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You must be a good pay for esl college essay on hillary. Some districts perhaps yours want to reward educators on the basis of student test scores.

Legislators and elected officials are answering that charge and considering using student performance as a criterion in setting teacher pay. But such a move comes with serious, potential pitfalls. What happens to teachers who do not teach tested subjects? How are they rewarded? There are pay for esl college essay on hillary potential problems with alternative compensation systems. And you should move through the salary system for things that actually improve teaching and student learning, such as experience, knowledge and skills, and National Board Certification.

Some plans also grant extra pay for other assignments, such as peer coaching, mentoring newer educators, earning advanced degrees, or working in hard-to-staff schools.

NEA supports systems that create career paths and include teachers as partners in any compensation reform effort. Fortunately, some districts have heard the message. Below are two examples of alternative pay systems designed to serve the needs of members in their areas. Sincethe Portland Education Association PEA has operated under the Professional Learning Based Salary System PLBSS with its members participating in professional development and other activities that are awarded salary pay for argumentative essay on founding fathers hours SCH pay for esl college essay on hillary result in a lane change.

Work on district committees, curriculum design, and leading student activities can contribute to earning the SCH needed to gain a lane change. Staff also can gain SCH for participating in learning activities and taking college courses. In order to move to another lane, staff must accumulate SCH. In Montana, professional development and article source to the school district and pay for esl college essay on hillary is what matters most in determining pay increases.

These activities are not assigned, but are performed in agreement with school administrators. This includes union work performed by officers, building representatives, and committee members. Administrators also write an essay-type narrative which accompanies the check-out list. Merit pay is given to award for the number of students who achieve good academic scores, the number of students who graduate or by the number of students who get jobs in their major.

One begins to question the level of achieving academic competency when too many students pay for esl college essay on hillary or far less the amount of students progress. If too many students were given A grades, the test was too easy. If too many students failed, the test was too hard.

If there were a scattered plot of distribution, the scores were accurately accountable for grading. The student who has acquired the skill, knowledge and competency is most likely to be successful in making good scores, graduating and getting a job in their major. The award pay for esl college essay on hillary merit pay should be given to faculty who have seniority in their field years of experience and advocate expertise in their fieldhave the acquired knowledge to learn more about their field for those who earned a degree or certification or personal enrichmentand for those who go beyond the duty to learn and use their skill to help others achieve their goals.

Rubric for Merit Standards. Merit Pay for Activities. Merit points are awarded on a scale based on. Types of Exemplary Job Performance: Relative to Position. Knowledge: professional development skills Skill: academic development skills Activities: academic performance skills. Participating in Seminar, Conference, Events.

Writing Journal, MagazineConference Articles Community. Taking a personal enrichment class Writing grants Student Academic Involvement, Certification, Graduating with a Degree. Merit pay should be given to an employee who is actively involved in the community and participates in academic activities related to his work. An administrator should be granted merit pay for doing activities of personal enrichment pay for esl college essay on hillary job enhancement.

Merit pay should include any activity that will help job enhancement or to be used to improve student performance. What merit pay does is to promote or reward for having a positive exposure to the college, the community and amongst peers. Exemplary activities demonstrate your knowledge, skills, dedication and commitment. Exemplary Activities Involvement Examples. Jakard Press - Poetry Class. Loft - Poetry Class Published Books - The Cost of Sugar and Insolvency. Published Book - Unsung Words of Wisdom, Water Runs Deep.

NAACP Image Award - Poetry Entry. Journal Articles - Published 20 Articles. Poetry Hall of Fame Nomination. NAACP - Las Vegas Conference. Antic College - Creative Writing Applicant.

I am just not sure that Merit Pay is the way to do it. The article is mediocre at best. I would like to clear up this confusion by stating that I am in fact the real Joe Cherno, and I do not, in fact, work at a button factory. That would be unfair. This causes the teacher to get screwed because America is LAZY!

If here take this action, legislators must be willing pay for esl college essay on hillary move it up and down the ladder. You want to be treated pay for esl college essay on hillary a professional? Drop the unions and tenure. Teachers that work in cities who should get paid the most, get paid the least, and teachers see more work in comfy suburbs who should get paid less, get paid 70k,80k,k, and more.

Incentive pay is a joke because it is too low. It is like telling a kid to read harder. Once again, the amount of incentive money is a joke. The crop of kids is not the problem, it is their parents who refuse to guide them and help them. I have been teaching for over 15 years at an at risk school and the majority of the parents are not invovled.

Enroll into the least favorite subject. They skip, click to see more sleep in class and when you wake them up then they are disruptive. I am a great teacher but kids skip so much schools that how can you say that my pay and success as a teacher is based on those kids?

I think that if you tie welfare checks, food stamps, and section 8 housing allowances to thier kids performance in school, then the schools would all be A schools. It is so sad that our administrators do not have either the ability or the brains to dismiss the poor teachers in our system so therefore we all pay the price of being paid from what paper and pencil states. No one is concerned about the environment from which our students may come and how we are supposed to separate the school environment from what they have been taught and exposed to since birth.

The "pay teachers by their test scores" is exactly what the schools will get. All of those that have been teaching for many years feel humiliated and ready to retire and newer teachers will not be joining the ranks of teaching. I would talk about how some of us are supposed to have students rank higher than the year before when they received the highest by teachers who seem to want to help their students at testing time.

Come on teachers, we know who they are and yes it is happening. As a teacher in a pay for performance charter school, I can tell you that without an agreement, the school has not given a raise in 6 years. I just was offered a job in a Master Agreement school district.

Because of the agreement, despite having a Masters, 5 years of teaching experience, and 8 years as a student ministry pastor, I will be paid at the lowest starting level, 31k. The same salary I receive at the charter school. In all practicality, if the goal is paying teacher what they are truly worth, both values must have a the flexibility that comes with a person, not a plan, deciding how to pay pay for esl college essay on hillary. They should pay for esl college essay on hillary have been in the Public Sector, even FDR warned against this.

This is a large part of why municipalities all over this nation are headed into bankruptcy. Public Sector unions, including the teachers union holding taxpayers hostage to their DEMANDS or else they pay for esl college essay on hillary strike against the very people who pay them is absurd.

Were they horribly mistreated, forced to work in unsanitary conditions, forced to work long hours for pay far lower than the minimum standard of living, there may be a valid argument. But in the case of Public Sector Unions holding taxpayers hostage to their demands, that are totally unaffordable, and that will economically destroy the community, else force the Public into ever increasing taxes to pay exorbitant compensation and benefit packages Teachers, Firemen, Police, Government Employees, etc Get the UNIONS OUT OF THE PUBLIC SECTOR ENTIRELY.

Dont allow the employees of the taxpayers to hold the public hostage to their DEMANDS else they walk article source. That is akin to a monopoly in business. They held the public hostage to their ridiculous rates for years. The unions are doing the same thing in every public sector they are in. They are holding us hostage to their demands, and we The Public have nowhere else to turn. GET EM OUT OF THE PUBLIC SECTOR ENTIRELY.

As for the notion that those in poorer districts esl school custom essay samples have difficulty meeting objectives, that is simply a non-sensical argument that completely ignores mathematical principles. Its glaringly obvious that given a baseline, one can evaluate performance.

If the baseline is far lower in some areas than others, then a good teacher should have an easy time meeting performance objectives That said, it is also completely logical to penalize parents receiving handouts from the government for themselves and their children is they are not making certain their children are in school. It is pay for esl college essay on hillary reasonable and rational to tell folks on welfare and food stamps and receiving money and rent subsidies that they will receive less if they are not doing their job Taking care of themselves and their children Finally, let people choose the school where they want their children to go.

Use a voucher system, let them spend their vouchers where they want Alternatively, get the federal government out of schools entirely and let the people in the local communities and at the State level decide on what is best for them in their own community.

I have been a teacher for 19 years and have loved my job until this year. I still receive great joy from sharing my love of literature and learning with my pay for esl college essay on hillary, but I my morale is very low due to the impossible standards.

I now face no pay raise and the possible loss of tenure. Most teachers with my years of experience are now looking at early retirement due to the system. I consider myself an excellent teacher, but I am tired of fighting the system.

I continue reading it to not be as much of an education problem as it has become a social problem.

We have created a generation of people who are dependent on the government for assistance. These people who receive benefits are having children that are pouring into our schools. Children of parents who are becoming use to receiving things without having to work for them. This work ethic is being passed down to their children who intenional or not are coming to school lacking readiness skills needed to succeed. If you are going to rate teachers and base pay on childrens performance then they should also tie federal benefits on parent performance.

If a child is consisantly absent or late to school and is not doing homework or parent fails to participate in parent teacher conferences then they should be penalized.

The leading study in student performance claims that the best way to predict student performance is as easy as looking at the highest level of education in the home. The higher the level of education, the higher the expectations on the children.

This is a variable out of a teachers hands yet there are people in power who want to put all accountability on teachers and none on the peopple that raise the children and are their biggest influence. This site does offer a form of spell check. You have made strong points. However, you need to gain experience as a teacher before making such a bold claim.

True, there are teachers that should not be teaching. There is always a bad apple in every bunch regardless of what field we are examining.

Pay for esl college essay on hillary are talking about pay being being determined on how a student tests. This could be devestational for some of our students. Our highest-need schools will recieve the most damage. Students out of these schools typically come to school unprepared with little support within their home and have little pay for esl college essay on hillary to succeed in school.

This is quite challenging for a teacher being even more unlikely that the students will do as well as a student that is not in a highest-need school. Teachers will be paid less. They will recieve less respect. Would you want to teach in high-needs pay for esl college essay on hillary with such little pay, no respect, and no job stability.

Test-based pay is more useful politically than it is educationally. Research the programs that have been abondened in New York and California. Look at the studies that have already been done showing null results. Please do your research. This change will absorb vast amounts of management time and resources decreasing performance in tasks that require creativity and innovation.

Ieaching students of disadvantaged circumstances can change the pay for esl college essay on hillary playing field. I teach in a private high school. We pay for esl college essay on hillary elements of merit pay at my school.

We all know pay for esl college essay on hillary of the biggest not the only problem with our education system is bad teachers.

We must arrive at a system pay for esl college essay on hillary rewards good teachers and drives out or trains up bad ones. Standing article review for hire au the way of this progress is antithetical to progressivism. Public education is a human service profession, much like social work or medicine.

A competitive, capitalist system that sacrifices service in pursuit of financial incentives will diminish equity pay for esl college essay on hillary access and transform education from a public entitlement to a private sector option.

Schools with the least resources, largest class sizes, and the greatest academic and social challenges will be stripped of their opportunity to attract the best and brightest teachers; instead, many teachers will be drawn to schools and classrooms where the clientele and community resources allow them to maximize the benefits of a performance-based system. Schools in more affluent areas will flourish, not necessarily as a pay for esl college essay on hillary of their superior work, but more pay for esl college essay on hillary by playing on a field that is tilted in their favor.

Schools in the poorest neighborhoods will suffer the intended consequences, further widening the achievement gap and creating even greater economic disparity and class separation.

Over the years, those who embrace free-market capitalism and who are motivated by financial gain have made seemingly credible arguments in support of merit pay. Countering this sort of political rhetoric is vital to preserving public education as the cornerstone of a free, democratic society.

Performance-based compensation creates a competitive mentality that erodes ethics, equity, and equal berichtet popular dissertation chapter editing sites nyc Statistik education.

The political forces that drive the merit pay issue suppress these values and seek to transform the profession into a free-market, capitalistic venture.

Merit pay has become one small, incremental step in a larger effort to move away from public entitlement and toward the exclusivity of a private-sector system. The challenge before public educators is to create professional environments that provide the highest quality academic experience for pay for esl college essay on hillary students pay for esl college essay on hillary to prevail professional cv writers sites university narrow interests that threaten their egalitarian efforts by selling services to the highest bidder.

Just make sure that the teachers pass the Praxis and then HELLO, give them more traiing in coping and dealing with these kids! I agree that parents are not accountable or involved enough, we are still as a country expecting teachers and politicians to be the only people responsible or the education of the children who are direct reflections of their PARENTS!!

I also hope that these "savages" you teach are not hearing you speak about them that way. I would not want such a closed minded person teaching my children.

Are we forgetting that the children are the victims, here?? As pay for esl college essay on hillary adult and a teacher, you have advocates. I hope not the teacher who is against professional development and calling their students derogatory names in their spare time.

Do we pay based on a flawed system? Do we penalize teachers for politicians mistakes at the helm of education? They will determine our pay. They are not machines. They are NOT A BUSINESS PRODUCT. Our country is making education worse with the political decisions being made about education. I want to make sure that we also know that students who come to school ill-prepared make it very hard for even really good teachers to perform the way that the public needs and wants them to perform.

If teachers have to rely on student performance to be a huge chunk of their salary, legislators need to make sure that the playing field is level. If one teaches in an affluent community, the students go to school more prepared than that of the students in less affluent communities.

That means they have a better chance at making sure their students pass the state assessments. They also need to make sure the pay is going to lure the BEST teachers. They may as well use their talents in places that will provide them with the pay they deserve.

Teacher of special ed. Pay teachers what they are worth, treat them with the respect they deserve. Would you consider asking pay for esl college essay on hillary physician to stay 2 hours late on a Friday to meet with you?

Would you allow and defend your child if they swore, hit, or kicked their physician? Then why do we expect that highly educated teachers should be happy for their jobs and be willing to accept Merit pay based on how flush the school budget is after the superintendent and all of the administrators get their raises?

I teach students with special needs severe special needs who will never participate in regular standardized testing. So does that mean I should not be provided the opportunity to earn merit pay? Teachers in my school NEVER want my students in their classes EVER! Furthermore, what about teachers who teach elective courses? The variations within teaching is endless, so performance based pay should take all of these factors into consideration.

Moreover, if we want educators who are highly qualified then they need to be paid accordingly. Not to mention that measly amount of money would not even remotely cover the student loan payments of which, if you do not pay, they can pull your teaching certificate!! People who have NO IDEA what teachers do should not be involved in determining how their pay is based. As a future-teacher in college, and past high school student I can only say from experience that merit pay is the way to go.

With merit pay there would be multiple evalutations that would ultimately determine whether you should pay for esl college essay on hillary teaching, getting recognized, or even getting a raise; though in teaching money is definitely not everything. Therefore, may the best teacher teach; aka you better believe your textbook that there should be merit pay!

And in this case, the product is our future - our children. There are ways to make merit pay work and not just base it on student performance. Love what you do and doing something extra while expecting nothing in return will benefit you in the long run. We need to rid the education system or poor teachers and figure out how to keep the life-changing teachers, the ones who encourage love for learning, in our schools.

I am teaching at a school where many of the students act like savages. We could also base law enforcement pay on the amount of crime in the area they work in. None that I can think of. If a teenager working at McDonalds is not performing the very basic needs of their job, McDonalds can FIRE that person, not keep them and hope for the best.

How many talk show hosts would put up with a teenage intern who could not put a coherent sentence together, use foul language, has bad hygene, is late to work,is absent from work at least once a week, possibly sleeps on the job and how many would put up with constant villigance for sexual abuse, physical abuse and so on.

Why are teachers putting up with this nonsense and then get hammered for it? There are so many factors that go into your observations and performance reviews.

It is not just based on test scores. If you are doing your job, coming source on time, disciplining your students, have a safe and creative environment, etc. Yes pay for esl college essay on hillary may get fired over certain things such as not performing well as a teacher or having control of your classroom which is hard to do right now, but welcome to the real world.

Yes pay for esl college essay on hillary performance based merit pay. YES YES YES, Do your job!. I teach AP chemistry with highly motivated, well-skilled students who are college bound and buy into their education. I also teach a consumer chemistry class full of special education, Http://, and low income students who have a variety of issues and huge gaps in their learning.

If pay for performance was done in my situation I would not be able to ever achieve the same results between the two types of classes I have I would simply leave the profession and go back to work in research. I liked the associations that awarded pay to teachers learning and getting money for their PD hours. People are on the fence about the merit pay and so many districts have gotten examined closely for the possibility of cheating.

The state testing has no real weight when deciding if the teacher is a good educator. I am also worried that no-one will want to teach Special Education. Students who score Proficient on the state tests pay for esl college essay on hillary no longer pay for esl college essay on hillary for special education so the caseload continues to have low test scores. Would the teachers be punished for this?

I say no merit pay based on test scores at least because there are unknown variables in play. Variables such as what type of students a teacher is placed in charge of, what qualifications the teacher has, whether or not someone cheats, how many students test, what subject s is are being tested in, ect You just cannot tell the story based on the scores. So many students could have learned from you and you probably would have been one of the teachers to earn so much within in a two year period.

The fact that so many teacher comments include errors is an argument for merit pay Jean - "Too much personalities are involved. JeanJones - "We have held discussion Lavern Sibanda - " I could continue, but what I see is very discouraging. One gave me an outstanding another suspended me for a day.

Yet my children in the classroom did well both times. MERIT PAY SHOULD NEVER BE USED. Too much personalities are involved. I think we need to look at parents and how they value education. I was never pay for esl college essay on hillary for good grades, yet it never occured to me to end my formal education with high school. My parents just valued education. These were two immigrants from Italy with very little formal education. In fact my Dad had none. He went to night school to learn English.

He also would help me with my homework, especially math and algerba. I agree with you C. We have 20 year old Freshmen in my high school because "as long as they are enrolled in public schools the family learn more here a govt. These kids will NEVER graduate, will NEVER do well on a test, which means I Pay for esl college essay on hillary NEVER receive a raise if I have them in my classroom!

These are the same kids C. Brown is pay for esl college essay on hillary about! I am totally against Merit Pay. And by looking at only test scores! Yes, I may teach them something, but not enough to earn my money. How is that fair?? Teachers will only want to teach the high level kids and leave the low level kids alone. However, having student performance being the main factor that decides our income is offensive to the profession.

It depends on the student and their response to ALL influences that effect the decisions and choices they make. Where are we going to get more money to pay teachers who get lucky enough to teach the gifted pay for esl college essay on hillary talented kids who will pass the test?

President Van Roekel made strong statements about our lack of faith in the current "blueprint" and the measures it outlines for dealing with struggling schools. How many of you are ready to get really involved in bringing the message home to your legislators? We are an organization of more than 3 million members--we do have the power necessary to effect change IF we decide to mobilize and use it.

It is not about new teachers being forced to work there. Our students can make gains. However, we have our students leveled, and there is a lot of favoritism by the pay for esl college essay on hillary. We are not teaching on an even playing field by any stretch of the imagination. Teachers have already be caught cheating in some way in testing, just for their egos - can you imagine what it will be like when money is at stake?

All teachers are aware that every student can learn, but basing pay incentives as "bets" will only pit teachers against each other. Why are the professional development budgets being CUT when PD is the best way to IMPROVE instruction?

If the Dept of Ed would improve PD for all teachers, raise expectations on parents and children, and stop trying a "one-size-fits-all" strategy for everything, progress will surely be made in the right direction for all stakeholders.

I am against merit pay! We have held discussion on merit pay in my district. The kindergarten teachers would love merit pay as their students show incredible growth that first year. On the other hand, my students make painfully slow growth.

Hmmm, what would my salary look like and how long would I have my job? My students all take state exams, however, their growth is only shown in an additional point or two, not in "meeting" requirements. Again, based on lack of growth, what kind of pay would I get and how long would I hold my job. Teachers should not be punish because of the students. Teachers are wanting to get out of the field with this we will have less teacher.

It is different than the wealthy section. This Administration knows exactly what it is doing with Race to the Top. Most states apply only a few reap the rewards, all will be changed because of the process. Is this the change we source for?

Teachers will probably give students answers to the test. I taught in two different Urban districts as a teacher and I will say nepotism runs very high in schools with administration favoring certain teachers with courses and even test scores are not a fair way adding value added measures with it. Merit Pay is an absolute farce! I received the mailer from our local and just about threw up when they recommended we vote for Harry Reid. Many of my students do not take state exams because they are very low functioning.

How can my salary be based on predictable low scores for special needs children I teach for 1 year? It takes longer to fill out IDEA paperwork outside precious school timeteach, and inspire my children.

We manage to get it done. Pay for esl college essay on hillary not demean my work by grouping it with general education teachers! Is this why we pay union dues? I do not support merit raises in any circumstance. We are all in this process of educating the whole child. It is the basic structure binding us together under one roof. Should they then be penalized because their classes did not meet exceeding standards to pass a pay for esl college essay on hillary. This idea of Merit pay needs to be examined more closely before they think of implementing it.

The people coming up with these ideas need to be in the "trenches" of the classroom for a few weeks and then see what they come up with. Yes, others will agree with this idea because they are out of the classroom and money is an incentive to embrace this idea.

Please consider carefully before this Merit pay idea is implemented. No portion of NEA dues goes towards funding political candidates? What, is the NEA robbing banks now? It seemed like they always received the most money for projects and had the best achieving students. Merit pay is the most ridiculous idea that has come along in American education. It will be the destruction of American public education.

There will be merit pay tied to student improvement. Students are treated like cookies. They are viewed as miniture clones. Give me a classroom of cookies and my test scores will consistently be toward the top. So many aspects are out of the teacher? For example, this week Ohio is administrating the Ohio Graduation Test OGT. Students must pass the OGT to graduate. Pay for esl college essay on hillary day after the daylight savings time was implemented. We expect students to do their best the very next morning after?

What about students who refuse to answer questions? A teacher should not be held responsible for students choosing not to do their best on the test. Also, what about the teachers who kick up such a fuss at having challenging children in the room that they get moved to the teachers who are more patient and diligent in working with those challenges. Now the squeaky wheel has the class she wants, eliminating the chance that a principal is going to even think of putting a challenge in her room and she gets the high scores.

They may make progress but they are not the ones who are going to give me my "sales commission" of a better pay scale!

What about special needs teachers NO ONE is talking about how teachers pay for esl college essay on hillary students who take the alternative tests will be compinsated, no one will want to tach special education if your tied to how your students improve, not to mention the unethical behavior that will worsen when your pay is tied to preformance.

As a whole teachers need to find a way to defeat this with logical arguments and DATA not just fear and unwillingness to change, or a way to make it work, because it is not just going away!! Start going pay for esl college essay on hillary meetings, you might learn something. Since education should be a result of teamwork between schools, pay for esl college essay on hillary and communities,lets pay everyone in the community based on student test scores.

When test scores go up so do their salaries. If test scores dropped everyone is fired. How does that work when one teacher pay for esl college essay on hillary a classroom of English only students and the next has a classroom of second language learners who are of different socioeconomic status?

This will never work. The only thing merit pay will do is start a statewide teacher shortage. First of all do all students test well- NO! I have had the smartest kids ever who did horrible on standardized tests. Unfortunately I live in a small town where classes are stacked due to fact parents run the school and there is already low enough teacher morale. Unless all students were cloned and every teacher had the same level class this would never work.

Who could even think one test could tell you the merit of a teacher. We are worth so much more than what scores on a test can tell ya! GET REAL and get into the classrooms and see what is really going on and what teachers have to deal with. When are these parents going to be held accountable? I would love to see reforms in the process by which teachers are paid. Any such program would need to begin with a professional level salary and enable individuals to advance based on their development as educators.

Objective measurement according to specific criteria is what most Fortune corporations use to determine pay increases. Student test scores should never be a factor in determining the pay of the teacher. There iS NO way for a merit pay system to be effective. What do you do about kindergarten teachers.

Or kids with learning dissabilities??? Pay for esl college essay on hillary about the type of class? Do you decide the pay for a honors english techer and a remidial english techer the same way. What happens when you get to classes like photography and ceramics how do you decide how to pay classes like that? Until then we just have to stick it out. I work in a low income area where the average family is illegally here and often not very educated.

These kids have tons of social and economic challenges and often leave me completely exhausted with little to no energy to take care of myself or my own two children.

Every year two years my school has about half the teachers leave and go into other work because they get burnt out. These teachers are part of Teach for America and are between yrs.

I feel the same way after seven click to see more of being a teacher. The issue is why only teachers. Why are teachers the only public employees singled out for this type of pay.

This is a nonstarter for policeman, firemen, or any other public employee. If it is good for teachers and should be good for every public employee. To argue in favor of this in any form is tantamount to surrender by the union If Arne Duncans tenure as superintendent of Chicago schools was pay for esl college essay on hillary on merit pay or performance Mr.

Duncan would have been paid minimum wage. If the business minded people that read this will take note, maybe they will understand the problems involved with this proposal. Students cannot be held to the same standard of "they would lose their jobs if they did that". What happens to the teacher? Nor do I think any school would give the same test to all students regardless of their students? In fact, laws prevent exactly such a thing from happening.?

With regard to your first comment- It is sad but true that these types of schools exist. Many schools, despite stating that their policy is not to accept requests for teachers, allow parents, administrators, and sometimes even teachers to pick the students in their classes.

Thus the deck is sometimes stacked in terms of class compositions As for the testing question - have you not heard of NCLB? In our state we previously administered separate tests for regular and special education students. With NCLB all students, special and regular education, have to take the same test It is these issues combined with many others stated here that point to the danger of instituting a merit pay system Although I believe teachers should be compensated for going above and beyond for example, pay for sponsoring extracurricular activitiesit should not be at the expense of pitting students and their scores against students.

Are we testing what we want to test? Is the test valid? By click the following article method is the test administered? By what method click to see more the student respond? How is language proficiency factored into test results? Are the test results reliable? What is the reliability of various types of scores and what type of score is used in determining improvement?

What variation in scores would be normally expected given retest of the same student on the same test? What is the method of sampling student performance? Are we looking at groups to determine improvement? Is pay for esl college essay on hillary the same group of students? Is it the same type of test that they are given?

These are questions off the top of my head. I loved teaching and put in the hours. I taught students whose behavior and emotional problems interfered with learning. Many were also learning disabled, ADD or ADHD.

Many scored well on tests, some flipped over the desk when the test was put in front of them. Some came from or went to prison, some came from or went on to have stable, loving families. I always did what I believed was right when teaching my students and working with their families. Some students and their parents cursed me out or went to my administrator complaining.

I am old and experienced. They were sometimes not. I hear from my past students and they remember the classroom fondly, no matter how angry they appeared when there. So, I was glad to have been compensated on a step system. The pay help writing poetry dissertation conclusion be good to start with.

I would not have minded extra pay for the extra work that I did, writing that I did for the school system, committees required by statute, new programs implemented, etc. I also think that merit pay would work if we put in the effort to really define and measure student pay for esl college essay on hillary. I know from my work in behavioral intervention and testing that factors can be objectively measured through methods other than the state-wide tests.

State wide tests are important, but are not sensitive to the measurement of student achievement that can be attributed to the individual teacher. Thanks to all you current teachers. I know that much of what you do is not compensated. I also volunteer, as do many of us retirees.

I put in long hours and get nothing for it. It seems as if society deems teachers greedy for wanting to be compensated properly for their efforts and, in lieu of pay, we are supposed to answer to a "higher calling.

That way I can be subjected to whatever society can throw at me In order for our children to compete globally, we need our government to realize that they are not commodities to exchange and we as educators have the skills to change this country through our students. I would predict a mass exodus of teachers if this is embraced. However, the training program is intense, expensive, and the teaching is My opinion: it is priceless in value to our society.

IEPs have been written with measurable, observable goals so that we can track student performance. In all classrooms teachers track student performance as well. Using data to track progress and guide instruction is not new I hope to any of us.

We already know how to do this. Many of the issues mentioned here are the essential issues that we need to resolve as the process takes shape. Students are not the "commodity" here, but their learning is.

We need students progressing in their learning at a meaningful pace and teachers who are leading them. None dissertation writing websites liverpool this is new to competent teachers, being rewarded for this work, should be a welcome bonus.

We are professionals and we need to be accountable for our work. Education may well be the last hope for any type of recovery as a nation.

Teaching to the test of money will only pay for esl college essay on hillary our demise. A return to a rigor of basic learning skills would be a good place to start. We have certain subjects where there is continue reading end of course exam, but I know plenty of teachers who do not teach a subject with an EoC exam.

I also know tons of creative and great teachers who do student-centered learning all the time, but their test scores for the EoC Exam for US History were way worse than the direct instruction, "Get out your books and If we start to teach only to the EoC test, then we will lose the time that we had to be creative. I thought we were moving forward in education, but I think teaching to the test stifles creativity and progress.

How equitable would a merit-based pay system be for pay for esl college essay on hillary teachers? Until we establish funding for manageable class sizes which is a proven means of increasing learning we continue to compare apples to elephants! They want testing based crieria while the NEA seems to want business as usual. The political forces that drive the merit pay issue attempt to suppress these pay for esl college essay on hillary and transform the profession into a free-market, capitalistic venture.

Merit pay is one small incremental step in a larger effort to move away from public entitlement and toward the exclusivity of a private-sector system. Our mission is to create professional environments that provide the highest quality education for all, rather than focusing on narrow interests that compromise our integrity by selling services to the highest bidder. I like the training idea, but have concerns too, as others did about how staff are selected.

In this process, favoritism abounds. We also have concerns with administrators who demand pay for esl college essay on hillary teachers serve on committees and coerce through refusing to sign advancement papers unless staff complies. The question that needs to be asked is, "How are we, as educators creating critical thinkers?

It is no wonder our children cease to love school with each passing year. The system is set up for the politicians to prosper at the students and teachers expense. If only our elected officials were paid by how well they honor their promises and manage the monies they are entrusted with. Obviously merit pay can be demonized and vilified with ease when looking at how it can be used detrimentally.

Have you ever considered if it could be used for good purposes? There is no question that teaching should be results based. That is to say the emphasis should be on student learning. Frequent testing can be a real support to interpreting and improving student learning. I for one am going to keep an open mind to the idea of merit pay. If properly administered it could be a great way to improve teachers ability to promote student learning.

And that could mean a little extra money for teachers across the board. Who can afford to take the low scoring children or the disabled ones with individual education pay for esl college essay on hillary I wonder if staff might argue about who gets the high scoring children??.

In fact, laws prevent exactly such a thing from happening? Studies show communication and teamwork between staff produces high school scores. Would the smartest teachers move to schools with the highest scores to ensure better pay??. Why would merit pay suddenly eliminate communication and teamwork between staff?. Could it pay for esl college essay on hillary bring everyone together in a desire to all succeed?.?

Then, do we then have equal eduction??. Do we have equal education now? Will some of our outstanding teachers not leave this professions to provide for their own families? This is a question we already face. In most schools where I? Additionally, the outstanding teachers should be the ones succeeding and therefore earning the pay for esl college essay on hillary money thus increasing their likelihood of staying in the field? Virtually every management job that exists.

He was mean and unfair. I would have gladly failed a test if it was factor into his pay rate! I am supposed to have control over what my students are supposed to learn, and how it is presented to them.

All these factors influence student success, and I am expected to over come these variables during 55 minute periods a year. Under NCLB we are not a Core Content area. Stupid is as Stupid does!!!!!!! We need excellent teachers in our public schools now more than ever before! Our children are not statistics; they are human beings. Will outstanding teachers be able to provide a positive learning environment for students if the pressure of performance in the classroom and the pressure to provide for their own family looms in their minds?

Personally, I have already made sacrifices, as I am a single mother of three with the pay I now receive. Then I paid out of my pocket for teaching degree and masters in education. I have no regrets - I get up in the morning excited to come to work! I love all of my students, not just those with high grades. I feel teachers contribute to society, making a positive difference one child at buy essay academic cheap time. However, should I be penalized if working with low-income students with uninvolved parents who are barely surviving themselves?

These are the children who need a safe, nurturing environment filled with encouragement and high standards. They need to feel wanted and be surrounded by adults who believe in them. Who can afford to dieser popular research paper proofreading websites united kingdom regelmГssiges the low scoring children or the disabled ones with individual education plans?. I wonder if staff might argue about who gets the high scoring children?

How will students feel pay for esl college essay on hillary they are not wanted? Can I perform to the best of my ability in that kind harsh environment? Studies show communication and teamwork between staff produces high school scores. Would the smartest teachers move to schools with the highest scores to ensure better pay? Then, do we pay for esl college essay on hillary have equal eduction?

And will families with money opt to move to private schools without this kind of pressure for their six year old?. If that happens, where does that leave public education? As one educator to another, as one parent to another, as one American to another, I implore you to stand up for our children and our public schools! Pay based on student test scores is deplorable and not the answer! Let us work together pay for esl college essay on hillary school reform that works!

What about the teachers that has been teaching for awhile but is not required to participate in PI34 because of when they were licensed? New teachers in our state are paying for credits pay for esl college essay on hillary advance us on the pay scale, but have no compensation for the PDP which is required for us to stay certified. I think that you are going to see a lot of quality educators leaving the profession if this were to go through. A test in November is not going to show that.

We already had high pressure from our school to get high test scores so we got more money from pay for esl college essay on hillary state. This initiative would increase this pressure, making us teach to the test. There is so much more to life than testing:. How does someone like myself, a librarian and special ed teacher, ever show meritable advance? I have however taken the time to improve myself professionally by gaining best book review service ca MA degress as well as my EdS.

What do I need to do to advance? This system is a farce! Pay for esl college essay on hillary am frustrated working besides teachers that barely do the "minimum" and who are clearly not following the spirit pay for esl college essay on hillary why they were hired. The only way I see any usefulness in using test scores, college credits, etc. To truly evaluate the effectiveness of a teacher we need:. Evaluations should be done on a "no prior notice" drop in basis several times each year.

Evaluations should be done by a team of MASTER TEACHERS and ADMINISTRATION. Student test scores should only be one small piece of an evaluation to verify that that the standards are being addressed.

Teachers performing above and beyond expectations should be compensated with bonuses. If improvements are not met, the teacher should be let go. While teachers are obviously an essential part, I believe at some point the student needs to take responsibility for the pay for esl college essay on hillary. As teachers, it is about time that we get credit for all of the time and effort that we put into planning, creating fun and exciting lessons, grading, etc.

Now, districts want to add more on our already overburdened day? Special Ed teachers will never meet the "merit pay" standards. The whole merit pay idea is offensive to me. I recently receive this e-mail:.

I believe I mentioned in my interview that your class was the initial spark for my interest in human physiology. Thank you for your investment in my education!.

I think teachers should be paid based on their contribution to society!. These programs are not only senseless, but must have been thought of by someone out of the REAL classroom. Test scores only reflect teh ability to learn for a test, and do not reflect the ability to adapt. This makes test pay for esl college essay on hillary nearly worthless in the career world, which is inevitably what teachers want their students to aim toward. They usually have the lowest performing students to begin with.

This does not mean that the teacher is lacking in teaching and does not mean she is an unprepared teacher. Some educators would never receive any merit pay.

This is not the avenue to travel to keep highly qualified and good teachers. I would not want my salary to depend on tests scores. I would find another career before allowing anyone to pay me based on student popular thesis proposal proofreading sites sf scores.

Some students could careless how well they perform. Also, other students have test anxiety. Third grade teacher you said a mouthful. There are so many factors that are not considered by the "We must improve test scores by any means necessary" Police.

So a teacher with the best kids will make the most money? Lack of professional pay shortchanges our schools. Send This article to:. Enter the e-mail address of the recipient. Multiple addresses need to be separated by commas characters max. Add your message optional :. Enter your e-mail address required :. NEA respects your privacy! Your e-mail address, and that of your recipient, will be used only in the case of transmission errors and to let the recipient know who sent the story.

The information will not be used for any other purpose. Your Email has been sent. Click here to return to the article. Great Public Schools for Every Student. Pay Based on Test Scores? What educators need to know about linking teacher pay to student achievement. How do you define your success as a teacher?

Any educator whose district is considering or bargaining such a system, needs to ask these questions:. Is there adequate funding for the new pay system and is it sustainable?

Is it easily understood and transparent? Are evaluations subjective or objective? Have administrative and implementation costs been considered? Are the sizes of incentives large enough to change behavior? So what makes a quality pay system? Mai name is Joe. And my name is Joe!!!!!! Take me with you! TAKE ME WITH YOU! Brown, but your comment does not make any sense How would we pay for esl college essay on hillary judged?

Pay for esl college essay on hillary

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