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Here's the programme schedule page. I make only two official appearances: at the NewCon Press launchpm Friday today and, representing Rob Hansen of THEN fame, the BSFA Awards ceremony pm Saturday. Also earlier than expected was my first fan letter and a very nice one too on All Good Things: The Last SFX Visions. Although this isn't officially published until 21 April, NewCon Press is already filling orders for the trade paperback edition.

The limited-edition hardbacks will admission paper proofreading sites sf to wait until I've signed them all at Eastercon.

Admission paper proofreading sites sf NewCon Press book launch for All Good Things: The Last SFX Visions is currently expected to be at 5pm pm on Good Friday. I'm also Rob Hansen's official representative at the BSFA Awards, where his THEN: Science Fiction Fandom in the UK: is a nonfiction finalist. Please let me know by email if you'd like one. Also, here's Ansible The cover is by regular column illustrator Andy Watt, from admission paper proofreading sites sf SFX instalment, and many more admission paper proofreading sites sf Andy's cartoons are to be reprinted in the book.

Besides the trade paperback with black-and-white interior art, there is to be a super luxury hardback with the illustrations in full colour. Besides the columns it contains reviews and criticism published elsewhere in the same period, bringing the admission paper proofreading sites sf to pieces plus a new introduction. Why, yes, this admission paper proofreading sites sf indeed a naked attempt to influence BSFA Award voters in their choices for the nonfiction shortlist.

The photo shows a mystical cosmic alignment possibly marking the architect's birthday whereby in late December the sun briefly shines through admission paper proofreading sites sf upstairs window, slants through the full depth of the house and lights up our front door from inside.

As Erich von Däniken was wont to say, "This proves it! I finally got around to looking through Brave New Words: Admission paper proofreading sites sf Oxford Dictionary of Science Fiction Oxford University Press edited by Jeff Prucher. Yes, I know it's a nonfiction Hugo winner and I should keep track of these things, but the acquisitive impulse and opportunity to buy didn't coincide until a copy turned up in Oxfam the other day.

A happy surprise is that there are cites from myself and Ansible under various headwords: CoA-conFrankenstein complex did I really write that esl assignment ghostwriting websites sf Ah, it was in a parodymultiversescience-fictionalskiffyspace-operaticand maybe others that I missed.

Also lots of friends' names — and mine too — in the list of OED SF Citations Project credits. Teresa Nielsen Hayden probably has mixed feelings about the appearance of her Making Book in the same list, since the author credit is to her least favourite typo "Theresa Nielsen Hayden" and the name should be alphabetized under N, not H.

Myself: I wasn't going to mention that, but since you raise the point, I was more than consoled by the three Langford books listed under "General Non-Fiction, Criticism, Essays".

The same number as John Clute This issue reports the launch of the Ansible Editions ebook of Yvonne Rousseau's delightfully ingenious The Murders at Hanging Rock — click on the cover image for more: 1 November Admission paper proofreading sites sf Oscar Wilde so memorably said, the only thing worse article source being in Ansible is not being in Ansible.

Especially the November issue. I never got around to complaining — the queue seemed far too long — but a few days ago they contacted me with an apology and an offer of modest fees for two Langford stories published in and Payment duly arrived, and it turns out that my name appeared on both relevant covers.

Hence the following perversion of a Ansible cartoon by the late great D. Hence a few reminiscences here. After the emotional upheaval of pushing through the sale of my mother's house to the point of actual exchange of contractsI felt the need to distract myself with some soothing and even boring activity — which made me think at once of my collection of mouldy old computer magazine columns, The Limbo Files. Oh dear, I think I've just failed again in the subtle art of the Hard Sell.

Note that this is a sequel of sorts to the legendary The Enchanted Duplicator ebook available from the same page and expects some knowledge of the original. No special ceremonies attend the appearance of this suspiciously round number.

Both hardback and trade paperback will be announced in the September Ansiblebut early adopters can buy now through the official Then page and the Ansible Editions shop at Lulu. Indeed it would be on sale even as I write, if I hadn't been persuaded to create a hardback version as well as the planned trade paperback.

Plus some perhaps less boring news on science fiction and the like. I'm hugely flattered to find myself plastered all over Reading. The Remain campaign has hardly scintillated, while Leave has been shameless in its use of demonstrable untruths and misleading figures which are never retracted no matter how often exposed. I'll be voting Remain because I believe it's the wiser option admission paper proofreading sites sf and also because, if better and truer arguments on the other side should come along, there will always be another opportunity to make the irrevocable and possibly catastrophic decision to Leave.

After a Leave victory, though, we won't be offered another chance to vote Remain. I've won the traditional Inquisitor champagne prize now prosecco, and henceforth chocolate admission paper proofreading sites sf times in the past, but had never before finished one of those extra-intimidating puzzles that start with an empty grid without numbers or bars.

Or, in this case, any indication of answer lengths. It turned out to have a slightly science-fictional theme. Today I added what I hope are the final s photos of sensitive fannish faces to the POD working document. Just when it seemed to be finished, Terry Frost posted a New Worlds 9 Spring ad for the "Festivention" that was too good not to admission paper proofreading sites sf in somewhere: see below.

Proof copies now awaited. I feel I've been working on this thing all my life. But of course all the real heavy lifting has been done by Rob Hansen. Yes, actually, but I've tried to cheer myself up with an expanded ebook of the first collection of these columns : The SEX Column and Other Misprintsfirst published More SFX columns, from toappear along with much other material in Starcombingand all the rest should be collected with a few extras to make items in all as The Last SFX Visionsnow in preparation.

A leading small-press publisher has expressed interest Yes, the paragraph about my SFX column being terminated is all too true. I thought I was safe for a few issues beyond since I have formal commissions for three more columns, but the ultimate decision from on high was: "Tough shit, and we laugh at your pathetic suggestion of a kill fee.

Read more stay home in Reading. Friday: stay home in Reading.

Saturday: stay home in Reading. Sunday: stay admission paper proofreading sites sf in Reading. Monday: stay home in Reading. This is the big retrospective admission paper proofreading sites sf collection fromUp Through an Empty House of Starsas below; contents list here. The Ansible Editions site originally announced this for Aprilbut I got all excited and brought it forward to March.

And God help all who sail in her. Good-quality scans of missing covers are welcome and will be credited. It wasn't much fun to produce, I don't know exactly why. Maybe later this year would be a good time to stop: that would take the count to monthly issues without a break since the revival.

Alas, the allowed word count shrinks with every redesign of the magazine, and it'll be a while before I can fill another book. Austin Freeman, The Mystery of Angelina Frood4 January Today, shyly peeping through the withered verbiage, comes the first Ansible of the year. Not without difficulties: after the usual slog into Reading town centre to get admission paper proofreading sites sf paper edition printed, we found the one and only copy shop in a state of deep uncertainty about when the ailing photocopier would be cured of its New Year hangover.

Must invest in some emergency stock from an outlet with sane prices No indication of sender. Lots of thanks to whoever it was! This third book gets all po-mo — which is indeed Adair's trademark — with Adair himself meeting Mount at a Sherlock Holmes festival in Meiringen, Switzerland main tourist attraction the Reichenbach Falls. The event provides the opportunity for an inset Holmes pastiche, "The Giant Rat of Sumatra", before the inevitable murder. Literary gags and red herrings fly thick and fast; the story eventually heads determinedly up its own po-mo orifice.

I hope will be less gruelling for me and Hazel than Anything relevant to the SF Encyclopedia tends to be stripped down to a bibliographic note, theme-entry example or correction of a John Clute misreading; although SFE house style is ruthlessly terse I've now writtenwords of the damned thing passing Peter Nicholls's word count earlier this year despite his huge head start from many many entries in the and editions; I doubt I'll ever attain the two and a quarter million words by that man Clute.

This fraught year has seen an awful lot of ebook comfort reading admission paper proofreading sites sf a Kipling short-story binge, a dollop admission paper proofreading sites sf Dickens, and — more embarrassingly — a survey of pretty well the entire canon of R.

Austin Freeman's Dr Thorndyke medico-legal mysteries. Spoiler warning: the ingenious vector for administration of arsenic in Freeman's As a Thief in the Night was picked up or perhaps independently invented by Terry Admission paper proofreading sites sf for Feet of Clay.

Writer statement professional websites thesis online liked the delayed-drop revelation of Ada's personal Jabberwock, but overall the story — though worthily written and even dealing in racial issues — seemed essentially unnecessary.

Contrasting the Berlin and Göttingen styles of click at this page German maths: "Weierstrass, of the Berlin school, could not blow his nose without offering a meticulous eight-page proof of the event's necessity. Riemann, on the other hand, threw out astonishing visions of functions roaming wildly over the complex plane, of curved spaces, and of self-intersecting surfaces, pausing occasionally to drop in a hurried proof admission paper proofreading sites sf protocol demanded it.

Yates was a Novacon purchase from Brian Ameringen's Porcupine Books whose final dealers' room appearance will apparently be at Novacon in The premise of far-future theatrical "plactors" who shapeshift into perfect representations of their roles seemed vaguely interesting, but rapidly moved into unpleasant territory.

Once treated with the "ambiology" potion that permits shapeshifting, one can not only learn to do it oneself but may be remotely transformed by others who have sufficient will-power or whatever. The protagonist's first audition involves him being reshaped into a woman solely in order to be brutally raped. By and by he plays a nasty tyrant and throws himself into the part by committing an equally brutal rape. Offstage, with his will-power now boosted by such ordeals, he humiliates a unsympathetic instructor by causing him to grow such gigantic, muscular yes breasts that they burst through the fabric of this unfortunate's jerkin.

Eventually, through further triumph of the will, our man breaks into the inner ring of dramaturges or "playtors" who run this nonsensically sadistic show, and it is indicated that he is no longer if he ever was a nice guy. The first and longest, "Under the Garden", looks back to a childhood memory of a secret place in the indicated location, inhabited admission paper proofreading sites sf a vaguely Peake-ish or perhaps Ubu-ish grotesque; "A Meeting with Morin", whose narrator encounters the titular author of a once personally influential book, rather lost me in a Catholic haze of niceties of belief and unbelief; "Dream of a Strange Land" seems more irony than fantasy; "Discovery in the Woods" follows four apparently normal children a-blackberrying custom for hire states a sad revelation that this is a post-holocaust landscape.

The latest twist is that side effects of the increasing thaumaturgic noise level are generating assorted superhero figures who need to be bureaucratically contained. There is yet continue reading finale in which a Dread Portal admission paper proofreading sites sf Very Bad Things this time around it's the King in Yellow is unwisely opened in a more public place than ever before.

Lively enough, but disbelief is frequently rather hard to keep suspended. Learn more here see whether I can update this page by the usual route Unfortunately the bad news happened in between: total failure of my main working computer and, until I've done a great deal of software reinstallation on the coming replacement, loss of access to my email archive and other tools of the trade. The usual email address is still during the interregnum, but via a nasty web interface that makes it hard to keep track.

I'll catch up eventually. Like a good little small-press publisher I've been working on the latest instalment of Rob Hansen's expansion of his history of British fandom, covering the s.

No trouble with the Early s and Mids chapters, but venturing too far into the Late s invariably caused WordPerfect 12 to crash. I spent most of today researching this, gradually narrowing down the problem area or one of the problem areas to admission paper proofreading sites sf single paragraph about the London Worldcon. Instant hangup whenever the text cursor popular dissertation conclusion writing school this forbidden zone.

Aha, I thought, the document is corrupt — I'll re-import the paragraph from clean HTML. The same thing happened. And again when I pasted it in directly as plain text. And even when I RETYPED IT FROM SCRATCH Turned off auto proofreading and sanity was restored. He still has the s and s sections to revise, but these probably need less work than the earlier parts ss click at this page research has unearthed so much more in the way of Astral Knowledge and True Facts.

Pay no attention admission paper proofreading sites sf the October behind the curtain. Time to turn on the Electric Pentacle and cower within as a terrible vengeful grunting begins to reverberate from the nameless Outer Spheres By cunning texting en route I arranged for cousin Mark in South Wales to drop by — about 30 seconds after admission paper proofreading sites sf van arrived — and help load it with all the remaining stuff from my mother's house that needed to come back to Reading.

Two hours out, half an hour loading, two hours back again. Hazel was boggled by the swiftness of it all. I owe Martin many drinks, as usual. Next Wednesday, the professionals clear the rest of the furniture, with Hazel and I on guard to make sure they don't take brother Jon's piano. No idea what's supposed to happen to this in the long run: Jon doesn't want to part with it but the cost of shipping to Chicago doesn't bear thinking about.

I hope this doesn't mean that Mark has to store it for the rest of his life Anyway, this feels like progress. Or it would if the house buyer hadn't just dropped admission paper proofreading sites sf and left the estate agents to start all over again.

The Vince Clarke fanwriting collection mentioned earlier is now available from the TAFF free ebooks page. What have I missed that's important?

Fundraising to attend a VITAL meeting". See the VATMOSS page at Ansible Editions for all too many background links. Including this: "Everything wrong with VATMOSS in one image". Our printers close over the weekend, and I'd rather be a day early than wait until Monday 3 August.

The cover photo shows nocturnal balloon activities at Loncon 3, the Worldcon. This will never become any clearer. Thanks to Richard Bleiler for the link. Of course: Ansible Crosstalk: Interviews Conducted by David Langford started as a quick-and-dirty addition to this free ebooks page ; admission paper proofreading sites sf people on Facebook called quite insistently for admission paper proofreading sites sf printed version, so I overhauled the text to Ansible Editions standards for a Admission paper proofreading sites sf paperback with a modestly priced ebook alternative.

Now I need to concoct a replacement for the freebies page — perhaps a collection of my convention reports from fanzines of long ago. Or would that be too embarrassing? After strenuous and still not entirely complete efforts to clear out the contents, the Ancestral Langford Home in Newport Gwent is on the market. A monumental work of research — especially in the earlier decades — running to nearlywords. I see I've had some past mentions there, including "10 Paranoid Science Fiction Stories That Could Help You Survive" and a nice plug for Ansible Editions "There is no snarking about books like Algis Budrys snarking about books".

The Langford report of my TAFF trip is included: over 37, words of babble first published in booklet form in Disch referenced therein include both and The Puppies of Terra. Concerning the current Hugo Puppy unpleasantness, there's a box of links on the Ansible site — including a long sequence of pointers to Mike Glyer's comprehensive coverage at File Mike has a stronger stomach than I. This month's Ansible Editions ebook release from my long-suffering backlist is The Silence of the Langford : 23 March Adventures in Newport house clearance: Hazel has been admission paper proofreading sites sf vast quantities of glass, china and bric-a-brac for the charity shops.

Pausing to pour herself some admission paper proofreading sites sf juice in a randomly chosen glass, she discovered by practical experiment that a long-lost Langford family heirloom had come to light. We'd found the box it came in, but the thing itself looks entirely innocuous: a cut-glass design "Made in Admission paper proofreading sites sf concealing invisibly tiny slits that go right through.

Chris Priest wrote the Guardian piece ; I don't feel like writing anything but must very soon deliver a column marking 20 years of SFX magazine.

I'd forgotten that I custom admission essay ghostwriters services au the paperback Soul Music in the first issue. So many more books since then, but still not enough Short answer: not very well. Look On My Works, Ye Mighty. This issue reports the launch of the Ansible Editions ebook of Yvonne Rousseau's delightfully ingenious The Murders at Hanging Rock — click on the cover image for more:.

Austin Freeman, The Mystery of Angelina Frood This month's Ansible Editions ebook release from my long-suffering backlist is The Silence of the Langford :.

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