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More info to the Teaching Tolerance blog, a place where educators who care about diversity, equity and justice can find news, suggestions, conversation and support. Read the full post This. This year, she added in a missing element: questions about how. Read the help with law blog post If.

Read the full post. Read the full post The events of this. Read the full post Why is anti-Muslim bias on the rise in the United States? How much do your students know about Islam and its followers? Explore these questions with two student-friendly videos. Teaching Tolerance - Diversity, Equity and Justice. Teaching Tolerance Staff - April 21, A weekly sampling of articles, blogs and reports relevant to TT educators.

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Who Are American Muslims? Teaching Tolerance Staff - April 12, Why is anti-Muslim bias on the rise in the United States? The Election Keeps Testing Educators. Many educators are hesitant to teach about national politics and the election.

Teaching Tolerance - Diversity, Equity and Justice Help with law blog

These posts merely contain ideas to help you plan and organize your legal research and help with law blog potentially helpful sources of law. The particular activities that people may undertake in the facility depend on the staffing, physical plant, and monetary resources of the place and are not a matter of law.

They do not have to allow shaving help with law blog nail cutting or tooth-brushing, for example. They might only have showers, not bathtubs. They might only allow people to bathe individually to prevent people from having sexual encounters there.

Law is about the way people and government behave toward each other and how society operates, it rarely ever declares that people are entitled to do any particular activity in a certain place. Sometimes there are bathing facilities at churches, shelters, nonprofit community centers and other privately operated places that are funded by donations from individuals and businesses.

These privately operated facilities are obligated to function according help with law blog the direction of their own boards and their funding sources. This means that check this out facilities can have their own rules and limitations about the circumstances under which they allow people to wash there or obtain hygiene supplies.

It also means that they can be unfair in providing their services: allowing some people to have help with law blog time than others, excluding help with law blog people, not providing FremdwГrtern pay to write world affairs report ist of rule changes, etc… If a private agency or organization gets government funding toward a particular service, like establishing bathing facilities, there may be regulatory legal obligations connected with using that funding.

The whole facility is help with law blog not subject to those obligations, [i] only the component providing the government-funded service. To find out abut those obligations, which will probably be about the way the service is provided and the conditions of the facility, it is necessary to find out which government agency i.

Those kinds of facilities are considered government property because their buildings and their operations are paid for out of the ordinary tax base either through the help with law blog budget stream or specially-dedicated government funds like limited term grants.

Public users entitled to civil rights protections when accessing these government operated facilities. All of the rights enumerated in the last paragraph are simply listed as general civil rights principles.

So, civil rights is an area of law in which there is wird custom homework writing sites for university musste not a clear rule for everyone to follow. Rather, it is a constant analysis of comparisons: 2. If it limits people unfairly by going beyond the scope of the government interest, it violates civil rights.

Here are two examples demonstrating how civil rights can be outweighed by significant government interests: [i] The whole facility can be required to make changes in order to comply with legal requirements and accommodate the government funded help with law blog. In government custody situations, as the previous section demonstrates, regulations about the condition of hygiene facilities in institutions might come from the government agency of which the institution is a component or from the public health code.

The standards that have to be followed help with law blog public restrooms or bathing facilities are available in restaurants, other businesses, or in government buildings are in state public health codes. Notable examples of this are equipping drug users with clean syringes and dispensing condoms to teenagers.

Lobbyists for the poor, and poor people themselves, can ask that question of lawmakers if bathing facilities are not available in a community.

MaisonetA. In fact, they can kick people out just because they are not wearing shoes or a shirt. Granted, they cannot discriminate on the basis of disability or race or other categories recognized under the Equal Protection Clause of the Constitution. There cheap writers paper masters services for some contract claims that could arise if a customer is told to leave after he has started to make a purchase.

Under contract law, people have legal obligations to each other if one has offered something and the other has accepted the offer and done something to rely on that offer. Making help with law blog is usually the action that shows that the buyer is relying on the seller to fulfill the order.

So, at the point when a customer has already ordered food or merchandise and has paid for it, the business has a contractual obligation to return the money or provide the order. Nevertheless, knowing how the law would apply to this kind of transaction can help a person decide in advance how to control the communications and the result. Since a deal is normally not solidified until the money is handed over, the customer should not pay that money until he has clearly been assured of what he will get for it.

If the situation is one in which the goods or services are provided first and money is paid after help with law blog, the merchant takes the first risk not the customer.

In that case, the merchant is the one looking for the assurance that the customer will uphold his end of the deal. Think about the scene in the sit-down restaurant again. A dirty smelly customer comes in, is seated, looks at a menu, and maybe even orders. It is conceivable that at this point the manager of the restaurant could think that this customer might not be able to pay.

At that point, the manager might just admit that the customer has to leave because he smells bad. Still, the legally-informed customer can continue to handle the whole thing like a contract negotiation thereby saving his dignity while giving go here restaurant one more chance to get its money.

And individual facilities or entities, including government offices, can make their own rules about how to handle bad-smelling people. The legal system is then used to argue about whether those rules comply with existing law and whether the rules are being applied in a just help with law blog. Public buildings, meaning those operated by government, such as libraries and post offices differ from private businesses, such as malls or individual stores.

That body of law is known as civil rights law and is supplemented by federal civil rights statutes which further regulate the treatment of citizens by government actors. It is fundamental to a democratic government that citizens have access to government.

When that access involves being physically present and the government wants to limit anything about the way access is provided, those limits have to be made within the scope of civil rights law. This kind of limit, specifically regarding the way people smell, has been examined by cases in which public libraries tried to keep bad smelling people out of their buildings. The flagship case of precedent for bad grooming in public libraries is Kreimer v.

Courts, help with law blog offices, and transportation facilities are other help with law blog to consider.

Courts usually have various decorum rules requiring that behavior in court not distract from the trial or hearing and declaring that the court is owed respect. Judges can use their own discretion to interpret those rules and have been known to remove trial participants and even lawyers for what the judge has deemed inappropriate dress or grooming.

Help with law blog those kinds of analysis are simply conjectures; a jury might not agree with them. Since case law has declared it acceptable for help with law blog libraries to limit access based on hygiene, there is a foundation for the same kind of limitation in other public buildings. Help with law blog Library, F.

They generally require that any place making toilets available must also have sinks, that sufficient facilities are available for both genders, and that restaurants have to include public restrooms.

The lack of a specific law about taking supplies from click to see more does not mean that behavior is legal. They might also ban a thief from future admission. Employees help with law blog considered to legitimately express the authority of the establishment, so help with law blog one of them allows a person to remove supplies then legal analysis would reason that the owner was not being deprived of the stuff because he, through the employee, gave it away.

Examples of state regulations requiring sinks, soap, towels, etc… are: Ind. Because of the significant public safety risk of having inadequate pressure with which to help with law blog fires, punishment for illegally opening a fire hydrant tends to be severe.

There is a Uniform Fire Code in the United States that sets forth model laws about firefighting and fire protection systems for states to implement. Because opening a fire hydrant, outside of municipal authority, is an offense against the government, doing so is a crime. Therefore, punishment for violating a fire hydrant law involves at least a ticket and at most a jail term. Use of these natural bodies of water is, however, subject to rules involving the land connected to them.

If there is a lake in the middle of a city park that closes at p. While laws regarding the use of public lands and waterways are often posted on signs, it is also possible that they are simply recorded in the law books, especially when they apply to an entire park system or collection of beaches.

They, and other man-made water-involving exhibits are usually created for the masters essay ghostwriter services of commemoration or beautification and the government has no obligation to allow people to use them for other purposes like washing. There do not have to be specifically written laws declaring that the public is only allowed to gaze upon the municipal reflecting pond or water display in order for misusing them to be illegal.

The police have an array of general misconduct charges that can be legitimately applied against public behavior. See the posts about police and courts for more details about those.

If waterways are polluted and you get sick from washing in them, does the law entitle you to anything? Can your bathing or washing laundry in rivers or lakes, etc… count as pollution? There is a federal law, called the Clean Water Act, which defines water pollution and explains exactly when read more is illegal to discharge anything into waterways.

The laws detail under what circumstances particular quantities of various pollutants can go into waterways. The small amount of soap or grime that a person bathing or washing clothes might put into the water would be very far below the level of water contamination that would count as pollution, although it can be considered a violation more info the local litter ordinance.

Typical state and local litter laws have very broad declarations that dumping human waste, garbage, paper, detrimental substances, or other things into rivers or waterways is littering. The permit process is mainly a way of letting the government know that this company will be submitting regular reports to prove that they are cooperating with the pollution limits in the federal and state regulations.

If a company or municipality allows more pollutants into a waterway than they are supposed to, they will be fined by the EPA or the state environmental agency and, if necessary, sued by the EPA.

Private citizens and groups of citizens can also file lawsuits against companies or governments for violating the Clean Water Act, [vii] but because this law is intended to keep waterways clean, the remedy help with law blog comes from this kind of lawsuit emphasizes reducing pollution in the water source, not directly aiding individuals who have gotten sick from the water.

Nevertheless, violations of the Clean Water Act are important sources of proof in cases that are about injuries and sickness caused by polluted water. In other words, if a community of homeless people become sick from bathing in polluted water and the EPA or the state environmental agency has documented who caused the pollution, then the homeless people can use those documents as proof of how they got sick and who caused their sickness.

When people get sick or injured by water pollution, the lawsuit is filed on the basis of negligence. In order to succeed help with law blog a negligence case, it is necessary to prove that the defendant owed a duty to the injured plaintiff.

The Clean Water Act and the federal EPA and state regulations that go with the Act all establish the duty that is owed in a negligence case about water pollution. So, all that is popular cover letter writers ca for the plaintiff in the negligence case to prove is the extent of his injuries or sickness and the connection between his problems and the polluted water.

Link to each publisher until you find the municipality you need. Laidlaw Environmental Services TOCInc. It is certainly possible for someone to have gotten sick or hurt from polluted water that was within EPA and state guidelines for cleanliness.

In that kind of situation, the injured person can still establish that the polluter help with law blog him some sort of duty: a duty to warn about what kinds of chemicals were going into the water, a duty to dump at a different time, or some other duty that becomes evident from the facts of the case. Grossman and Robert G. Vaughn, A Documentary Companion to A Civil Action : With Notes, Comments, and Questions Revised Ed. Proof of Facts 3d Create a free website or blog at WordPress.

Aside from the already mentioned health regulations stating that where there are toilets there must be sinks and where there are sinks there must be soap, the legal rights connected to using public bathing facilities depend, as always, on whether the place is run by the government or a private entity. It also means that they can be unfair in providing their services: allowing some help with law blog to have more time than others, excluding some people, not providing notice of rule changes, etc….

If a private agency or organization gets government funding toward a particular service, like establishing bathing facilities, there may be regulatory legal obligations connected with using that funding. Sometimes, municipalities or counties install help with law blog showers and other washing facilities as part of food banks, help with law blog clinics, community centers help with law blog other social service agencies that those government entities operate.

Rather, it is a constant analysis of comparisons:. Here are two examples demonstrating how civil rights can be outweighed by significant government interests:. If a member of the public, who routinely carries a weapon, comes to the public washing facility, the facility can probably justify locking the weapon away while help with law blog visitor is on the premises because the facility has an obligation to prevent harm to its staff and users. People are supposed to have the right to my geometry do biography speech in a public place.

However, if someone comes into a washing facility and makes threatening wissenschaftlicher best university essay writer for hire sf Indikationen to other people bathing there, the facility i. It has been held that a criminal defendant who was not provided with soap, a comb, and other basic hygiene amenities in jail was entitled to a new trial because his dirty and disheveled appearance may have turned the jury against him.

Yes, businesses serving the public have the freedom to eject prospective customers just because they smell bad. Subsequent courts have also upheld policies excluding unclean people from accessing public libraries. One can reason by comparison that the amount of time spent in a post office or on a bus is much shorter than in a library or courtroom and so the odor problem would be less significant in those places. The laws involving public restrooms tend to be in the health codenot in the crimes code.

Only fire departments, and occasionally other units of local governments, are allowed to open fire hydrants. More generally, the section just before that, In what sources of fresh water can you legally bathe or wash laundry? You can usually expect that it is probably legal to bathe in naturally existing bodies of water such as lakes, creeks, rivers, and oceans which do not have to be entered through private property and do not have fences or signs read more them to be off limits.

Public fountains are not naturally existing bodies of water. The Clean Water Act makes it illegal for any person to put pollutants including solid waste, garbage, chemical waste, industrial waste, biological residue, etc… [v] into the waterways. Industries and waste treatment plants have to obtain permits to dump in waterways.

A successful Clean Water Act lawsuit, which could have been brought by the EPA or an environmental group or anybody not necessarily the plaintiff in the negligence case, can serve as proof that the duty was breached.

A book titled A Civil Action [ix] details the work involved in making a negligence case on behalf of leukemia victims against a company that polluted a local water source. That case was a class action lawsuit on behalf of several families which went through years of expensive preliminary court procedures.

It depicts, with great pain, the work and costs involved in collecting evidence and simply trying to ascertain who was truly responsible for contaminating the water. There is also a related book titled A Documentary Companion to A Civil Action [x] which contains many of the actual court papers that were filed in the case. Both of those books would be helpful to somebody thinking about suing for injuries or sickness caused by water pollution.

There are also some law library reference books that have practical guidance for working on this kind of lawsuit. It lists the evidence that should be presented, gives checklists of questions to ask experts, includes sample interrogatories identifying the documents to obtain, and generally conveys what information is necessary to prove and present a water pollution case.

It has sample forms, clear explanations of how experts show that an accused defendant help with law blog or did not pollute water, and descriptions of the legal standards used to assess expert opinions.

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