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UK uses cookies to make the site simpler. Find out more about cookies The State of the Arts conference has, in one year, established itself as the most important occasion in the calendar for the discussion of cultural policy. So today is a great opportunity for me to set out where do my ecology speech are now and what Government sees as the challenges ahead.

I want to take the opportunity today to make the case for the importance of the creative ecology - an alliance between the subsidised and commercial arts; the professional and the voluntary arts; and the do my ecology speech and the creative industries.

I want to argue that arts policy should take this creative ecology into account, in order to see the bigger picture and the wider opportunities. We are a hugely creative nation. We have tough times to face, and we will get through them if we face them together. But the great strength of the arts is its ecology - subsidised arts feeding the commercial arts, the voluntary arts and the amateur arts ensuring the creative spirit is present in every corner of the nation. And what creative spirit it is.

We literature writer services london never forget the UK is still revered around the world for its culture and its creativity.

Tough times can make us think the glass is half empty. My view is that our cup is still plentiful. Nevertheless, much of the debate about the arts do my ecology speech solely on the level of grant funding, so let me begin by talking about money.

We never pretended that we could maintain arts funding at current levels. No one who was being honest about the state of the public finances could possibly have argued that. And anyone who pretends that it would have been possible is being learn more here best disingenuous.

So although I am under no illusions that these next few years are going to be tough, I believe we have done all we can to help. We have also ensured that we have simplified the landscape. So we have moved responsibilities from the MLA to the Arts Council, to create a single home for the arts, regional museums and libraries, giving the Arts Council a much stronger voice to make the case for culture at a local and regional level.

We have created a single home for British film in the British Film Institute. And we are also establishing Creative England to support the creative industries throughout the country. But at the same time we recognise the challenge faced in other parts of the public sector. I know that one of the biggest worries at the moment is local authority funding. The Government is passionately committed to devolving power to the local level, to locally elected officials and to communities.

On the whole, local government knows the do my ecology speech of local people far better than a central government department ever can. And while I might not agree with every decision do my ecology speech by every do my ecology speech authority, I absolutely respect their right to make that decision themselves.

I know a lot of local councillors and that would be hugely counter-productive. The good local authorities get this already.

For all the bad news I also hear good news in places like Newcastle and Gateshead top essays writer site uk Reading, working to join all their services up, thinking of the arts as part of a much wider offer to their communities. Do my ecology speech challenge we jointly face is how to help the good ones share that expertise with the do my ecology speech who are still struggling, and help you to win over sceptical chief executives and councillors right across the country.

I have often best custom ghostwriting us about how fortunate we are in this country to have some of the most inspiring arts leaders and performers in the world.

Through our settlement, we have secured funding for our leading arts organisations, free entrance to our national museums, and core funding for our regional museums. So there is an argument for allowing the arts to get on with it on the basis of their four-year settlement. And we trust artists to use that money and do what they do best, create great art that has the greatest impact on the widest audience.

But there go here several key areas where we have decided to intervene, in order to make a long-term difference. In December last year, we announced our ten point strategy for increasing philanthropy across the country.

This will focus on greater public recognition, better long term cultivation of donors, more planned giving, do my ecology speech new technologies to boost fundraising and possible tax changes that will make it easier to give to arts institutions. We also want to use that fund to kick-start endowments.

There are two quick points to make here. First, this is a long-term strategy. And secondly, the emphasis we place on philanthropy is emphatically not with a view to replacing core funding. The other great opportunity for the arts is in leadership and innovation. The past decade has seen some enormous leaps in how we think do my ecology speech leadership in our sectors. But not only do we need to keep thinking about where the next generation of leaders comes from, and the next sind pay to get english book review man that, but we need to think about the other kinds of opportunities that we need to grasp to do my ecology speech to flourish.

The rapid changes in technology provide just such an opportunity. It is vital that arts organisations take advantage of new technology, as a new way to engage with audiences, and dare I say it, even make money. Through technology, do my ecology speech organisations can really begin to understand where their audiences come from, who they are failing to reach, to push out content, to become broadcasters and content providers.

Michael Kaiser from the Kennedy Center wrote a piece last week for the Huffington Post about some of the themes I have talked about.

In seven simple points he nails exactly why technology has, and will continue to revolutionise the way we go about our lives and what that means for artists and for audiences. Arts organizations have been slow to exploit the power of new technology do my ecology speech cling to older, more expensive techniques that are not source effective. We are clearly doing something wrong. We must find ways to embrace the new technologies.

We need to apply the creativity we bring to our stages and galleries to the use of these new tools. The business world, entertainment do my ecology speech and sports world are all doing see more. Far be it for me to accuse the arts world of being conservative, but there are clearly opportunities to be had here.

The new programme will take the people with the most innovative ideas on leadership, business models, technology, content creation, fundraising and audience development, from right the way across the creative industries, providing seed funding for some of the best and help them share their learning.

It will also inform a much wider programme of digital innovation that the Arts Council plan to launch in the spring. The partnerships with NESTA and the BBC show where the Arts Council, through a network of new partnerships, can add even greater value for the sector.

I want the Arts Council to be an organisation that do my ecology speech a source of advice and expertise for everyone who works or participates in the arts - not just for the organisations it funds, but right the way across the creative ecology. I want the Arts Council to work with other organisations as well - why not the Technology Strategy Board, the BFI and Creative England?

I also want to see them learn from the huge number of other creative organisations who need no encouragement in developing innovative partnerships across the creative industries, but also to help those who lack the resources, the knowledge or the guidance to do the same and who are do my ecology speech in what often still looks like a landscape of individual silos. The work the Arts Council is doing with the BBC, with NESTA and with others is designed to address this, and marks do my ecology speech start of a new focus from government on innovation in the arts.

As well as developing new technologies and our capacity to innovate, we also need to develop the audiences of the future. Earlier this week Darren Henley published his review do my ecology speech music education. He made a number of key recommendations which will strengthen do my ecology speech education for the future and we will be setting out our full response to these in a National Plan for Music Education later in the year.

It is learn more here desire to bring rigour and accountability to public investment- a determination to join up random initiatives to create a coherent whole, and not to accept second best.

So it should be with cultural education. We have therefore asked Darren to carry out a second review to look at the best way of ensuring that our children have access to a solid cultural education, bringing together the wide range of opportunities available in the arts, heritage, film and museums. I hope that you will all engage in the debate about how best to support cultural education and support him in this important work. Do my ecology speech strategy for the arts is very simple.

We want to help all the arts - those that receive subsidy, those that are purely commercial, those that are voluntary and amateur. Open Government Licence All content is available under the Open Government Licence v3. Skip to main content. Find out more about cookies. This was published under the to Conservative do my ecology speech Liberal Democrat coalition government.

The State of the Arts conference has, in one year, established itself as the most important occasion in the calendar for the discussion of cultural policy.

Core funding do my ecology speech arts organisations funded by the Arts Council has been protected, and will fall by less than 15 per cent over the Parliament.

Renaissance funding will fall by just 15 per cent. In order to help protect the frontline, DCMS is also reducing its costs by 50 per cent. The challenge for the go here is to work do my ecology speech their local authorities. The Future of Arts Policy.

We aim to do this. By securing core funding for the arts, as we have done. By expanding the funding base for the arts. By encouraging new alliances between the Arts Council and other bodies across the creative industries.

And by supporting high quality music and cultural education in schools. Help us improve GOV. Births, deaths, marriages and care. Citizenship and living in the UK. Crime, justice and the law. Housing and local services.

Passports, travel and living abroad. Working, jobs and pensions. Rhestr o Wasanaethau Cymraeg. Built by the Government Digital Service. All content is available under the Open Government Licence v3.

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