

He asks what is unique in their culture that is cause for celebration in the th anniversary year of Columbus. His quest takes him from the quayside at Vera Cruz back to Spain. The Conflict of the Gods In his lifetime Carlos Fuentes has witnessed the rediscovery of ancient Aztec temples beneath the central square of modern Mexico City.

He retraces the Indian world through their magnificent pyramids and sculptures. The savagery of the conquistador equaled that of the Indian, but he brought with him a new god, a god who sacrificed himself for men.

The Age of Academic essay editing site sf The New World brought Spain enormous treasures: gold, silver, chocolate, tomatoes, the potato. He sought to protect the Catholic faith, while Cervantes questioned all values in Don Quixote.

The Price of Freedom Every year a million Mexicans gather in their capital to celebrate El Grito, the cry for independence. The liberators succeeded in throwing off the Spanish yoke, but they found it harder to establish a just society.

For the gaucho there was the consolation of the open spaces, the academic essay editing site sf, and the plains. And for those crowding into the new cities like Buenos Aires, there was tango, a sad thought that can be danced. Unfinished Business Within the lifetime of those born now, half the population of the U. Every academic essay editing site sf, half a million brave the border patrols academic essay editing site sf enter the U.

From the series, World of Ideas with Bill Moyers. Fuentes and Moyers discuss the relationship of the United States with Mexico and with Latin America generally. Fuentes addresses the selective intervention of the U. Carlos Fuentes: The United States and Latin America: Center for Latin American Studies Lecture Series, UC Berkeley, September 29, Listen to it Requires Real Media academic essay editing site sf. Columbus and the Age of Discovery.

El Corazon Sangrante The Bleeding Heart Several Mexican, Cuban, and Chicano visual artists and two performing artists are interviewed, and their work is discussed with particular reference to the image of the bleeding heart, which has been a significant symbol throughout centuries of Latin American culture.

In Spanish and English, with subtitles in the opposite language. Death Squadrons: The French School. The story of the involvement of the French military in Operation Condor, established in by the autocratic governments of South America. Presents a cautionary note about what happens when governments and the military are convinced that enemies are everywhere, and that any means necessary can be employed to fight them. Father Roy: Inside the School of Assassins.

Describes the protests of Father Roy to the military assistance and training that the United States provides to Latin American countries at the U. Army Academic essay editing site sf of the Americas. All too often the graduates of the school have used their training in attacks against their own people.

Human rights advocates such as Father Roy Bourgeois have worked to see the school closed. Narrated by Susan Sarandon. Frontierland As this film demonstrates, mestizaje Mestizo culture is not so much a racial category as a state of mind, and it can be found even where nationalists and exoticists from both sides of the U. A film by Jesse Lerner y Ruben Ortiz-Torres.

The Great Civilizations of South and Central America Presents a brief overview of the history of the Maya, Aztec, and Inca nations, civilizations of South and Central America that thrived thousands of years before European article source arrived. The Gringo in Mananaland: A Musical. This film is a look at United States media representations of Central America, Mexico, the Caribbean and Latin America.

It postulates that since the turn of the century, popular media in the United States has promoted a stereotyped image of Latin America in order to justify the concept of U. Includes a montage of U.

Produced by DeeDee Halleck. Hidden in Plain Sight Feature-length documentary that looks at the nature of U. The film presents different points of view on the School, U. Includes interviews with a variety of scholars, legislators, military personnel and activists as well academic essay editing site sf victims of the violence and repression in Latin America.

Written and directed by John H. It combines new and old film footage to explain the history of Argentina and the wave of revolutionary fervor that academic essay editing site sf many countries in Latin America. From the Spanish invaders to modern military concerns financed by foreign powers, this feature examines racism, social upheaval, native massacres and the precarious political situations that could change in the wake of revolutionary rebellion. This outstanding documentary launched the Academic essay editing site sf Cinema movement and put Latin American cinema on the international map.

El pais -- 3. La violencia cotidian -- 4. La ciudad puerto -- 5. La oligarquia -- 6. El sistema -- 7. La violencia politica -- 8. El neoracismo -- 9. La dependencia -- La violencia cultural academic essay editing site sf Los modelos -- La guerra ideologica academic essay editing site sf A documentary on the liberation academic essay editing site sf being waged throughout Latin America, using Argentina as a historical model. Disc 2 contains the following special features: Synopsis, technical specifications, "making of" documentary, CV for Fernando Solanas, alternate ending, interview with Hernandez Arregui, chapter sequences.

Directors, Fernando Ezequiel Solanas, Octavio Getino. Originally produced in Latido Latino: Senas de Identidad Discusses the influence of Latin American culture in the United States through interviews with more than 50 Latin American immigrants living in New York, including musicians, dancers, artists, and writers. Those interviewed share their personal and professional experiences of being of Latino descent in America.

Noam Chomsky: A Hemisphere of Our Own: U. Foreign Policy in Central America: Talk at UC Berkeley, May 14, [ONLINE AUDIORECORDING]. Berkeley Language Center-- Speech Archive SA Requires Real Media player Program and Questions Requires Real Media player Religion in Mesoamerica Mesoamerican Cultural Code Contents: Pre-hispanic religion -- Conquest and colony -- Independence -- Religious syncretism -- The Cofradia -- Liberation theology.

Interviews with: Pedro Portillo artistDiego Ignacio Mayan priestJon Sobrino theologianCarlos Lara anthropologistArturo Rivera Archbishop, San Salvador. Ruins: A Fake Documentary Counterfeiting is a practice with broad implications, from the merest of fake objects to entire histories shaped as facsimile.

Here filmmaker Lerner collates early colonial misconceptions of the Mexican populace, a jumble of ethnographic and political distortions. From there he charts the process that recontextualizes archeological objects as art. At the center of the school essay websites canada is master forger Brigido Lara, whose pre-columbian objects academic essay editing site sf been exhibited in major museums throughout the U.

A film by Jesse Lerner. Salgado sees evidence of what he calls "a revolution in the way we live, produce, communicate and travel," often summarized by the catchword "globalization. He is accompanied in this discussion with UCB professor Ken Light and photo critic and curator, Fred Ritchin. Recorded by Educational Technology Services, University of California, Berkeley on October 27, School of the Americas: School of Assassins Describes the military assistance and training that the United States provides to Latin American countries at the U.

Human rights advocates would like to see the school closed. Sexuality in Mesoamerica: Machismo and Marianismo Mesoamerican Cultural Code A study of the concept of sexuality in Mexico and Central America. Focus is on the cultural archetypes of machismo and marianismo, orientations which have defined social conduct and sexual orientation throughout Latin America.

Footage of mass graves and bodies of victims academic essay editing site sf murders attributed to SOA graduates is included. Richter Productions catalog description. South America: Continent of Contrasts. Power of Place: World Regional Geography. Andes and Amazon: Ecuador, valley of the volcanoes.

A second chance for Amazonia? Accelerating growth: Sao Paulo, the outer ring. Chile, Pacific Rim player. A telecourse designed to build understanding of geography by examining eleven regions of the world and their interconnections. Each program contains case studies which characterize an individual region.

Ecuador, Valley of the Volcanoes explores the monitoring and prediction academic essay editing site sf volcanic activity in Ecuador. Sao Paulo, the Outer Ring investigates the plight of urban homesteaders in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Chile, Pacific Rim Player examines the developing commerce and export economy of Santiago, Chile.

Available for online viewing with Windows Media player South of the Border Director Oliver Stone visits seven Prolib professional definition essay writer sites australia the in five countries in South America to gain some understanding about the political and social ideas and the revolutions, and to clear up how people view them. Includes with Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez, Argentinean president Cristina Kirchner, Cuban president Raul Castro, and more.

Latin relations in The Age of Obama. Directed by Oliver Stone. Telenovelas: Love, TV and Power This program examines the political and cultural impact of the Latin American telenovela--broadcast six days a week to more than countries. Interviews with sociologists, media moguls and others examine its influence on Latin American power politics, along with generous clips from the programs "By Academic essay editing site sf Streets," which closely parallels Venezuelan news events and the popular Brazilian romantic melodrama "Body and Soul.

Terror and Counter-Terror: Can Democracy Survive? Terrorism, Aims and Objectives This program looks at the economic, political, and military pressures on academic essay editing site sf government menaced by terrorism.

Foreign Policy in the Third World, Problems of Human Rights. From the series, Conversations. Interviewed by Harry Kreisler and Albert Fishlow, professor of economics at Yale University. Directed by Theodore Thomas. Women of Latin America Mujeres de America Latina Series that looks at Latin America academic essay editing site sf its women with interviews and on-site visits. Bolivia, la Coca, Alimento de los Pobres. This program examines the plight of women in the poverty ridden nation of Bolivia on varying social and economic levels.

A congresswoman discusses her fight against cocaine production and use; a teacher struggles against government apathy toward education; a peasant woman reveals the harsh details of her existence. Progress made by women in the academic essay editing site sf of home business, art and music is examined, as well as the antiquated customs that academic essay editing site sf women subservient.

Probes the stratification of women in Guatemalan society. It examines the submissiveness of upper-class women; a new emerging middle class who are defying tradition and cultural expectations to fight for equal rights; and the indigenous population, who are segregated and discriminated against.

It looks at sexual abuse and political terror and includes Guatemalan women refugees in Mexico who discuss the terror that drove them into exile. Mexico: la Rebelion de las Lloronas. They are women looking for children kidnapped during political pogroms, journalists, writers and political activists. Machismo and the resulting sexism as well as some aspects of Catholicism are discussed as social factors contributing to the continued please click for source of Mexican women.

Nicaragua, del Rojo al Violeta. Peru, la Colera del Hambre. It also examines academic essay editing site sf importance of the coca leaf to the rural Puruvian economy. Presents eighteen films, with eleven of them focusing on the participation of Latin American and South American countries in WWII. Ten films are produced by the U. Also includes films addressing issues in America such as housing and employment for veterans, the increase in venereal diseases and other health issues.

Contents: A ceiling on your home11 min. Spanish and Portuguese Academic essay editing site sf Cinema for films by Mexican film makers or set in Mexico Directed by Julia Barco.

Aguas Sagradas: Exploracion de Cenotes y Rios Subterraneos en el Mundo Maya Sacred Waters: An Exploration by Subterranean Rivers and Caverns in the Mayan World. An exploration by subterranean rivers and caverns; a fantastic and enigmatic trip where natural treasures and the vestiges of the ancient Mayas lie. In this program a group of speleologists dive down to incredible depths through the cenotes that were ritual centers of the ancient inhabitants and also unique sources of water in this dry and arid region, where one of the greatest cultures of ancient times flourished.

In Spanish with English subtitles. Produced by Isabel Cristina Fregoso. Examines the emergence of human culture in Central and South America and illuminates the advanced cultural and technical states achieved by the Maya and Aztec civilizations with special emphasis on the mysterious Olmec culture and the war-filled history of the Aztec Empire.

And the March Continues! Y sigue la marcha andando! A film by Guadalupe Olvera San Miguel. Combines click at this page and narrative forms to present a history of the lesbian movement in Mexico from its orgins to the present. Interviews with Mexican lesbians and movement leaders present impressions of daily life in their country.

Animaquiladora: The Animation Sweatshop Contents: Dia de la independencia -- L. Latino political satire as presented in a collection of short animated films satirizing U. Art and Revolution--Mexico Nowhere but in Mexico has history been painted link superbly; nowhere else have outspokenly polemical painters, like Rivera and Siqueiros, produced academic essay editing site sf great art.

The art of revolution and the revolution of art seem, in this time and place, to have nurtured one another. For in Latin America, art and literature are the shared possessions of all social and educational levels. The Artistic Legacy of the Mexican Revolution An overview of the Mexican Revolution and its impact on academic essay editing site sf culture of the Mexican American community. Several prominent Mexican-Americans discuss how the war drove thousands of academic essay editing site sf Mexicans across the border into the U.

Segregation and exploitation of Mexican farm workers-- examples of ongoing racial prejudice-- are discussed, along with cultural contributions by Mexican-Americans in the areas of art, business, and education. The program provides excellent insight into the roots of anti-Mexican sentiment, as well as the often quarrelsome relationship between the U. Originally produced in for the television program, Heritage.

Explores the history and culture of the thousand-year-old pre-Columbian Aztec empire, from human sacrifices to their agricultural advances, its influence is still felt today. Commentary by scholars, maps, and contemporary accounts provide an overview of the events that shaped and destroyed the Aztec empire. Presented at the International Latino Film Festival held in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Border An investigative documentary on the state of academic essay editing site sf southern border with Mexico. Dissatisfied with second-hand media coverage, Burgard and his camera team journeyed down to the U. Mexican border and, over a period of several months, interviewed Border Patrol agents, illegal immigrants, Minutemen, politicians, representatives of the ACLU and local ranchers to make a realistic assessment of just how porous our border had become. A film by Chris Burgard.

Border War: The Battle Over Illegal Immigration The human and drug trafficking across the border between the United States and Mexico has been called "the illegal immigration invasion. The story is told through the eyes of those involved firsthand, prompting viewers to think about this issue on a personal level. Directed by Academic essay editing site sf Knoblock.

Borderline Cases: Environmental Matters at the United States-Mexico Border A documentary describing the consequences of 25 years of environmental neglect by factories along the U. Produced, directed and edited by Lynn Corcoran.

Description of the video from Bullfrog Films catalog. Life; 6 This film follows Luis Rodriguez, who lives in a remote peasant village in southern Mexico, who hopes to become a boxing champion in the United States. This film follows him as he travels north to the US-Mexican border, joining migrants determined to outwit the U.

Eventually he succeeds in crossing the border and finds work as an illegal alien. Directed by Felix Zurita. Global Issues and Events. Description of the video from Bullfrog Films catalog. The Day of the Dead is a holiday that originated in Mexico but is celebrated around the world in many cultures. The holiday focuses on gatherings of family and friends to celebrate, pray for and remember friends and family members who have died. Produced, directed and edited by Gloria Galindo.

La Caminata The Journey Fed up with the mass migration of their community, the small Mexican town of Alberto creates a one-of-a-kind tourist attraction they call La Caminata, a simulated nighttime border crossing, complete with fake border patrol chasing balaclava-clad coyotes.

The experience is a cross between adventure tourism and a way for participants, largely middle class Mexican tourists, to experience firsthand the hardships of the border crossing. La Caminata details the story of this unlikely attempt to save a small community, offering a powerful look at the effect of migration in home communities, and opening a view to the immigration debate on the other side.

A film by Jamie Meltzer. Canoa: Memoria de un Hecho Vergonzoso. Depicts the lynching of five students who had gone camping in San Miguel Canoa in the state of Puebla Mexico, September 16, Fuentes reads from two of his novels, Christopher Unborn and the Death of Artemio Cruz.

Filmed off-air at San Francisco State University on September 3, Depicts the impoverishment of the Yucatan region and its native inhabitants due to the exploitation and domination of the wealthy over a period of three centuries. With the rise to power of Gen. Describes the Chinampa, a traditional Mexican agricultural system, and traces its long history.

Shows modern day threats to this system and discusses measures to save the Chinampa. Produced, directed and written by Anne Prutzman. Ciudades del Mexico Antiguo.

Monte Alban, Uno Muerte. An overview of the Mexican archaeological sites of Palenque and Monte Alban. Tiempo despues las Piedras Nos Vuelven a Contar su Historia. Teotihuacan, El Caracol Alado. An overview of the Mexican archaeological sites of Chichen Itza and Uxmal. Uxmal, Piedras de lluvia. Chichen Itza, la Palabra del Chilam. An overview of the Mexican archaeological sites of Tajin and Teotihuacan.

Depicts the life of a fictional middle-class Mexican family, its faith in power and money as the basis of life, without considering how these values affect the lives and behavior of their children: their experimentation with drugs, premarital sex, and crime, occasionally leading to serious consequences and even death. Produccion y direccion de Diego Lopez. Crossing Borders: The Journey of Academic essay editing site sf Fuentes.

Narrated by Edward James Olmos. A series about Catholic spirituality in Mexico. Guadalupe, mother of all Mexico. A documentary on the history of how the Virgin Mary and the icon "Our Lady of Guadalupe" became important parts of the culture of Mexico and on the current devotion of the Mexican people to them. Semana Santa, San Miguel. A documentary of the activities that occur during Holy Week in San Miguel, Mexico. A documentary about the history of academic essay editing site sf in Mexico, from ancient times to the present day.

Death on a Friendly Border The border that runs between Tijuana and San Diego is the most heavily militarized border between "friendly" countries anywhere in the world.

This documentary puts a human face on this. Includes interviews with a border guard, human rights activists and Mexicans who have attempted the crossing. A film by Rachel Antell. Description from Filmakers Library catalog. Democracia Indigena Indigenous Democracy A documentary filmed in the municipality of Huehuetla in the Mexican state of Puebla -- the only municipality where Indians have taken power away from non-Indians and have governed themselves for nearly ten years.

Academic essay editing site sf by Pacho Lane, produced by Gerardo Avila Garcia. Cacho narrates her confrontation academic essay editing site sf those powerful forces after she was kidnapped and incarcerated for a couple of days.

She reveals her motivations and emotions, and the paradoxes that emerge when she investigates and publishes her book entitled The demons of Eden. Directed by Alejandra Islas. The Devil Gave Us Oil Oil; 5 Looks at the plight of heavily indebted Mexico,where the expectation of a continued rise in oil prices encouraged that government to borrow too heavily. Diego Rivera: I Paint What I See. Explores the life and work of Diego Rivera, including his stormy year relationship with painter Frida Kahlo and the destruction of his notorious mural in Rockefeller Center; features location filming of his enormous colorful murals.

Director, Mary Lance; producers, Mary Lance, Eric Breitbart. Dirty Business: Food Exports to und custom thesis statement editing websites united states einem United States. Discusses the move of multinational agribusiness to Mexico and the problems they are creating due to environmental pollution academic essay editing site sf low wages for workers.

Director, camera academic essay editing site sf editor: Jon Silver. The smell of marigolds in the graveyard beckons them to enjoy tamales, mescal, and other sensory favorites of their living life. Directed by Ari Luis Palos, Eren Isabel McGinnis 14 min. The documentary had its premiere during a unique riverbed screening with 4, Juchitecans.

Entrega de Agua Potable a Domicilio v. Film examines the problem of polluted water and the need to develop pure water for domestic use in rural Mexico. Human Race; 4 Mexico City, the most polluted and fastest growing city on the planet, is a sobering foretaste of what may await us all.

Looking at the effects of industrialization on Mexico, and the impact of its development on the rest of the world, this program finds reasons for optimism.

The Fence Inthe U. Border Barrier, a fence that stretches only miles of the plus miles comprising the U. Kennedy investigates the impact of the fence and some of its unforeseen consequences.

Through candid interviews with border guards, ranchers, environmentalists, she asked the question: Was it worth it? Directed by Rory Kennedy. The Five Suns: A Sacred History of Mexico. An animated depiction of the academic essay editing site sf of the Aztecs told with illustrations painted in the style of native Mexican people of the sixteenth century.

A film by Patricia Amlin. Description from Berkeley Media LLC catalog. Directed by Rafael Robellar. Includes festivities organized by the Read article Guadalupano in the Williamsburg section of Brooklyn, N.

A film by Judith Gleason with the collaboration of the Colectivo Feminista de Xalapa and of Elisa Mereghetti. Description from Filmakers Library catalog.

FNAC Presenta lo Mejor de Caiga Quien Caiga. A treatment on contemporary politics in Academic essay editing site sf. Originally produced for the television program Caiga Quien Caiga.

In Spanish without titles. Food for the Ancestors Presents Mexican customs relating to the care and remembrance of the dead, a weeklong holiday called Days of the Dead as celebrated in the culturally rich state of Puebla. Focuses on folk arts related to the celebration, such as weaving, pottery, dance, and preparation of special foods. Features include mask dancing by children, the spectacular Dance of the Voladores performed on a 60 foot pole; the fantastic Cholula Pyramid, and artisians academic essay editing site sf skeleton academic essay editing site sf skull artwork in pottery, fabrics and food.

Forgotten People Reveals human rights abuses that go unchecked in psychiatric hospitals, orphanages and mental retardation facilities around the world with primary focus on Mexico, Armenia and the Soviet Union. A production of the which uses video technology to investigate human rights academic essay editing site sf. Directed by Rafael Rebollar. Free Trade Slaves Film discusses free trade zones and the accompanying human problems that have arisen with human rights, exploitation of workers and environmental degradation.

Filmed on location in Sri Lanka, El Salvador, Mexico and Morocco. In English and various languages with English voiceovers. Presents the life and work of Mexican painter Frida Kahlo. Frida Kahlo: A Ribbon Around a Bomb. A documentary portrait of the life of Write environmental studies book review painter Frida Kahlo, who lived from toand has become an international cult figure.

Directed by Ken Mandel. SF International Latino Film Festival Collection. El Futuro Viene Duro The Children Are Taking the Future. Interviews with children who are demonstrating with their parents against the government in Mexico City, concerning the effect that political unrest and violence in Mexico has had upon their lives.

Produced by students enrolled in Ethnographic Film Anthropology B in Spring ofat the University of California, Popular paper ghostwriting sites ca, Dept.

Pershing and His American Army U. President Woodrow Wilson responded to the raid by Pancho Villa across the U. Pershing to Mexico to pursue Villa. Includes archival footage and commentary by authors, academics and historians. Supplementary academic essay editing site sf accompanying: The Adventures of young Indiana Jones.

The Geographic Dynamic of the Pacific Rim Power of Place: World Regional Geography ; Prog. Global interaction: Singapore, gateway city. Australia, new links to Asia. Migration and conquest: Mexico, motive to migrate. Singapore, Gateway City looks at how Singapore exploits its location to play a key commercial role in Pacific Asia. Mexico, Motive to Migrate examines migration patterns both within and outside of Mexico.

Guatemala, Continuing Conquest examines the "cycles of conquest" borne by Maya peoples in Guatemala. Available for online viewing with Windows Media player. The Global Assembly Line. Documentary, filmed in electronic and garment factories, examines working forces in United States and free-trade zones of developing countries particularly academic essay editing site sf Philippines and Mexico. Granito de arena For more than 20 years, global economic forces have been dismantling public education in Mexico, but always in the constant shadow of popular resistance.

This film is the story of that resistance -- of a grassroots, non-violent movement of public schoolteachers who took Mexico by surprise and who have endured brutal repression in their struggle to defend public education.

Written, produced, and directed by Jill Freidberg. Guadalupe, Mother of all Mexico A documentary on the history of Our Lady of Guadalupe and how she became an important part of the culture of Mexico. Each December, millions of Mexicans take whatever means available, some walk for days, to pay homage to her. Countless miracles have been attributed to her. Pilgrims bring flowers, and gifts, while some enter the shrines on bended knees.

They also call on her in times of crises and calamities. Hechos Sobre Los Rieles: Una Historia academic essay editing site sf los Ferrocarrileros Mexicanos.

History of the development of railroads in Mexico and interviews with Mexican railroad workers involved in the formation of unions. Los herederos: un documental The Inheritors Depicts the lives of children and their families who labor in the Mexican countryside. The film takes us into the agricultural fields, where children barely bigger academic essay editing site sf the buckets they carry, work long hours, in often hazardous conditions, picking tomatoes, peppers, or beans, for which they are paid by weight.

Everyone-from the frailest elders to the smallest of toddlers-must work revealing how the cycle of poverty is passed on, from one generation to another. A film by Eugenio Polgovsky. History of the Mayas The history of the Mayas and their culture academic essay editing site sf shown through the remains at Copan, Palenque, Tikal, Yaxchilan, Bonampak, and Chichen Itza.

Archaeologists working at these Mayan ruins sites discuss their discoveries concerning the structure of Mayan society and interviews with modern Mayans reveal the many ancient practices and customs still in practice today. Huichols and Pesticides Huicholes y plaguicidas Examines how Huichol Indians, displaced from their traditional homes and occupations by modern development, have become migrant farm workers exposed academic essay editing site sf pesticides commonly used in Mexican agriculture.

The Hunt for Pancho Villa. Inlegendary outlaw Pancho Villa led a column of Mexican guerrillas across the border into New Mexico,an action that brought Mexico and the United States to the brink of war.

President Wilson sent General John Pershing and his calvary troops to hunt down Villa in Mexico, but they were never able to even catch sight of him. ABC-CLIO Video Rating Guide for Libraries. The Huichols: History, Culture, Art The Huichols, who live in the western Sierra Madre of central Mexico, are best known for their peyote rituals, their shamanistic practices, and their colorful, intricate textiles. However, like many indigenous peoples, the Huichols have no written history.

The continuation of their culture depends on the vitality of their oral traditions. Rosalio "Chilio" Rivera Sanches and Luis Gonzales Carrio, from the small village of Las Guayabas, are working to preserve the oral traditions and histories of their people.

They share some of the history, culture, traditional tales, and art of the Huichols. Human Geography, People Places and Change Examines contrasting ways of viewing the city of Cancun, Mexico and Mayan ruins as seen through the eyes of tourists, Mayan descendants, and business In The Pit En el hoyo A powerful documentary about the personal struggles behind the construction of a massive elevated freeway over Mexico City.

With lyricism and compassion, this reveals the medieval nightmare underneath an ambitious utopian dream. But while the roadway is a spectacular miracle of modern architectural design, it comes with a human cost. Written and directed by Juan Carlos Rulfo. Filmmaker David Kaplowitz leads an academic essay editing site sf journey, questioning the effects of U.

Revealing a pattern of intervention, the film focuses on U. Archival footage, photographs and media coverage are interwoven with personal eye-witness accounts and commentary from academics, religious leaders and politicians. Description of the video from Bullfrog Films catalog Incidents of Travel in Click the following article Itza This ethnographic film depicts how New Agers, the Mexican state, tourists and s archaeologists all contend to "clear" the site of the Maya city academic essay editing site sf Chichen Itza in order to produce their own article source and unobstructed visions of "Maya" while the local Maya themselves struggle to occupy the site as vendors and artisans.

Written, produced, and narrated by Dan Banda. Intimidad Cecy and Camilo are a young Mexican couple with academic essay editing site sf daughter, Loida. They long for a home together. In turn, Cecy and Camilo must now deal with the strains of their own separation. Juchitan Queer Paradise Presents a portrait of Juchitan, a small Mexican city near the Guatemalan border where homosexuality is fully accepted. The film profiles three gay people: a teacher, a hairdresser and a shop owner.

The society is also unique as the population of Zapotec Indians resist the homogeneous trends of globalization. While Indian languages are link everywhere else in the world, in Juchitan, the Zapotec language is spoken proudly at home, at municipal meetings, in poetry, song and theatre.

A film by Patricio Henriquez. Description from Filmakers Library catalog The JVC Video Anthology of World Music and Dance. The Americas II, Mexico, Cuba, Bolivia, Academic essay editing site sf Presents on film examples of music and dance from the Americas documented by accompanying text written by area specialists.

Central and South America: Mexico, Nicaragua, Peru, Venezuela Mexico -- Nicaragua -- Peru: Amazonian culture; Andean culture; Coastal Black and urban culture -- Venezuela. Accompanying guide includes descriptions, lyrics, and bibliographical references.

The Last Zapatista Visits the profound and enduring legacy of Emiliano Zapata in contemporary Mexico through the reminiscences of Emeterio Pantaleon, who road with Zapata during the Mexican Revolution of to Recent legislation to privatize academic essay editing site sf community lands is destroying the communal farming system that Zapata promoted and fought for, and all over Mexico campesinos are being forced to sell their lands.

This film portrays their ongoing academic essay editing site sf for the land while also relating the now-legendary story of the folk hero Zapata. Venenkissen popular research paper ghostwriting website nyc entfernen, producer and director, Susan Lloyd. We Do the Work Examines the Mexico-U. Free Trade Agreement by looking at how workers on both sides of the border have been affected by the maquiladora program.

Economists, free trade advocates, and Latino community leaders debate our free trade future. The Living Maya A four part documentary chronicling the everyday life of a present-day Mayan family as it tries to cope with modern society. The Living Maya: Part 1. In this first segment the North American anthropologist explains his personal and professional motives for working with Maya Indians in Yucatan, Mexico.

Shows the expedition embarking, arriving in the Yucatan, and beginning work in a village. The Living Maya: Part 2. In this second segment the North American anthropologists doing field work in Yucatan, Mexico, consider the family members individually and as a unit in the village as they seek to understand the Mayan view of the world and examine how this view has shaped their society.

The Living Maya: Part 3. In this third segment the anthropology team witnesses ancient ceremonies consecrating new corn fields. Contrasts the conflicts between ancient traditions and the attraction of modern urban life when two young boys from the village plead with their parents to let them go to the city. The Living Maya: Part 4. This final segment witnesses the return to the village in Yucatan, Academic essay editing site sf of two young boys who found city life lonely.

The parents, who initially opposed their going to academic essay editing site sf city and who were already in debt, are confused and angry. Traditional values have been turned up-side-down by this series of academic essay editing site sf. The footage includes some of the first battle scenes captured in "moving pictures. His research unveils a legacy of fictional and documentary depictions of Villa dating from the silent film era, revealing a world unsure whether to venerate or to fear this imposing figure and the forces of popular revolution that he embodied.

Written and directed by Gregorio Rocha. Made on Rails: A History of the Mexican Railroad Workers. Issued under Spanish title, "Hechos sobre los rieles: una historia de los ferrocarrileros mexicanos". Spanish dialogue with English subtitles. A history of the development of railroads in Mexico academic essay editing site sf interviews with Mexican railroad workers involved in the formation of unions. Produced and directed by John Mraz. Marcos: Historia y Palabra Marcos, Word and History An interview in which subcommander Marcos talks about his arrival in the forests of Chiapas, the union between the insurrectional army EZLN and the indigenous communities, the different stages of the rebellion and its principal actors, as well as the fall of the communist countries and the future and hopes for the children of Mexico.

Maquila: A Tale of Two Mexicos Emerging Powers This documentary presents the pros and cons of the maquiladora or maquila an export manufacturing program established by the Mexican Government and looks at industrialization in Mexico after NAFTA, considering low wages, working conditions, academic essay editing site sf and cultural impact.

A film by Saul Landau and Sonia Angulo. Carmen earns six dollars a day but she is not a victim. She is a dynamic young woman, busy making a life for herself and her children. In "Maquilapolis," Carmen and her friend Lourdes confront labor academic essay editing site sf, environmental devastation and urban chaos, reaching beyond their daily struggle for survival to organize for change, taking on both the Mexican and U.

The women also use video cameras to document their lives, their city academic essay editing site sf their hopes for the future. Produced and directed by Vicky Funari, Sergio De La Torre. View this video online UC Berkeley users only - Requires Windows Media Player or Flip4Mac American Library Association Video Round Table Notable Videos for Adults. Description from California Newsreel catalog. Balachandran Orihuela, Sharada; Hageman, Andrew Carl.

A Massacre Foretold Chronicles the historic events surrounding the massacre of 45 pacifist supporters of the Zapatista Army of National Liberation who were murdered while seeking refuge in a church.

Megacities A film in twelve chapters tells the tales of people from Bombay, Mexico City, Moscow and New York, who are all struggling for daily survival, with ingenuity, intelligence and dignity.

Focuses on the lives of Shankar, the Bioscope Man; Modesto, the chicken feet vendor; Baba Khan, the paint recycler; Nestor, the trash scavenger; street kids Oleg, Borya, Kolya and Misha; Cassandra, the performer; Larissa, the crane driver and Toni, the hustler. Strange, immediate and full of contradiction, the film manages to rivet for most of its time and leaves one feeling sad and less hopeful about the state literal and symbolic of present-day Mexico. Memorias de un Mexicano.

An extraordinary documentary of authentic footage covering key events and figures of the Mexican Revolution from click the following article as described by the pioneer film maker, Salvador Toscano.

Contains exclusive, authentic footage of transportation modes and warfare and other aspects of the Mexican Revolution. Film represents one of the first uses of film for journalistic purposes in Mexico. Original film compiled by Carmen Toscano in from footage taken by her father. Profiles include Rafael Fernandez-McGregor, who hopes to restore a vital rail link between Mexico and the U. Mexico: Dead or Alive. An examination of politics and human rights violations in modern Mexico through the experiences of Dr.

Mario Rojas Alba, a physician and former member of the Mexican Congress for the opposition Revolutionary Democratic Party PRD. A film by Mary Ellen Davis. Description from Icarus Films catalog Mexico City: The Impossible City.

Contrasting the high-tech facilities and fashionable neighborhoods with its sprawling slums and struggling inhabitants, the program outlines the relationship between foreign investment and the worldwide need for cheap labor, which Mexico and its indigenous peoples readily supply.

A documentary dealing with the mexican perspective on free trade. Documents the opposition to the actual trade pact from significant voices within the PRI, Academia, Labor, and the PRD. Mexico: High Price of Profit The first segment examines the impact of the North American Free Trade Agreement NAFTA and U. Records the history and political events in Mexico from the Mexican revolution to the presidential elections through interviews and the use of extensive archival materials.

From Boom to Bust, End of An Era, Mexico, The Frozen Revolution Mexico, la revolucion congelada Using newsreel footage of Pancho Villa and Emiliano Zapata connects the betrayal of the Mexican Revolution of with contemporary documentary scenes to present a comprehensive sociohistorical analysis of Mexico.

Directed by Raymundo Gleyzer. Mitos, Ritos y Costumbres Aztecas A striking documentary about Aztec social customs and religion, art, history, traditions and rituals -- including human sacrifice. Shows the first Meso-American civilization of the Olmecs, through academic essay editing site sf rise and decline of other civilizations such as the Mayas, Toltecs, and Aztecs. Mojados, Through the Night Wetbacks, Through the Night Filmed over the course of ten days, this follows four men into the world of illegal border-crossing from Mexico to the United States.

Guapo, Oso, Tigre, Viejo take the mile cross-desert journey that has been traveled innumerable times by nameless immigrants who - like these four from Michoacan, Mexico - all had a simple dream for academic essay editing site sf better life.

Fighting dehydration and exhaustion while evading the U. Border Patrol through sub-zero temperature darkness of night, filled with barbed wire, brutal storms and the ever-present confrontation with death, they endure unimaginable hardship that is the reality for tens of thousands of illegals who have made this similar journey.

Written, produced and directed by Tommy Davis. La Muerte de Pancho Villa. Portrays the life and events leading to the ambush and assassination of Francisco "Pancho" Villa, one of the leaders of the Mexican Revolution academic essay editing site sf general of the Northern Division of the Army, on June 20, Mujeria: Primitive and Proud An historical survey of Olmec women, including still photographs of Olmec antiquities, and the significant role of lesbianism among Olmec women then and now.

NAFTA: Academic essay editing site sf 3-way Tie for Last. Examines the "unheard voices" of the debate centering around the North American Free Trade Agreement between Canada, U. Presents the concerns of Canadian, American and Mexican workers, native Americans, farmers and environmentalists who perceive NAFTA to be academic essay editing site sf "dangerous" trade policy.

New See more for Mexican Music The first part of the program describes Banda, a popular dance music that originated in Mexico over a century ago and is now sweeping Los Angeles.

Banda features wind instruments and drums with modern electronic rhythms. The second part of the program which explains the history of mariachi music, shows performances by the group Campanas de America which mixes mariachi with country music.

The third part of the program profiles Tejano music, popularized by the late singer Selena. Contents: La Musica Banda! The New Tijuana A history of Tijuana, Mexico showing the development of the city from a very small village to a modern metropolis of more than 2, inhabitants. The documentary emphasizes the relatively recent social, economic and political changes in the city.

New World Border Documents the rise in human rights abuses along the U. Includes interviews with immigrant rights organizers, testimony from immigrants, analysis of "free trade" policies and current efforts to build a vibrant movement for immigrant rights. Produced and edited by Casey Peek.

Film follows the development of a project by the San Diego branch of the Americas Foundation which assisted low income families in Tijuana academic essay editing site sf build a state-of-the-art elementary school with the assistance of local volunteers from the community. Interview with Svetlana Slapsak and Zoran Mutic] -- [Pt. The first segment examines the impact of the North American Free Trade Agreement NAFTA and U.

The second segment is an interview with two writers; Bosnian author, Zoran Mutic, and Serbian author Svetlana Slapsak, on their views of the ethnic turmoil in Academic essay editing site sf. Now is the Hardest Time: Poverty academic essay editing site sf Public Policy in the Tehuantepec Isthmus, Mexico.

Explores the impact of government social policy on the lives of indigenous community members in the Tehuantepec Isthmus region of Oaxaca, Mexico. A production of the Witness Project which uses video technology to investigate human rights abuses.

Teachers, students, housewives, Indigenous and rural academic essay editing site sf and other sectors of the population have marched by the hundreds of thousands demanding the removal of state governor Ulises Ruiz Ortiz. Women have played a central role, occupying TV and radio stations. This documentary shows the ongoing struggle of a united people determined to win and the repression they face: disappearances, murders, including the murder of Indymedia journalist Brad Will, arbitrary detentions, torture and rape.

Oaxacan Hoops Shot in the mountains of the Sierra Norte in the state of Oaxaca, Mexico and the inner-city neighborhoods in Los Angeles, this documentary explores the long-standing cultural tradition of basketball among the Oaxacan community. It looks at how the sport has helped many Zapotec Indians living in Los Angeles build community, keep traditions alive and maintain a connection to their villages in Mexico.

During the biggest basketball tournament outside of Mexico, the Oaxaca Cup, more than 40 academic essay editing site sf compete, most representing a village back home.

Produced at the Graduate School of Journalism, UC Berkeley, producer, director, editor, Olga R. La Ofrenda: The Days of the Dead. In Mexico, on the first days of November, the dead come to visit. They are received and given offerings of their favorite food, flowers, and momentos of their presence on earth. La Ofrenda takes a non-traditional look at the celebration in Mexico and the United States.

A film by Lourdes Portillo and Susana Munoz. Western Folklore v53, n1 Jan, 4 pages. American Anthropologist v93, n3 Sept, 2 pages. On Wings of Faith En Alas de la Fe. A visit to two festivals held in the North Sierra academic essay editing site sf Puebla, Mexico; one to honor Saint Michael the Archangel in the town of San Miguel Tzinacapan; the other for Saint Francis of Assisi in Cuetzalan.

Mexican and mesoamerican dancers celebrate their oral traditions, magical medicine, petition for favors and give thanks to their patron saints through the medium of dance. One River, One Country: The U. Its inhabitants share family and economic ties, but feel isolated from the mainstream cultures academic essay editing site sf their two native lands. Originally presented as a segment in the television series: CBS reports. Produced and directed by Elena Mannes; written by Bill Moyers, Elena Mannes.

With gripping footage of police violence and in-depth interviews, this video explores the growing political and socioeconomic crisis which will have far reaching effects for both Latin America and beyond.

Written and directed by Francesca Nava. The Other Side El otro lado City Life; 14 Examines the devastating impact of Mexican-United States migration. The families and communities left behind are disabled, and their languages and cultures are being destroyed.

This program looks at villagers who strive to ensure that their children will no longer have to migrate to have a better life. Directed by Christopher Walker. Description from Bullfrog Films catalog The Other Side of Immigration This documentary is based on over interviews with men and women in the Mexican countryside.

The film explores why so many people leave small Mexican towns to work in the United States and what happens to the families and communities they leave behind. The audience is encouraged to think about new and creative ways that the U. Directed by Roy Germano. American Library Association Video Round Table:. Notable Videos for Adults. Pancho Villa and Other Stories An account of the Mexican revolution and one of its most important yet enigmatic protagonists, Francisco "Pancho" Villa.

This documentary is a seamless weaving of rare vintage photographs, with oral histories conducted betweenfrom witnesses as well as participants, in addition to authentic motion picture footage shot by American and Mexican film academic essay editing site sf on location.

Produced and directed by Phillip Rodriguez. In one case, academic essay editing site sf stickers of the Pope appeared in bags of potato chips. Dirigido y escrito por Alex Rivera con Efrain Santa Cruz.

Originally written by Padre Florencio Ibanez of the Soledad Mission init may be the first play written and performed in California. Performing the Border Set in the Mexican border town Ciudad Juarez where U. A film by Ursula Biemann. Women Make Movies catalog description. A Place Called Chiapas: A Film In the Zapatista National Liberation Army, made up of impoverished Maya Indians, took over five towns and ranches in southern Mexico. Fighting for indigenous Mexicans to regain control over their lives and the land, the Zapatista Army, led by Subcommandante Marcos, started sending their message to the world via the Internet.

A film by Nettie Wild. Un poquito academic essay editing site sf tanta verdad A Little Bit of So Much Truth captures the phenomenon that emerged when thens of thousands of academic essay editing site sf, housewives, indigenous communities, health workers, farmers, and students took over 14 radio stations and one television station in the state of Oaxaca, Mexico, using them to organize, mobilize, and ultimately defend their grassroots struggle for social, cultural, and economic justice.

Produced, written, and edited by Jill Irene Freidberg. Academic essay editing site sf over three years with unprecedented access to the Mexican courts and prisons, this dramatic story is a searing indictment of a justice system that presumes guilt. Directed by Roberto Hernandez and Geoffrey Smith. Documentary originally shown on P.

Divided into segments; a wedding, a bullfight, a fiesta, a dramatized abortive uprising at the turn of the century. Russian with English subtitles. Credits and other information from the Internet Movie Database. Academic essay editing site sf Eisenstein Mexican Fantasy Directed by Adam Taub. The Ragged Revolution: The Romance and the Reality of the Mexican Revolution, to Discusses the realities behind the romantic myths of the Mexican Revolution and shows how the social and economic conditions in Mexico at the turn of the century paved the way for the Revolution.

Also discusses the U. A Railroad to Utopia Explores, using time-lapse and animation techniques as well as archival drawings and photographs, a utopian colony established in Topolobampo in Northern Mexico by American Socialist pioneers, Albert Kimsey Owen and others, in The writings of Clarissa Kneeland are incorporated in the film.

Directed by Gregorio Rocha. It tells the story of people who traveled the world in search of a place to belong, and people whose lives were marked by disruption. A film by Marcela Arteaga. Recuerdos The documentary film Recuerdos is an outline of the past century, as seen through the life of Luis Frank, a Lithuanian emigrant.

Originally produced as a motion picture in Durham: Duke University Press, C96 ; Moffitt E Un retrato de Diego: la seduccion de la mirada The painter Gabriel Figueroa had the idea, to commemorate the fiftieth anniversary of artistic work of Diego Rivera, to make a short film.

Manual Alvarez Bravo had made several unfinished short artistic films fifty years ago documenting Diego Rivera and his work. In Spanish without English subtitles. Return of the Maya. Recounts the excavation of the ancient Mayan City, Edzna, by Mayan refugees from Guatamala currently living in Mexico. Includes an examination of the current social and economic conditions of these immigrants who are ancestors of the Mayas who originally built this ancient city.

A docudrama based on the terrible events of Oct. Rufino Tamayo: The Sources of Academic essay editing site sf Art. Commentary and poetry by Octavio Paz. Narrated by John Huston. Pictures the artist Rufino Tamayo at work, both academic essay editing site sf and preparing a lithograph. Sacred Games: Ritual Warfare in a Maya Village. Presents how the Maya people see the world and how their symbolic world is renewed in the annual carnival celebrations. The Sacred Land Academic essay editing site sf stes bil lum qui, nal.

Until the Zapastista uprising inmost indigenous people in Chiapas existed by working on large "rancheros" for rich landowners.

This film describes what academic essay editing site sf was like on these plantations through the stories of community members that go back four generations telling about slavery-like conditions. Describes PIDER, a Mexican government program designed to alleviate rural poverty by promoting small-scale agriculture and local industry and involving campesinos in project here. The perpetuators of these academic essay editing site sf have not been apprehended, even though these crimes have been occurring regularly since A film by Lourdes Portillo.

Sundance Film Festival - Special Jury Prize Sergei Eisenstein Mexican Fantasy Meksikanskaya fantasiya Russia, Directed by Oleg Kovalov. Left unfinished by Eisenstein, the film originally to be titled: Que viva Mexico and produced in was highly structured, and was to consist of four "novellas" or "scenarios" plus a prologue and epilogue.

The precise order and content of these episodes was constantly changing, but the academic essay editing site sf film would trace the history of Mexico from precolonial times through Spanish conquest to contemporary times. Each episode has its own distinct style, is dedicated to a different Mexican artist, and also bases itself on some primal element stone, water, iron, fire, air.

The soundtrack in each case features a different Mexican folk song. A very rare film, academic essay editing site sf is not a re-working by another filmmaker, but the original film itself. The Sixth Sun: Mayan Uprising in Chiapas. An examination of the confrontation between Mayan Indians and large landowners and government forces in a uprising in Chiapas, Mexico. Raises questions about the destruction of entire peoples and cultures in the rush toward economic progress.

Features interviews with Subcomandante Marcos and other leaders of the Zapatista movement. A Skirt Full of Butterflies. A film by Ellen Osborne, Maureen Gosling. In this film we hear from five women whose stories are interlaced with scenes of work and the resplendent festivities, music, poetry and paintings of the region. Stepan Chemical: The Poisoning of a Mexican Community. When the Academic essay editing site sf Stepan Chemical plant in Matamoros, Mexico dumped xylene, a toxic solvent linked to birth defects, into open canals near the homes of the people of Matamoros, the people of Matamoros, through their community leaders and with help from the U.

Sweat of the Sun. Visits various sites of ancient Inca and Aztec splendor and examines gold artifacts that escaped the pillaging of the Spanish conquerors. Discusses the significance of these objects and describes how they were used by Aztec and Inca priests in practical and ritual fashion.

This Is What Free Trade Looks Like: the NAFTA Fraud in Mexico, The Failure of the WTO, and the Case for Global Revolt Asi vive el libro comercio : el article source del TLC en Mexico, el fracaso de la OMC, y el porque de la rebelion global Designed as a companion film to Academic essay editing site sf is what democracy looks like, this is one of the first activist films to carefully explain how free trade operates.

It does so from the perspective of the Mexican experience with ten years of NAFTA. Activists and scholars authoritatively condemn free trade as a solution to poverty and discuss the impacts on farmers, workers, youth, and immigrants.

Shot in Cancun, Mexico on the occasion of the 5th WTO ministerial in Septemberit contextualizes the growing international resistance to free trade policies. Written and directed by Amory Starr. Filmed in Cancun, Mexico on the occasion of the 5th WTO ministerial in September Tijuana, Nada M aacute;s takes writers sites critical uk into the world of these children who cross the porous U.

Even if they cross the border, will they get to the "other" side? Director, producer and writer, Yolanda Pividal. To Make the Balance. A film by Laura Nader. Describes the unique community government system of Oaxaca, Mexico--an unwritten village legal system with few formalities.

The system resolves conflict by minimizing the sense of injustice felt by the parties to a case. The law is a style of compromise, equality, de-escalation at all costs. Candid photography shows the presidente--a court official elected from the community at large and serving without pay for one year--handling and resolving academic essay editing site sf disputes.

Originally issued as a motion picture in The second part shows the political and social situation in Mexico and its integration into the international scene when Trotsky arrived in Academic essay editing site sf two-part documentary tells the story of the U. Mexican War in which Mexico lost almost half of its national territory to the United States. In the first segment Mexico is suffering the aftermath of its s war for independence from Spain while to the north the U.

Tensions mount when Texas breaks free from Mexico in and is later annexed by the U. President Polk orders the U. Army and Navy to conquer the Mexican territories of New Mexico and California.

When Mexico refuses to surrender, Polk turns his attention to Mexico City. In the second segment former Mexican President General Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna returns from exile to unite Mexico against the U.

Santa Anna is unable to turn back the invaders and a dramatic battle for Mexico City ends when the capital finally surrenders on September 14, A few months later, the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo is signed, ceding all of the states of the present American Southwest to the United States. Viaje al Centro de la Selva: Memorial Zapatista, Enero-Agosto Documentary film of the formation and activities of the EZLN, a band of Academic essay editing site sf guerrilla insurrectionists called Zapatistas, who occupied the Chiapas region of Southeast Mexico in January, This film chronicles the first moments of the peasant uprising through the Convencion Nacional Democratica sponsored by the EZLN in Augustand held in a freshly made clearing hewn out of the jungle and attended by over 6, delegates from all over Mexico.

Depicts the history of the arduous work, difficulties, and conflicts that beset a group of men in building a railroad across the Mexican desert of Altar in the state of Sonora, Mexico. Voices of Latin America. Presents an introduction to five Latin American writers including Garcilaso de la Vega, So Juana de la Cruz, Jose Marti, Jorge Luis Academic essay editing site sf, and Elena Poniatowska.

Filmed on location in Mexico and Peru with host David McCullough. The drug cartels of central Mexico have illegally taken over the Tarahumara aboriginal land, deforested without permission, planted massive quantities of marijuana and opium, and enslaved the people to cultivate the drug fields.

Many Indians have been murdered, and survivors academic essay editing site sf in absolute terror. Written and directed by Robert Brewster, Felix Arthur Gehm. Wanted: Dead or Alive: Pancho Villa and the American Invasion of Mexico When Pancho Villa staged a nightime raid across the U.

The mission to capture him academic essay editing site sf or alive" launched the Pershing Punitive Expedition. Wars and Images Contents: Gringo 29 min. Four documentaries exploring different aspects of the history of visual representations that the United States and Academic essay editing site sf have created about each other, focusing on wars in which both countries have been involved. Gringo: Shows the U.

Greaser: Presents the Mexican Revolution of as portrayed in newsreels and postcards. Amigo: Looks at the influence of U. Illegal: Critical examination of the role played by independent video learn more here mainstream media in the creation of a war zone on the Mexico-U. Produced and directed by Gregorio Carlos Rocha.

Inthree international filmmakers traveled to the deep Lacandon jungles of Mexico to seek out and interview the leaders of the Zapatista National Liberation Army EZLN and to examine the peasant uprisings which began in Chiapas, Mexico in It recounts through a cast academic essay editing site sf rebel leaders, celebrity narrators and political activists, how a few thousand Mayan peasants have transformed the political culture of Mexico forever.

Zapatista women speak about what their lives were like before the uprising in and how their lives have changed since.

A very upfront and critical look at gender relations within the Zapatista communities--how far women have come and how far they still need to go.

Follows the Zapatista caravan in March of that visited 11 cities on the way to Mexico City where indigenous groups presented the San Andres Accords to the Mexican Congress. The second half of the film documents the upsurge in paramilitary violence in Chiapas that began in August academic essay editing site sf, and the pressure that the state is putting on the Zapatista communities to leave their land so their resources can be exploited. Documents the weaving techniques, social organization, and economic situation for women weavers in a weaving village in Michoacan, Mexico.

The film follows several unaccompanied child migrants as they journey through Mexico en route to the U. Directed by Rebecca Cammisa.

Includes three versions: 83 min. Spanish language with English subtitles or academic essay editing site sf min. Description from Bullfrog Films catalog.

Women United Mujeres unidas. Collectives have become a keystone for many Chiapaneco women involved in the movement for social and economic justice. It features a collective bakery, store and vegetable garden and interviews about how collectives have changed community life. Filmed by women from Morelia, Chiapas, Mexico, it is followed by brief comments by the editor about their plans to show the video in neighboring states.

Presents an in-depth look at the history and current policies of the World Trade Organization. The people of the Valley of Mexico have Mutter custom college essay editing services uk sorgt used artificial islands in their lake to meet agricultural needs and to escape urban congestion.

Presents a visit to the canals and gardens of Xochimilco near Mexico City, one of the original breadbaskets of the Americas and once the agricultural hub of Tenochtitlan, a metropolis ofinhabitants. Ancient Civilizations: The Americas. Focuses on American military intervention in Nicaragua, Guatemala, Cuba, the Dominican Republic, Chile, and El Salvador.

Discusses the roots of dictatorship, its effects on citizens, movements toward majority rule, and communist influences.

In a small border town in the farthest South of Mexico migrants try to jump on a freight train that shall carry them to the US-border. But hardly anybody manages to make the 5, km trip. Already on the outset of their journey they get mugged by youth gangs and fall prey to corrupt border officials.

They fall exhausted from the train or get arrested in large-scale raids by the Mexican migration police and army, who jail them for days and deport them. A film by Uli Stelzner. Autocracy and Rebellion in Mesoamerica Documentary film with dramatized segments describing the political behavior of Mesoamericans through a historical and cultural analysis of the cultural traits of autocracy and rebellion.

Interviews with: Enrique Arrieta, Tomie S. Montgomery, Sonia Cansino, Miguel Huezo Farabundo Marti FrontRoberto Canas Farabundo Marti FrontColonel Carlos Herrarte Salvadorean Armed Forces c Between Light and Shadow: Maya Women in Transition.

Interviews with Mayan women artists who work to preserve Mayan culture, improve the lives of the Mayan academic essay editing site sf and promote a Maya presence in their community. Includes Mayan folk art in the form of woven textiles and embroidery and contemporary paintings. The Body Parts Business. Follows Covenant House worker, Bruce Harris, as he visits Argentina and Central America to investigate the murder of homeless children and patients in mental health facilities as sources of body parts for the black market.

Central America: The Burden of Time. From the series, Legacy. Isolated from the rest of the world,the Aztecs, Maya and Inca created sophisticated civilizations that in many ways paralleled ancient Mediterranean empires.

Central Americans Multicultural Peoples of North America. One of a 15 part series which celebrates the heritage of fifteen different cultural groups by tracing the history of their emigration to North America, showing the unique traditions they brought with them, and who they are today. Each volume discusses when and why each group emigrated, where they settled, which occupations they engaged in, and who the important academic essay editing site sf are within each community.

Chac: The Rain God Directed by Rolando Klein. Based on ritual and legends from the Popul Vuh and Mayan stories, the film focuses on a small Tzeltal village during a terrible drought. Desperate for relief, thirteen men set out on a quest to save their people by seeking a solitary diviner who lives in the mountains and knows the ways of the ancients. Hoping that he can summon Chac, the Rain God the men follow the diviner who takes them on a strange journey that challenges their beliefs and even their sanity.

Credits and other information from the Internet Movie Database Crisis in Central America. Daughters of Ixchel: Maya thread of Change Guatemalan Maya women are academic essay editing site sf skilled weavers. Their textiles, created using academic essay editing site sf backstrap loom, are known worldwide for their excellent workmanship and design.

Their weaving skills have academic essay editing site sf passed down from mother to daughter since ancient times.

Not only are the designs and colors of the Maya textiles attractive and unique, they also academic essay editing site sf the history and traditions of their academic essay editing site sf. This illuminating documentary explores the lives of Maya women today, portrays their ancient weaving processes, and examines the economic, political, and cultural forces that are profoundly affecting the women and their weaving.

Central and South America: Belize, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Guatemala, Guyana. Contents: Belize -- Academic essay editing site sf -- Chile -- Go here -- Guatemala -- Guyana. Popol Vuh: The Creation Myth of the Maya. An animated film which uses original images drawn by Quiche Maya Indians in the seventh century on funerary pottery to illustrate the Popol vuh, which is the sacred book of the Maya and includes their creation story and birth of the hero twins.

Description visit web page Berkeley Media LLC catalog.

Bitter Memories Amargos Recuerdos Filmed during the exhumation, in northern Huehuetenango, of Guatemalans massacred by the military inthis videotape features interviews with survivors and family members of those killed, as well as Mayan ceremonies in honor of the dead.

The exhumations were carried out in order to obtain information about the massacres and help in determining compensation for their victims. On june 8 and 9,police and soldiers evicted the indigenous inhabitants of various communities and destroyed their homes. This documentary includes film coverage of the reading of the eviction notice by the public prosecutor and the subsequent eviction academic essay editing site sf burning academic essay editing site sf homes.

A video by Steven Schnoor. Guatemala: In the Shadow of the Raid The economic impact of an immigration raid at a meatpacking plant in Postville, Iowa not only has hurt the local economy, but the deported workers and their families in Guatemala. Originally broadcast on PBS Frontline on May 11, The Cost of Cotton. Program focusing on Guatemala the second best producer of raw cotton in the world. Excessive use of pesticides and the possibility of introducing an integrated pest management technique are discussed.

Danger: Children at Work. Life, Part 31 art of a series examining the issue of glabalization and its effect on ordinary people around the world. This segment looks at the production of fireworks by poor families and their children in Guatemala.

Since the land is poor, many have turned from agriculture to producing fireworks at home. For other installments of series, see Global Issues and Events 27 min. Description from Bullfrog Films catalog. The Darklight of Dawn. A documentary on military oppression and the human rights situation in Guatamala.

In Jacobo Arbenz led the successful revolt against the military dictatorship in Guatemala, thus ending the time of dictatorship which had held the country in its grip academic essay editing site sf colonial times. But he began to fulfill his election promises: farmers got their own land. Then in SeptemberArbenz please click for source betrayed by foreign powers and overthrown by the CIAwas declared a traitor, and chased out of the country.

A film by Andreas Hoessli. Denese Becker, born Dominga Sic Ruiz, is a survivor of the Rio Negro massacre in Guatemala. Nine years old at the time of the massacre, during which both of her parents were killed, Denese was adopted by an American family and raised in Iowa.

As an adult academic essay editing site sf begins to confront her memories and nightmares, returning to Academic essay editing site sf almost twenty years after the massacre and ultimately becoming an advocate for the victims and survivors at great personal cost. Produced and directed by Patricia Flynn c Forging Academic essay editing site sf in Guatemala Presents portraits of three Mayan visit web page and their efforts on behalf of peace as a result of the year civil war in Guatemala.

Adela is a widow struggling to support her refugee family, Justina travels the countryside explaining the human rights movement, and Francesca, a Mayan priestess, reaffirms the cultural identity of her people. Goodbye Baby The number of adoptions from Guatemala to the US has risen dramatically in recent years, as has the controversy. What is seen as an act of love by adoptive parents is viewed with suspicion inside Guatemala. Guatemala: The Human Price of Coffee What in the World? People of the Developing Nations Academic essay editing site sf of small coffee farms and members of the the coffee cooperative Manos Campesinas are interviewed in this documentary about coffee production in Guatemala.

Guatemalan Report South Series Covers the October Congress of Indigenous American Peoples held in Guatemala. The meeting provided a forum for Native Americans to express their grievances and to protest the upcoming Columbus quinticentennial. Focuses on the story of Miguel, a Quiche Maya falsely accused of collaborating with Guatemalan guerillas, who was tortured and then dumped on a roadside near Guatemala City. He escaped through Mexico to the U. This film documents his shattering experience and explores its continuing effects on his life as he undergoes therapy with a psychologist who specializes in treating post-traumatic stress disorders.

Produced, written, and edited by Grace Barnes. Cases are routinely closed and the murdered women are dismissed as nobodies.

With its history of almost four decades of civil war, Guatemala is a troubled society, but it can also be seen as a microcosm of the pervasive violence against women that exists in the world today. But there are traces of hope: academic essay editing site sf grassroots human rights movement is emerging.

People are coming together for a common fight in the name of their daughters, wives, and sisters. Produced academic essay editing site sf directed by Giselle Portenier.

Tells the story of Jesus Tecu Osorio, one of the few survivors of the Rio Negro Massacre that took place in Guatemala on March 13, After witnessing the massacre of more than one hundred children and nearly eighty women by members of the Guatemalan army and civil patrols, Jesus and seventeen other children were taken to work as servants in the houses of the patrollers who killed their families.

Jesus lived in captivity for three years until freed by his only surviving sister. Mayan Voices: American Lives. Mayan refugees from Guatemala, escaping political repression at home, have fled to the United States.

In the last 10 years, 5, Mayas have settled in a small town of residents, Indiantown, Fla. Presents a picture of the adjustment problems to a new country and a different culture through interviews with the Indian refugees and other townspeople. The Railroad All-stars Estrellas de la linea Valeria, Vilma, and Mercy are three members of a group of prostitutes living in Guatemala earning two dollars per service. They work at La Linea, by the railroad that runs across Guatemala City.

The women dream of being treated with dignity and of the ending of the violence they endure. In order to draw attention to their everyday problems, they get together to form a football team, train for weeks and sign up for a local championship from which they are expelled for being prostitutes. This expulsion generates strong controversy in Guatemala, with support and rejection suddenly transforming their lives. Rigoberta Menchu: Broken Silence Focuses on Nobel Peace Prize winner, Rigoberta Menchu, as she discusses the lack of human rights for the indigenous people of Guatemala and her commitment to the struggle for a more egalitarian society.

It is also a moving portrait of a self-taught woman who dreams of a Academic essay editing site sf Congress integrating indigenous and non-indigenous men and women. A Right to Justice. Follows the struggle of the indigenous Maya Achi people of Guatemala to learn the truth of the Rio Negro genocide that took place on March 13, Includes footage of the recent trial of a few of the perpetrators and details recent efforts to document the atrocities and to secure justice through the prosecution of those responsible.

In search of dignity for his country, he fights corruption, academic essay editing site sf regimes, and unscrupulous multinational businesses. A popular blog post writer for hire london by Uli Stelzner and Thomas Walther. Bruce Harris of Covenant House works to help the 5, street children in Guatemala City, Guatemala, who are daily subjected to violence and murder by the police.

Tierre Madre, Terre Sacree. Film examines the conditions of Mayan farmers in Guatemala, their fight for land rights and the persecutions they have suffered through 35 years of civil war. Emphasizes their spiritual relationship to the land and their struggles for political and social autonomy.

To the Roots: a Maya Reunion This documentary, a model of non-intrusive and naturally eloquent ethnographic filmmaking, depicts the journey of two Itza Maya elders from their village in Peten in northern Guatemala to meet, for the academic essay editing site sf time, their Lacandon Maya relatives academic essay editing site sf in the rainforest of Chiapas, Mexico.

Produced by students enrolled in Ethnographic Film Anthropology B at the University of California, Berkeley, Dept. Accounts of human rights violations in Guatemala and El Salvador including graphic scenes of torture and murder, interspersed with commentary by human rights activists and a professor of human rights. When the Mountains Tremble P A documentary describing the struggle of the Indian peasantry in Guatemala against state and foreign oppression.

Uses a variety of formats-- interviews, direct address, newsreels, re-enactments, video transmissions, and live footage shot at great hazard. Loosely centered on the academic essay editing site sf of the Nobel prize winner Rigoberta Menchu, a 23 year old Indian woman now living in exile. DVD includes special features: Filmmaker commentary from Pamela Yates, Newton Thomas Sigel, and Peter Kinoy; never-before-seen introduction by Susan Sarandon; epilogue featuring Rigoberta Menchu; filmmaker biographies.

Directed by Pamela Yates, Thomas Sigel. Women in Chad have a 1 in 11 chance of dying in pregnancy or during childbirth. The film then moves on to Honduras which has cut maternal mortality far faster than some wealthier neighbors. Directed by by Tristan Quinn. A video journey through the country of Honduras and the experiences of Peace Corps members and the families with whom they work and live with particular emphasis on environmental issues.

Elvia: The Fight for Land and Liberty. Chronicles the work of Elvia Alvarado, a Honduran woman peasant activist, in getting the peasants of Honduras to take over the land themselves and set up a land-reform program of their own. Directed and written by Laura Rodriguez, Rick Tejada-Flores. Looks at the struggle by the Afro-indigenous Garifuna in Honduras to protect their ancestral lands from environmental destruction as they fight to shut down an illegal highway that is destroying crops, old growth forest and water supplies.

Witness to War: Dr. Documents the career of Charlie Clements, an Air Force pilot whose Vietnamese War experiences convinced him that he had to build a new career as a physician, so that he could heal instead of kill. Description from Icarus Films catalog Nicuragua Alsino y el Condor Alsino and the Condor Set in Nicaragua, this film depicts the clash between Central American governments and Sandinista rebels.

Asi Fue So it went Documents the political issues and diverse views of the people of Nicaragua during the period surrounding the elections of Samples the campaigns of the seven contending political parties and isolates the recurring issues. Bread and Dignity Pan y Dignidad : Open Letter From Nicaragua. A film by Mar? Description from Women Make Movies catalog. Deadly Embrace: Nicaragua, The World Bank and the International Monetary Fund. Discusses the role of the World Bank academic essay editing site sf International Monetary Fund in the destruction of the Nicaraguan economy.

Explains how structural adjustment, the international debt crisis, and free trade are hurting the people and economies of Third World countries.

Cameras revisit them a year later to see how they have fared. Directed by Florence Jaugey. Credits and other information from the Internet Movie Database Innovating Nicaragua. Describes, through interviews with the Nicaraguan people, how, since the Sandinista revolution inthe Nicaraguan economy is being improved little by little by means of various economic and technological innovations, and what further improvements need to be made.

Joint congressional hearings on the Iran-Contra Affair, July Recorded off-air from KQEC program. See GLADIS long display for specific dates. Nicaragua, Development Under Fire. An overview of the economic situation in Nicaragua and an examination of how economic and social programs in Nicaragua are endangered by the Contra War and also by the political intricacies of international aid. Spanish with English subtitles. Nicaragua Turning Away From Violence What in the World?

Inthe first special commissary, staffed by women police and women psychologists, was established to specifically handle crimes against women. Now there are 24 across the country. Excerpts from the public testimony of Lt. Colonel Oliver North during hearings held Julybefore the two Congressional committees investigating the Iran-Contra Affair.

After four days on national TV, explaining his part in the Iran-Contra affair, Colonel Oliver North has become a media hero to much of the country. Includes commentary by politicians and journalists. Colonel Oliver North: Iran-Contra Hearings. Novela, Novela examines how this ground-breaking series made it to broadcast, and how the creators, writers, actors and viewers grappled with controversial themes like domestic violence and homophobia in this impoverished country heavily influenced by academic essay editing site sf Catholic church.

Pictures from a Revolution. No one captured more powerfully the suffering, sacrifice and finally celebration that accompanied the Sandinista victory than Susan Mieselas, the photojournalist who covered the Revolution for the New York Times and London Times. Now 10 years later Mieselas returns to Nicaragua with her co-directors to track down the people -- guerrilas, Socistas and bystanders -- pictured in her original photographs. Special features: Susan Meiselas installs her photographs in the places where they were originally taken ; Susan Meiselas interview14 min.

Rogers, and Alfred Guzzetti. English, some Spanish with English subtitles. Documentary about Nicaragua, its people and politics as seen through the eyes of a group of tourists from the United States. The relationship between the two nations is the subject of conversations between the touring Americans and the local people. Interviews with Nicaraguan women in which they discuss their role in the Sandanista revolution and their continued support in the fight against the Contras.

Through interviews with the director of the film, the U. Offers a view of the invasion of Panama that was not given by the American media. Presents evidence of mass burials of civilian casualties and internment of homeless civilians which was concealed by the U. Academy Award Best Documentary, Feature. Cineaste v20, n1 Wntr, 2 pages. Invades Panama: Wednesday, December 20, Nightline The United States invades Panama and vows to capture General Manuel Noriega.

Ted Koppel and Chris Wallace lead the discussion regarding whether or not the United States can academic essay editing site sf this goal. Includes interviews with journalists in Panama, White House spokespersons, Panamanian and Soviet diplomats, the U.

Ambassador to Panama and the commander of U. We Are Kunam Am Tulemarbi This documentary presents the history of the Kuna Indians of Panama and their struggle for autonomy. At a yearly celebration of their independence day residents reenact the battles that won them their freedom. Present day village life is shown and their fight against the multinational corporations that are destroying their lands is also documented. Survivors share their harrowing memories, many for the first time. The trauma resonated through six decades of military rule, until the peace accords ended a brutal, year civil war.

This documentary is based on interviews with survivors and on archival research in El Salvador, Great Britain and the United States. On May 1,80, Salvadorians, in protest of their conditions, marched the streets of their capital demanding an end to the war. This video documents this historic march and explores the concerns of the people behind the banners. Spanish dialogue, English voiceover. El Salvador, Another Vietnam. Examines the conditions and events in El Salvador.

El Salvador: The Elections [Sound Recording] Pacifica coverage of academic essay editing site sf week in El Salvador via satellite from Washington, March 24 to 30, Pacifica Radio Archives, []. Dissertation ghostwriters for canada of War This broadcast documentary examines the 12 year civil war in El Salvador between learn more here right wing government, the military, and the leftist guerrillas FMLNthe murders of six Jesuit academic essay editing site sf, their housekeeper and her daughter inthe U.

The participation of the United States government the Catholic Church in the conflict is discussed. Directed by Esther Cassidy; co-director Rob Kuhns. Originally produced in ; premiered on PBS in January, Following Antigone: Forensic Anthropology and Human Rights Investigations Sincethe Argentine Forensic Anthropology Team EAAF and other similar groups have helped families of human right victims to find, identify and bury the remnants of their loved ones and bring evidence to court.

This documentary shows various aspects of the application of forensic sciences to human rights investigations. Using footage recorded by EAAF members in Argentina, El SalvadorEthiopia, Haiti and East Timor during the past eighteen years, the documentary covers the entire process of investigation, including historical, archaeological, and laboratory methods, testimonies of relatives of the victims, and reburial ceremonies of the remains of their loved ones many years after they died.

Guazapa: The Face of War in El Salvador. Despite the similarity in terrorist tactics, these groups subscribe to different idealogical points academic essay editing site sf view. Directed by Robert D. In the Name of Academic essay editing site sf. Documentary examining the nature of democracy in El Salvador today made in An Interview with Sister Ita Ford [Sound recording] David Helvarg interviews Sister Ita Ford, a Maryknoll Sister working in El Salvador during A few days before academic essay editing site sf death she talked about her work; the potential food scarcity in El Salvador, the refugees, liberation theology, and the polarization of El Salvadoreans.

Pacifica Radio Archives, Justice and the Generals On December 2,three nuns Ita Ford, Maura Clarke, and Dorothy Kazel and one lay worker Jean Donovan were abducted, raped, and murdered by El Salvadoran National Guardsmen.

This documentary covers the initial investigation, the trial of the Guardsmen, and later attempts to bring to justice the military leaders Carlos Eugenio Vides Casanova, director of the National Guard, and Jose Guillermo Garcia, head of the ministry of defense who ordered the murders. Pacifica Radio Archives, [].

The story of Maria Serrano, a 39 year old mother who is a leader in the guerilla movement in El Salvador. Her passion for social justice dominates her life. Maria represents a growing number of Latin American women on the forefront of social change. Directed by Manona Wali and Academic essay editing site sf Cohen.

Of Lives Uprooted Examines the devastation that war brings to home, family, and community as seen through the eyes of children from El Salvador and Nicaragua as they create a portrait of their world through their artwork and comments. Presenter, Judy Woodruff; narrator, Lary Lewman. Includes scenes behind guerrilla lines and an exclusive academic essay editing site sf with guerrilla leader Joaquin Villalobos. Producing Just Garments Documents the struggle academic essay editing site sf garment workers in Soyapongo, El Salvador to make a dignified living in a unionized workers collective that was once a sweatshop.

Media Insurgente was a film collective that operated from Its mission was to capture important contemporary struggles for social justice. Truth or Consequences: El Salvador The first segment of a new television series termed "human rights television. After a sampling of conflicts around the globe this issue examines human rights abuses in El Salvador. Whatever Happened to El Salvador?

Presents an examination of the situation in El Salvador since the elections held March 28, Spanish and Academic essay editing site sf Language Cinema click at this page films by Cuban film makers or set in Cuba. General Works and Overviews. Academic essay editing site sf Moyuba Click Sabre la Santeria Cubana.

An indepth examination of the Syncretism religion, an amalgum of Catholic symbolism and Yoruban African piety, as it is practiced in Cuba. And the Dish Ran Away with the Spoon Developing Stories. Using poetry, interviews, music, and clips from television shows, this film highlights the effects of American television broadcasts on local cultures in the Caribbean.

The slaves of the Caribbean contributed not only to academic essay editing site sf wealth of their masters, but also to the cultural heritage of the British Empire.

Documented through letters, paintings and poetry, the eighteenth century is shown to be academic essay editing site sf an age of high culture and of cruelty. Film shows how the art of the period romanticized the servitude of the plantation blacks as they were depicted as precious, exotic ornaments, even academic essay editing site sf they were being brutalized in real life.

Community Celebrations: Other Caribbean Festivals. This program takes a look at the various folk festivals other than carnivals throughout the Caribbean area which help create and sustain a sense of community in a region with a culturally diverse population: the Hindu festival of Phagwa in Trinidad and Guyana; the La Rose and La Marguerite flower festivals in St.

Academic essay editing site sf the Johnkunnoo of Jamaica, Belize and the Bahamas; Masquerade in Guyana and St. Kitts and the Hosein festivals of Argumentative editor websites us and Jamaica. Although the indigenous population of the Caribbean Area was decimated by the Europeans, many survived. This program looks at these survivors from Guyana, Trinidad, St. Vincent, Dominica and Belize, and examines the movements they are making towards exchange, cooperation, and united action.

Examines the roots and current forms of "zouk" and "cadance," internationally known musical styles from Martinique and other parts of the French Caribbean region which have heavily influenced calypso and other folk music of the region. Presents the history of the steel pan of Trinidad and Tobago, one of the only acoustic musical instruments invented in this century.

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