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Jim Metzner, executive producer of the Challenge, discusses how kids can get involved, from developing low-gravity sports to building hopping robots. Cool science projects for elementary school kids. All they have to do is dream up a problem that they want to solve with science. Kids get a little guidance on the categories. They can choose from bio-inspired design, detective science or sports on Mars. Are you wondering how your kids can get involved?

There is still plenty of time for them to enter. And my next guest is here to talk about it. METZNER: Well, we realized some years ago that we were reaching a lot of people on "Pulse of the Planet" - aboutadults, 18 over - plus over, but not help with earth science problem solving kids. And our country - as your listeners are probably well aware of - is not doing so great in education - in the science education department, certainly not in the younger grades.

METZNER: …and you can enter individually or you can enter in a team. A lot of kids enter - are in after-school groups. We work with 4-H and Girl Help with earth science problem solving and other after-school groups.

But it can be just visit web page homeschooler, anyone can really enter. And you go to our Web site which is kidsciencechallenge. And you can come up with an idea for a sport on Mars, taking into account that Mars has very different conditions than Earth does.

In particular, its air pressure is kind of low and the gravity is low. And so, the sport has to work on Mars. And then, come up with an idea for a mystery that you make up either a real life or a made-up mystery using the learn more here techniques, the detective science techniques that you would learn on our site.

You come up with an idea. You get your parents - parental permission is, of course, required. And you can enter online. And you can enter by faxing it or mailing it in. And you can - and then the first - one of more info cool things custom writing presentation services liverpool the first thousand kids who enter get a free - and the whole thing is free, by the way.

And the first thousand kids who help with earth science problem solving get a free, wonderful science activity kit as well.

Will kids get help with these ideas? Are they allowed to ask for help? There are a couple of ways that they can. One way is they can actually ask the scientists themselves. We have a partner. And through their help, kids can actually ask questions of the scientists. We did it last year and we got a wonderful response. This year, with this new partner, we had - in one week, in less than a week, actually, we had a thousand kids asking questions to our scientists, which was a real surprise to us.

We did not expect that many kids to be asking questions, which is - what a wonderful surprise, but we were scrambling a bit to get all the responses to that, I can assure you. And the - and then they - the do respond and so, you know, the questions run that gamut.

Well, what happens when they get chosen? If they get -their idea gets chosen? METZNER: I mean - but the coolest prize is that you get to collaborate with a scientist. You get an all-expense paid trip to collaborate with a scientist and see your idea become real. So last year, for example, we had a skateboard competition. A young lady who won, designed a skateboard, got to visit the skateboard engineers and actually got to make the skateboard that she had dreamed of. METZNER: And then they get prizes on top of that.

But, for example, a lot of our winners last year were not the real science geeks per se. They just came up with a great idea. She just happened to come up with a terrific idea.

FLATOW: There was another one. There was another one I read about. It was about an interesting help with earth science problem solving depressor. Last year, we had a flavor science category. And some kids that - they were a team and they called it - the teams all named themselves and they called themselves the Candy Doctors.

And they come up with a fabulous idea to - when you go to the doctor, you - instead of having the wooden help with earth science problem solving they stick in your mouth, why not have it be a candy-flavored tongue depressor? They got to go to, in this case, Cadbury chocolates.

The scientist was the chief flavorist at Cadbury, and they made their prototype tongue depressor. Sure, why throw out a wooden stick if you can go home with something to eat? Instead of lollipop, you get a tongue depressor.

And it was - sure. And then if you want to enter the competition, great. And then the kids can send in drawings, we put the drawings up in the gallery. And then the kids get to themselves even after the competition is over.

FLATOW: And how long - how open - when does the competition - when the entry period end? How long do they have for that? And you mentioned science fairs. FLATOW: Well, good luck to you, Jim, and good luck to all the kids out there who are listening. I hope you get, you know, 2, entries this week. Visit our website terms of use and permissions pages at www. NPR transcripts are created on a rush deadline by Verb8tm, Inc. This text may not be in its final form and may be updated or revised in the future.

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Best Books of the Year. Stations and Public Media. Small Help with earth science problem solving Solve Big Problems With Science. October help with earth science problem solving, PM ET. Welcome to SCIENCE FRIDAY, Jim. FLATOW: Good to have you. FLATOW: Tell us about the history of this contest. And so, what does it entail to enter the contest? Best personal ghostwriters united kingdom Video Games to Help with earth science problem solving Kids Excited About Science June 13,

Small Kids Solve Big Problems With Science : NPR Help with earth science problem solving

Geoscience education research involves the development, application, and help with earth science problem solving of new teaching innovations and curricula, research questions, and hypotheses. NAGT is pleased to host an array of resources for the geoscience education research community. NAGT works cheap admission essay sites foster improvement in the teaching of the Earth sciences at all levels of formal and informal instruction, to emphasize the cultural significance of the Earth sciences and to disseminate knowledge in this field to the general public.

We support research-based teaching through professional development workshops and the sharing of cutting edge teaching materials. Related Links Share Your. NAGT supports K science teachers with strong resources including classroom activities, guidance on effective teaching practices, and professional development strategies. Teach undergraduate geoscience with support from fellow instructors at both two and four year institutions. Find pedagogically help with earth science problem solving teaching activities, course descriptions, and other resources as well as professional development opportunities.

NAGT is committed to improving geoscience education across the curriculum. This is particularly important as we face complex societal challenges to which geoscience perspectives can lend critical insight. Over the last several years, a number of efforts have defined nyc ghostwriters esl course services work aspects of the geosciences in terms of the see more ideas that need to be understood by students, the public, and policy makers.

Click the images to learn more about the Geoscience Literacy documents and find some related teaching resources:. Share in a diverse community of geoscientists help with earth science problem solving educators who support each other by sharing their expertise.

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