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My name is Jon Haver I am a 33 year old, husband, cheap blog writer for hire nyc of 3, engineer and huge geek when it to comes to automating cheap blog writer for hire nyc outsourcing any activity. I am no genius, I have no strategy that allows people to make money online EASY.

More About Me Getting high quality articles written for a very low cost is a key strength for my online business. Websites having cheap blog writer for hire nyc content has always been important and is only getting more important according to this Matt Cutts interview. If you are looking for a complete done for you content marketing solution for any of your businesses I highly recommend checking out ContentRefined.

Content Refined provides a complete end-end content marketing service from Keyword Research to Content Publishing! Although I hope that investment would have a positive ROI I would prefer not to put that much money at risk if there is an alternative. I have tried several methods to get articles created including those recommended by many of the people in this field I respect including the guys at Tropical MBA who talk about using Filipino writers.

However in my experience these articles have been of low quality and provide less value than I cheap blog writer for hire nyc best curriculum vitae editing. The guys at TropicalMBA 1 of the guys at least and AdSense flippers are located in the Phillipines and that may be why they have had better luck than me with Filipino writers.

I simply set up a process, teach a team manager it and then let them run with it while I monitor. Over the last 5 years me and my team managers have paid for over 23, hours of work and worked with contractors. For my authority website case study I have one main Google document I created in the Keyword Research post. I also sometimes get lazy and just email my team manager saying 10 more pieces of content on site x with a few keyword suggestions and they get the cheap blog writer for hire nyc created.

I try not to do this since it messes up my simple systems and tracking I have in place. The key to hiring good cheap blog writer for hire nyc is understanding what they are looking for and providing it. I am looking for someone who is… These qualities typically reflect themselves in a stay at home mom returning to the workforce or recent college graduates who is looking to get experience.

Here are the instructions I send via ODesk as soon as I hire them, this email is nothing cheap blog writer for hire nyc but lays out what delieverables are expected and when they are expected.

Copy all the articles in a Google document — One Google document for each article. Once you have copied the article share it with whoever is required. Typically the team lead who uploads the article shares it with me and for Micro Niche Sites my WordPress Development guy. For this site I will have a VA working directly with me so they will need to get access to everything. Once the article has been put into a Google document and shared with the appropriate people it needs to have the URL placed in the main Authority Website Content Tracking Document.

Once the articles required are available I will trigger the website builder to create the site or if this is ongoing content they would be aware and as soon as the Google document is available the post would be up.

Depending on the quality of the writer, me and my team manager will move them onto bigger assignments as required. The reason I build online businesses is to provide financial independence for my family and yours. Jon Haver, Online Entrepreneur Jon I cant believe how in depth this post is…its amazing.

I will definitely be trying this out. Keep the good stuff coming. Sammy Hi Sammy, thanks for the compliment. Regarding your question…am I concerned that others will try this…I fully expect people will but I think the amount of experience I have and reputation on ODesk should let me still get great writers even if others are doing the exact same thing I am.

But yes I am concerned…Good luck with finding esl letter for phd I once thought this way as well.

You could write a manual and here step by step guide from concept to advertiser check and the fact is, most would still fail. This concept goes for any business really. At the end of the day I work harder and have a passion for what I do.

Where succeed having the definition of thriving and not surviving. I would think the same concept goes for cheap blog writer for hire nyc IM arena as well. However in the future I popular ghostwriters websites au to outsource my content and think I may try you strategy.

Never been to ODesk but have heard a lot about it. Wow, popular papers proofreading websites usa for sharing these great instructions.

Finding good quality article writers for reasonable rates is amongst one of my biggest challenges. I often resort to writing the article myself when I really know my time is better suited on on other tasks I do write for my main sites myself however. Most of the others are still good enough for Web 2. But for Web 2. Using a VA to help manage the article assignments, hiring writers etc is a big help.

I have a 4 star writer at TB I use and although she is well worth the cost you are indeed correct that it can add up quite quickly and the risk to reward ratio is never a surefire thing.

That is a fair question! Quick question: how do you make sure that the writers that apply to your Odesk job posting really hold up to your criteria? Gilad — What you are encountering is the problem with this approach. I have 3 tips… 1. Hire the writer shortly after they apply without an interview and ask them to send the first article right away the shorter you can make the gap from them applying to them writing the first article the more likely they are to complete the job 3.

But remember the second article even if its not website quality is still unique and grammatically correct so it makes a great Web 2. Just wanted to tell you keep up the good job! Thanks for sharing your well treasured working method. Thanks for stopping by Enstine, I cheap blog writer for hire nyc happy to be sharing what is working and what is not with everyone.

This method definitely cheap blog writer for hire nyc a lot of benefits! So you are the people responsible for creating much of the terrible writing on the web. I think you would be surprised by the quality of the articles! The poor quality articles end up on article directories and you are correct they are not typically adding a lot of value.

Hey Jon, I love the template cheap blog writer for hire nyc included in your post. Thank you for sharing the great information.

I am currently building links to my authority site and niche sites. I will give them a try. Cheers, Sibo Hey Jon, great info here. Either option works for me as long as everyone is happy and so far I have had a very high rate of everyone involved being happy with the deal.

I got 8 bids and selected 3. Do you still give them the 5? I wanted to say thanks for the article and the blog is really useful. On one project for a very key software development piece I hired expensive individuals and agencies which all fell short on skill and deliverables. However, he was 10x cheaper and dedicated and able to problem solve and produce what I needed in a timely manner and exceeding expectations.

Also my best two virtual assistants from the Philippines were contractors with 0 feedback and now have thousands of hours logged with me. In fact I prefer the workers who do not have a robust portfolio and contract. More info get to know your quality workers other strengths or even interest I other areas.

Jon — thanks for the in-depth explanation for how you procure articles. I understand that roughly half of the articles you receive cheap blog writer for hire nyc not good enough quality for your authority sites. Do you have other ways of getting a return on the money you spent to have these articles written? Hi Jeanne Web 2. These are free to create online content pages where you can insert a link either back to your site or to another piece of content you are wanting to increase the rankings for.

The articles that go on these web 2. Question on the spreadsheet, what is the first column? Are these just random keywords you cheap blog writer for hire nyc try to target? I try and vary it up between posts I am creating for SEO purposes and posts I am creating for sharing purposes.

Thanks for spilling your secrets, bro! Now that you have read all my content what area of my online business do you want me to dive deeper into?

You mentioned web 2. So I have some general ideas of what to do with those articles. I guess I could try putting them on my own WordPress. Jon this is another amazing guide. Thanks so much for your hard work on this.

I especially like how you have concrete steps that can be followed. Cheers, Mike Again, astounding, detailed stuff. I had just recently sworn off Textbroker, which had been Cheap blog writer for hire nyc the best of the article creation sites, and was setting up a system on cheap blog writer for hire nyc for writing when you posted this, so pretty good timing for some pointers. Three advantages 1 I can see instantly if they are working on it or not, see what quality it is, and even leave them comments in the Doc to guide them.

Thanks a lot man. Just posted my job and accepted two offer that are WAY lower than what I have ever gotten on Elance. Thanks A lot man. It is cool to see that seemingly overqualified people are actually interested in this just so that they can get good feedback.

Odesk and Elance is a highly competitive meat market and providing jobs like this has the potential to be very beneficial cheap blog writer for hire nyc someone starting their freelancing career. Hello Jon, Great post here!! Hi Jon, What a lovely share. Thanks for being so transparent. There were some I have found were good, these were native speakers of English. Nowadays I just try to write my own articles or stick with the ones I know.

Thanks for sharing these tips, I will look into ODesk next. I have recently started following your blog because 1. I want to see if you really live up to your tagline a tagline I love btw. Do you still have the offer for quality writers on the cheap if we sign up to Odesk via your aff link? I have had horrible on Elance and would like to give Odesk a spin; I am finding I cheap blog writer for hire nyc to outsource more so I can do more!

Unfortunately, I register an account at Odesk before reading this post. I would like to know some writer from your Content Creation team, any way to register your affiliate link? I know you posted this a while ago, I wanted to ask if you experienced IneedArticles. I am looking to get my blog fully managed and I would like to know what you could recommend… I looked at writocity.

A friend of mine told me that Ineedarticle. As as a professional content writer, perhaps I should be offended by this piece. Content marketing and link-building is incredibly important for any business today, especially those based online.

It is no wonder that many people would be looking for a lot of content without having the desire or ability to pay reasonable prices. Cheap blog writer for hire nyc each his own. Having said that, I truly believe that high-quality compelling content is something that one can only get if he is ready to pay a reasonable amount of money. Anyone cheap blog writer for hire nyc writes a word piece for a couple of dollars will not bother too much about research, grammar or even deadlines.

Jon, cheap blog writer for hire nyc post has got cheap blog writer for hire nyc many comments because it has been written so well. The same rule applies to anyone who is cheap blog writer for hire nyc to get an audience, no matter what industry or business he is in. For quality content at very reasonable prices, hit me up at contact blueinkgirl. And no, I do not have an Odesk account.

I like your approch of turnign things in to repeatable process. Does this include pillar articles also? How much is expected to pay for pillar ones? I tried to join but your link is not working as well you know Odesk is now upworker. I was searching how to get quality articles within budgets and i got your this article and read it more then 5 times today and now making a comment to you.

I am very sure that Don has covered Upwork which is the obvious for all freelancing but curious to know if I am missing any.

Do you look on different types of sites for writers in that case? Hello Jon, Can best course work editing websites for university share your latest strategy as there been a lot of changes in Cheap blog writer for hire nyc, it is upwork now.

How much I should offer for 10 articles now in The strategy pretty much remains the same. In the recent time, ODesk upwork has become costly. I have used HireWriters before, but their prices have become ridiculous.

So will be trying your suggestions. I consider this as a big favor from you. Since the beginning of my site, my main issue was the content. Till now I was using Natashanixon. They are costly and quality on product reviews are not so fine. Actually, I am not getting the researched content which intends to be.

Now I will try to follow your guidelines to get quality writer team. Your indepth guideline is cheap blog writer for hire nyc very much interesting. The Typical Way of Getting Cheap Articles I have tried several methods to get articles created including those recommended by many of the people in this field I respect including the guys at Tropical MBA who talk about using Filipino writers.

My ODesk Experience Article Tracking Template About the Author Jon Haver I am a 31 year old husband, father of 2, see more and a huge fan of developing systems to build useful and profitable websites. Gotta have the passion, enjoyment and vision to learn these things. Thanks for sharing with all of us! Might give it source try.

If you give it a try let me know how it goes. Hopefully these tips will help! Thanks for the questions. Thanks again for the thorough article and case study!

Some I offer and they say thanks for the feedback that is all and move onto other things. A lot of helpful resources site writers canada popular papers here.

Let me know how it goes on ODesk. Anyways, I signed up for odesk and am ready to get some content created. Thanks in advance Jon. So your blog is where my previously well-paying clients disappeared to! All the best, Regards. Do you mind sharing how do you write the pillar article?

Cheap blog writer for hire nyc Hire Qualified Writers High Quality Content From Scripted

Or Sign Up Here. Discover the very best food, drink and fun in your city. Instead, we found the places you may want to move the next time your landlord jacks up your rent.

Or when you realize your novel is a pipe dream so long as you have to bang out hour work weeks plus commute. No matter what rom-coms suggest, the country is full of cities where you can find a vibrant life, in cheap blog writer for hire nyc home with room to sprawl, where you can cook or play music or just get friends together to conspire and collaborate. Metro area population: 1. It should be about making green chili, because damn is it delicious.

When that spice hits, it might just make you more creative than if you had taken a tab of acid. Whoa, sorry, got carried away there. Key stat: 59 -- local yellow pages listings for record labels. A pretty serious crush on Nashville developed the first time we dropped my brother off at Vanderbilt, and my love for it proved to spring eternal. And since affordable housing market is aplenty, you actually could. One of the parts about Nashville is that a lot of its finest gems are totally free.

You can also spend hours -- or days, really -- exploring its 3, acres of biking, walking, and even horse trail; greenspace borderline outnumbers the just urban space in this Southern town. And speaking of Southern, the food does not disappoint.

Celeb chefs make a home there for the same reason others want to: quality of life. Key best course work sample 36 -- books by newspaperman H. I used to think Baltimore would be a terrible place to live.

Then my best friend moved there; as a result, I found myself visiting a lot more, and subsequently eating my words between fistfuls of great crab cakes. Turns out the Charm City thing is actually real. The music and art scene hold their own, especially during Artscape, the largest free arts festival in the country.

No wonder the bars and restaurants that line brick roads in Mt. The selling point, above all else, is you can actually do all these things. But if you live there, people most will likely be visiting you for crab cakes and Ravens games. Because that is what Maryland does. Key stat: 36 percent -- countywide increase in tech jobs from to Nature has long stimulated the imagination of many an American.

Just ask Ralph Waldo Emerson or Andrew Wyeth. But you get the point: the water, the mountains, the trees -- somewhere to breathe and get some thinking done. Bend, Oregon is cheap blog writer for hire nyc place where the natural surroundings are just a part of life, whether it be hiking in the foothills or kayaking down the Deschutes River.

A great brewery named after that body of water just so happens to cheap blog writer for hire nyc in Cheap blog writer for hire nyc, too.

Seriously, try it, dare ya. But it is, and you can be smack dab in for less than your rent in big cities. Charleston is also inarguably one of the best food cities in the country, which is saying a lot for a smaller town.

The money you save means you can fully immerse yourself in it, and you sorta have to when they make food a work of art. Being outside and active cheap blog writer for hire nyc also a big deal here. Snagging one there is almost like being granted tenure. Chicago has more glitz, Detroit has more grit, but overlooked in between the two, Grand Rapids has emerged as one of the coolest cities in the Midwest. In the past decade or two, Grand Rapids has undergone an impressive transformation from a rather dull town best known for making office furniture to a place young people are actually drawn to.

Plus, you can actually afford to live there, unlike Chicago or Downtown Detroit. Along with the low rents, Grand Rapids has still maintained most of its smaller town trappings: great farm stands and farmers markets, hardly any traffic, and approximately one million Protestant churches. Grand Rapids had long been one of the largest cities in America without a major university, but that has gradually changed as nearby Grand Valley State article review websites for college now the third biggest school in Michigan -- has steadily built more of its campus in Downtown Grand Rapids.

And those students now have more reason to stick around GR upon graduating, thanks to centrally located hangouts like Founders Brewing Co. ArtPrizean annual art spectacle that takes over the city for a couple weeks every year sincehas only added to the energy that Grand Rapids has been building for a couple decades as its Downtown and core neighborhoods steadily cheap blog writer for hire nyc into more exciting places to live.

Metro population: 2 million. Key stat: 51, -- the student population of the University of Texas. The city is noticeably chiller when visited on a non-festival week, and you still get those trademark feels that make Austin the only city in Texas that most non-Texans would move to.

Yes, this is where you purchase a number on a table and if the chicken defecates upon it, you win. Towns on the outskirts like Round Rock and San Marcos add an affordability quotient into the mix, allowing even the most underpaid artsy type to Keep Austin Cheap blog writer for hire nyc. Drink beer, of course. Collins is one of the finest ale towns in the land, with the likes of New Belgium, Odell, Ft.

Collins Brewery, and Funkwerks cooking up world-class suds. This is a place where you can do your own thing and wave your freak flag without fear of comeuppance. Key stat: 40 million -- the number of visitors who come to the city every year. Click even if you did, in your haze, chances are you thought about staying. The lights, the sounds, the shows, the cash.

And Sin City has grown up a bit in the past few years. And quantitatively, it was the big US city with the fastest growth of creative workers between and -- custom mba essay ghostwriting site us percent, according to urbanist Richard Florida. There are more than a couple of ways to paint this town. That combo works to make places like Austin, Columbus, and the Twin Cities fantastic melting pots of grad students, policy nerds, and an array of overeducated bohemians.

Madison, as much as any town its size in America right now, is a place to stake out big ideas, defend them ferociously, and maybe put on some public theater, in the cold, when the legislature disagrees. But this city named for a president, where 39 streets are named for the men who signed the Click at this page, is about much more than the capitol building.

Key stat: 70 -- number of click at this page in the city the week of Mardi Gras. The Big Easy just breathes stimulation. Walking through the French Quarter you could imagine yourself the next crafter of a character like Ignatius Reilly or Stanley Kowalski.

There is some kind of festival in town nearly every weekend and the weather never really fully cools off, so your chances for uninhibited, year-round imagination are legion. Rents are still reasonable post-Katrina -- NOLA was the biggest city in America in which rents actually fell last year -- and make no mistake: the renaissance of New Orleans is in full swing. Key stat: 1 -- rank of diversity among large American cities, per a WalletHub analysis.

Yes, the madness that is Silicon Valley has rocked the Bay Area housing market, but a lucky soul can still suss out a decent rent in Oaktown. Even if the Warriors just lost in the Finals. To boot, not all OG Oakland residents have been shipped off to Gentrificationland, so it still retains a sense of place and memory.

And those annoying Silicon Valley neighbors? Their most positive characteristic might just be blasting out a healthy job market from its epicenter like an earthquake.

Oh, right: best not to make those kind of jokes in these parts. Metro population: 6 million. Key stat: 67 -- National Historic Landmarks in the city. Philly is one of those cities you automatically want to love due to reruns of The Fresh Prince of Bel-AirRocky and Trading Places. How could so much good cheap blog writer for hire nyc out of a city without it being a solid place to live? Somehow, despite its size, it just never feels all that crowded.

What this cheap blog writer for hire nyc breaks down to: job opportunities and quality of life can happen here. Philadelphia even has a hint of college cheap blog writer for hire nyc in some areas thanks to University of Pennsylvania and more than a dozen other colleges.

William Penn designed the city be aesthetically pleasing and feel like a community; he pretty much nailed it with tree-lined parks like Rittenhouse Square, Logan Square, Franklin Square yes, Ben Franklin.

In other words, for all walks of creatives -- history and art alike -- Philly is really a great stepping stone for someone ready to dip their toe into suburban life without actually diving in.

Key stat: 84, -- works in the permanent collection at the year-old RISD Museum of Art. And it still keeps pace with the big boys with by packing in the culture. The city manages to maintain a laid-back festival environment days a year without getting annoying. Now, the food is pretty delicious there.

The city is also famous for its River Walk -- which in some cases can be overrated, but in this case is definitely not. So, yeah, this place is actually on fire. Key stat: -- murals painted in five years of the annual Richmond Cheap blog writer for hire nyc Project.

We told you the best places for hipsters to vacationwell let us introduce you to one of the best places for them to dwell. This Old South town has basically become the Brooklyn of the Southeast.

Meaning, you get the East Coast version of Review custom sf sites article ghostwriting -- acres of shoreline, river rapids, mountains, and perhaps most importantly, non-West Coast prices. Key stat: 20, -- attendance at the annual Utah Pride event. OK, so Salt Lake gets a bad rap in the hipness department courtesy of the its most famous residents, the members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Have you seen SLC Punk! So, you can go ahead and curse, drink coffee, not pay the tithe and live in your cheap house. Plus, Salt Lake boasts that huge body of water right next door and some of the best skiing in the world just an hour away. Or, cheap blog writer for hire nyc for a job right in town: the job market is hotter than a microphone at a closed-door Mitt Romney speech.

Key stat: 1 million -- number of people who attend part of the Gasparilla Pirate Cheap blog writer for hire nyc. Similar to Orlando, it has many preconceptions attached. When I first moved to Miami from my hometown, cheap blog writer for hire nyc people just assumed I grew up cow-tipping I assumed they all had gel in their hair.

What Tampa has always had is a New England charm in a city that has a lot of Southern influence: colonial homes, water throughout the city, and people who are just here to enjoy life, not rush through it. Growing up here is still very Leave It to Beaveras in my neighborhood had an actual ice cream man, and we all knew his first and last name.

Between live music, museums, a Riverwalk with outdoor bars and biking paths, Gasparilla Fest, Ybor City, and the large amount of breweries popping up everywhere Cigar City is a big deal now!

Possibly most shocking is the development of the once only grandparent-inhabited St. It read more blows me away this place is cool now.

Liz Newman cheap blog writer for hire nyc a freelance writer for Thrillist, and fully admits she made a spreadsheet when deciding where to move after New York City. Follow her new life on Couperose; help me write sociology argumentative essay und, Instagram, and Snapchat: lizn Writing his own bio makes the Colorado native uncomfortable, almost as much as club sandwiches with no tomato, brown spirits, and Phish put him at ease.

Take a Philly Cheesesteak on the Go With These Meaty Pinwheels. This Cocktail Proves the Thing You Should Add to Your Tea Is Rum, Not Milk. Sign Up to start saving places. View your Saved places. This Cocktail Proves the Thing You Should Add to Your Tea Is Rum, Not Milk.

Get Thrillist in Your Inbox. I confirm I am at least 21 years old. Puzzle Master Shows How to Solve This Impossible Box. Guy Teases Lion, Lion Makes Guy Shake With Fear. This Starbucks Barista is Begging You Not to Order Its New Drink.

The Nearby Canadian Wine Region for When You Could Use a Drink. The 10 Best Beaches on the Great Lakes. The Best Cities in America for Street Art. The Most Beautiful Neighborhoods in the South. Salt Lake City, Utah. The 25 Best Beach Cities in America. Welcome to paradise, Hero. We see that you already have an account. You already have an account!

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