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Post your job and connect immediately with top-rated freelancers in. Browse ratings, portfolios and work history to find the quality. Expert Article Writer with so much Experience. This is all evident on my profile for all to see. I did the review which the client went ahead to upload on creative proofreading for hire liverpool website and got very many views and the client was very pleased.

The project was very much successful. I contributed by writing the biography completely and excellently. The biography was a success indeed. I helped carry out the research by looking at the trend of the fast food industry in the US over the years and how it has expanded. I did a thorough research that revealed how the fast food industry is really expanding globally as well and the returns that it gives to the United States of America. I made a very resourceful research that was actually revealing a lot of information that was previously hidden to the public concerning the fast food industry in the US.

Here you can find a detailed overview of my professional career, and hundreds of examples of work. I wrote most of the articles for this site, and still write for them today. Not as formal creative proofreading for hire liverpool Wiki, the project allowed for creativity within the framework, and the website itself is sophisticated, and going to be massive! Ask to see examples of my work on the site. I have covered several major European cities, and many tourist destinations.

In this project I wrote an article and corresponding press release to announce the coming together of One Society and the Walter Thurmond Foundation For Arts And Education. After training in an SEO bootcamp for Frackle Media, and learning WordPress skills as well as how to write compelling journalistic pieces, I went on to publish dozens of pieces with GLV.

Some of them saw more success than others, and some excellent work never made it viral. Esl phd essay ghostwriter for hire united kingdom to the world of Google news trends!. Most of my articles did pretty well, and I had one major success. My only article to date to earn me a VERY substantial amount of money. This one is nice too, though not click "trendy" or "shareable"!.

See the link on the right for full access to all of my work for GuardianLV In the end I decided that the news is not for me. I might go back to publishing with them one day, but for now I need a break from current affairs!

Much of it is ghostwritten, and barely any of it I own the rights to. I love to write for other people and the variety of work keeps me highly entertained, on my toes as a writer, and engaged with the world in a number of ways, and from a number of perspectives. Fractal Panda is for me, entirely different. She is my baby if you like. She will be grown as slowly as my creative impulse allows, article source only fed the creative proofreading for hire liverpool organic food.

She will grow to be strong and unique, and will come to know herself. I love her already A young blog with some finely written from-the-heart articles, poems, and my thoughts and feelings. I write copy that fulfills these requirements, creative proofreading for hire liverpool as in these examples. My fiction is evocative, gripping, vivid, and delivers a satisfying punch at the end. Readers are left wanting more Please contact me if you wish to see more fiction writing samples.

I have plenty more of these. I provide technical writing that is accurate, creative proofreading for hire liverpool to use, and user focused. Users who find something a breeze to use are happy users. My editing is thorough, precise, and I include comments to help you understand some changes.

I can provide developmental editing, line editing, copy editing, and proffreading. Just let me know what services you need, so I augment your prose to wow your readers. I can help you format your documents or books so that they are professionally professional dissertation hypothesis editor sites online out, eye catching, creative proofreading for hire liverpool have that creative proofreading for hire liverpool feel that allows the eye to scan naturally across the page or screen.

Working from a simple brief, I then went out and completed the task successfully within a day. This article garnered over 3. Photos also provided by me. Received over 3k shares. All work for La Paz is published under my pen-name, Simon Friel. This was written for a magazine I have now developed a long term relationship with and who have commissioned me to write a book based on my travel experiences.

This was my first piece of work for them about my experiences in India. I worked closely on the edits with the client on this piece of work and the content was instantly accepted once received by creative proofreading for hire liverpool Huff Post editorial team This first, successful job with my client has now developed into a long-term professional relationship. Expert Freelance Writer both Print and Online, with knowledge of SEO An integrated advertising, promotion, PR campaign to improve the rate of fatalities among farmers in the UK.

I headed the team responsible for developing and delivering this highly successful, award-winning campaign. I offered an in depth article, exploring the possible routes for independent musicians in reaching a wider and more relevant audience in such a saturated and ever growing industry. The write up includes tips about utilizing social media and building a lasting connection with listeners.

The aim was to reach out and make contact with more musicians and music fans, as well as make a point about supporting underground and local artists - something that is often overlooked.

The reviews are intended to encourage musicians, to praise the strong points, while softly mentioning possible areas for improvement, if necessary. Again, the effectiveness of the music to an unfamiliar audience is one of the key aspects of my writing. My job was to listen to the music and write an enthusiastic, optimistic article about the strong attributes of the music, to help the band promote themselves and further build their on-line following. The article had to be accessible to a very broad audience; easy to read, factually accurate, entirely unique, and written in an entertaining and enthusiastic manner - designed to capture and keep for ghostwriting hire best uk speech readers attention.

The articles are required to be informative, factually accurate, entirely unique nothing copied and pasted and written in a manner that is motivational, inspirational, enthusiastic, yet easy to read - accessible to the broadest possible audience. The aim is to listen to the music and pick out the strongest points, then write about it in an entertaining and easy to read manner - to help the band promote themselves and build a bigger fanbase.

I write articles such as this from the perspective of a songwriter, with a Masters degree in this field, and also that creative proofreading for hire liverpool an entertainment writer, and general music fanatic. In a couple of weeks or less, you can have your favorite Creative Writers on board and working on your priority project or initiative. Upwork time- and money-saving advantages continue after your Creative Writers is hired and on board.

Proprietary technology and resources help you track project progress, collaborate, and pay your freelancer — quickly and easily from the centralized Upwork platform. This saves you time and minimizes the impact to your day-to-day responsibilities.

Every step of the way, from hiring through job completion, Upwork offers training and education resources and creative proofreading for hire liverpool services to remove any obstacles and facilitate your project success. As time goes on and you work with freelancers on Upwork, you begin to assemble a team of dependable, project-tested talent. Sign up Login Become a Freelancer.

Meet the best Creative Writers near. Freelancers in United Kingdom. Creative Writers in Liverpool. His understanding of our direction and vision was very quick as his communication skills are top notch.

He worked in a very timely manner and Very pleased with his work. Thank you for the article, hope we will Very fast, very efficient and she helped me get my project off on the right foot.

I look forward to working with her again! She exceeded expectations in every way, and the finished article was flawless in both content and deliverance. It is always tough To view more profiles, join Upwork. Sign Up to Contact. I am always perfect in all that I do. I have blogged a lot on many websites and used to have my own blogging website.

I am looking forward to work with amazing people like you. I assure you that you will never regret hiring me, as I will use all that I have to make sure I deliver a masterpiece to my clients. Above all, I am like a servant and without you precious people I am nothing! Let us work together and help each other out. Re-write articles about e-cigarettes. Detailed CV and Cover Letter. Original content article required. Benefits and Features of electric skateboards.

Best Outdoor Security Camera. The client wanted me to do some reviews on a given outdoor security camera. My client wanted me to write a biography on Hillary Clinton. My client wanted me to do a market research concerning fast foot industries in the United States of America. Welcome to the world of words. I like them creative proofreading for hire liverpool much. They are a powerful tool. So powerful, that I have to be careful not to use them for the wrong reasons.

Forever, I have loved to write. It has been a passion of mine since I was but a wee creative proofreading for hire liverpool. Now, at the ripe old age of 27, and with 4 years professional writing experience under my belt, I can say that I have achieved a dream of mine.

I freelance for a living But the dreaming never creative proofreading for hire liverpool, and My freelance writing services website and portfolio page. A recent personal blog project to write about my upcoming travels! Tools Around The Home. The client wanted an affiliate site building in the tools niche. These are Wiki Travel style articles with highly informative content on places around the world One Society are a social media site dedicated to connecting conscious individuals with positive intentions ins the spirit of philanthropy and charity.

In this project I wrote an article and corresponding press release to announce the coming together of One Society and the Walter Thurmond Foundation For Arts And Education. Part time contract with Guardian Liberty Voice I might go back to publishing with them one day, but for now I need a break from current affairs!.

A lot of the work that I do is for other people. Explainer Video Script Writer and Storytelling Copywriter. He worked in a very timely manner and made numerous revisions upon our suggestions. We look forward to working with Chris again. He is an amazing copywriter and creative at visualizing scripts and screenplays.

He can do anything from second spots to downright Hollywood-type screenplays with character-developments, creative ideas etc until the cows come home. But how do you create this?. When people are reading less, skimming more, how do creative proofreading for hire liverpool compel them through your prose? Copywriting is creative proofreading for hire liverpool art of producing concise, compelling, and convincing prose that makes readers want creative proofreading for hire liverpool do something.

I have written over a million words of fiction and now I am ready to provide ghostwriting services for you. As a lifelong traveler and digital nomad, I can produce travel writing that is enticing, enchanting, idyllic, and causes potential guests to fall in love with your destination.

Technical Writing and Academic Writing. I believe that good technical writing should put the user first. In read more past, I have performed creative proofreading for hire liverpool and academic editing for non-native speaking clients I am dedicated to providing error-free copy for clients who need their messages conveying in clear, concise, CORRECT English.

I know what an apostrophe is and where it should go, I am precise with creative proofreading for hire liverpool punctuation and I make it my mission to create engaging text at all times. My skills are wide-reaching and cover both the fictional and non-fictional creative universes.

Expert Writer and Proofreader. I also hold a first-class degree in English Literature, and have had several short stories published internationally. I have also won awards for my creative writing over two consecutive years I can write in a vast range of styles and voic Creative writer and researcher. I excel at fiction writing and have a great deal of experience with horror, science fiction and crime genres.

My undergraduate thesis was published by Film International, a prestigious journal, and my MA thesis was awarded a distinction My creative writing has creative proofreading for hire liverpool published in several magazines.

I am articulate and persuasive, creative and innovative and understand how to tailor content to http://dvdbestonline.co/best-dissertation-chapter-writers-services-london.php audiences.

I write content that engages, informs, entertains and connects with your audience. I have a powerful vocabulary, and am adaptable to numerous types of writing. Stylistically, I can be as succinct, verbose, swashbuckling, sophisticated, entertaining, friendly or purely informative as you want. I am a poet, a novelist Experienced Content Writer and Marketing Expert.

Thank you for the article, hope we will continue mutually beneficial cooperation. I have guest- blogger rights on Lifehack. I also work on a regular basis with clients such as Calor Gas, Air China, Gulf Air, Optimalprint, Brisbane Law, Advanced Recovery Syste Ongoing partnership with client, providing website copy and targeted emails.

Research the market and provide my client with informational, easy to read copy that would draw business to his new company. Website Content for New Digital Agency. I was charged with rewriting and adding depth and creativity to existing basic content.

Website content, marketing taglines. E-Commerce website for long-term client. To update and improve creative proofreading for hire liverpool existing website copy, whilst incorporating key words organically into the text. Unique content featuring do-follow back-links for Lifehack. Write engaging creative proofreading for hire liverpool to draw new readers to brand. Conceive and publish an article for Lifehack featuring a do-follow back link for a private client.

Guest blog for Lifehack, featuring do-follow link to website of long-term client. Ghost written article for digital agency. Blog written for new client seen by Gizmodo editorial staff and featured in their Car Tech section. Website Content For Online Marketing Company. Brief to write full website from scratch for long-term client undergoing rebranding. On-going work for private client looking to drive traffic to his start-up.

One of a number of articles being carried out on an creative proofreading for hire liverpool basis for a client who is looking to grow his start-up. Part of my now monthly column with La Paz Collective A travel guide for a here unknown area of Spain, called Cabo de Gata Two amazing brothers contacted me about working with them on travel themed project they are starting up High-end content for a new client whose sole aim was to get his story featured in The Huffington Post Expert Freelance Writer both Print and Online, with knowledge of SEO.

I have a BA hons Degree in American Studies - Literature History and Politics - as well more info Diplomas in Freelance Journalism and Creative Writing, and I apply this background knowledge to my everyday work commitments I currently write about London for Wikitravel - owned by Internet Brands.

I write about TV and literature female authors for online Itcher magazine. I have written extensively for I bring a complete marketing perspective to everything I do, whether it is part of the brief or not. I have over 30 years experience in all aspects of communications from multi-million pound advertising campaigns to writing sales promotional letters and pretty much everything in between. I have been responsible for analysing markets and planning, conceiving, developing, delivering and evaluating m Make the promise agricultural safety.

An integrated advertising, promotion, PR campaign to improve the rate of fatalities among farmers in the UK. Shattered lives campaign ad. An ad from a UK government marketing campaign that I ran aimed at reducing workplace accidents. UK government campaign for reducing workplace accidents won several awards for photography and creativity.

It is always tough creative proofreading for hire liverpool out as a freelancer, but I gave her a chance and did not regret it at all. Her experience and finesse as a writer goes way beyond what her profile might at first suggest. To keep it short - I offer the absolute highest quality writing, entirely relevant to the cause at hand, and always enthusiastically written; with creative proofreading for hire liverpool the right amount of personality to give it that much needed human touch!

I write for an online music magazine called Stereo Stickman, creating and publishing intricate music reviews, articles, and interviews with an ar Many musicians are often unsure how to get people to listen to their music or how to find those who will enjoy it the most. How To Write a Song. An in-depth article exploring the basics of getting started with songwriting - for beginners and those who are struggling to find a method or system of writing and creating that works for them.

A think-piece style article I wrote recently for Overblown Online Magazine about the mental health and well being benefits of music and creativity. Ten Reasons You Should Go See An Unknown Band. This is an article I wrote for my own unsigned music platform, as a means of entertaining my existing audience, as well as attracting new readers to the site.

Track Review For Exposed Vocals. Regular articles that analyse and review new releases by underground musicians in an articulate and entertaining manner. Luck, Now - EP Review. A review of a new bands first release, written for an on-line music magazine. Weight Loss - Simple Ways to Shed Pounds. An article written for an on-line fitness popular dissertation introduction ghostwriting site sf, designed to inspire, inform, and motivate people to get fit and burn unwanted body fat.

High Protein Diets - The Truth. I write for an on-line fitness magazine publishing a broad range of articles relating to anything about health, fitness and nutrition. Burning Astronomers EP Review. An individual review of a new EP by an unsigned band, which I wrote for an on-line music magazine in September, Writer - Feature, Copy, and Creative. As an experienced and skilled writer with excellent all round communication expertise and popular college essay editing website liverpool attractive writing style my copy is certain to demand attention, build creative proofreading for hire liverpool and impress first time.

I aim to get right to the heart of a creative brief and produce compelling work that has the right pace and emotion. Guidance Articles - SupportLine UK. Adventure Magazine - Feature Article. A short bespoke feature article detailing the risks of telephone and internet scams in the area local to Adventure Magazine, UK. News and Articles on footwear and Celebrity shoe gossip. News posts and product reviews for netbooks and tablets. Players Wags and Designer Bags. Fiction Novel for Women and website publicising Novel.

Update Magazine - "Building Creative proofreading for hire liverpool. Everybody is Talking About Blog detailing popular celebrity driven topics. Article Examining high profile women and their adulterous partners. Short Feature Article detailing how to dress appropriately for weekend jaunts in the UK Countryside. More Creative Writers near Liverpool. Creative Writers in Altrincham. Creative Writers in Blackburn.

Creative Writers in Blackpool. Creative Writers in Bolton. Creative Writers creative proofreading for hire liverpool Click. Creative Writers in Chester.

Creative Writers in Chorley. Creative Writers in Crewe. Creative Writers in Darwen. Creative Writers in Ellesmere Port. Creative Writers in Knutsford.

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Hire Creative Writers near Liverpool. More hiring creative proofreading for hire liverpool today appreciate the key role remote contractor talent can play in achieving project success. Skills related to Creative Writers. Blog Writers in Liverpool. Article Writing Professionals creative proofreading for hire liverpool Liverpool. Data Entry Specialists in Liverpool. Recommended freelancers for you.

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