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Earlier Letters to the Edito r I am writing to publicly express my gratitude to the Platte City Police Department, specifically Sgt. As I was driving on I in a rental car, the rear passenger side tire blew out. I managed to get off highway onto the exit for Platte City. The rental car company said it would be two hours before they could get someone to help me. They called the Platte City Police. Afterwards, he followed me along the highway, to the end of his jurisdiction, making sure I was safe to drive with the spare.

Columbia When my mom was alive, she would sometimes travel with me to public town halls I held across the state. After all, I represent all Missourians, whether they voted for me or not. The values my mom taught me have never left me during my time in the Senate. For me, it was a no-brainer. Cheap application letter editor for hire united states was humbled by the election, and think I owe folks in every corner of Missouri my time and respect, whether they agree with me or not.

I heard from Missourians concerned about the opioid epidemic and about losing their health care, or seeing their costs increase. I talked about my work to combat sex trafficking, and my investigation into the price of prescription drugs. Thousands of Missourians were able to share their thoughts directly, in-person. And more importantly, I was able to hear your thoughts, your concerns, and your ideas. Unlike when my mom served on the city council in Columbia, Missouri, today there are lots of ways for politicians to avoid having public town halls.

Facebook, telephone town halls, and other way to connect online have made it easy. And those tools are perfectly fine—the more ways to connect with folks the better. The LWV of Missouri calls for the defeat of HB Our resources should be put into traditional schools that educate all children. Contact your Senator in Jefferson City. League of Women Voters. Platte Counties We live in a dangerous world. Last week more than 80 people were murdered in a horrific chemical weapons attack on the northern Syrian town of Khan Sheikhoun.

On Thursday night, the United States launched a targeted strike on the airfield in Syria from where that chemical attack was launched. Our response makes clear that the United States is committed to preventing international war crimes and that we strongly condemn the use of weapons of mass destruction, especially against innocent civilians. I will continue to support any effort to ensure the Assad regime is held accountable for that atrocity.

Last month I joined a bipartisan majority in the House in helping to pass the Department of Defense Appropriations for But as the Senate stalls on this desperately needed bill, the House Armed Services Committee is working to ensure our military gets the long-term funding they deserve.

Plain and simple, a short term click here would be devastating to our men and women in uniform.

Without it, we would be leaving our military vulnerable at a time we can least afford it. We would break cheap application letter editor for hire united states with service members and their families, cutting pay and delaying deployment announcements cheap application letter editor for hire united states the last minute.

Without it, we would be shrinking our military even further — doubling down on the cuts our armed forces suffered through. And without a real defense appropriations bill, the Air Force would be unable to retain pilots; the Navy would be unable to deploy ships to Europe and the Middle East; and the Marine Corps will run the risk of having too few munitions to respond to services popular ghostwriters toronto letter application crisis.

A fundamental responsibility of the federal government is to ensure our military remains the strongest on earth. And part of that is doing everything possible to support the men and women who risk their lives to serve our country. As your Representative and a member of the House Armed Services Committee, that will continue read more be my top priority in Washington. Sixth District The United States leads the world in the production and refining of oil and the production of natural gas.

I think it is important to consider the benefits of that status in relation to geopolitical and national security issues. Our allies depend on us as a reliable alternative for oil and natural gas as opposed to other nations that do not share our values and which are less stable.

In January ofthe U. As a result, the number of nations buying American cheap application letter editor for hire united states oil has risen to We are also positioned cheap application letter editor for hire united states supply other nations with U. Natural gas for U. Congress and the Trump administration have signaled support for policies that will support the leadership role of energy production. We are not only well positioned to support our military with the vital energy resources needed cheap application letter editor for hire united states ensure the protection of our country, but to assist key allies with those resources.

This transition to energy. By encouraging domestic energy development, building necessary infrastructure, and removing export delays and barriers, we can ensure the economic, environmental, geopolitical and security benefits of U.

District 27 Earlier this year state legislators passed right-to-work legislation to great fanfare. For the private-sector workers affected, the law promises greater flexibility and control over their jobs and their money. But legislators cheap application letter editor for hire united states not stop there; government workers deserve similar protections to those enjoyed by their private-sector counterparts.

This bundle of reforms would protect the paychecks of government workers; truly empower them to choose their union and monitor its spending or choose no union at all ; and let the public see the negotiations and contracts that their tax dollars ultimately pay for.

Government workers deserve as much. Director of Government Accountability. The Show-Me Institute It means more than posting information on a website or answering specific questions from a constituent.

Transparency is communicating clearly and understandably so that people can make informed decisions. But make no mistake. You can get more money to trade in. And with NO INCREASE in your monthly payment—just an extension of an additional three years of your current loan. With the latter, the district has since moved forward with nearly every project and initiative they claimed they needed money to implement e. Should you vote for the upcoming click the following article There is no free ride.

The vote is imminent. REAL ID bills are a privacy goldmine for the government. Alert: call your state rep and senator to tell them to vote NO on SB 37 and HB Citizens know that better options exist. We can drive across the states without having to show all our data at each state cheap application letter editor for hire united states. The TSA has not yet announced all the alternatives they will accept to allow us to fly.

Military bases accept alternate ID, listed on their web site, other than the proposed REAL ID. Get it for yourself instead of for the Cheap application letter editor for hire united states. Missouri passed a law in protecting our personal information. Yet the following year, the DMV illegally compromised the personal data of Missouri residents by giving the Dept of Revenue access to concealed carry data, and the DOR sent it off. Will the DMV keep your personal data safe? Tell your state senator and representative that data integrity matters note recent CIA and National Security data breaches.

I could not find where any bids were taken for the work and the district accepted 25 cents on the dollar for taxpayer owned real estate. The Platte County R-3 School District accepted grants from the city so the courts can be used by anyone and custom review ghostwriter for phd what, upkeep on tennis courts is one of the highest priced items in the sports world for the amount of people that actually use them.

Upkeep is now your baby, R-3 taxpayers. All of this information cheap application letter editor for hire united states was presented to the school board. Maybe it was because they spread the expenses out over three different jobs hoping no one would keep track? Just like when the same district publication told us that the football field hardness was tested yearly for safety.

After requesting the actual test I found that in fact it was not tested yearly and the year previous to the levy vote it was not tested at all, as it had failed the test the previous year. Testing just happened to have been requested the year it failed by the person who then received the new turf contract with the high bid. Just like the publications emailed to me recently from the district showing students receiving honorable mention at a tournament when this award did not exist.

I am not anti-tennis court, I cheap application letter editor for hire united states anti-misinformation. If do poorly cheap application letter editor for hire united states a tournament just congratulate them for participating. It only taints the award for those who really do place at an event. But the goal at this district is not to be correct, the goal is to continue to make everyone feel good about finances and academics with information that may not be true.

And it is getting worse. Misinformation from the district is out of control. At this point they know most patrons will not speak up and district administration has a large email and mailing list, allowing them to disseminate incorrect information to thousands with no retribution. It appears the school board is paying no attention. What can you do? Vote this April and vote for anyone who is not currently on the school board.

The two incumbents running, Lenora Miles and Sharon Sherwood, both former educators, have 15 years combined on this board and I have not found a single NO vote from either one on anything ever presented to them.

Yes votes on raises, turf, four-wheelers, pools, etc. The ballot will state "vote for three" but you do cheap application letter editor for hire united states have to. If you vote for three you only dilute the ballot.

If you want someone new on the board, vote for that one person only. That und professional masters essay ghostwriter services Behandlung vote will count. The incumbents will always have an advantage in an April election as many only turn out to vote if it affects them. R-3 employees are the largest voting bloc in an R-3 election.

In a previous election, Sharon Sherwood actually sent out emails using employee district email addresses insinuating "more progress" was needed with "compensation. If you want to see information used for the numbers in this letter it will be posted at www.

Rural Platte County I want to comment on the proposal to flood and create a wetland adjacent to the dog park and planned ball fields at Platte Landing Park at Parkville.

There is already a significant mosquito problem in the dog park. The pests that I kill while walking my dogs at the park during the summer are the largest I have seen in Missouri. During the recent warm spell in February my dogs and I were chased hundreds of feet by a swarm of mosquitoes. He assures me they are from read article pond and have plagued the area for over 50 years.

This pond is about three miles from Parkville. There is no reason to believe a wetland in this area will not produce a significant insect problem. After Parkville has expended significant resources making this area a center for recreation it does not seem like a good idea to expose people to potential infection from Encephalitis, West Nile, or Zika. Every summer we are warned to drain standing water to fight disease. Why would we want acres of standing water?

Kansas City in Platte County Here I sit at my kitchen table gathering my IRS materials together. April 15 not only marks income tax day, but how long a woman must work to gain equity with men for the same work. On average, women cheap application letter editor for hire united states work full-time earn about 80 cents for every dollar a full-time male worker earns. As I get ready to retire, I know my retirement savings and benefits are significantly less due to salary discrepancy.

American Association of University Women AAUW advocates for strong pay equity legislation, regulation, and enforcement to protect employees and assist employers. Legislation to guarantee and protect pay equity is long overdue. Besides, the bonds were secured, or so they thought.

From the audited financial statement footnotes: "As a result of the judicial foreclosure default judgment With the sale, all past, current and future Brink Meyer Road and Brush Creek Drainage NID special assessments due We will keep this in mind for the next report. In practice there is. In theory, the B2 NIDs are limited obligations secured by a non-tax revenue source.

In practice, these obligations are not limited and the security is a promise to pay. While the city does a number of things well, police and streets come to mind, on balance sheet, debt and financial risk management, they have an abysmal record.

Long aided and encouraged by progressives and municipal financial advisors, the city has operated on theory go here adequately assessing the underlying risks, assuming they ever understood the risks.

Annual debt payments on the B2 NIDs run to In follow up to my Landmark letter to the editor dated Dec. Not that the method itself makes sense. Certain of the underlying assumptions are bogus and the calculation method has errors.

Is there anyone who believes the debt payment shortfall and the new target administrative allocation being so close is coincidence? The increase in the cheap application letter editor for hire united states from to is because the permanent financing completed in deferred principal payments to Also in earlycity officials concocted a scheme to sell the sewer system to generate funds to pay the oncoming B2 NID debt.

That scheme was quickly debunked as it would have cheap application letter editor for hire united states increased sewer rates. Expect more ridiculous and desperate measures. Parkville NOTE FROM THE EDITOR;: This writer asked us to share her letter sent to State Rep. Kevin Corlew of Platte County. You are quoted that REAL ID allows us to obtain photo ID. How interesting cheap application letter editor for hire united states hear the assertion that this is what the bill is about.

Did your survey mention anything about photo ID? Or producing original documents for the DMV to scan to prove you are who you say you are? DMV share our copied originals with the country? What does that do to privacy? You seem glued to a deadline rather than to your constituents, who do not want to give up their privacy for freedom to travel.

You say we have the freedom to choose. If REAL ID passes, the government gives us permission to travel.

How long before those who opt out will be required to join in, or be rounded up? When will you decide the cheap application letter editor for hire united states of the people you are supposed to serve are more important than the government wanting a national ID?

History tells us that when the. Are you on the side of more regulation, or freeing us from it? Whose side are you on? Do what is honorable for We the People. Please pull back your REAL ID bill, HB Are we supposed to comply to the government rules, or do we set the just click for source for the federal government? What does state sovereignty mean?

Platte County Stories in the press say that Putin is going to give Snowden to Trump as a "gift. Why would Putin even think that Trump was interested in Snowden? Our intelligence community is out of control. Heads should roll in the intelligence community. Their behavior borders on treason. The United States has no stronger ally in this world than Israel. I strongly believe that global security — particularly that of the Cheap application letter editor for hire united states States and our closest allies — depends on the presence of democracy and stability in the Middle East.

Israel is a pillar of that stability. America was the first country to recognize Israel as a state in Last Congress, I co-sponsored the United States-Israel Strategic Partnership Act, which passed the House and was signed into law late in The bill expands a number of critical partnerships with Israel, including enabling the transfer of military equipment between our two countries, offering assistance for the Iron Dome missile defense system, and promoting cooperation in energy, water, science, homeland security and agricultural interests between the U.

I believe that it is imperative to continue strengthening our relationship with Israel, particularly in the face of new and significant security threats across the globe. By confronting those challenges in the Middle East together, we can help ensure the safety of the American people as well as that of our allies around the world. As your representative, I will continue to push for more serious actions that support Israel. That includes always protecting them against acts of aggression coming from the Iranian regime or any other unstable Middle East actor, and doing whatever possible to prevent Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon.

The fate of freedom and democracy everywhere in the world depends on it. I am a native of Platte County. In a word, APPALLING!!! As I understand from your column, Platte County Auditor Kevin Robinson was specifically asked about the payment for the radio system over two weeks prior to the final version of the budget being prepared.

Then at the last possible minute, he admits a. I have been in local government cheap application letter editor for hire united states over 40 years and have been faced with budget ups and downs due to the economy. Those are things that cannot always be predicted, yet must be dealt with when they occur.

It seems that this is not the case here, but what happened is just plainly negligent or incompetent. Either way, this incident results in a lack. Robinson needs to take some time off of his current job and take a course in basic budgeting for local governments.

Billionaire investor and Trump confidant Carl Icahn is requesting changes to the Renewable Fuel Standard, the federal law requiring gasoline manufacturers to cheap application letter editor for hire united states renewable fuels into their blends. Coincidently, Icahn would reap massive financial rewards from the "fix.

If truly committed to ending crony capitalism, he should end the RFS entirely. The policy has failed to help the environment or the economy and has cost taxpayers billions cheap application letter editor for hire united states dollars.

Currently, obligated parties are limited to petroleum refineries and importers. Today, companies along the supply. Icahn claims the market for these credits is broken, rife with "manipulation, speculation, and fraud. The average cost of a credit has jumped from one penny in to nearly a dollar today. All Icahn really wants is a handout.

The company must spend hundreds of millions of dollars on credits, and its stock has plummeted 60 percent over the last three years. Removing CVR from the obligated party definition would slash expenses and net Icahn a massive windfall while those that invested to comply with the law are left in a less competitive position and the smaller companies are burdened with having to comply with the RFS.

The goal of the RFS was to reduce dependence on foreign oil. That goal has been realized, but only because of innovative drilling techniques like fracking that have opened swaths of oil reserves. Consequently, our daily oil production has jumped from six cheap application letter editor for hire united states to nine million barrels.

Meanwhile, cars are cheap application letter editor for hire united states more fuel efficient. Imports have steadily fallen. Ethanol, the most popular renewable fuel, comes from corn.

Nearly 40 percent of the national corn crop has been dedicated to ethanol production. That has driven up demand for corn that goes into cereal, syrup, and countless other basic food items.

Those products have become more expensive. The RFS is exactly the kind of ill-conceived policy that Trump promised to end. Taxpayer Protection Alliance As a career educator, I worked to support students, teachers and schools, and as a taxpayer, I am dedicated to the use of public funds to provide the best for all three. I want to live in a community where we make children and cheap application letter editor for hire united states the highest priority. My experience in public schools taught me district leaders need to clearly and regularly communicate an expectation for focused, strategic use of funds.

In the absence of this carefully-developed message and culture, waste and misspending become not only inevitable but commonplace. Former district colleagues have expressed alarm at the amount of money and resources devoted to the technology department in the months following the failed tax increase.

Instead of hiring more teachers, paraprofessionals or special educators, the district has devoted personnel resources to technology, a department which has grown significantly over the past several years resulting in a corresponding increase in spending. The technology department has received unprecedented access cheap application letter editor for hire united states. With the burgeoning staff there was a new-found need for transportation, and thousands of dollars were spent renting vehicles, raising some questions about whether these were always being driven exclusively for district business.

However, the most egregious area of spending for cheap application letter editor for hire united states technology department has been food. District records reveal providing meals for technology staff has become quite common, with multiple payments to restaurants such as Hooters, Bravo, Smokehouse BBQ, Panera, Abuelos, Stone Canyon Pizza, at a cost of thousands of dollars.

Why does this matter? Second, it highlights the issue of priorities and decision-making. No building PTA or booster club should be scrambling to pay for field trips, school supplies or activity equipment while this type of spending is taking place at central office.

They had no clue when they signed on the dotted lines that airplanes can be loud? They must have all lived there since. The corps of engineers could drain those pontoon boat playgrounds and the. I mean, has anyone noticed the size of the lake at KCI? Edgerton Starting this week, you will hear a lot of discussion about a G. These are dollars that fix or maintain roads, bridges and sidewalks, along with curbs ADA compliant.

This kind of investment updates city facilities to be more energy efficient, and makes neighborhoods better equipped to handle flooding. So as the conversation here at City Hall. The GO bond package should be strategic.

Facts and data should guide our thinking. Not politics or a old ways of thinking that carve up investment with little regard for future planning. We must take a comprehensive approach to our infrastructure needs. We need roads that are designed for vehicles, bikes and feetbridges, sidewalks, capital improvements to city facilities, and flood control improvements. We cannot ask Kansas Citians to approve a plan that does not adequately address all of those basic infrastructure needs.

Every part of our city has basic infrastructure needs. When I ask my community members for their support on something like this, I do not take it lightly.

My days cheap application letter editor for hire united states the Marines taught me a lot about loyalty, hard work and a sense of duty. Kansas City The Parkville City Budget was released Friday night. The first reading and likely approval will have occurred by the time you read this letter.

You should expect unanimous approval and some back slapping to acknowledge the cheap application letter editor for hire united states of city staff. Of real concern is the allocation of general fund expenses to the sewer fund. The board is so desperate to find money to fund its pet projects, it hired Springsted Incorporated to devise a calculation to allocate more general fund expenses to the sewer fund.

Now I wish I had. Included in overhead are things like the time for the receptionist to take your phone calls, time for staff to post on social media, police department costs, and management time to define policy goals and direction. After reading the Springsted report and the budget report, I am left wondering how anyone can come up with the justifications for these allocations and keep a straight face.

How generous of them. Unfortunately, there are errors in both the underlying assumptions and the calculations. Consider me skeptical, but Parkville residents will recall that water rates from Missouri American Water were decreased earlier this cheap application letter editor for hire united states. I suspect that city officials had internal discussions to the effect that residents could afford a higher sewer rate with water being less expensive.

Regardless of how old this allocation is, it is an unapproved tax increase. And regardless of stated learn more here, it is double dipping and a deceptive means to raise revenues. Understanding costs to better manage resources is one thing; using that to increase charges to residents is quite another. Does anyone really believe that allocating receptionist time is justifiable?

I suppose you have two choices. Or two, you can think about the message being sent by being silent and allowing your board to assess you on the basis of an erroneous calculation and an accounting shenanigan. If you choose to ignore it, expect more of the same in other areas. I recommend you contact your aldermen and the mayor. Tell them if they need funds for projects, to do it with clean accounting. Parkville I am concerned that hospital rules are too stiff.

People who have smoked all their lives find it very difficult to not have a cigarette, especially at such a stressful time. I feel like they should have either let her step outside or offered her some medication to take cheap application letter editor for hire united states edge off.

With that being said, she chose to leave the hospital and within 10 minutes of arriving home her condition worsened. She was white as a ghost no pun intended for this was Halloween night and again lost a great deal of blood. After callingI rushed her back to the ER.

May God bless the emergency room staff, as I know they have a very difficult job to do. Thanks to all the hospital personnel who helped get my wife back to being healthy. Platte County Election Day should be a time for Americans to celebrate, to reflect on what the right to vote really means for all of us. Regardless of the outcome of any single election, the fact that each of us has a choice, a say on the path our government takes in the future, is something no one in this country should take for granted.

But as consequential as Election Day was, America observed an even more important day last week. Friday was Veterans Day, a time to step back and think about why we are fortunate enough to live in a country that guarantees all of those freedoms. That process we completed on Tuesday-- the democratic election that cheap application letter editor for hire united states all of us the opportunity to select the people who represent us in government--you can thank a veteran for that.

You can thank a veteran for the right to freely express yourself in America--the right to protest, the right to free press, and the right to practice whatever religion you want. We officially honored them for that last Friday, on Veterans Day. But the sacrifices they made for this country affect all of us every day, and we can never forget that.

Congressman Platte County R-3 projects for this past year are nearing completion so as the district is starting its release of information for what it has spent. I thought it would be interesting to look at some of the actual numbers pulled from their reports. Expenses for the courts were tough to keep track of as district administration spread the information over several different change order sheets presented to the school board. Earlier this year Superintendent Dr. Another troubling item is the fact that going back to May I could find where none of the district expenses for the tennis courts have shown up under "unbudgeted expenses" with the monthly invoice report.

So either the bills for the courts were mixed in with the facilities expenses for the other school projects--which is wrong--they have not been paid yet dem cheap application letter ghostwriter sites australia schwellen they were actually budgeted, which would mean this was not a grassroots project started just this year as we were led to believe.

A cost analysis was done and presented to the board. What was not included in that analysis was the fact the district is still currently paying for a several hundred thousand dollar lighting upgrade passed in that does not have a break even date until Lights from the upgrade were replaced again this year but we are still paying for the loan and in several cases the loan for the initial installation.

Three loans one light fixture! This is how it happened. After reading his statements, I was pleased to see that he confirmed almost every point I made in my opposition letter to this proposed tax increase.

And as expected, his argument for more taxes is largely based on emotions. He also says nothing about why MCPL has lost so much money over the past six years. Again, how does an entity with a known. Perhaps the most ridiculous statement was that the library provides space for organizations such as AARP, whose main purpose is political lobbying. I cheap application letter editor for hire united states it almost comical that Mr. Skaggs believes providing facilities at no cost to a political lobbying organization is a necessary library function.

That also was one of my main points; providing free things is not a basis for measuring the value of a library. No facts and no evidence. Think of this as if you were a banker. Vote NO on Proposition L.

Parkville A public library system is a basic community service. Can you imagine a community where cheap application letter editor for hire united states things are either not available or limited? Public Library is asking for a levy increase in order to continue providing essential library services. This is known as Prop L. Mid-Continent Public Library has a good track record of providing service but population growth, building maintenance, technology and the need for new branches all take more funding.

The League backs long term, assured, stable and adequate funding for library services. The League of Women Voters endorses Proposition L as a clear Cheap application letter editor for hire united states vote. I feared a glut of tax dollars being wasted on a computer initiative when the district had shown little ability to successfully manage the demands of technology in recent years.

Taxpayers wisely rejected the measure but district leaders decided to move forward with their initiative anyway, spending millions of dollars over the past three years on digital infrastructure, software, devices and staffing. In fact, some within the district. Recently, Superintendent Jeanette Cowherd sent an email message to all staff, acknowledging significant problems with district technology.

The problems are significant, widespread and affecting even the most basic technology functions. In her memo, Dr. Not only would they have been more cost effective, but these less-complicated devices would. The academic services team who relentless advocated for this initiative?

The technology department who has been unable to make it work? Someone should be held accountable when election and contract decisions are made in the spring. In what other business environment today can you imagine email, WiFi, computers or needed software not working consistently and effectively?

In the cheap application letter editor for hire united states few months district leaders will again be asking voters cheap application letter editor for hire united states approve a tax increase.

Keith only gives partial truth to support his opinion and then defends it with false accusations with no evidence. In this letter I will dispel everything he wrote. Keith states that the Fair and the Dirty Shame Saloon have the Confederate Battle flags waving in every direction. Funny how he did not mention that in his piece.

Another fact that he failed to mention is there are five military flags and a Merchant Marine flag hung in the Dirty Shame. They also have placards posted below each flag with its history.

The saloon has Old Glory hanging high above, as well. Funny how he did not mention that, either. The flag in question now is the one hanging from the center of the saloon around the ceiling fan, he called it a disgrace and people found it insulting to include veterans.

Though it may once have been a flag, the stars were cut away and the rest is currently hung and it actually accents the decor of the saloon.

I volunteer at the Saloon each year and am myself a veteran and I have yet to hear anyone offended by its presence. He also stated that veterans find the flag insulting, which is further from the truth. This writer is a retired Army veteran with multiple tours of combat and Cheap application letter editor for hire united states can guarantee you that myself and the other veterans that I know do not find anything about the Fair and the Dirty Shame Saloon offensive than do some find country music or tractor pulls offensive.

Keith also failed to mention that many wearing of the Confederate flag memorabilia and waving of the Confederate flag comes from a few of the African-American citizens. We can assume no one made them wear it and that they are proud of their Southern heritage and want everyone in the saloon to know that. Anyone that attended the fair and had a beer at the Dirty Shame will tell you that they witnessed all races and genders proudly supporting attire with both the American and Confederate flags, as well as a few Cheap application letter editor for hire united states Jacks from some visitors from across the pond.

I can tell you that I volunteer my time at the Dirty Shame and have witnessed all this personally. I see a diverse crowd that attends the Dirty Shame and no one is offended by the decor of the saloon.

Many veterans are there and do not find the place insulting. The truth is that the fair is a fun week for the citizens of Platte County. The citizens that attend the fair are diverse.

I have been to the fair for over 10 years and have witnessed only three altercations, none of them provoked by the Saloon nor its appearance.

The security is great and the law enforcement is present, engaged, and noticeable. In closing, I find Keith to be insulting to the citizens of Platte County. He is short sighted and in company of very few. He is one voice and the Fair committee was respectful and unbiased to Keith and all the Platte County citizens they serve in their research, consideration, action, and review of the Shame following his concern. Everyone should be asking, what has he done for the community?

There are great people that work hard year round to ensure they put on a great fair and it is all volunteer. Platte City The second annual Platte County Youth Sports Festival held recently at Zona Rosa warrants a commendation for the folks who inspired this idea. Clubs, organizations and businesses ranging from lacrosse to soccer to martial arts showcased their click here and in one location showed off the incredible variety of activities cheap application letter editor for hire united states to Platte County citizens.

After attending the inaugural event last year, we participated as an exhibitor this year. The growth in just one year in terms of size, variety and attendance is impressive and a credit to the county staff and the Platte County Sports Commission volunteers who made it happen. Besides kudos for the festival, the Platte County Sports Commission website deserves mentioning as well. During the dozen years my daughters played youth sports I never came across a resource as valuable as this one.

If only it existed a few years ago! In one location you can find a variety of youth sports organizations, and website and contact information for each. Parents will appreciate this resource when searching for the club or league most suitable for their child. Liberty As a second generation farmer, I am all too familiar with taxes and regulations that begin with noble intentions and end with unintended consequences.

These are the same interests seeking to raise taxes on smaller competitors in order to gain increased market share. This inequitable proposal does not raise taxes across the board on tobacco products, companies nor manufacturers. When you factor in opposition from education and health-related entities, groups traditionally supportive of increased tobacco taxes, it becomes apparent how problematic this flawed proposal is. Der best movie review ghostwriters website liverpool wichtige began farming 45 years ago and raising tobacco is what helped my family survive the farming crisis in the s.

This proposal is harmful to farmers such as myself. It states that these factors as well as "tax diversions and abatements" create serious budget stress.

MCPL expresses no concern for those paying taxes who have been equally impacted by inflation and cheap application letter editor for hire united states lack of real wage growth. The voter cheap application letter editor for hire united states Hancock Amendment, which limits growth in government, seems to be working as intended.

To MCPL, it is an obstacle. And is it not interesting that MCPL claims a right to taxes "that the voters approved and the levy should provide" on properties that would likely not exist if not for tax abatements? This is an entity with a defined source and known amount of revenue. It should be next to impossible to lose money. Tax revenues declined in and may be growing slowly, but the problem is spending.

MCPL provides no other data. MCPL states that a NO vote will result in reduced maintenance, cheap application letter editor for hire united states expansion, crowded spaces, decreased outreach and reductions in digital resources. Implying that assets will deteriorate without a tax increase is irresponsible. Responsible business owners adapt to a changing business climate. MCPL cheap application letter editor for hire united states that a YES vote means new buildings, expansion of services and hours, faster internet, services for small business cheap application letter editor for hire united states, increased investments in materials, digital books, movies and music, research tools, informational databases, online instruction for every age, go here so on.

In other words, lots of "free stuff" as well as services that appear to compete with the private sector. The plan states, "All costs are opinion only. Round "opinion" numbers like these should be used to start a discussion.

Cheap application letter editor for hire united states should never be presented as a basis for approving more taxes.

Cheap application letter editor for hire united states estimate population growth, MCPL uses Mid-America Regional Council MARC forecasts. Landmark readers will recall cheap application letter editor for hire united states for the Platte County new jail proposal, the then Platte County commissioners were projecting exponential population growth based on MARC forecasts.

In the end, those projections were proven to be farcical. Forecasts should bear some resemblance to actual results. Where are those other 50, residents hiding? How much of the proposed tax increase will be redirected to retirement obligations? This tax increase proposal looks suspect. Where is the projection? The library system, if it is cheap application letter editor for hire united states be supported, needs to change.

I like traditions, but those are by choice and they are mine to fund. The traditional library system resembles steam driven locomotives.

Taxpayers should not be asked to fund outdated delivery systems or the free stuff MCPL desires to provide based on some squishy utopian vision. MCPL needs to narrow its focus, manage for sustainability and manage profitably. It does not need more money to do that. The MCPL board wants you to vote based on Krampfadern custom dissertation results writer sites london MilchsГure. Taxing a select few places a real burden on a select few and is unjust to say the least.

A trip to Richmond, V. Vote no on an unjust tax that will affect U. Weston Thursday Cheap application letter editor for hire united states Nixon eliminated funding for the Kann custom academic essay writing for hire den Moves cost share program. This program provided cities and counties with local match funding for much-needed transportation projects.

This type of funding is much needed in Missouri. In FYMissouri invested just 9 cents per resident in public transportation. Before Missouri Moves, Missouri had invested no dedicated state transportation funding in walking or bicycling. This puts us out of step with neighboring states--all of whom are investing far more in transit, bicycling, and walking--and with the needs of our residents. Missouri Department of Health data shows that nearly half Missourians have no sidewalk at all in their neighborhoods.

A broad coalition of citizens and groups have been working for more than two decades to address this problem and create read article state transportation funding that can address the transportation needs of all Missourians.

In we saw Missouri Moves passed with bipartisan support by both houses of the Missouri legislature. It was the first state transportation funding source to take this "total transportation" approach--providing funding to meet the transportation needs of all Missourians, whether they drive, walk, bicycle, use public transportation, or do all of the above.

Cities across Missouri are hungry for this type of funding and citizens support it. The response to Missouri Moves proved this--more than half of applications received by MoDOT included transit, bicycle, pedestrian, or other multi-modal elements.

That is why it is so disappointing to see Governor Nixon completely eliminate this new and innovative program--and without creating or even proposing any alternative. When taxes are cut, programs must be cut proportionally. But two small tax cuts do not cheap application letter editor for hire united states the wholesale elimination of an important program that will benefit all Missourians.

We urge Governor Nixon to restore Missouri Moves funding and we urge all of our elected officials to prioritize much-needed funding for public transit, bicycling, and walking in Missouri. Missouri Bicycle and More info Federation We are so lucky to have you in our community.

Ever since the Tomahawke mess, we have gotten to know you via your editorials and appreciate your dedication and cheap application letter editor for hire united states work. Today, so few "say it like it is" that it is a standout when one does. Thanks for every day you spend keeping us informed. The same can be said for the Dirty Shame Saloon at the Platte County Fair. Adding "museum" to its name does not make the beer hall, open four days a year, a museum.

The naming gymnastics is just a thinly veiled ruse so that some members of the fair association can promote their outdated and misguided ideas such as a display of the Confederate flag. At a time when the fair should be striving for inclusion and engagement with all residents of the county cheap application letter editor for hire united states regard to race, creed, color, politics, religion or sexual preference it has taken an exclusionary path with racist, vulgar and unpatriotic displays in the Dirty Shame.

But in the beer hall, surrounded by alcohol-fueled revelers, the flag comes across as a symbol of intolerance and the continuation of white supremacy. Writing about the Confederacy, its vice-president Alexander H. Stephens penned in "its corner-stone rests, upon the great truth that the negro is not equal to the white man; that slavery subordination to the superior race is his natural and normal cheap application letter editor for hire united states. This, our new government, is the first, in the history of the world, based upon this great physical, philosophical, and moral truth.

To state the obvious, this clearly puts the fair in bad company. I can hear the cries now about taking down the flag.

The two cannot be divorced. It costs the fair nothing to be sensitive to African Americans and others offended by its display. Its removal, in fact, would benefit the fair by encouraging more attendance by people of color, few of which could be found on the grounds in recent years.

The flag has never been an official part of the fair and should never be. Nearby, above the dance floor is a "museum" exhibit that is not fit for any civilized society. A mannequin simulating a sex act is pressed up against the hindquarters of a sheep. Perhaps this display of bestiality is intended to be a lonely Confederate soldier finding comfort on the battlefield?!

Added to this is a cheap application letter editor for hire united states American flag whose remnants, the star field, have been cut away and tacked to the ceiling. The vile displays in the Dirty Shame Saloon are an embarrassment to me, they are an embarrassment to the fair and they are an embarrassment to decent people everywhere. Including, I would presume, fair sponsors such as the Platte Valley Bank, the Bank of Weston, Wells Bank, Budweiser and others.

It should be a gathering place for young, old, black, brown, white, gay or straight from all walks of life. It needs to provide an atmosphere of acceptance and inclusion.

It needs to be sensitive to the changing world, encourage diversity in all its forms, including the ranks of the Fair Association itself, and give a heartfelt welcome to everyone entering the gates. Member The Platte County Commission recently received a resolution from Consolidated Library District No. For perspective, the library tax increase alone exceeds the current county levy of six cents. When you look at your real estate or personal property tax bill, you will see where the library tax falls in relation to the other taxing districts.

So who makes this decision? There are 12 appointees not elected to the library board, four from each member county Platte, Clay, and Jackson. I immediately called one of the Platte County appointees, Nancy Kraus Womack, to pose a simple question. What in the world are they thinking?

Nancy informed cheap application letter editor for hire united states that she was the only member of the library board to oppose the resolution to increase the tax. One member was absent and one chairman abstained but supports the tax. As I dug into the process, I found some disturbing information. Under the law, it appeared, at first glance only, that the Http:// County Commission would be required to put this massive tax increase on the ballot.

However, that an appointed cheap application letter editor for hire united states can mandate tax policy is very disturbing. That needs to change. Digging further, I found more disturbing news. The ballot language in the resolution did not meet the statutory requirements.

You see, part of the tax increase will be used to build new buildings, a one-time expenditure. Under the statutes, taxes for new buildings must be a separate tax through a separate ballot measure and must include a year sunset.

Not a forever tax. But when I pointed this out to the library district, they cheap rhetorical analysis essay proofreading site liverpool and said that they feel they can do the forever tax.

They cited some obscure loophole in the way the statute is written. One last very important point cheap application letter editor for hire united states that this tax can be passed by a majority of the cumulative vote of Platte, Clay and Jackson County. The library district personnel and their attorney have also stated that this is the way it has been done in other areas of the state, like St.

Charles County last year, and that they do not understand why this is getting so much scrutiny. There are three answers to their question. Although I know the taxpayers of Platte County can figure out the answers on their own, I am going to give them to you. First, this is Platte County not St Charles County.

The second answer comes from my mom on many occasions when I was young. Are you going to jump off of a building just because all of your friends are doing it?

And, three, I ran on, and was elected to, protect the interests and tax dollars of Platte Countians. The commission had a meeting this week with library district personnel and three of our four appointees to the board to try to come to some sort of amicable resolution to this problem.

However, that would involve getting the Clay and Jackson County appointees on board with this reconsideration. I for one will not be voting to put a tax on the ballot that includes loophole language and a forever tax increase. In fact, I will not be voting to put any tax increase on the ballot for the library district.

Presiding Commissioner Several years ago, the Park Hill School District proposed a tax levy increase with a goal of using a large portion of the revenue generated to purchase computers for every student. Voters overwhelming rejected the measure. However, in the months and years following cheap application letter editor for hire united states vote, district leaders nonetheless chose to invest in thousands of new computers. In doing so, they exposed their initial claim, mistaken at best and flatly misleading at worst, that additional tax funds were ever needed to support this initiative.

In short, wise voters clearly made the right decision in rejecting the call for new taxes. This year, individual laptops are being issued to all Park Hill high school students. The expense is a lesson in obscene government waste. These devices boast far more features e. But this can be done at reasonable cost. One could reasonably expect that a certain number of these computers will malfunction due to no fault of students.

Who pays for these repairs or replacements? And who is making the repairs on this horde of thousands of individual student computers? The district technology department.

And who pays the salaries of these technicians? Then who is collecting money from the insurance company for repairs? Once again, the district technology department. In her response, Superintendent Jeanette Cowherd equated these costs with fees for band instruments, athletic equipment, or even damaged textbooks.

Of course, involvement in courses like music or extracurricular programs such as sports are optional. And textbooks are more durable, less susceptible to damage and less expensive to repair. Park Hill board members and district leaders seem to be growing more and more out of touch with the fiscal values click the following article financial constraints of the families and community they serve.

Here they go again. Another round of pay raises for the employees of the Platte County R-3 School District simply because it is a new school year. In our stagnant economy, it seems like the only folks getting salary increases are public and government employees and these increases come on the backs of all taxpayers. Everyone needs to understand that teachers automatically get salary step increases each year, as a result of years of service and or education levels achieved.

Some also receive stipends. When the cheap application letter editor for hire united states of education approves an annual pay raise, it is in addition to the step increases already programmed.

Pay raises adjust the entire salary schedule. As a result, many teachers can get two pay raises each year. The answer I overheard at the meeting did not surprise me. Inconcerned citizens defeated the school district tax levy increase. However, I learned at the school board meeting that two years of step increases have already been paid back.

One school board member had the audacity to ask if the district would be paying interest on those payments. Do you see what is going on here? If you are frustrated by this, take the time to attend a school board meeting. The point I was trying to make was visit web page once again misinformation is being given to the public and the board by district administration.

It has been a busy summer for the district, from lies about the turf and tennis court expenses to this newest manipulation. For the third straight year the salary information given to the board by Rob Gardner has failed to mention that our teachers are not just competitively paid but in fact are the second highest paid teachers in Kansas City of the 15 districts looked at, next only to Park Hill.

The information provided by Click the following article. Gardner fails to list the fact that all three of the districts shown to pay teachers more than PCR-3 either have more years of service or more teachers with higher degrees.

Both of these items step the pay level up significantly. Park Hill is also one of cheap application letter editor for hire united states highest performing writer essay popular hire australia for masters academically in the state while R-3 is not.

These are pretty important items to leave out of your salary cheap application letter editor for hire united states to the board. When you do surveys and ask the public if they want "competitive" pay for their teachers the answer is a given, of course we cheap application letter editor for hire united states. Who would answer no?

The question would then be, what is competitive pay? In the eyes of Dr. Mike Reik the answer is to compete with the highest pay of any area school. So it is possible to maintain a quality staff in suburban KC without having to constantly one up everyone on pay year after year whether deserved or not.

When asked at the board meeting how pay was decided, Dr. Gardner said a set amount is in the budget yearly for raises then "Team Platte County," made up of 23 employees, decides how it is divided up. Households of which most inhabitants work 12 months.

It is pretty easy to see why R-3 superintendents are paid less than other area districts as pointed out in your article. This example of how they do their jobs shows they may still be overpaid. Rural Platte County Dagmar Wood is running for first district county commissioner. If you would like to be represented by an officeholder who cares about you keeping your hard earned money in your pocket as much as you care, then I highly encourage you to vote for Dagmar in the upcoming Republican Primary Aug.

I have known Dagmar for over 20 years. While I have known her to be very sagacious, what I observed as a member of an ad hoc jail committee was nothing short of spectacular. We were presented with a plethora of information that at first appeared overwhelming and seemed to point to a looming crisis concerning the current jail. Within a few days Dagmar had vetted the sources of the information, checked the veracity of the data and cut straight to lucid recommendations that were strictly based on research and facts.

What she was concerned about was what was best for each taxpayer in the county as opposed to what a few thought would be best for a few. Had Dagmar been on the commission during the past years many, if not all, of the financial issues the county is dealing with now would be nonexistent.

Please join me in voting for Dagmar Wood for first district Platte County commissioner on Tuesday, Aug. It will be a positive vote for the county and for your pocket. More doctors available to Missouri patients should mean greater access not only for some of our most under-served communities, but for all Missourians. I hope policymakers will consider pursuing this pro-market, pro-patient update to our laws. Show-Me Institute On behalf of the Platte County Tennis Court Committee, I would like to express much appreciation and gratitude for the recent collaboration among the Platte City Parks and Rec Board, the City of Platte City, and the Platte County School District cheap application letter editor for hire united states secure the remaining funding needed to construct eight cheap application letter editor for hire united states courts on the R-3 campus.

This commitment to expand the complex from the original four courts will now provide adequate space to allow full team practices, home meets, and even district tournaments. When the high school teams are not utilizing the facility, it will be available for public use, with opportunities for lessons, tournaments, youth programming, adaptive tennis instruction, and even pickleball. As a committee, we are aware of the time and effort that went into making this project a reality.

Thanks go to the Platte County R-3 School Board and administration for listening to and taking seriously the concerns of a large group of students, parents and community members. Together, these public entities—the city, the county, and the school district--have cooperated and made possible a project that could not otherwise have been completed in so timely a manner. The new tennis court facility will be a source of Pirate pride and will benefit our kids, our school, and our community for many years to come.

Thanks to all who hat cheap assignment ghostwriting site uk Krankenkasse committed to making the eight court tennis facility a reality. Platte County "How important do you think it is for Platte County to make maintenance and safety at parks and recreational facilities our number one priority? My perspective on this issue is based upon my year career of professional parks and recreation management experience, including 13 years of service as the assistant director of the Platte County Parks Http:// These funds belong to the citizens and cheap application letter editor for hire united states be managed with accountability.

This is exactly why I support Dagmar Wood 1st District and John Elliott 2nd District for the Platte County Commission. They will provide much needed stewardship of our parks system through a fiscally responsible plan. They will do this by holding themselves and the parks department officials accountable. I applaud Presiding Commissioner Http:// Schreiber for instructing the parks department to produce an estimate for annual maintenance costs.

A deep hole has been dug for us to climb out. Lack of accountability and mismanagement of our park funds has put our parks system at risk. Designing and building parks, trails and recreational facilities is intoxicating but the parks department wanted to avoid the maintenance hangover.

Dagmar Wood cheap application letter editor for hire united states John Elliott will be responsible stewards of our park system and they will hold accountable themselves and the parks department officials to ensure cheap application letter editor for hire united states our parks, trails, green space and recreational facilities are exceptionally maintained and safe for all Platte County citizens to enjoy for many years to come.

I ask that you join me in supporting Dagmar Wood and John Elliott for the Platte County Commission. Cheap application letter editor for hire united states where you are when you are playing. Be keenly aware of private property and boundaries. Players are urged to be aware of their surroundings while walking around in public. Be careful when sharing your location with strangers through the app. Police Chief Late last month, the Supreme Court decided to block one of the many executive orders President Obama has issued during his time in office.

The ruling was a win for the Constitution and for our entire legal system. These are the people hurt the most by amnesty. Regardless of the reason they are here, illegal immigrants are just that- illegal. They take from our welfare system, contribute to overcrowding at public schools, and push down wages for Americans.

Politicians that support amnesty have made the problem worse. Poor border defense hurts too. There is no reason why we should be encouraging immigrants to come here illegally. It punishes everyone who follows our cheap application letter editor for hire united states, it sends the wrong message to the rest of the world, and it is a huge drain on our cheap application letter editor for hire united states. I have always opposed amnesty in every form. And I always will.

The first audit report focused on the electronic wire payment made by the treasurer on Friday, May 27, the result of a spoof e-mail scam. The audit report provided the citizens with critical information and assurance of: 1. Banking interests are secure and each of the accounts were reconciled to the general ledger balances, and 3.

If procedures had been followed, the wire would never had been released and the request would have been determined to be fraudulent. Releasing the wire was the sole action of the treasurer. With the growing number of cybercrime incidents in the public and private sector, an audit similar to what was completed had been anticipated in The IS audit report provides citizens with critical information and assurance of: civil popular pay cheap essay on war for. Common cyber security issues are monitored and resources are in place to mitigate risk and exposure to internal and external threats, 2.

The IS audit identified areas for the county to strengthen its processes cheap application letter editor for hire united states practices. The audit further confirmed the current county IS procedures would not have prevented the wire transfer from occurring.

The audits examine financial accountability, waste, opportunities for fraud, and whether county entities are achieving their purposes and operating economically and efficiently. Questions or comments from citizens are welcome and encouraged. Platte County Auditor Absolutely no one who loves this country and values human life wants to see what happened in Orlando recently happen ever again.

It was terrible and tragic and disgusting. Our prayers are with everyone affected by the attack, especially the families of the victims. The terrorist attack in Orlando was everything we associate with radical, hateful groups like ISIS and Al-Qaeda. And new laws that impact the constitutional rights of law-abiding Americans are not going to end radical Islamic terrorism. We need to find new ways to weaken groups like ISIS. We have to cut off their finances and stop them from coming into this country.

And we must do more to prevent people from being radicalized by foreign terrorist organizations. Anti-gun cheap application letter editor for hire united states treat every crisis or national tragedy as an opportunity to push their agenda on the American people. This is no different. And no scare tactic will make me support the unconstitutional gun laws they want us to live under.

Everyone in the federal government has to do a visit web page job of finding ways to contain and destroy the groups that promote this evil. But nothing anti-gun liberals are proposing would stop it. And they know that. Sixth District The Obama administration will take advantage of every crisis to advance its anti-gun agenda.

No one has ever been killed by a gun that did not have a human hand wrapped around it. Guns do not kill people; people kill people. There is no such thing as gun violence. Violence flows from the evil natures of unredeemed men. Their politicians would like the uniformed public to believe all assault rifles are machine guns. Banning assault rifles is the first step towards confiscating semi-automatic handguns, shotguns, and hunting rifles.

What really fuels the violence problem in our country? I believe it starts with our government. They gave guns to Mexican drug cartels during Operation Fast and Furious in a failed effort to justify gun control across Texas. They refuse to do anything about inner-city violence where dozens of young black-Americans are shot and killed every weekend across the country. By the way, these cities are all run by Democrats.

They release minority drug-offenders from prison before their sentences are completed, many of whom committed crimes with guns. They shame our police officers. They refuse to fully enforce gun laws already on the books, especially if it means an illegal immigrant may go to jail. They to use the word Islam and terrorist in the same sentence but have no problem giving billions of dollars to Iran, the greatest exporter of cheap application letter editor for hire united states in the world.

They disdain our ally Http://, abandoned our hard-fought gains in Iraq, and implemented failed policies in the Middle East that gave rise to ISIS. They believe the global warming hoax is a bigger threat than Islamic terrorism. They blame America for the problems in the world. In my opinion, they are failing at this Constitutional duty in favor of political correctness and faux social justice initiatives.

In many instances, they trade our security for votes. I am a proud, lifetime member of the NRA. You have heard it cheap application letter editor for hire united states — to stop a bad guy with a gun it takes a good guy with a gun.

No one should be denied their Second Amendment rights without due-process. Why do we resist any effort at gun control? The answer is simple. Guns are not the problem. Democrats will shamefully use any crisis to block gun ownership.

They believe they will never realize their progressive utopian dreams as long as the law-abiding public is armed. Not only that, he does not know how to follow office procedures. They have recovered a little over half of the money; however, what does that do to the operating budget for the rest of the year? How will that affect our bond rating? Do you think this is the definition of his promise? Everyone who knows me knows I am a Democrat. But, there is out there who can.

Step up — we need you. Who ever heard of the fox guarding the chicken coop? Late last week the administration and the Department of Justice sent letters to overschool districts across this country mandating that transgender individuals be allowed in restrooms of their choice.

By the cheap application letter editor for hire united states, only one in identify as transgenders. The transgender community claims one in Either way, we are saying that. Both policies are equally ridiculous and dangerous. Already two states have refused to abide by this perverted, immoral mandate, Texas and North Carolina.

Attention U Haul, your business is about to grow exponentially. Can we, the people, allow this administration this web page force us to give up the sex education of our vulnerable children to confused individuals who believe God made them incorrectly? The answer is an absolute NO! Are we ruled by a king or a Constitution? It is time to defy this dictate and institute civil disobedience.

For Platte County R-3, For West Platte R-2, The main switchboard number for the Capitol is Ask for your representative or senator by name. This is a diversion of this administration to advance the LGBT agenda which in itself is allowing two percent of our population to rule.

Folks, it is the rest of us who are accepting this politically correct agenda to proceed. By accepting this we are tacitly advancing a cause which few of us believe in. I think if we tolerate this, we have lost any sense of right and wrong. We can thank the American Family Association for calling for a boycott of Target.

As for me, if a crossdresser goes into a bathroom with my wife, my adult girls, or my granddaughters, he has much more to be concerned about than emptying his bladder. Weston The Platte County R-3 School Board and its leader Dr. Mike Reik need to take a step back and review their spending habits. Hard to believe without at least one board member having questions when the R-3 school district debt. I live in St. FBI probes as well as state audits are not anything your district would want.

Every citizen needs to be informed. Children of the district need to be considered before voting on lavish spending. Again, may I stress the importance of accountability to the taxpayers, teachers and children of your district. Joseph Questions I have been asked about the R-3 debt click the following article are: How did this happen and what can we do about it?

Here are a few examples of how, in addition to what has been pointed out on the plattecountyr3facts. The district has a tuition based non-state required pre-school, Great Beginnings. Tuition for the preschool does not even cover the cost of the instructors let alone the building, maintenance or administration costs.

When asked about the shortfall Dr. I cannot find where any of this has been voted on by the board. Preschool is important which is why my kids went. Preschool is not mandated by the state only for kids with special needs. There are already non special needs kids in their classroom who have free tuition. So why not charge enough to cover the costs like other preschools?

Why no increase in tuition for eight years? Is that a good way to handle your taxes? This has been cheap application letter editor for hire united states on while R-3 has had Budget Cutting Committees, levy increases, roof leaks and increases in parking and lunch fees.

More examples: Paxton is getting a half million dollar makeover to prepare it for use by the high school. Not enough to even cover projected growth by So what happens in when you are told it is overcrowded again?

And your new levy funds? Your Platte County R-3 District is in debt to its eyeballs, PERIOD. How do you fix it? The obvious answer would be to replace the superintendent with someone who understands how to stretch a dollar, but remember he does not spend money in most cases without the permission of the school board.

A superintendent is popular dissertation abstract service united states much a paid fundraiser, about everything they say and do. And here is the biggest thing: NO ONE but the superintendent really understands what is most important for your kids and that usually involves giving them more, wait for it What we are missing at PCR-3 is that last part.

There must be a special class for school administrators where they learn to say things like "Knowing this information on debt serves little utility" and the quote from R-3 School Board president that "districts have different debt loads at different time. Comments like this are meant to make you think there is something you might be missing when you are not. Every project and program at a school can be justified as it is "for the kids" but at some point the board has to more info saying NO until some of the old debt is paid off.

But we will still be saddled with the taxes to cover their unneeded "innovative" projects and "small subsidies. I am writing to alert customers of Platte Clay Electric Cooperative PCEC about a proposed bylaw change to be voted on at the May 12 annual meeting. Article IV, Section 4 currently specifies that the board of directors must appoint a nominating committee at least 30 days before Director elections. The committee must then select nominees at least 20 days before the election.

The proposed change leaves the first two deadlines as is, but moves the third to at least 70 days before the election. This means that members must make their nominations up to 40 days before the nominating committee is even appointed, and up to 50 days before the nominees are actually chosen. While nominations from the floor are still allowed in both cases, the proposed bylaw. As the first two deadlines are left intact, I can see no legitimate reason to change the third.

As such, I strongly encourage PCEC customers to attend the annual meeting and vote against this proposal. Platte City How are you doing, Ivan? I was in contact with Laura Hulett at Platte County R-3 and she gave me your email. How fortunate I am that you are still at the newspaper. I wish to let you know that I am blessed to have known you and worked with you while in Platte City. You were such a valuable ally to Platte City Elementary School and Annex.

I have many pictures and articles in my treasure chest that you wrote and printed in the newspaper. Occasionally I will look at them and remember great times interacting go here you and talking with you. It is with much fondness that I remember you. I have the article you wrote about me framed and hanging on a wall in my house.

That was such a wonderful article and one that I truly treasure. I hope all is well with you and that life has treated you kindly. You are a very special and unique person. I will always treasure the memories of you and what cheap application letter editor for hire united states did for the children and teachers at Platte City Elementary and Annex while I served as principal there.

May God bless you daily and fill your life with happiness and joy. Fracking -- or, injecting fluid into shale rock to extract oil and natural gas -- is an enormous boon to American workers.

Thanks to fracking, inAmerica became the world leader in oil and natural-gas production. For the first time sincewe only import a quarter of the oil we use.

In the America of Clinton and Sanders, the United States will again become dependent. From tofracking jobs grew 40 percent while the rest of the private sector grew at a 1 percent annual rate.

Fracking currently supports about 2. In the fracking-free America of Clinton and Sanders, those jobs are gone. In the America of Cheap application letter editor for hire united states and Sanders, incomes will decline and energy prices will rise.

In the fracking-free America of Clinton and Sanders, government will be starved of an important source of revenue. In fracking-free America, the economic contraction will run hand-in-hand with a ballooning trade deficit. Yet Clinton and Sanders have condemned natural gas development and production. Why the hostility to fracking? Many claim it contaminates water. But studies by key federal agencies show fracking is safe.

In a systematic review of the evidence, the EPA "did not find evidence" that fracking had "led to widespread, systemic impacts on drinking water resources in the United States.

But there is no reason to ban it, as Sanders would, or regulate it to death, as Clinton would. Fracking creates jobs, generates tax revenue, reduces the cost of energy, and results in lower greenhouse-gas emissions. The risks to local environmental conditions are minimal and can be addressed with reasonable regulation.

The fracking-free America of Clinton and Sanders is an America that is much poorer economically and no better off environmentally. Contributor The April 5 Platte City municipal election includes a city resident only ballot measure to decide the fate of the city sales tax on out of state vehicle sales. The purpose of this ballot measure is to correct a technicality in state law.

For nearly 50 years, Missouri local governments, including Platte City, collected sales tax on all motor vehicle sales. Inthe Missouri Supreme Court ruled that the sales tax was valid only for motor vehicles, boats, go here and trailers purchased from Missouri dealers; the same items purchased out of state but registered in Missouri were no longer subject to sales tax but could be charged an equivalent use tax.

For Platte City and other communities such as Parkville, Gladstone and North Kansas City who do not charge a use tax, the ruling meant that vehicles purchased from an out of state dealer would pay a lower tax than vehicles purchased from a car dealer located in Missouri, This ruling created an unfair playing field against Missouri car dealers, reduced city revenue and resulted in some vehicle owners paying a higher tax rate to maintain local streets than others.

The state legislature subsequently acted to delay enforcement of the court order to provide cities an opportunity to ask their citizens to fix this tax problem by voting on whether to continue the decades old practice of charging the same tax rate for all vehicles, boats, motors and trailers regardless of whether or not the purchase occurred in Missouri or out of state.

Local car dealers have invested in Missouri and invested in Platte City. Platte City strives to provide high quality services including streets maintenance, snow plowing, police, parks while maintaining low property taxes and a low cost of living. Tax policy should be fair and equal for all taxpayers. All residents are encouraged to take the time to vote in the Tuesday, April 5 municipal election.

Gehrt, city administrator at or djgehrt plattecity. Platte City On Tuesday, Dissertation ghostwriters hire canada 5 voters in Kansas City will decide whether to retain the current city earnings tax. The earnings tax also supports environmental programs that improve the health and quality of life of Kansas City residents and visitors.

The general fund supports curbside recycling and recycling center programs and energy efficiency investments in city buildings. It also funds the Office of Environmental Quality in Kansas City, an office whose core mission is maintaining and improving the environment. The Sierra Club is launching a grassroots campaign to support the earnings esl cover letter editing for hire sf to counter Missouri Mega-Donor Rex Sinquefield.

Louis City and Kansas City. As a city resident who recycles and wants to see our city succeed, I see the benefit of the earnings tax.

I will vote YES on Question 1 on April 5. The Sierra Club has released a report focusing on environmental programs supported by the earnings tax and the importance of a healthy city center. The Sierra Club, Missouri Chapter is a grassroots environmental group with more than 8, members in the state of Missouri. This is identified as H.

Preventing Illegal Visa Overstays Act that Representative Graves recently proposed. This is exciting information! This bill must be monitored closely, it may give many of us frustrated citizens the boilerplate instructions that will enable us to withhold the salaries of all the Representatives and Senators of the United States.

Kudos to Representative Graves for bravely taking a significant action against non-performance. We just have to hope the current GOP position regarding delay of selection of the next Supreme Court Justice of the United States click at this page enable Representative Graves to push this through the House and Senate very quickly.

Please, please do not tell me this cheap application letter editor for hire united states an early April Fools Joke. It does seem too good to be true. And while liberal politicians and poor border protection have contributed to illegal immigration numbers, the problem extends well beyond amnesty and open borders.

Last week in Kansas City we saw the tragic consequences of the failure to enforce immigration laws. Right now, the Department of Homeland Security is responsible for making sure essay ghostwriters united states immigrants temporarily living in the U.

To make that possible, the department is required to use a process known as biometric exit tracking at all domestic air, sea, and land ports. But in many cases DHS fails to fulfill its responsibility, and in others it ignores the requirement entirely. On Thursday I introduced a bill to change that.

DHS has got to take advantage of the technology and resources we have to keep illegal immigration numbers down, and my bill will make sure that happens. Sixth District Since September 11, thousands of young men and women have given their lives to defend America.

Last week, President Obama announced his plans to close the Guantanamo Bay Naval Base in Cuba, which is used as a prison for terrorists that have read more to harm American soldiers across the globe.

The President says closing Gitmo is a matter of national security. But if Obama wants to close the prison, it means he would have to let the terrorists go free back to their home countries, or transfer them to bases on U. Either way, closing Gitmo does more to threaten national security than strengthen it. The Pentagon recently announced that 13 sites in the U. The annual National Defense Authorization Act NDAA has prohibited the transfer of detainees from Gitmo to American soil for the last few years, and Obama has signed each of those bills into law.

Moving terrorists to U. And as a member of the House Armed Services Committee, I will continue to fight against it. Congressman I was pleased to read there was significant job growth in Platte County during see Job Growth Came to Platte County infront page of The Landmark, Feb.

Unfortunately, the Menards development which is expected to open next year near Green Hills Road may only provide low wage employment. Ask them if you doubt me. Because Menards pays low wages its workers are often forced to rely on Medicaid, Food Stamps or other public assistance to meet their basic needs.

So Menards is receiving a public subsidy: Platte County taxpayers are forced to subsidize the employees because Menards fails to pay a living wage. Menards, whose revenue is approximately 7. Platte County should demand Cheap application letter editor for hire united states provide a sustainable living wage. Office and Professional Employees.

New York, NY Platte County lost a political giant last week with the death of Barbara Cooke. In fact, she was rather short. She used to joke that they used to be able to have a meeting of all the Republicans in Platte County in a closet.

And, the Democrats so dominated the political process that you kind of needed to meet in a closet so no one knew that you were a Republican. Although Barbara was an adamant Republican, she was not all that ideological. When the Republicans finally rose to dominance and a war broke out between the liberal Republicans and the conservative Republicans, I know she was disappointed. Just like she was even more disappointed when the conservatives started fighting with each other after defeating the liberals in the party.

Barbara was always a faithful donor but she was not personally a big donor. She was cheap application letter editor for hire united states the queen of raffle ticket sales and of staffing the headquarters. For decades Barbara personally sat at the headquarters and coordinated volunteers to be there. So, Timothy Thompson and I frequently shared the responsibility of picking her up and taking her to the 7 p. It was kind of inconvenient sometimes, but on this sad occasion I fondly recall those extended evenings spent with Barbara and wish I had done it more.

Barbara had many activities outside the Republican Party. She had a loving family. She did a variety of charitable work, including the Platte County Eleemosynary Society. She touched many lives through these activities but our paths mostly crossed in Republican activities or when she would sell me tickets to a charitable event. There was a gathering in memory of Barbara at the Coves South Club House on Monday. That was a particularly fitting location.

It used to be the primary venue for political fundraisers for Republican candidates and the annual Platte Republican Association Christmas Party. Although a physically small woman, Barbara was a giant in Platte County Republican politics. She was friendly to everyone who came to a Republican event. She volunteered almost daily at the Republican headquarters. She got many others to make financial cheap application letter editor for hire united states to the party.

She found numerous continue reading to work alongside her. Barbara was the matriarch of the Platte County Republican Party and she cheap application letter editor for hire united states be deeply missed. Indeed, prospects are good that the chambers will send real ethics legislation to the Governor this year, and if they do, it will be a great success von letter proofreading site Krampfadern supporters of good governance.

Kudos to the legislators from both sides of the aisle who are leading this effort. I hope they are successful. Show-Me Institute Over the past four years there have been approximately individual votes from board members with only one vote against anything proposed by district administration. During that time the seven member board has voted about times, if you figure an average of five votes per meeting. Every item voted on has passed. During this time taxpayers have paid thousands for yearly trips to Tan-Tar-A for many board members and administrators, along with training sessions and dues for the Missouri School Board Association.

Other expenses would include the time our paid employees spend with our board in sessions, travel, food, training etc. So why have a board? School board is an unpaid position.

Why are the current members serving if they want to make a difference, as many claim, but then rubber stamp approval for all items while academics goes down and R-3 debt and spending is now some of the highest in the state? Once again this year there will be no board election at PCR-3 as only the two incumbents are running again. The board is now currently made up of four individuals who have not had to run against anyone due to lack of interest: Gary Brown, Lori Bogart, Steve Goettling and Adam McGinness.

Out of these four board members I found only the one "NO" vote. A vote regarding the purchase of a new four wheeler. For those who have asked, I would love to have run again for the board click at this page if I was elected due to the way board policy is written you have to go along with how the majority votes and I would be unable to voice my opinion on any items disagreed click to see more afterward.

Watching the district and keeping taxpayers informed via the "facts" website of factual, complete district information has done the students more good than casting the occasional "NO" vote. Park Hill just had five people sign up for two open board spots, R-3 has not had more than three sign up for over three years.

Do you think there is a correlation since Park Hill School District has been repeatedly beating R-3 in academics during this time period? R-3 has a first time school superintendent, are we to believe everything he has proposed is correct? After all, everything he has proposed has been passed almost unanimously? Mike Reik was so new when starting this job the previous superintendent was paid for about a year to help him out. He must have done a great job as we now university writing site toronto only "YES" votes for everything and yet Dr.

Cheap application letter editor for hire united states could the other board have been looking at? My guess is the same things I look at, information your school board pretends to ignore.

How is it so many parents from R-3 can fill the check this out for a wrestling match or for a student archery exhibition but seem to have no interest in district finances or academics?

Academic matters are how their kids will ultimately make their living. If parent participation is any measure these three seem to be what is most important. Why does it not bother people that R-3 has one of the lowest performing Special Education programs in the state, the lowest ACT scores in the area?

And do taxpayers not care that the board just passed a half million dollar change order for Compass Elementary construction? If not affected directly is it easiest to just stick your head in the sand?

Per the December meeting district policy now dictates that for students who may be failing a course cheap application letter editor for hire united states district can "delay" administration of the state EOC exams until they retake the course a second time.

If used, how can we now measure how PCR-3 students are performing against other districts? Much like when the district dropped several high school EOC exams this past year, exams given by Park Hill and others.

Not a word at the school board meeting from any board member on this test information. Why pay for the thousands of dollars for travel, dues and training for a cheap application letter editor for hire united states board that rubber stamps everything put before them? My suggestion is to keep the state happy by pretending we have a school board but never meet and then use the money we save to buy more large orange foam fingers for the sporting events.

From what I have seen, they are more useful to the students. Rural Platte County As some of you may know, I spent hours with Lt. Terrance Lakin while he was in the Detenion Barracks at Ft. Leavenworth, visiting twice a week until his release on May 13, For representatives and senators, the Constitution only requires that the individual be a cheap application letter editor for hire united states by birth or naturalization, seven years for House members, nine years for a Senator.

Happersett, involving a Missouri woman seeking the right to vote, in the majority opinion written by then Chief Justice Waite, attempting to understand check this out writers of the Constitution did give his opinion, although refusing to this web page the point.

Resort must be had elsewhere to ascertain that. At common-law, with the nomenclature of which the cheap application letter editor for hire united states of the Constitution were familiar, it was never doubted that all children born in a country of parents who were its citizens became themselves, upon their birth, citizens also.

Obviously Obama is not a natural born citizen as given by Chief Justice Waite in One was from Kenya. But Cruz, although I like him, his positions, and his disdain for Obama, has, in my opinion, a problem. He had only one parent that was cheap application letter editor for hire united states citizen and he was not born in the United States or its protectorates, that is unless Canada will cheap application letter editor for hire united states that the US is their overseer, which I genuinely doubt.

He is best suited for attorney general which I hope will happen. That would straighten out much of the Obama mess. The 19th Amendment was ratified August 18, It appears the board was never serious about finding an outside candidate since they chose an insider with little experience to fill this important district role. We need only look at other successful districts to see the type of experience and expertise we should have expected in a superintendent.

When Shawnee Mission needed new leadership they cheap application letter editor for hire united states Jim Hinson, who led Independence Schools for years. This past spring, Blue Valley recruited Todd White from North Kansas City as they prepared for some administrative transitions.

Center School District hired Bob Bartman, former Missouri DESE commissioner, who helped in the renaissance of their struggling schools. Even former Park Hill boards provide a. Instead, this board chose a candidate who has few of the requisite skills of the position: And for this, to click to see more a baseball analogy, Park Hill is going to pay Zack Greinke money and hope a win record miraculously develops from an unproven prospect?

With salary and benefits, the new superintendent. Parkville The Democratic National Committee made its real and well-aimed move yesterday. Vice President Joe Biden gave an interview to CNN. He was dressed in full power gear.

He spoke firmly and carefully. Hillary is about to get indicted. She will drop from the Democratic race.

Enter our Uncle Joe. No taint from campaigning. Equals: President Joseph Biden. Platte County Imagine you only had read more chance to vote for president—after that, the president served for life, with an impeachment as the only way to put a new face in office. So why is it any different with unions? To our government employees—people like teachers and firefighters— union representation looks a lot like a lifetime appointment.

Well, giving employees a vote expands worker freedom. Our government employees deserve to have their voices heard through regular union elections.

Louis After declaring in a Nov. The federal budget has to provide for our military men and women, protect Social Security and Cheap application letter editor for hire united states, and it must show that we are serious about getting control of the national debt.

This budget includes some positive reforms, but it raises the debt ceiling without cutting nearly enough spending in return. I could not support the debt ceiling increase or the overall budget. We simply cannot continue raising the debt ceiling without addressing the root of our problems — too application letter editor spending in Washington. Instead, we need real reforms that will put our economy and the cheap application letter editor for hire united states on a sustainable path going forward.

Talk about the lottery. Ninety five conservative representatives voted NO. Names like Trey Gowdy, Dr. John Fleming, Louie Gohmert, Bob Goodlatte, Tim Huelskamp, all conservatives. He would have been in good company. My suspicion is Graves cared more about his committee chairmanship than the country. Put a Marco by his name and then scratch it off your conservative list…and presidential contenders.

The illustrious Mayor Nan Johnston and her minions perpetrated a coup that was absolutely textbook in sleaze and sliminess. To clarify what Main Street Parkville Association MSPA represents and who they are: They are a group of Parkville specific volunteers who give of their own time and in many cases money to facilitate many of the popular festivals Brewfest, Parkville Days, and Christmas on the River etc.

To say the business owners are eclectic is an understatement. Because of the dated infrastructure, any updates can be costly and a real bone of contention between the City of Parkville and the merchants as to who is responsible for the upkeep of that infrastructure.

Printed ballots are handed out to attendees as they arrive. The ballot had Troy Wilson as returning chairman, Alisha Cheap application letter editor for hire united states as vice-chairman, Art Brown as secretary and Click Smith as secretary. He kept expenses below budget and all festivities and Downtown activities were very successful for the calendar year. This a tribute to a sacrifice of his time and some outstanding volunteers.

He worked tirelessly on obtaining a needed grant for the Downtown Parkville area more on that later which was finally obtained. The drama unfolds when Marsha VanDever, the residing cheap application letter editor for hire united states of the Parkville Area Chamber of Commerce, asks Alicia Blackelder who is on the ticket as a vice-chair if she would to be the chairman instead.

It really is a bad look for you, Marsha. Alicia had told the current chair, Troy Wilson, the day before these elections she was fine with cheap application letter editor for hire united states appointment as a vice-chair. So the motion is made and seconded to elect her as chairman.

You could see the knives coming out of the sheaves. Ballots were passed out and ta-da—Blackwelder is chairman. The writer of this piece can see this is a nest of snakes perpetrating this grease fire and promptly takes his name off the ballot as secretary. Another minion is promptly moved on the ballot from treasurer to vice chair. At this point it is a miracle Wilson is still alive with all the knives in his back, but the real grand finale comes in the person cheap application letter editor for hire united states Chris Collins, a vice-president at Capital Federal Savings.

After leaving the ship last summer as a member of the aforementioned MSPA as their organization chair due to a flap with the bad hire of an executive director, he starts to make his presence known again. To Ed Bradley, BankLiberty, Troy Wilson, Tom Hutsler at English Landing and this writer, he was approached about being the association treasurer.

By the way, all denials were within the days leading up to this bloodletting. Wilson had made as a cornerstone of his chairmanship an affiliation with the Missouri State Main Street Connection group to cheap application letter editor for hire united states Downtown Parkville on a better growth track. This group has had a tremendous track record in working with Missouri communities with historic downtowns like Parkville improve their marketing and improve their brand.

This was a very important grant for the merchants of Downtown Parkville. The liaison for click at this page group was at this meeting. After watching this fiasco, he reported all of this to their management group located in Branson.

The result--in a letter to Parkville Mayor Cheap application letter editor for hire united states Johnston and Troy Wilson, Missouri Main Street Connection Executive Director Gayla L.

Sloppy Nan, really sloppy. At a time sewer rats are more popular then politicians you perpetuated the stereotype of the politician everyone loves to hate. You did it all, Nan. Point is you had the votes. Just introduce the slate you wanted, browbeat your stooges to show up and vote for your ticket and all would be well with the world.

It may not have been popular with many of the merchants but it would have shown a modicum of decency and class to do so and quite honestly in the arena of common sense it would have been the right thing to do. I mean, you knew who you were running against for mayor and won fairly and squarely. Guess that was a little out of your reach, huh Nan? TO HER MINIONS—Nice job, guys, you should be pleased. The merchants lost a very important grant, you have a stooge for the mayor as the MSPA chairperson and the treasurer will say anything to anybody at any time.

You pitted merchant against merchant, creating a real toxic brew of animosity as events transpired. Should be quite a year. Secretary for I believe the merchants of downtown Parkville felt that Troy Wilson had been a good chairman and he would have good support with his new slate of proposed officers. They are in the position to represent all of the merchants of Historic Parkville.

They have the heavy job of selecting the best marketing and advertising campaign to promote Downtown Parkville. They have the burdensome job of sponsoring the largest well-attended festivals in the Northland: Parkville 4th of July Festival and Parkville Days and Christmas on the River.

I have been involved with the MSPA program since its inception in I have served as chair and vice-chair for several years. I have also been chair of Parkville Days over 20 years, chair of 4th of July Festival over 20 years. I have been a volunteer with Christmas on the River and chaired the event several years.

I have served as committee chair of economic development, committee chair of design and volunteered on the organization committee and served as chair of promotions committee which oversees marketing and advertising and the numerous festivals MSPA sponsors.

I have volunteered with the Brewfest Committee since its inception. Someone needs to explain to me why anyone would want the job of chairman so much that they felt they had to crucify the individuals and merchants that they are there to represent.

There can only be one reason why this could happen: an outside political agenda. The mayor of Parkville has spent a majority of her term in office degrading the downtown public volunteers that she is there to represent. She has tried unsuccessfully to uproot the downtown nine member CID board. The mayor will not recognize the Parkville Old Towne Market Community Improvement District POTMCID board as a legal board, yet she has no problem coming to the Downtown CID asking for grants for public projects.

The mayor needs to support the residents and merchants of Historic Parkville and not micromanage us out of existence. Parkville I recently spent time reviewing the Parkville proposed budget and cheap application letter editor for hire united states an email inquiry to the city on Dec. One would think I insulted the Queen.

The response from Alderman Marc Sportsman: "Thanks for your inquiry. Over the last months, we have had four budget work sessions that were publicized and open to the public. I hope that next year you will be able to attend these sessions so that your concerns could be addressed much sooner. The response from City Administrator Lauren Palmer stated that many of my concerns were discussed at the four budget work sessions.

Is there a time and cost allocation calculation to support the transfer from the general fund to the sewer fund? On the surface, the amount appears arbitrary. The salary schedule states that it includes all employees, yet it appears to exclude the community development director and the city administrator. This is when staff raises were supposedly discussed, which may explain the starting time.

That must be why I and others missed it. This second session started before the first one. More specifically to Oct. Readers are likely aware that the federal government is making no inflation adjustment for retirees. As of this letter, I have not received a complete salaries schedule. While some staff may deserve a raise, those paying the salaries might want to know who they are. Perhaps we have different ideas on metrics.

One item of interest from the work session packets: "She Ms. Palmer said based on the current revenue the only way to complete more projects was to determine how to get more revenues If you would ask whether any of the aldermen look at the budget as an outsider and without bias, you would likely find that they are just as invested in the budget as city staff. Once inside city hall, the money becomes theirs. Palmer noted, "Following adoption of the budget by the Board of Aldermen, cheap application letter editor for hire united states will prepare the official budget document which will include much of the supporting analysis that was part of the prior work sessions.

Parkville I just finished reading your tribute to my father, Wells Hull, in your Between the Lines column. I am tearfully laughing because I know the look he had on his face when he was handing you some of his very dry sense of humor. I also am pretty sure that he told me more than once to "not panic.

The past year my dad was becoming more frail daily source cheap application letter editor for hire united states went to three home Cheap course work writing service united states games with me in Columbia this fall.

He drove down to my house near Parkville almost daily. Ghostwriter kingdom cheap site essay united neighbor would text me that "a guy in a green Cadillac is sitting in your driveway honking his horn. I will continue to live back here now after being out of state for over 30 years.

It is the right time to be here. I miss my dad a lot. Thanks for your thoughts. I laughed and spent time with good memories this morning because of your column. Platte County Park Hill has excellent staff and schools, and I count my time as a principal and district administrator here as one of the high points of my professional career.

Like many others, our family moved into the district so our children could benefit from the great teaching and learning opportunities. When district leaders bragged in that Park Hill was the only Missouri school district to receive the MQA recognition, what they failed to tell the public was most districts have neither the disposable funds nor the us paper writers service professional to divert resources away from schools to a program largely utilized by private business.

So how much is too much for a school district to spend on a program like MQA? It might surprise taxpayers to learn the district has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on this initiative over the years for membership fees, training, site visit fees and a myriad of less obvious but equally costly items. The answer is the school district. In short, taxpayer dollars intended for schools are used to promote the success and profitability of private industry.

And during any time of absence, the district is without the leadership and expertise of those most needed to guide educational progress or make critical decisions in a time of emergency or crisis. I suspect school board members and district leaders plan to approach voters again soon for a bond or levy initiative.

Until recently, I have always been happy to support public education with my tax dollars; test scores, graduation rates and positive parent perceptions all attest to the high quality of the our schools. But I expect district leaders to spend each dollar wisely and with a singularity of purpose—direct support of teachers, students and classroom instruction. Parkville Recently, the federal government announced there is no cost-of-living adjustment for because there was no inflation in Prices for commodities they track either remained the same or went down.

For example, the price of gas is down from the previous year. This means that federal retirees, retired military, and all seniors receiving social security checks will not see an increase in their checks. This sounds fair to me. However, there is another segment of our society that typically receives annual pay raises. They are our public school teachers and their administrators. These raises are in addition to the annual step increases in pay they receive for each year of service and for successive education levels.

Here is a little secret you may not know. The cheap application letter editor for hire united states of the underpaid public school teacher are gone.

Gmail Cheap application letter editor for hire united states

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