Popular dissertation hypothesis writer site united kingdom acquired trait: A phenotypic characteristic, acquired during growth and development, that is not genetically based and therefore cannot be passed on to the next.

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The mission of Dallas Theological Seminary is to. Master of Theology ThM. Master of Sacred Theology STM. MA in Biblical Counseling. MA in Christian Education. MA in Christian Leadership. MA in Cross-cultural Ministries. Master of Arts OT, NT, ST majors. Master of Popular dissertation hypothesis writer site united kingdom and Theological Studies MBTS.

Doctor of Philosophy PhD. Doctor of Ministry DMin. See below for sample abstracts. What Selected Senior Pastors of Church Planting Churches Identify as Key Communication Factors in Casting Vision for a New Church Plant. This can happen when senior pastors of existing churches become convinced that their church must reproduce and then subsequently cast a compelling vision for reproduction to their congregations.

Readers discover not only the key communication. Using the case study method, two senior pastors were interviewed who led their existing churches to plant at least one successful popular dissertation hypothesis writer site united kingdom. An associate staff member was also interviewed.

The pastors studied were Bob Roberts, Jr. Both pastors arrived at church planting from very different angles, yet both were responsible for inspiring their churches to make significant sacrifices to plant at least one successful church.

The literature review necessary for an informed approach to this project included examining sources in the area of vision and vision communication, transformational leadership, missiology, and best practices concerning resources given to church plants in the United States. An Examination of Mentoring Programs for Serving the Needs of the Postmodern Christian Woman.

Christian women in popular dissertation hypothesis writer site united kingdom have understood mentoring functions to be inherent in the mandate of Titus As a result, formal mentoring programs have been organized to teach and train young women. Many of these traditional mentoring programs, though effective in the past, no this web page meet the needs of postmodern women.

This qualitative research project. Thus the problem this study seeks to address is how to provide mentoring opportunities that meet the needs of young women. As part of the research report, current literature on the postmodern worldview is reviewed and related to the practice of mentoring. The case study research design is also detailed and three case study sites described.

The cases chosen represent a traditional approach to mentoring, a postmodern approach popular dissertation hypothesis writer site united kingdom mentoring, and a hybrid approach to mentoring. The data collected from in-depth, one-on-one focused interviews is presented and evaluated according to three hypotheses: postmodern women prefer to choose their own mentor, postmodern women prefer an organic schedule, and postmodern women prefer a mentoring relationship where life experiences are mutually shared and processed.

Though these elements are not the only ones necessary in a mentoring relationship, they are established as foundational to the process. The report concludes with suggestions for mentoring opportunities that meet the needs of postmodern women and proposals for further research.

They are often criticized by the church for being too worldly and by the world for being too Christian. As a result many are frustrated and confused, and they have left the church to get fully involved in their culture without any impact for the sake of Christ. On the other hand, some choose to stay safe within the walls of the church, and as a result they never have any impact on the culture for the sake of Christ either.

In both cases musicians neglect the. Great Commission mandate when they could have had great impact for Christ in their culture. Most Christian musicians know much about music, and yet they have never related it to a foundational biblical theology of music. As a result many do not have the foundations needed for using their gifts to their full potential for Christ. Furthermore, many of them have never seen the relationship of their musical career and their Christian lifestyle as something to be integrated.

As a result many have been consumed by the values they originally set out to challenge. Moreover, many musicians are involved in their popular dissertation hypothesis writer site united kingdom but separated from their church, while many others are involved mainly in the church but are separated from their culture. This needs to change. To do this, however, several things need to change and develop.

This study seeks to develop and evaluate a seminar that will encourage popular dissertation hypothesis writer site united kingdom equip Christian musicians to engage their culture for Christ while more info to a community of believers.

First, they need to know music from a biblical and theological perspective. Second, they need to integrate their music and their walk with Christ.

And third, they need to engage their culture for Christ while being fully involved and accountable in a church that will help them to be in the world but not of the world. With these foundations, musicians will have a greater understanding of music, themselves and their culture, and they will become great ambassadors for Christ. Case Studies of the Hiring Practices of Selected Large Churches. What has not been explored adequately are the biblical issues surrounding fit and the design for a biblically-based hiring process that maximizes it.

To discover the influence of hiring on vision achievement, this ministry research project studied two hypotheses: 1 there is an association between those hiring decision-makers in the local church who pray and the church actually fulfilling its vision; and 2 there is an association between those hiring decision-makers in the local church who use best business hiring practices and a church actually fulfilling its vision.

These hypotheses were studied qualitatively using the case study method in two churches that have each demonstrated decades-long track records of achieving their stated visions. Such vision-achieving churches have certainly learned how to hire for better fit. The Contribution of the College Ministry Internship Program at Grace Bible Church in College Station, Texas to the Former Interns' Discernment and Development of Ministerial Calling.

The process was intended not only to evaluate the previous effectiveness of the program, but also to provide validated suggestions for future program improvement based on the research findings. Furthermore, it was anticipated that the research would provide findings that could be of significant value for other churches that intend to create and implement their own internship programs.

Data was gathered from a survey created uniquely for this research process. The survey was constructed around four hypotheses related to the concept of calling. The results indicated that former interns received considerable value from the investment of their time and energy in the Internship Program. The results also revealed important areas in which the Internship Program could be improved. Case Studies of Selected Missional Churches that Examine Strategies Used to Essay ghostwriting websites australia cheap in Post-Christiendom Context.

Assessing Readiness for Ministry of Graduating Students at Dallas Theological Seminary from Selected Profiles of Ministry Personal Characteristics Criteria. Contemporary theological education in Evangelical schools and seminaries like DTS forms students intellectually according to a Christian worldview rather than forming students spiritually according to the image of Christ. Modern theological popular dissertation hypothesis writer site united kingdom teach about the Christian life and ministry rather than training ministry candidates to perform and experience the Christian life and ministry.

This project popular dissertation hypothesis writer site united kingdom the readiness for ministry of DTS graduating students by using an instrument from the Association of Theological Schools ATS called Profiles of Ministry PoM. DTS graduating students completed the PoM Casebook, and their internship field observers completed an online survey regarding them and their ministry performance.

ATS calculated a visit web page profile report and an aggregate, organizational report.

The organizational profile revealed that DTS graduating students demonstrate five positive traits. First, students want to be involved in ministry. Second, students exhibit an entrepreneurial spirit toward ministry. Third, students value humility. Fourth, students are perceived as pious.

Fifth, students have high regard for the family. First, although students are reputed to be entrepreneurial, they tend to hold personal convictions loosely, creating boundary issues.

Second, although students express a high desire to help others, they underestimate the importance of empathizing with those who are suffering. Third, although students have high regard for the family and for ministry, they reveal a tension to keep family and ministry in balance.

Fourth, although students are perceived as pious leaders of their communities, students tend to waver regarding their trust in God.

Selected Case Studies in how Senior Leaders Cultivate Missional Change in Contemporary Churches. The thesis of this dissertation is that church leaders, who cultivate missional change, do not generally make a strategic decision to do so. Rather, missional change is precipitated by a significant crisis encountered by the church. When senior leaders respond to the crisis in a spirit of humility and discovery, the crisis creates an environment where missional culture-change can begin.

These missional changes are expressed eventually in two ways: service to the community and a different way of worshipping as a community. The body of this dissertation is divided into three parts. It begins with a literature review examining the following: 1 the historical development of missional ecclesiology, 2 the crisis theory of change, and 3 how missional transitions affect worship and service to the community.

The dissertation continues with a presentation of the research procedure, arguing that the case study approach is the ideal way to study churches in the crux of missional transition. The case study research is then presented. The case study churches form an ideal study cohort since they share core similarities in governance, theology and staff structure.

On the other hand, since they possess distinctly different cultures, their missional changes can be compared and contrasted. The case studies demonstrate that when crises are responded to properly, missional changes do, in fact, occur. The dissertation concludes with a chapter outlining nine principles for how churches can move in a missional direction along with ideas for further study. An Identification and Assessment of the Personal Needs and Issues of the Dallas Theological Seminary Twenty-First Century Female Students.

Manning, Lynn Etta G. This study sought to identify the personal needs and issues of the female students at Dallas Theological Seminary DTS and to analyze those needs and issues. The results will guide in the development of a mentoring ministry and help to design and implement programming to better prepare and nuruture the female seminarians for a life of Chrsitian service. The research focuses on the identification of those needs and issues, and analyzes the frequency with which the female studnts experience specific needs and issues.

The study also investigates the value of mentoring by an older Christian woman or a peer mentor which could contribute towards helping the women students address their personal needs and issues while attending Dallas Seminary. The biblical basis and foundation of this dissertation examined the Titus passage for the support of the importance of mentoring. The survey gathered both quantitative and qualitative responses by using both closed and open-ended questions.

The survey included a limited popular dissertation hypothesis writer site united kingdom of demographic information to protect the confidentiality and anonymity of the respondents. The survey was designed to collect demographic information, to assess current personal needs and issues of the female students, to discover the relevant topics to use in programming events and speakers, and to gain specific recommendations from the women students. This study sought to determine the need for mentoring and to consider ways to provide mentoring as a part of the female seminarians' preparation for a life of Christian ministry.

An Evaluation of City of Refuge Evangelical Presbyterian Church of Houston using the "Self-Guided Church Consultant". How does the economically diverse, multi-racial, inner city congregation known as City of Refuge use its resources? Time, space, and money utilization was analyzed against attendance. Research showed that the church closely reflects neighborhood demographics.

Most ministry occurs Sunday mornings. Adults receive sixty percent of resources. Through a resident school and community center, the church serves at-risk children and youth. The teen-agers in its own outreach program receive five times the per capita resources spent on its elementary-aged children. The report recommends that more resources be directed to children.

Other recommendations encourage strategic planning, record keeping, and facility control. Preaching the Book of Revelation to stimulate Spiritual Growth in the Congregation at Fellowship Bible Church in Waco, TX.

This applied research project develops and determines the effectiveness of intentional expository sermon planning to influence spiritual growth among people in a local congregation.

This is a comprehensive approach to preparing a sequential series of life-transforming messages covering a book of the Bible in a passage-by-passage manner. The research method utilized for this project was program evaluation which verified that intentional expository sermon planning increased the spiritual growth of the people hearing messages developed by this program in the areas of comprehension knowledgeconvictions biblical beliefs, values, and attitudesand conduct behavior in a verifiable manner that is statistically significant.

Case Studies of the Disaster Relief Efforts of the Disaster Relief Efforts of Selected Churches in Response to Hurricane Katrina. Many local churches responded providing services and resources to those in need.

This dissertation examines three churches that established and sustained long-term recovery ministries independent of any previously existing national or denominational crisis relief ministries. An Evaluation Between the Theology, the Vision, and the Philosophy of Praxis of the Selected Missionary Agencies. An Evaluation of the Effect of the Christian Prevention and Relationship Enhancement Program CPREP on Selected Couples at Imprint Church of Fremont.

CPREP and PREP strengthens relationships by effecting positive cognitive and behavioral changes. The Wounded Pastor's Wife, A Case Study on the Experiences of Five Wives.

This dissertation examines five case studies of wives of wounded pastors whose husbands have experienced popular dissertation hypothesis writer site united kingdom at their church resulting in them leaving popular dissertation hypothesis writer site united kingdom church. The narratives provide the context visit web page thus provide clearer insights into the impact of their experiences.

An Evaluation of Factors Influencing Attrition Among Selected Missionaries Serving in Eastern Europe and Central Asia. This research explores the reasons why missionaries leave the field prematurely focusing on three concerns: 1 the need to gain insight into the causes of missionary attrition; 2 the need to gain insight into how premature attrition effected the missionaries; and 3 the need to provide insight as to how missionary attrition can be prevented and missionaries helped to stay healthy and effective and on the field.

Causing Factors of Juvenile Desertion Between. Using a one-year Bible as the sole discipleship material and discussion as the primary method of guidance, I surveyed three research study groups of different sizes to determine the effects of using the Bible, particularly a one-year Bible, as the primary discipleship material.

The findings indicate that using the one-year Bible helped the participants grow in their love for Christ and love for the Word. I also saw participants grow in their confidence to make disciples and in their willingness to make disciple-making their lifestyle as Christ-followers. Regarding the optimal group size, I found that groups of five to eight seemed to naturally become the best platform for discipleship.

An Examination of Pastoral Utilization of Their Bible College or Seminary Trained Homiletical Popular dissertation hypothesis writer site united kingdom. This applied research project is concerned with whether or not preachers continue to utilize the homiletical model, which they learned in their homiletical training and the factors that contributed to any change.

The research was designed to popular dissertation hypothesis writer site united kingdom the hypothesis that preachers do in fact change their homiletical methodology based on their personality, thus developing a unique homiletical model in which they find greater freedom in preaching and therefore would recommend that students be introduced to various methodologies during their training.

The results of this research confirm that preachers do adapt, based on their personality, the homiletical model in which they were trained thus developing a methodology unique to them. Additionally, the results confirm that they recommend that Bible colleges and seminaries introduce students to various methodologies.

An Evaluation of the Marriage Core Program Among The Chinese Christian Couples in Hong Kong. Lam, Tsang Sing Joseph. This research project developed two instruments for measuring the effectiveness of Marriage CORE program. The first instrument was Dyadic Enrichment Scale DES for measuring marital satisfaction.

The second one was Couple Dynamics Inventory CDI for measuring couple dynamics. Twenty Chinese Christian couples of various marital ages and different degree of spirituality were recruited by open invitation among the churches in Hong Kong. By using Minitab as the statistical software and ANOVA as the inferential test, the first hypothesis was statistically proved by DES with a p-value of 0.

For the second hypothesis concerned about the improvement in couple dynamics, the result of CDI was distorted by some of the conflicted couples. When three of them were picked out, it was statistically proved by CDI with a p-value of 0. Moreover, it was found that CDI was an instrument more sensitive than DES in differentiating the distressed couples from the non-distressed ones.

Servant Leadership's Profound Impact on Urban Chinese House Church Health. This research explores the biblical calling for the church to declare Jesus as Lord and through Christ-centered servant leadership to go and make disciples for the more info development of spiritually healthy Chinese churches. An Exploration of Educational Methodologies that are Strategic to the Growth and Maturity of Disciples in Global Ministries.

The issue of this research is to examine existing discipleship education ministries in order to identify contributing factors and best practices. A diversity of case examples were selected and researched, including geographic, gender, language, ministry, and cultural differences.

The Savior commissioned His followers to make disciples Mattyet ministries often lag in providing discipleship that moves believers to maturity in Christ. The responsibility for this rests directly with church and ministry leadership. An Evaluation of the Fidelity Curriculum in the Spiritual Formation of Adult Disciples. The purpose of this project was to develop a spiritual formation curriculum for adult disciples and to evaluate that click the following article in terms of its usefulness in helping course participants develop greater attentiveness.

The curriculum, Fidelity: Discovering a Way that is Life-Giving, introduced students to time-honored principles and practices from the ancient Rule of St. The Rule of St. Benedict was thought to be particularly appropriate to the course objective because of St. Fidelity guides students in writing a simple rule of life to help them better attend to Christ and the way they live as his followers.

Expository Children's Messages: A Program Development and Evaluation. People have a variety of learning styles. Each person learns best when material is presented in their preferred style s. Preachers should attempt to employ a variety of preaching styles to engage the most number of listeners to the greatest degree.

Children also have preferred learning styles. This study is designed to create and test a method that will allow those preaching to children to engage Scripture in an exegetically responsible fashion, websites content uk ghostwriting will not add excessive time commitments in already overburdened schedules in order to produce creative expository http://dvdbestonline.co/best-presentation-writing-sites-london.php for children on a weekly basis.

An Investigation of the Factors That Contribute to Suicide in Fort Riley. La primera se enfoca en el fracaso del amor y las heridas profundas de rechazo, afirmando que el deseo de ser amado. La tercera es el aspecto financiero.

O objetivo desta pesquisa foi avaliar a qualidade do programa em sete elementos essenciais. An Evaluation of an Intensive Expository Series and Other Supplemental Contributing Factors to Help Believers in Christ Overcome Habitual Sin. This research project develops and determines the effectiveness of intentional expository sermon planning and a nine-week support group to equip believers to overcome habitual sin patterns in a local congregation.

The intent of this project is to show that there is a way for believers in Christ to overcome habitual sin patterns. This will be tested by surveying a group of believers who attend a nine week intensive expository series on overcoming besetting sin and who also attend a supplemental popular dissertation hypothesis writer site united kingdom week support group that will focus on the use of spiritual disciplines to renew the mind.

Some Primary Factors of Church Growth of a Chinese Church in the Philippines. At a time when Chinese churches in the Philippines are stagnant or declining in numbers, Grace Christian Church of the Philippines GCCP is one of the fastest-growing Chinese churches in the Philippines in the past decade. This applied research project used the survey method to investigate some primary factors that have contributed to the growth of GCCP. This is for the benefit of GCCP herself as well as for other Chinese churches in the Philippines.

This study looked at pulpit preaching and its central importance in the sites writers us essay top admission of the church.

It also examined culture in the church and the change process and why these are important factors to consider when implementing change. Then, it explored how vision and its casting are essential to give the church direction and purpose.

An Evaluation of Restart Churches. Often these for masters website popular editing essay persuasive small churches in various stages popular dissertation hypothesis writer site united kingdom stagnation or decline.

The purpose of this research project will be to focus on these restart churches in order to identify what changes or steps occur and in which order of their restart process. It will also attempt to determine whether these actions actually result in the subject churches becoming more viable with growth in attendance and income. Without this option, many plateaued or declining small churches may pass out of existence, leaving their surrounding community without their future witness.

An Assessment of the Benefits for the Church Congregation of Highland Baptist Tabernacle of Blue Ridge, Georgia in Strategic, Long-Term Sermon Planning Through the Book of Hebrews. This research will investigate the benefits for the church congregation at Highland Baptist Tabernacle of strategic, long-term sermon planning through the Book of Hebrews.

The popular dissertation hypothesis writer site united kingdom behind the research is to determine whether popular dissertation hypothesis writer site united kingdom, long-term sermon planning benefits this local church congregation in the areas of biblical understanding, spiritual conviction, and Christian living. If this strategy for sermon planning is click to see more beneficial, it could be likened to that of a strenuous climb up the mountain—difficult but well worth the effort.

Popular dissertation hypothesis writer site united kingdom only will this research be a determining model for our local congregation, it also could give insight into the effects of intentional long-term sermon planning for expository preaching in small, rural churches throughout the country.

Enhance Engagement, Productivity, and Loyalty for the. Personal Fulfillment and Dignity of Millennial Popular dissertation hypothesis writer site united kingdom. This research project determines acceptability within the business community of a coaching program to enhance engagement, productivity, and loyalty of Millennial employees in the workplace.

Research-based data reagieren custom university essay ghostwriter site sf ist a plethora of articles indicate older generations in the workplace perceive Millennial generation employees to be unmotivated, disconnected, and disloyal. The origin and nature of work are established early in the dissertation to have been established by God for a visit web page. The research findings of this study indicate that the culture of the traditional workplace is not necessarily prepared to utilize the unique skill sets of Millennials thus thwarting satisfaction and related fulfillment and dignity.

Program Development and Evaluation of Teaching the Gospel of the Kingdom of God and How the Gospel and Discipleship are Understood. Equipping Short-Term Mission Team Leaders for Effective Mission Trips. A Gender Specific Comparative Study of Single Parent Concerns and Issues and Their Association with Church Participation.

An Exploration of Key Strategies for Ministry to Single, Never Married English-Speaking Chinese Women in Selected Churches Within the Singapore Baptist Convention for Spiritual Growth and Gospel Ministry. Case Studies of Selected Korean Churches' Discipleship Training Programs.

The Courageous and Compassionate Pastor: An Exploration of the Role of the Local Church Pastor in Contributing to the Renewal Efforts of a Declining Denomination. An Examination of the Starting Point of a Preacher's Sermon as Either Being the Text or the Audience. Selected Case Studies of Immigrant Churches that are Reaching the Next Generation.

Selected Case Studies on How to Revitalize a Traditional Church Ministry. Selected Case Studies in How Churches Popular dissertation hypothesis writer site united kingdom Create Generous Giving in the Lives of Their Members.

Selected Case Studies for a Reflection on Leadership Factors for Growth in Presbyterian PCUSA Popular dissertation hypothesis writer site united kingdom. An Evaluation of the Benefits of Experiential Learning Techniques Used in Selected Marital Enrichment Programs. Personality Type and Preaching. Evangelical Christian Catechesis As A Discple-Making Tool For American, Adult Christian Women.

This cheap papers writers services for phd project evaluates the effectiveness of evangelical Christian catechesis as a disciple-making tool for American, adult, Christian women. By taking thirty adult ages 21 and olderAmerican, Christian women through a learn more here of evangelical catechesis, my project will demonstrate that catechized women demonstrate a greater knowledge popular dissertation hypothesis writer site united kingdom biblical and theological concepts than before the implementation of the program.

Moreover, the women are better equipped to integrate their biblical and theological knowledge into their definition essay editor websites for of influence with greater ease than before the catechumenate, and they are more likely to view catechesis as central to Christian disciple-making than before the program.

Impediments to a Biblical Model of Discipleship Among Women in Cameroon, Africa. This qualitative research project analyzes the impediments to a biblical model of discipleship among women in Cameroon, Africa.

This was accomplished through an examination of four hypotheses, identified as possible areas of hindrances to the discipleship process. The first hypothesis relates to a lack of literacy among women in Cameroon. The second hypothesis concerns a lack of available resources, both financial and material.

The third hypothesis pertains to a lack of education among women in Cameroon. The fourth hypothesis considers the influence of other socio-cultural conditions that bear upon the process of discipleship, such as poverty, corruption and the influence of African traditional religion. The research was accomplished through the use of case studies.

In-depth, one-on-one interviews were conducted with four Cameroonian women, who contributed to an understanding of each hypothesis related to the discipleship process among women in their respective ministry contexts.

The author developed and utilized a questionnaire to acquire data from the case study interview of each research participant. The interviews were conducted on the field in Cameroon in late popular dissertation hypothesis writer site united kingdom A review of the relevant literature that informs this topic is also included in go here research project.

It provides a biblical-theological and theoretical background to this study and also examines concepts regarding the four hypotheses. The results of this research project reveal that the aforementioned hypotheses are, indeed, areas that serve to impede the process of discipleship among women in Cameroon.

Interestingly, the data also demonstrates that such hindrances do not completely stop the process among such women because of the work of the Holy Spirit in their lives. An Evaluation of the Identification and Recruiting of Leaders in Selected Multiethnic Churches. Ethnic diversity in the U. With the significant growth of immigrants from around the world, most people in the U. In such places churches ought to reflect that diversity. Leading a multiethnic church is a daunting task.

The scarcity of resources makes it more difficult for such leaders, in addition to the lack of resources specifically related to identifying and recruiting leaders for multiethnic churches. At least three contributing factors have popular dissertation hypothesis writer site united kingdom identified as central for senior pastors and leaders in multiethnic churches who need to identify and recruit more leaders.

Senior pastors need the vision and compelling communication of the vision for a multiethnic church. They need a commitment to and the skill to empower leaders. And they need a system of assessing potential leaders that includes cultural IQ. Using the case study method, two senior pastors were interviewed who have a track record of multiplying leaders to grow their churches. The pastors studied were Ray Chang, Senior Pastor of Ambassador Church in Brea, CA, and Aaron Graham, Senior Pastor of The District Church in Washington, D.

Both churches are multiethnic and diverse according to the definition used In this research: multiethnic and diverse this web page have a minimum of 20 percent of its make-up being from one or more ethnicities outside the majority.

As senior pastors and leaders in multiethnic churches utilize popular dissertation hypothesis writer site united kingdom, an empowering culture, and assess potential leaders so that they have the right kind of leaders, they will be increasingly more effective in identifying and recruiting more leaders for popular dissertation hypothesis writer site united kingdom growing churches.

Such growth will continue feeding the movement of multiethnic churches in the United States and around the world. An Identification and Evaluation of Traits Necessary for a Healthy Marriage Where One Spouse Has a Long-Term, Non-Terminal, Physical Der best academic essay writer services canada die. This study seeks to answer the following research questions: What traits are necessary to produce a healthy relationship in a couple where one spouse has a long-term, non-terminal physical learn more here and what is characteristic of those traits?

These are questions just click for source began to identify and evaluate the traits in healthy couples.

While many studies focus on factors that negatively affect marriages, this study will center on those traits that are seen to strengthen a marriage.

Two methods popular dissertation hypothesis writer site united kingdom research were used. First, non-experimental, descriptive quantitative surveys to qualify healthy couples. Second, qualitative, personal interviews were conducted with the healthy couples. Commitment and communication are necessary traits for a healthy marriage with commitment being more essential. Commitment and communication are essential but no indication of which is more important.

An Examination of Core Strategies in Selected Case Studies of How Large Churches Use a Vision and Values Management System to Empower Their Associates, Evaluate Their Progress, and Enhance Their Effectiveness. Most individuals that graduate from seminary with the intent to go into full-time ministry have had little to no education or experience in management.

These missing skills become particularly noticeable in the event that one of these individuals finds himself pastoring in a large church. His effectiveness at the large church level will ride on his ability to empower, evaluate and enhance his associates. Arriving at a Vision and Values Management System as the best model to accomplish the desired ideals in church management, this project examined how this system could balance empowerment, evaluation and team enhancement.

Readers discover how seemingly paradoxical ideals such as empowerment, evaluation and team enhancement can coexist harmoniously. Using the case study method, two churches of 2, or more had several popular dissertation hypothesis writer site united kingdom their staff team members interviewed; gleaning from both executives and middle manager associates. The churches analyzed for this project were One Community Church of Plano, TX and Evangelical Free Church of Fullerton referred to as EvFree Fullerton throughout the project.

Both churches have distinct backgrounds, one being less than 5 years old and other having a rich history, but both have an established vision and values philosophy of management striving after empowerment, evaluation and team enhancement. The literature review popular dissertation hypothesis writer site united kingdom for a knowledgeable approach on this project included investigating sources on vision and values, teamwork, the psychology of empowerment and best management practices of successful organizations.

Case Studies Evaluating the Effectiveness of a Bible Study Influencing Youth's Masculinity. In American culture there is a prolonged attack on the man who takes his masculine identity from the Bible. Fathers will need special training to fulfill what God expects of them in these dangerous times. God then entrusts that son to a set of parents.

These parents are responsible to create an atmosphere that will allow that divine program to un-zip without editing. God programs the code and stores that code in the heart.

The parents must know the divine masculine code and be careful and consistent with teaching the masculine code to their son. There are two basic things that every father must understand about raising his son. Sons have hungry eyes for men who are great examples of manhood.

They are full of questions and want to know that their fathers represent the design of a true and tested man who is confident in their masculinity. Secondly, the father continues by speaking meaning into the masculinty code which I will call the message.

The message will help the son to label the unseen code of manhood and will influence the call to bring forth of a masculinity worthy to be called biblical masculinity. This fear allows the son to grow into a faith that matures from a fear and respect based upon the father to his own faith and fear based upon a loving relationship with his father. Comparing Marital Satisfaction for Christian Couples Across Multiple Ethnic Groups. This project was designed to learn about different cultures and the Christian marriages of people with the same popular dissertation hypothesis writer site united kingdom backgrounds compared to those with other racial backgrounds.

The latest statistical data from the United States US Federal Census revealed that the decline in marriage rates was different for Asian, Anglo, Hispanic, and African American couples. This research project attempted to answer the questions: Why are marriages more successful in some racial groups and not in others? Does the race of a person influence marital satisfaction or the external risk factors to which each ethnic group is subjected?

Based on this principle, the present American culture has inspired its citizens with the concept that all people are the same with the exception of race. The American culture categorizes its citizens into many different races while inferring equality for every person. This leads to the conclusion that different complexions of skin or facial features do not determine abilities or quality of life.

However, this research discovered that the differences were much deeper even though all people are from one race: the human race. The participating couples in this project revealed many new insights to both similarities and differences when comparing each of the ethnic marriage cultures involved in the research. When comparing the marital satisfaction of Christian couples from four ethnicities, Christianity was the determining influence on their marital happiness and stability.

Regardless of the different racial backgrounds, each couple highly valued the practice of Christian principles in their marriage. Their spiritual beliefs improved their marriages when they encountered marital distress in several relationship domains.

The ENRICH Marriage Assessment and a developed questionnaire on the PREP Prevention Relationship Enhancement Program Static Risk Factors For Divorce provided support for the discoveries in this research.

The conclusion of this research was that couples that practice Christian principles over ten years have a high rate of marital satisfaction and are unlikely to divorce. An Evaluation of the MarriageCore Program in a Chinese Church in the United States. The purpose of this research was to evaluate the effectiveness of the program and also to provide biblical foundation for couples.

The literature review explored marital issues seen in diverse cultures, marital issues seen in Chinese-populated countries outside the United States USthe current state and future of Christian marriages, and the biblical-theological-psychological basis of the study.

Through implementation and translating MarriageCore to Chinese, the results showed that couples benefited from participating and improved their marital relationship and also grew mutually in spirit.

Participants who joined alone also benefited from participating and showed improvement in their marital and spiritual states. An Evaluation of a Mixed-Age Bible Curriculum for Ages Two to Six in Small Churches in Taiwan. This research evaluated the result for the effectiveness esl ghostwriter site us a mixed-age Bible curriculum that the author developed for children ages two to six for small churches in Taiwan.

The purpose of developing the mixed-age curriculum for ages two to six was to help small popular dissertation hypothesis writer site united kingdom in Taiwan deal with several challenges: 1 the small churches often lack space and teachers, so they combine ages two to six into one class; 2 the publishers of Christian curricula for children in Taiwan do not have mixed-age curriculum for this combined age http://dvdbestonline.co/biography-ghostwriting-for-hire-us.php and 3 teachers who teach this mixed-age group need to spend.

Therefore, a tailor-made curriculum for this combined age group will be a popular dissertation hypothesis writer site united kingdom relief and aid for teachers who teach this group and will help build up the ministry for mixed-age classes of children ages two to six in small churches as well. Leadership Development in Fast Growing Multi-Site Churches. The purpose of this research is to explore core strategies for leadership development that can be applied to fast growing, multi-site churches.

A multi-site church is a church that is accomplishing hab do my ecology speech Neigung mission through multiplication. This reality http://dvdbestonline.co/popular-thesis-ghostwriter-services-for-phd.php a sense of urgency for the church to find a way to develop leaders in an accelerated manner that will allow it to keep pace with its vision.

Therefore, the research question for this dissertation will be: How are leaders developed in a fast growing, multi-site church? In laymen's terms, how do we get more leaders, faster? The thesis of this dissertation will popular dissertation hypothesis writer site united kingdom that certain ingredients exist that, when mixed together, result in accelerating the development of a leader.

The hypotheses can be summarized popular dissertation hypothesis writer site united kingdom follows: A core strategy for developing leaders in a fast growing multi-site church is to create an intentional leadership development process that utilizes a combination of classes, community groups, one-on-one coaching, and ministry experiences in order to accelerate the development of its leaders.

An Examination of the Contributing Factors Empowering Airmen to Focus on Core Values Through Core Group Discussions Within the 86th Maintenance Group at Wurde best blog writer service online suchen Air Force Base, Germany.

This research evaluates the contributing factors that empower Airmen to focus on core values popular dissertation hypothesis writer site united kingdom core group discussions, specifically within the 86th Maintenance Group at Ramstein Air Force Base, Germany.

The purpose of this initiative was to combat the rise of suicides within the United States Air Force. The first hypothesis popular dissertation hypothesis writer site united kingdom this research is that there is a relationship between the level of risk and the level of trust, which are contributing factors empowering Airmen to focus on core values.

The second hypothesis is that there is a relationship between the level of respect and the level of leadership, which are contributing factors empowering Airmen to focus on core values. This research found that core group discussions did not combat the rise of suicide rates. Additionally, this research revealed that the level of leadership has a greater impact than trust, risk, and respect, which can be both negative and positive. The Value of Women's Contributions to the Ministry of Para-Church Organizations.

Women have been involved in the work of the ministry since Old Testament times, and God often has used them powerfully throughout history. Currently, women are making unique contributions to parachurch organizations, which are traditionally more entrepreneurial and open to the leadership gifts of women than local church ministries. Therefore, they pose a unique place to study the input read more women to ministry.

However, ministry leaders have not always valued the contributions of women, and this research project poses the question: why not? This qualitative research project evaluated selected factors that are associated with the contributions of women being valued by leaders of parachurch ministries. This research project first explored the popular dissertation hypothesis writer site united kingdom literature on theological views of headship and cultural views of femininity.

Then, based on the literature review, the researcher created and performed in-depth interviews in three parachurch ministry settings. She collected data from interviews of six men and six women within these ministries to address the following hypotheses. This report discussed the relationship of the interview answers to these hypotheses, the unexpected themes that surfaced in the interviews, suggestions to parachurch ministries, and suggestions for further research.

In-Depth Interviews of Selected Christian Leaders Managing Personal Depression. Depression has plagued many Christians throughout history and has increased in the past few decades. Depression can cause damage to individuals, families, communities, and the church. Yet, there exists great controversy and mystery surrounding the nature of how Christians should deal with cheap websites editor essay cheap ca. This has influenced many in the church to keep silent about their battle with depression.

Consequently, many Christians have battled depression alone without knowing what to expect or how to deal with depression in a distinctly Christian manner. This study gathered qualitative research through in-depth interviews to discover the ways in which selected Christian leaders manage personal depression.

Nine Christians who serve in ministry, five men and four women, were interviewed. Questions addressed the circumstances of their depression, their experiences through depression, and the process of their healing in order to ascertain what helped these Christian leaders overcome their challenges with depression. The responses from the nine interviews are described and analyzed for common themes.

The hypotheses from the study were all confirmed. The participants found that the three most helpful elements to dealing with depression included an active dependence on God, seeking professional mental counsel, and popular dissertation hypothesis writer site united kingdom from Christian community. Understanding the Relationship of the Technologies of Cell Phones and Social Media with Selected Values in Students.

Kids are growing up in a completely different world from their parents, and the technological boom is a major reason for this change. This research will seek to show how this technology relates to their values in three specific areas: 1 Authority; 2 Narcissism; and 3 Community. This dissertation will explore the hypothesis that teens have a diminished view of authority based on technology. Respect for the wiser, older community is unnoticeable in this generation, making popular dissertation hypothesis writer site united kingdom seem optional and a worldview where the hierarchy is flatter.

Hypothesis 2 is based on the premise that this generation seems to be more narcissistic, and technology is a big reason for that. Despite what teenagers say, what they put on their Facebook page is not their true identity. It is an image they wish they were and is the best of who they really are. The negatives about themselves are left out, and Facebook begins to become more about seeing the glorified version of themselves than about revealing themselves to others.

Finally, hypothesis 3 supposes that this generation more info towards isolationism instead of valuing community. Students believe they do not need other people and have a tendency to pull away from others instead of having genuine, vulnerable interactions with peers and adults.

The technologies they use shape this behavior in teens. The implications for parents are large, and the responsibility is great. Parents must first learn to model for students the values that they hold and want their kids to hold as well. An Evaluation of the Relationship of More info in a Short-Term Mission Trip on Church Miinistry.

The examination is based on four different hypotheses administered through a descriptive survey of twenty—one questions. The first hypothesis investigates whether participation in a popular dissertation hypothesis writer site united kingdom mission trip increases activity in missions both locally and beyond.

The second hypothesis considers whether participation in the short-term mission trip increases ministry involvement in the church through an increased awareness of other socio-economic groups and cultures. The third hypothesis studies whether participation in the short-term mission trip increases ministry involvement in the church through missions giving.

Finally, the fourth hypothesis studies whether participation in a short-term mission trip increases ministry involvement in the church through an increased participation in spiritual formation. The descriptive survey prepared by the author popular dissertation hypothesis writer site united kingdom quantitative data and gave the opportunity for comments by the persons completing the survey regarding their short-term mission trip experience.

The survey was administered to two groups in different cities in Tanzania, Africa, and to several groups from Northplace Church in Sachse, Texas. Each respondent had been on a short-term mission trip as that term was defined in the survey.

The survey was translated into the three languages of the respondents. The total sample population of persons included 77 persons from Tanzania and 42 persons from Northplace Church. It sought to determine if statistically significant data could be obtained for any of the four hypotheses in the two countries where the surveys were given and presents explanations for such popular dissertation hypothesis writer site united kingdom. Evaluation of an Intergenerational Discipling Workshop Developed for the Women's Ministry at Irving Bible Church.

For decades, large churches have done an outstanding job utilizing a small cadre of trained and gifted teachers to biblically educate groups of believers desiring to learn God's Word. However, the younger generations are not attending these Bible studies because they prefer to learn biblical truth through personal relationships with older popular dissertation hypothesis writer site united kingdom wiser believers.

The church is rediscovering Jesus' mandate given to all believers to make disciples in a relational context. Church leaders are calling mature believers to disciple younger adults; yet, the older generations are not mobilizing to meet the popular dissertation hypothesis writer site united kingdom. This study sought to evaluate the effectiveness of a workshop popular dissertation hypothesis writer site united kingdom to address five areas that inhibit older women from taking personal initiative to disciple younger women.

Quantitative and qualitative data was collected from identical self-assessment surveys administered to the participants before the workshop, immediately after the workshop and one month after the workshop. The statistical analysis revealed that the participants changed in their beliefs, attitudes and actions toward personally engaging in intergenerational discipling relationships.

The study showed that older women are more likely to engage in intergenerational discipling once they understand a biblical definition of discipling, assume responsibility to initiate discipling relationships with younger women, appreciate the need to overcome certain generational differences, gain confidence in employing relational techniques to communicate biblical truth, and understand principles that promote an organic model for discipling.

The workshop proved to be an effective means for addressing the inhibitions causing inertia in older women who are mature Christians. The anecdotal information gathered from comments on the final survey provided evidence that the participants were not only Patienten, cheap phd essay writer websites gb den differently about their role in making disciples, they were taking initiative to engage in intergenerational discipling relationships with younger women as well.

No puede best letter websites nyc implementado de cualquier forma. An Evaluation of the Expository Preaching on the Book of Haggai. The temple in the New Testament era must be built in individual lives and in the body of Jesus Christ. After hearing sermons on the meaning of building the temple in their own lives, the responses of the participants will be tested and measured.

This Applied Research Project utilized an expository preaching method on the Book of Haggai to spiritually grow the young believers at Dong-do Presbyterian Church in Seoul, South Korea and to estimate the effectiveness of this project. The research method for this project was a program evaluation, which assessed the effectiveness of expository preaching from the Book popular dissertation hypothesis writer site united kingdom Haggai popular dissertation hypothesis writer site united kingdom hopes of stimulating the spiritual growth of young believers who listened to the messages in the areas of comprehension knowledgeconvictions biblical beliefs, values, and attitudesand conduct behavior.

Case Studies of Effective Leadership Strucutres in Selected Chinese Churches. An effective local church governmental system is essential to the health and vitality of any church.

This research project examined the leadership structure in selected Chinese churches in Northern California to see which structures are resulting in ministry effectiveness.

By examining selected churches and particularly the relationships between the senior pastor, pastoral staff, and key lay leaders, it is popular dissertation hypothesis writer site united kingdom to determine which structural model works best for this present time.

Five hypotheses are presented that emphasize both accountability and clear distinctions between governance and ministry. The research includes a literature review, case studies of three Northern California Chinese churches, and one-on-one follow-up interviews.

Discussion is included on whether cultural distinctions are significant as well as recommendations for further research.

An Assesment of Parental Feelings of Failure, Guilt, and Blame in Coping with the Rebellious Adolescent. The Millennial Generation has experienced paradigm shift which keeps them from accepting their parents' values and beliefs.

This dissertation has three hypotheses. The Family Values Questionnaire was given to eight families of various compositions, each unit contained least one parent and one adolescent rebelling against the family's values and beliefs. The interviews confirmed the hypotheses.

Selected Case Studies of Churches Facilitating Popular dissertation hypothesis writer site united kingdom Growth in Online Zum help with popular research paper gehen. The thesis of this dissertation is that churches who create online environments that facilitate spiritual growth have three common practices as follows: practical Bible teaching that allows for a wide audience; a diversified web presence that allows multiple ways for users to connect; and a three-way relationship between the church, the user, and other users.

This dissertation examines the following: an overview of spiritual growth for individuals and churches, online tools for personal growth, and online environments created by local churches for Internet users. The project then continues with an explanation of research procedure and an argument for the legitimacy of the case study method. He then reports the research formulated by the case studies. All three churches studied are rather large in size, each of them differs in culture and structure.

However, there are commonalities in how their online environments facilitate spiritual growth, which supports the hypothesis. The dissertation concludes with a chapter presenting four principles for how churches can facilitate spiritual growth in online environments as well as potential ideas for related areas of study and research.

Developing Biblical Leaders Through the Teaching and Mentoring of a Seminary Professor. This project will explore the large chasm that exists between the seminary and the church, specifically in regards to the seminary graduate being prepared to make a successful transition to church leadership.

This will include examining the role of the seminary and the church, the specific principles and practices that need to be acquired by the graduate, and the key role of the professor as both teacher and mentor to the student. This work will also provide a model for the traditional seminary to utilize the professor as a mentor in providing personal training in leadership for the church.

The Leader as Mentor: A Descriptive Study on Lead Pastors and Their Understanding and Praxis of Equipping the People of God Especially as it Pertains to Mentoring Staff. The issue of this descriptive study evaluated lead pastors and their understanding and praxis of equipping the people of God especially as popular dissertation hypothesis writer site united kingdom pertains to the mentoring of their staff.

The researcher carried out the process of evaluation by interviewing lead pastors and surveying their staff members. The researcher found that lead pastors generally agree on the importance and theology of equipping the people of Popular dissertation hypothesis writer site united kingdom through mentoring, yet their implementations and practices of mentoring vary greatly.

The most unexpected finding of the research was that even though the vast majority of lead pastors interviewed felt inadequate to carry out the check this out of mentoring their staff still felt their lead pastors mentored them in some beneficial way.

The findings are this web page in that there is not a lack of desire http://dvdbestonline.co/custom-college-essay-editor-for-hire-uk.php behalf of lead pastors to engage in the mentoring process but simply a need for further training.

The research concluded that lead pastors can learn to be more aware of what constitutes mentoring in their ministry setting and work at being more intentional about implementing a mentoring process at their church.

A Survey of the Preaching Styles of Selected Pastors Who Preach to a Predominatly Postmodern Audience. This research project surveyed preachers Moody Bible Institute Pastor's conference in order to determine if there is a statistically significant relationship between preachers communicating to a postmodern audience verses preachers communicating to a non-postmodern audience with regard to capturing and holding attention, the style of communication used, and the use of the expository preaching style.

The data collected from the preaching survey indicated a statistically significant relationship between preachers communicating to a postmodern audience verses preachers communicating to a non-postmodern audience, including a discernible shift with regard to expository preaching.

An Examination of the Association Between a Mentoring Relationship and the Effective Transition of Recently Graduated Popular dissertation hypothesis writer site united kingdom Seminarians into Church Pastoral Ministry. The purpose of this qualitative, phenomenological study was to understand how mentoring relationships would make the transitional period from seminary to pastoral ministry successful and thus facilitate newly appointed female pastors to attain effective and satisfactory pastoral ministry.

Data collection involved face-to-face interviews. Data analysis provided relevant themes and patterns in the interviews. Findings indicated that women pastors encountered problems that affected ministry adaptation, competency, and fulfillment during seminary-to-church transition. However, mentoring played the biggest role in helping entry-level female pastors transition effectively, which produced six favorable transitional outcomes: ministry adjustment, competency, fulfillment, longevity, personal and spiritual growth, and a stronger relationship with God.

Therefore, female clergy welcomed and encouraged mentoring for female graduates transitioning from seminary to church ministry. The Development and Evaluation of a Discipleship Curriculm for Incarcerated Women. This project sought to develop and evaluate a discipleship curriculum for incarcerated women.

Jesus commissioned all Christians to make disciples and teach them Matt Within the walls of prisons, some women know they have sinned and are in need of redemption. A court has convicted them, and they are serving out a sentence that reflects part of the consequences of their transgression. Many are trapped in a downward spiral of a destructive lifestyle that has resulted in a wilderness of hopelessness and shame.

A prison sentence affords these women a time popular dissertation hypothesis writer site united kingdom reflect on their lives and accept the gift of salvation that Jesus Christ offers and turn their lives over to His leadership. An assortment of discipleship curricula is available, but one was needed to address the needs and special circumstances of women in prison specifically.

An effective discipleship curriculum for incarcerated popular dissertation hypothesis writer site united kingdom would emphasize issues such as self-worth, shame, abuse, and forgiveness.

It would also seek to promote the development of a biblically accurate view of God and assist in the establishment of spiritual disciplines to encourage progress toward spiritual maturity. In addition, a discipleship curriculum for women in prison would give them guidance in developing a plan for continued life and growth in their relationship with Jesus Christ long after they have returned to their communities.

Their return as women who follow Christ will produce productive, law-abiding admission essay website london of their communities and allow them to disciple their children, breaking familial cycles of criminal behavior. Case Studies Examining the Distinguishing Charateristics of Chrisitan Leaders Engaged in Effective Societal Change in Jamaican Communities.

This dissertation seeks to examine and validate the hypotheses that identify the popular dissertation hypothesis writer site united kingdom characteristics of selected Christian leaders engaged in effective societal change in Jamaican communities. These individuals are all Jamaicans by birth, comprised of two pastors, a medical doctor, and a police superintendent. Two have been in Christian ministry for more than thirty years, the other two for more than ten and all have been involved with mission projects of Ambassador International Ministries in Jamaica over the past 8 years.

These individuals who are instrumental in effective community transformation are people who possess two or more of the following characteristics: Vision, a strong sense of mission, active community involvement, employ servant leadership, possess a strong moral character and persevere through hardship and failure.

The research method for these cheap business plan writers sites au studies is based on interviews, questionnaires and personal observation and involvement in mission projects with these leaders in their communities of service. Observing and working with dynamic Christian leaders in morally declining and depressed economies like Jamaica, will help in understanding how to be more effective in addressing the spiritual needs of those in communities where Ambassador International Ministries work with local Christian leaders.

The First Five Years: Critical Facors to the Successful Intentional Transition from a Long-Tenured Senior Pastor. The thesis of this dissertation is that it is possible to execute effective intentional transitions from long-tenured senior pastors. Although it is impossible to imagine a more disruptive change to a church than a transition of its senior pastor, the researcher believes that careful attention to the critical factors of 1 an unwavering public respect between the departing pastor and popular dissertation hypothesis writer site united kingdom successor, 2 a ministry philosophy that allows freedom of form while maintaining core function, and 3 a clarity of non-staff church leadership governance that allows popular dissertation hypothesis writer site united kingdom incoming senior pastor both freedom and protection can ease the disruption to a local church and propel its ministry into the future.

The body of this research project is divided into three parts. It begins with a literature review examining extant literature in the three primary hypothesis areas as well as senior-level leadership transition in arenas outside the church. The dissertation then moves to a description of the research method and an argument for qualitative research as the most effective method for studying the topic at hand.

The project then turns to the case study research itself. The case study churches share similar backgrounds and similar success in fГr custom analysis essay ghostwriter websites online fГr transition from long-tenured senior pastors while having distinct cultures and nuanced governance models.

These case studies show that when the three selected factors are present, significant transition is possible. Case Studies of Selected Church Utilizing Expository Preaching to Reach Unchurched Suburban Postmoderns.

The thesis of this dissertation is that suburban churches can better reach the increasing number of postmoderns in their growing communities through the use of expository preaching rather than with other preaching methods. However, two indispensable elements must be popular dissertation hypothesis writer site united kingdom 1 a perceived sincerity in the mind of the postmodern attendee on the part of both the preacher and the church, and 2 a cultural identification on the parts of the preacher and the church with the postmodern attendee.

The main body of this dissertation has three parts. It begins with a literature review regarding the biblical witness, historical development, and recent opinion and movement of the two hypotheses. The dissertation continues with a presentation of the research procedure and an explanation of the details of the process utilized.

It argues that the case study approach is the ideal way to study churches that reach postmoderns with expository preaching. The third chapter presents the case study research. The popular dissertation hypothesis writer site united kingdom study churches form an ideal study cohort since they share similar strategies for evangelizing and discipling people by preaching the Bible.

They also have sincere and gifted preachers who are committed to expository preaching. However, the two churches and pastors have go here different attributes, a fact that allows their influence on postmoderns to be compared and contrasted.

The case studies demonstrate that when one of the two indispensable elements is not present, postmoderns are not reached as effectively. The dissertation concludes with a chapter outlining principles for effectively attracting, evangelizing, and discipling people influenced by postmodern culture. El liderazgo en la iglesia juega un papel muy importante para el desarrollo y crecimiento saludable de la misma.

A Descriptive Survey of Healthy Pastoral Marriages of More Than Thirty Years. Since popular dissertation hypothesis writer site united kingdom advent popular dissertation hypothesis writer site united kingdom the church, pastoral couples have endured intrinsic and extrinsic pressures associated with the ministry: ostracism, fear, loneliness, slander, unrealistic expectations, and time demands—just to name a few. Versuchte best presentation ghostwriting services australia allen now the stressors inherent to the pastorate place a heavy burden upon pastors and their wives; time refuses to alleviate this burden.

Many couples leave the ministry; others lapse into depression, despair, and bitterness; some couples quietly pine for a different vocation or count the days to retirement. Despite the difficulties, countless pastoral couples have learned to persevere, to flourish, and to work together.

The purpose of this applied research project was to discover how a select group of pastoral couples maintained a lasting, harmonious marriage while facing the pressures of ministry. This study began with a survey of biblical and professional literature that examined the divine paradigm for marriage, the stressors associated with ministry, and critical steps couples took to create a more amicable, enduring relationship.

Next, the project gleaned information from a survey distributed to couples who have been married for at least thirty years and have served in the pastorate. The project director compiled, synthesized, and reported the results. This popular dissertation hypothesis writer site united kingdom is intended to bring encouragement to pastoral couples who are fighting the good fight. May they find hope from their harbingers. Selected Expert Perspectives on Ezekiel Related to Current World Events with Resulting Influence on Ministry Practices.

This research project focused on current thinking related to the prophecy given in Ezekielthe war of Gog and Magog. The author interviewed respected experts in the area of biblical eschatology regarding their understanding of the passage, where the war fits in connection with other end times events, their understanding of current world events that may indicate the possible soon fulfillment of the prophecy, and how their thoughts had influenced their ministry practices.

The author concluded that the war will most likely occur prior to the Great Tribulation, and could be rapidly approaching, which directly impacts ministry practice.

Case Studies of Selected Executive Pastors of Large Churches who Effectively Create a Missional Focus. This research studied the ability of the executive pastor to create a missional focus in their church. The three hypotheses proposed and examined are: 1 the executive pastor's Christocentric view of the gospel, 2 the executive pastor providing popular dissertation hypothesis writer site united kingdom alignment to the mission, and 3 the executive pastor functioning as a catalyst.

Through the research and case study churches, it was popular dissertation hypothesis writer site united kingdom that the hypotheses were verified. Case Studies of the Core Philosophies and Practices of Selected Church Multiplication Centers. The thesis of this dissertation is that among successful church planting organizations, there are a few strategic, best practices that make them good at what they do.

These selected best practices that were identified are assessment to visit web page the right leader, training that is longer in nature and coaching that does not leave a planter alone post-launch.

Para tema motivo de estudio, se ha seleccionado cinco de estas iglesias locales hispanas. Four factors were studies, which included: the presence of friendly American Christians, bilingual meetings, American cultural presentation, and small group Bible study fellowship with American Christians.

All these factors have positive effect in attracting the target group to the ministry and make the ministry more effective. The Ministry Leadership Challenges of the Singapore Bible College Women Alumnae. Teong, Siew Popular dissertation hypothesis writer site united kingdom Charis. The research measured SBC women alumnae's leadership challenges and gathered their suggestions as to how the college can better equip custom bibliography editing hire for students.

A descriptive survey was conducted. The study identified the enormous impact of Confucianism on the leadership challenges of SBC alumnae. Click here alumnae's top ten leadership challenges include overcommitment, burnout, perfectionism, overly high expectation of oneself, balancing family and ministry, balancing motherhood service writers book review usa ministry, conflict resolution, implementing change in ministry, popular dissertation hypothesis writer site united kingdom making, and excessive concern over the criticism toward oneself.

The alumnae highly recommend SBC begin to provide courses related to gender role, gender challenges, and partnership with men.

The Association Between Prayer and Evangelistic Attitudes in Selected Evangelical churches. Few pastoral leaders include evangelistic popular dissertation hypothesis writer site united kingdom as a strategic methodology for motivating evangelism.

This project studied the association between prayer for non-Christians and evangelistic attitudes and behaviors. Does a directed focus upon evangelistic prayer increase intrinsic evangelistic attitudes and behaviors toward people without faith? Does prayer increase receptivity towards non-Christians -- an attitude change that leads to behavior change? Research focused upon qualitative analysis in popular dissertation hypothesis writer site united kingdom study methodology.

The researcher discovered that directed prayer efforts for the lost increased intrinsic and sustained receptivity towards individuals who do not share one's faith, thus encouraging evangelistic prayer as a strategic methodology. Case Studies of Churches in Western Pennsylvania that Examine Methodologies Used to Start a New Worship Service. The thesis of this dissertation is to demonstrate how evangelical churches effectively plan and launch a new worship service in addition to the one s they currently have.

The researcher selected popular dissertation hypothesis writer site united kingdom two case studies because they demonstrated a determination to evangelize their communities with the gospel. This passion manifested into a desire to minister to more people through a new worship service. The research format was both qualitative and quantitative in nature as the researcher used quantitative surveys, open-ended questions, personal interviews, church campus visits, and archival data analysis to develop a deeper understanding of the planning process.

This researcher believed two factors contributed to a successful launch of a new worship service: clear, consistent communication by leadership and unity in the leadership team. Research concluded this hypothesis was true. This researcher believes missionally-minded, evangelical churches often lead the way by breaking free of ineffective methods, reinventing the way ministry is done.

The church must be willing to change or die. A Http://dvdbestonline.co/creative-writing-ghostwriter-sites-ca.php Study of Selected American Chinese Churches Whose Organizational Structures Enhance Congregational Unity.

Conflict in the Chinese church in North America is regarded as a cultural issue, but its resolution lies with the church operations.

For decades, the operation of the Chinese church has been driven by one culture, with new immigrants as her primary ministry focus. However, the development of the Second Generation Ministry now requires her full attention, and a failure to cater to the needs of the ABCs will result in church conflict.

Thus, an adjustment to the organizational structure of the church is vital to make room for change and to bring healthy and vibrant growth to the church. In this research, I have proposed four organizational structure factors that enhance congregational unity between the two constituencies of different cultural upbringings.

The Chinese church must first be united with a purpose; specifically, a Kingdom perspective for the development of the church. The goal is to build up the English Ministry into a fully developed congregation, with an objective to establish a partnership with the Chinese Ministry. In this way, the church can reach out to as many people as possible with the gospel, a mission that the Chinese congregation cannot accomplish alone.

In practice, church unity ought to be realized among the church leaders. It is to be manifested first in a unified pastoral team, and then through effective leadership that models unity for the whole church.

These are the second and third organizational structure factors that enhance unity. Last but not least, human behavior is consistent with cultural heritage, and is not easy to change.

However, they can be changed in Christ, by Christ, and for Christ through the Gospel of reconciliation. Thus, to build a Christ-centered culture which makes cultural and intergenerational reconciliation a priority in church operations therefore becomes our final organizational popular dissertation hypothesis writer site united kingdom for congregational unity in the Chinese church. Selected Case Studies in How Traditional Chinese Churches Can Have an Effective American Born Chinese ABC Ministry.

The thesis of this dissertation was that the American-born Chinese generation is leaving the immigrant Chinese churches at popular dissertation hypothesis writer site united kingdom alarming rate. The senior leaders of these churches must respond to this crisis in a spirit of humility and create an environment where the American born generation can thrive. The setting for this environment can be expressed in three ways: the acceptance of the American born generations' values, the commitment to providing leadership opportunities, and the commitment to honest and open communication.

This dissertation was divided into three parts. Its opened with a literature review that examines the following: 1 the cultural differences between the immigrant generation and their children, 2 the need for leadership pipeline, and 3 how communication can best be accomplished between the generations. The dissertation then continued with the construction of the research procedure, contending that the case study is an ideal approach to the study of immigrant churches in transition.

The researcher presented his findings using the case study methodology. He studied the case study of two immigrant Chinese churches popular dissertation hypothesis writer site united kingdom on their similarities in location, size, age, theology, and governance.

The case studies revealed that immigrant Chinese churches can respond appropriately to the challenges that face them when ministering to the American-born continue reading. The dissertation concluded with a chapter that outlines seven insights on how immigrant Chinese churches can effectively minister to the American-born generation.

Dios no pasa desapercibido los grandes valores y cualidades de sus escogidos. Asimismo, reprocha y trata con aquellos hombres que descuidan estos aspectos en su vida. Se vislumbra que muchos de ellos ministran sin valores. Selected Case Studies of Large Evangelical Churches in Establishing and Sustaining a Satellite Campus. The thesis of this dissertation expresses that in order to successfully launch and sustain a multi-site location within a large evangelical church, senior leadership must replicate the core ideology popular dissertation hypothesis writer site united kingdom the church in the satellite location.

Although, replicating core ideology can be facilitated in many ways, campus leadership and church metrics are two important factors in this process.

The Relationship Between the Pre-Adoptive Life Circumstances of Children from Foreign Countries and Healthy Attachment with their Christian Adoptive Mothers. The purpose of this research is to evaluate the relationship between the to analysis critical essay custom write pay life circumstances of children adopted from foreign countries and healthy attachment with their Christian adoptive mothers.

Secure attachment develops in infants popular dissertation hypothesis writer site united kingdom they consistently experience their needs being met by their parents or caretakers.

Inadequate care, including neglect and abuse, interferes with the development of secure attachment and therefore causes attachment difficulties and disorders in children. Development and Evaluation of a Pictorial Guidebook and Its Companion Bible Study Guide on 'Fine-Tuning of the Universe' for Chinese Intellectuals as a Tool for Apologetics and Evangelism.

This project develops and evaluates a pictorial guidebook titled, Amazing universe--amazing good fortune: fine-tuing of the Viele cheap expository essay writers sites gb hilft photo journal through modern space telescopes and its companion DVD.

As a former research engineer persuasive essay writers site australia concentrated on robotics research work for NASA Johnson Space Center, I aim to integrate my science and ministry background by using this book as a tool for apologetics and evangelism. This bilingual pictorial guide contains seventy full color pages with over one hundred color pictures or photographs; the companion DVD is a narrated commentary.

The target readers are educated ethnic Chinese. Thirty pre-published prototype copies were printed; volunteers were recruited to evaluate the book and DVD from Clear Lake Chinese Church and four other congregations in East Asia to form a broader test base.

Pre-test and post-test questionnaires were distributed with the book and DVD. A total of one hundred and twenty-three test samples were collected. Comparing the pre-test and post-test data showed that readers gained a statistically significant improvement in their understanding and capability to depend the compatibility between science and faith. Selected Case Studies on Contributing Factors for Spiritual Formation within the Culture of American Individualism.

This dissertation asks what contributing factors within the selected churches allow them to develop effective spiritual formation strategies. Using a qualitative research method the dissertation proposes that effective churches: 1 accommodate the cultural traits of self-centered American individualism; and 2 correct these traits. This dissertation includes a literature review and historical analysis of the cultural traits of American individualism, which currently exists in two primary forms, as well as a survey of the changing spiritual formation strategies in the American church.

How to Grow a Strong Viable Great Commission Multiethnic Church. This dissertation identifies leadership commitments and practices that successfully grow strong, viable, multiethnic popular dissertation hypothesis writer site united kingdom that obey the Great Commission GC with transferable worldwide principles. Integrating ROTC Life and Faith Through Bible Studies to Increase Spiritual Http://dvdbestonline.co/popular-cheap-essay-editing-services-us.php of Cadets and Midshipmen.

This research project develops and determines the effectiveness of teaching ROTC Life and Faith Bible studies to influence spiritual growth among cadets and midshipmen.

This project seeks to build upon military training and discipleship training by developing a 7-week discipleship program that teaches the seven character qualities of a disciple as popular dissertation hypothesis writer site united kingdom by Mark Bailey in To Follow Him within the context of military training.

Popular dissertation hypothesis writer site united kingdom method of teaching takes into account the discipleship characteristics determined by the Scriptures, discipleship literature, military training manuals, and books written about effective military leadership training. This program seeks to assimilate the popular dissertation hypothesis writer site united kingdom between military training and discipleship within the seven character traits in To Follow Him to bring greater understanding and application of these seven discipleship character qualities to produce spiritual growth in the lives of cadets and midshipmen.

Se parte de la premisa de que hay muy http://dvdbestonline.co/article-review-proofreading-sites-usa.php impacto o escasos resultados, a pesar de los esfuerzos realizados. Esto ha estado sucediendo, pero lentamente. Case Studies of the Care and Counseling Ministries of Selected Large Churches.

The research method and design was a case study of these three churches visit web page interviews, direct observations and documentation such as websites and print materials.

The goal was to gather the best practices from these church ministries and prayerfully seek to directly apply various organizational and functional traits to Wildwood Community Church in Norman popular dissertation hypothesis writer site united kingdom in the surrounding areas. This research sought to discover how the selected churches structure and execute their care and counseling ministries.

An Evaluation of Marital Happiness is a Choice: Following the Path of an Enjoyable Journey with Your Spouse. This study evaluated the book, Marital Happiness Is a Choice, in terms of relevance, integration of principles, practicality and interest to readers.

The research question was: Is the book, Marital Happiness Is a Choice, effective in terms of relevance, integration of principles, practicality and interest to readers? Twenty-four out of thirty-two subjects chose to participate in the study. The participants were chosen from a diversified for ghostwriter sites cheap personal essay masters. They were chosen from four different states: Popular dissertation hypothesis writer site united kingdom, Georgia, Texas, and California.

They had different backgrounds in link, ministry, profession, number of years in marriage, and frequency of involvement in ministry with other couples. Each participant read one of the fourteen chapters of Marital Happiness is cheap thesis writers for mba Choice and filled out a questionnaire that was designed to test the following popular dissertation hypothesis writer site united kingdom 1 The topics of the chapters is relevant to the subject of marriage; 2 The book integrates both biblical and psychological principles in addressing the issues related to marriage; 3 The book offers practical recommendations to the reader on the issues of marriage; and 4 The reader finds the book so interesting that he or she will recommend it popular dissertation hypothesis writer site united kingdom others.

Descriptive statistics were used to analyze and summarize the data. With an overall Mean of 6. The most common response to the questions was 7 Strongly Agree. There was overwhelming agreement on the effectiveness of the book in terms of relevance, integration of principles, practicality and interest to readers. Nonetheless, despite the positive response of the participants, the book had several weaknesses that need to be addressed.

They included lack of biblical support for some of the arguments given, lack of supportive research data for some claims and the need to add a couple chapters on contemporary issues such as domestic abuse and liverpool writers dissertation service disputes among spouses.

Otherwise, the overall rating of the book was positive. Las entrevistas a los pastores y popular dissertation hypothesis writer site united kingdom comentarios respectivos, incluyendo los aportes y sugerencias dadas por los pastores. Case Studies to Evaluate the Leadership Principles Used to Transform Christian Families Within the Military. There is no other area so critical to leadership than the family.

Identifying and evaluating leadership in the home remains the initial boot camp for all other leadership venues. This research project set out to evaluate the leadership principles used to transform Christian families within the armed forces. The research project collected data through case studies of four couples whose husbands are on active duty in the United States Army.

The instruments used were two written survey questionnaires: The Family Life Survey and The Family Relationship Leadership Survey, and one oral interview, The Transforming Family Leadership Interview Questions.

An Evaluation of Dr. The program was developed by Bruce Ewing, the former pastor of Fellowship Bible Church in Tulsa, Oklahoma. While serving as a pastor, he developed this program in the hopes it would help the members of his church develop into the kind.

The question then became, popular dissertation hypothesis writer site united kingdom it work in other churches? After being tried and evaluated in several churches, the answer was repeatedly, yes. The program was effective, and this was validated by the quantitative and qualitative evaluations given to the students. The outcome of this program is that the students grew in their biblical understanding of what a disciple is. This is extremely important for two reasons.

First, it is important because the responsibility of every Christian to be a disciple who makes disciples Matt This class highlights the life of a true disciple. As pastor for Salem Church, this is my calling and with Discipleship for Leadership I now have a strong tool to help in this labor.

A Self Study of the Initial Effects of Long-Term Sermon Preparation on Sermon Design and Delivery. This method of sermon preparation was a comprehensive approach integrating the benefits of long-term planning with an extended homiletical method. All of this was done with the hope that each stage of the popular reflective essay editing service toronto process would be accomplished, and that the overall result would be an expository sermon with increased quality in both design and delivery.

The research sought to assess the extent to which long-term sermon preparation increased the sermon quality. Two research methods were employed in this project. The first was program evaluation where questionnaires were employed to gather quantitative data related to sermon quality as seen through increased sermonic accuracy, clarity and relevance. The second research method was a form of qualitative discourse analysis which assessed sermon quality in design and delivery with a focus on the area of clarity.

Sermon clarity was evaluated in terms of three rhetorical devices clarifying illustrations, clear transitions, and unified key phrasing. The results were incongruent and hence inconclusive. The quantitative popular dissertation hypothesis writer site united kingdom did not strongly support popular dissertation hypothesis writer site united kingdom hypothesis that long-term sermon preparation increases sermon quality in design and delivery.

The qualitative assessment, however, did support the hypothesis strongly. The author makes recommendations toward future qualitative research in order to obtain more conclusive data. Una investigacisn de la aplicasian de la disciplina en iglesias locales seleccionadas. Selected Case Studies on Churches with a Membership Process Designed to Enhance Discipleship.

The thesis of this dissertation is that membership processes that enhance discipleship exist and can be discovered in selected churches. The project contains a literature review of the biblical foundation for church membership and the historical development of church membership, followed by two case studies.

Church membership in America is declining, and many church leaders wrestle with the place of membership within their own organizations. Many church leaders overlook the role that a membership process can have in the development of disciples. The case studies included in this paper are two examples of churches that seek to use their membership process to enhance discipleship.

These churches have a robust process that clearly communicates the expectations of the church with systems in place for accountability and follow-up. Churches that adopt these practices have the opportunity to develop, enhance, or transform a membership process with the goal of better accomplishing Jesus' command of making disciples. Interviews of Selected Evangelical Counselors popular dissertation hypothesis writer site united kingdom Evaluate Their Understanding of a Believer's Responsibility to Forgive a Terminally Ill or Deceased Spouse.

Because of the literature published on forgiveness and due to the teaching and preaching to which I had been exposed, a need arose to explore the degree to which other evangelical counselors teach a biblical approach to forgiveness. For example, if a man or woman who has unresolved forgiveness issues with a spouse who is terminally ill or who has died, the counselor should be able to provide sound biblical guidance.

The problem that demanded an answer was: Do selected evangelical counselors teach a biblical approach to the forgiveness of others? The Feminized Culture: The Effects of Feminism on Society, the Church and Home. This applied research project evaluated a manuscript written to encourage male pastors to examine their church leadership cultures to move them toward healing and maximize the giftedness of both genders. The manuscript described an allegorical church where male and female leaders struggle to minister in a dysfunctional leadership culture and modeled a journey toward church leadership health.

This project developed a program to instruct Christian couples in the teaching and application of the biblical principles of covenant roles, specifically the covenant concepts of headship and submission see Source below.

An instrument was developed for couples to assess their own marital health before and after the course. Case Studies of Three Select Multiethnic Churches: Their Motivation and Strategies in Being Multiethnic. A case study was made using various research tools that surveyed 30 diverse adults, interviewed nine key church leaders, and reviewed the various literature to confirm these variations and appreciate the contribution that each. In addition, three professors of reconciliation participated in a focus group to explore why more multiethnic churches are not engaged in ministries of reconciliation.

Emphasis is given toward the development of a biblical theology for reconciliation. The purpose is twofold: 1 To bring these distinctions to light to help multiethnic church planters and pastors better formulate strategies that are consistent with their motivation; and 2 To encourage them to consider the biblical theology of reconciliation for engaging in ministries of reconciliation through their multiethnic ministry.

Exploratory Research on a Survey of Church Members at Fronline, the Young Adult Ministry of McLean Bible Church in the Washington, D. This project sought to determine the relevant causes of three areas of concern mined from the quantitative data of a survey given to congregants at Frontline. The three hypotheses were as follows: 1. In other words, the style of the worship event, the small group paradigm in which community is fostered, the ministry activities that have developed, and the process by.

The seemingly high turnover in attendance is due primarily to the transient. The relatively low ratio of mature believers who are engaged in ministry and mission activity is due to the high demand environment of D. This hypothesis is based largely on anecdotal data collected over the years in conversations between young adults who attend Frontline and the Frontline staff.

It begins with a. The dissertation continues with a presentation of the research procedure arguing that focus groups were the preferred method of research to determine the underlying reasons for each of the three areas of concern. The findings from the focus group research are then presented. The dissertation concludes with a chapter outlining both suggested actions to be taken by the Frontline staff and leaders as well as suggestions for further study.

Cheap popular hire essay us for editing Survey Exploring the Click the following article Like Characteristics of Selected Doctrinally Orthodox Churches. But is it possible that some evangelical churches with biblical doctrine have similar characteristics as full blown cults? What are those characteristics and how strongly do they make their presence known?

This project seeks to examine if churches that have popular dissertation hypothesis writer site united kingdom doctrine can be similar to cults despite their underpinnings of biblical truth. Results from thirteen unhealthy churches represented by thirty former members are examined through the use of a descriptive survey.

This dissertation makes the case from the literature review for the presence of a large number of cultic characteristics and that many Protestant, evangelical churches have similar problems. Both the literature review and the survey results and analysis make the ghostwriter best website statement gb personal for bold moves towards church health so that the Great Commission can be advanced and Christ be glorified.

An Evaluation of the Effectiveness of the Christian Educaton Progams in 3 North American Chinese Churches. This applied research project first explores biblical foundations for measuring characteristics of Christian education programs.

Second, it assesses the descriptive survey of the Search Institutes DSSI instrument for evaluating the effectiveness custom ghostwriting website au the Christian education programs of three Chinese North American churches. More specifically, eleven biblical-theoretical dimensions are identified and organized into six measurable variables of Christian education based on the DSSI.

This project provides readers a useful research instrument that may be used as an effective tool in evaluating Christian education programs in the North American Chinese Christian churches. More research is needed to confirm the value and limitations of the revised DSSI research instrument. Social Networking and the Church: Evaluating the Electronic Media Program at Wildwood Community Church.

The thesis of this dissertation is that there is a positive relationship between participation in the electronic media program of Wildwood Community Church including reading blogs, listening to podcasts, participating in the church Facebook group, and following the church on Twitter and sermon retention and application, experience of group life, and involvement in serving. The world today is ever changing and increasing dependent upon technology. Churches have begun to use social networking tools without stopping to evaluate why they would use them or what the impact might be.

In the name of relevance, church leaders are moving online, but should they be? This dissertation shows how one church in Norman, Oklahoma intentionally developed a strategy to leverage electronic media resources in an attempt to further their chief discipleship goals related to helping people worship, connect, and serve.

A literature review was conducted to show why three hypotheses were anticipated. The hypotheses anticipated that participation in the electronic media program would reveal a positive relationship in sermon retention and application, experience of group life, and involvement in service.

After the survey was administered, the survey data was analyzed to see what the relationship was between participation in the electronic media program and growth in the before-mentioned areas. After the results of the survey were examined, it was determined that there was only a slightly positive increase in the relationship between sermon retention and application and participation in reading the blog and listening to the podcast.

There was a slightly positive relationship between following Wildwood on Twitter and an increasing involvement in serving. The Place of the Church in the Popular dissertation hypothesis writer site united kingdom Development of Children: A Survey of popular dissertation hypothesis writer site united kingdom Parents of Tri-State Fellowship. The church was once a primary source to help parents in their effort to develop character in their children, but in recent years, the schools have taken on more of the effort.

The method of research was a non-experimental descriptive survey administered to the parents of children from two years to eighteen.

The review of the Scriptures describes the source of character and what is necessary to see it developed into what would be considered biblical and good. The purpose of this applied research project was to understand how parents of Tri-State Fellowship view character and what they are relying on to see it developed in their children.

Preaching the Book of Revelation for an Increase in Spiritual Growth in the areas of Comprehension, Conviction, and Conduct in the Members of Wayne Hills Baptist Church in Waynesboro, Virginia. This Applied Research Project utilized a long-term sermon plan for teaching the Book of Revelation to increase the spiritual development of the believers of Wayne Hills Baptist Church in Waynesboro, Virginia.

It also assessed the effectiveness of this strategy. Research was done in measuring spiritual growth in the areas of comprehension, conviction, and conduct.

A test instrument was developed that was given to the congregation both before the first sermon was preached and after the last sermon in the series. Afterward, data analysis measured progress of the respondents to the tests. Through the use of a pre-test and post-test survey, this project quantitatively examined the effectiveness of long-term sermon planning to effect spiritual growth. The results of this project confirm that utilizing a long-term sermon plan for teaching article source biblical book can increase the spiritual maturity in a congregation in the areas of comprehension, conviction, and popular dissertation hypothesis writer site united kingdom in a verifiable manner that is statistically significant.

An Evaluation of a Manual of Nurturing Spiritual Disciplines Among Selected Lay Leaders. In a world that focuses on efficiency, many Christians live a shallow life without cultivating a deep relationship with God. Many lay leaders who are called to serve have not drawn from the spiritual realm the power that can help them to finish well. As life gets busier, the practice of spiritual disciplines gets lower in priority. The purpose of this popular dissertation hypothesis writer site united kingdom research project was to nurture spiritual disciplines among selected lay leaders.

This manual examined twelve spiritual disciplines. The research method included pre-test survey, post-test survey and deferred post-test survey, administered before and after the selected group walked through the manual. Habits of practicing spiritual disciplines increased significantly after application of exercises in the manual as compared to that before this application.

Zurita Rosero, Edgar A. Popular dissertation hypothesis writer site united kingdom cuerpo misionero Latino Americano: La importancia de un proceso de seleccion que determine las admission proofreading service liverpool fuertes y debiles del candidato de manera que pueda recibir la orientacion y formacion necesaria.

Evaluation of E3 Partners Personal Evangelism Training in Contemporary Russia. The model of personal evangelism training used by e3 Partners is a good one in contemporary Russia, based on the research data presented in this applied project. The body of the dissertation is divided into three parts. First, a literature review examines biblical foundations for personal evangelism, possible attitudes toward personal evangelism, expected intentions to be involved in personal evangelism, and increasing aspirations in achieving better results in personal evangelism.

Second, the research procedure evaluates the experience of the participants who have received this training. It looks at the data before and after the seminar in these four areas and statistically establishes the reliability of the conclusions. Third, the evaluation demonstrates that the e3 Partners model is effective for personal evangelism training in modern Russia. Changes that are occurring in Russia lead to the increasing importance of personal evangelism.

Most believers need training to have a clear understanding of the gospel, a positive attitude toward personal evangelism. Plus, they need just click for source for intentionally popular dissertation hypothesis writer site united kingdom the gospel and expecting positive results.

If training can produce these changes in the believers, they will be more effective in reaching out for papers online popular pay people with the gospel.

Sharing the gospel and leading new people to Christ will lead to planting new churches and reaching out to the whole country of Russia and beyond with the Good News of Christ Jesus in our lifetime. Case Studies of the Challenges Faced by Selected Churches in Establishing Church-based Institutes. The purpose of this research was to identify the challenges faced by three churches that established Bible institutes as part of their church ministry and to report how these churches overcame those challenges.

This dissertation is divided into three main parts. A literature review examines what has been written about the founding of other Bible institutes along with the Bible institutes' contribution to the discipleship process. The research procedure defines the case study subject selection process and criteria. It also describes the survey questionnaire and its use.

The case studies report the information gathered primarily through first hand interviews and local archival church records. The data was recorded, reviewed and reported popular dissertation hypothesis writer site united kingdom that any church that wishes to start a Popular dissertation hypothesis writer site united kingdom institute may use this dissertation as a guide to address and overcome the challenges they may face. This project concluded that Bible institutes can contribute to a church's discipleship program.

Participants can get a thorough and meaningful exposure to the Word of God, which, in source, helps in their personal spiritual growth and ministry preparedness.

Future research is welcomed in this field. Though an ample body of literature exists concerning the history of Bible institutes and Christian education as a whole, little information has been written that specifically addresses the challenges faced by churches starting Bible institutes and how those challenges were overcome.

This research makes an original contribution in this area by identifying those challenges and offering solutions which other churches may follow. The Minister's Spiritual Life: Development and Evaluation of a Course for Pastoral Students at Irpin Biblical Seminary in Ukraine. Multiple empirical studies show that the greatest obstacles for pastors in maintaining a close personal walk with the Lord are busyness, lack of discipline, isolation, and struggle with sexual temptation.

The research question is to determine the extent to which students who took the popular dissertation hypothesis writer site united kingdom spiritual life' course increased in spiritual maturity. Two instruments were developed to measure this: a qualitative focus popular dissertation hypothesis writer site united kingdom study and a quantitative survey.

These examined whether the course: enabled them to recognize their hindrances, assisted in overcoming them, helped http://dvdbestonline.co/popular-assignment-ghostwriters-service-usa.php a plan to mature spiritually, and motivated them to implement their plan. Both research instruments confirmed all four of these hypotheses. La tesis establecida para esta investigaci6n es que la practica de la mentorfa-tutoria entre los pastores y lideres hispanos de las iglesias evangelicas del Condado de Los Angeles influye en su ministerio.

Al repetir este nuevo patr6n constantemente y a todo nivel, se empezara una cultura de mentorfa-tutoria para estas y las nuevas generaciones que vendran. En el capitulo dos se provee una base historico-bfblico-teoldgica sobre este tema. Se provee una explicacidn del significado y origen del termino mentorfa-tutoria, su historia, tipos y sus componentes. Por otro lado, se enfoca la atencion en el aspecto biblico sobre los diferentes ejemplos de mentores clave en el Antiguo como en el Nuevo Read article. Ademas, se incluye una seccidn de Jesus como el maximo Mentor, sus cualidades y caracteristicas en el desarrollo de esta practica a travel de su ministerio.

En el capitulo popular dissertation hypothesis writer site united kingdom se anticipan algunos de los resultados de esta investigation realizada entre el liderazgo hispano-hablante que sirve en Los Angeles.

Se mencionan algunas contribuciones desde la perspectiva de este servidor sobre la importancia de desarrollar una cultura de mentoria-tutoria entre la poblacion hispana del Sur de California y empezar a crear una red de pastores y lideres que sean parte de este movimiento en el quehacer ministerial hispano a largo plazo. Al final se anaden algunas de las sugerencias de los encuestados.

Y finalmente, en el capitulo http://dvdbestonline.co/professional-phd-curriculum-vitae-example.php, se comparte la conclusi6n y recomendaciones, se desglosa el tema de la investigation, se mencionan algunos retos y realidades, al igual que se tocan algunos desafios culturales al dar mentoria-tutoria entre hispanos. Hay que ir de las buenas intenciones a la practica.

Ademas se incluyen apendices clave tales como un glosario de terminos de la mentoria-tutoria, una muestra de la encuesta, las caracteristicas del mentor, ejemplos de popular dissertation hypothesis writer site united kingdom en la Biblia, muestra de lecciones, sitios clave en la red sobre el tema y de donde el liderazgo pueda echar mano de ellos.

Bruce Ewing's Discipleship for Leadership Program at Christian Fellowship M. The purpose of this dissertation is to evaluate the effectiveness of Discipleshipfor Leadership DFL as a tool for training lay members for church ministry at the Christian Fellowship Church in Chicago, Illinois. Unfortunately, this is not the case. Perhaps the most crucial task popular dissertation hypothesis writer site united kingdom church ministry is leading a person from conversion to an established relationship with Jesus Christ.

Regardless of how much it takes for a person to repent, be baptized, and experience the Spirit, these are just the beginning of the race. Conversion qualifies a popular dissertation hypothesis writer site united kingdom for the race, but discipleship is necessary to finish it.

Not only is the task of discipleship crucial for every believer, it iscritical to the overall life of the church.

This study seeks to assess the value and usefulness of Discipleship for Leadership specifically in the four qualities that deal with the development of a leader and are found in Luke 6: an eternal perspective, a servant spirit, modeling the Savior, and a walk of obedience. These character traits are essential for developing ministry leaders. This need established the research question: Is Discipleship for Leadership effective in training church members to be more effective ministry leaders?

Discipleship for Leadership is an effective tool in training church members for. This was a descriptive case study using data from four married military couples. Results showed a positive relationship between leadership dimensions and quality of family life. Higher leadership scores were consistent with an increase in family-life satisfaction. Case Studies of Selected Non-profit Organizations Utilizing Mutli-tenant Nonprofit Models for Ministry. This project sought to determine whether Christian multi-tenant nonprofit centers benefit from sharing resources as compared to independently housed ministries.

The focus was on whether or not there is a functional use of resources for Christian nonprofit ministries involved in please click for source case studies. The hypotheses stated that the Christian multi-tenant nonprofit center format will be found to foster opportunities for cooperation.

Five other hypotheses focused on savings in rent, operations, and technology, and whether marketing and donation revenue increased.

A questionnaire revealed that the hypotheses are true in certain situations, but there are different perspectives in understanding those results.

Preaching the Book of Revelation for an Increase in Spiritual Growth in the areas of Comprehension, Convictions, and Conduct at Wayne Hills Baptist Church in Waynesboro, Virginia. Transitioning from Minister of Administration to Executive Pastor. The problem to be addressed in this dissertation is to evaluate the changes in ministry and leadership needed when transitioning from church administration to executive pastor.

For the sake of this work ministry is defined as the functions of a minister or pastor. This dissertation will address those differences between the positions of administration and executive pastor. Changes in leadership or changes in the capacity to lead will reflect the ability to not only supervise paid staff but also provide the motivation for them to use their skills and talents to the best of their abilities.

The body of the dissertation is divided into three sections. A literature review examines the differences in the positions of church administrator and executive pastor.

This section looks into the changes in leadership style of those who move from a position to one that is higher on the organizational chart. The research procedures section demonstrates the rational for choosing the case study method of research to draw a clearer understanding of the thesis.

The case study section reveals popular resume for hire united states changes in ministry and leadership attained by those who have transitioned from church administrator to executive pastor. Whenever a minister changes employment positions, either between churches or within the same church, there is a time of transition. That transition popular dissertation hypothesis writer site united kingdom only involves the minister, but those around the minister.

When that transition entails increasing the overall scope of leadership, popular dissertation hypothesis writer site united kingdom steps to change can be greater. A challenge exists to develop new skills in preparation for that change.

In some cases the skill set for one ministry position may be drastically different from the skill set of another position. The church administrator and executive pastor positions need careful analysis as to whether they have potential opposing skill sets. Case Studies in Selected Congregational Approaches to Help Individuals with Sexual Issues. Case studies were done on three congregational ministries that help individuals with sexual issues. The research focus was to assess each ministry against five hypotheses.

The Congregational Sexual Healing Questionnaire CSHQ was distributed to the leaders of these ministries. All three cases defined sexual healing in a similar fashion and seek, as their end goal, to help participants find healing from sexual brokenness.

All cases concurred that the spiritual and social support of the local congregation is crucial to the success of their ministries. All cases agree that the Bible contributes to the success of the ministry through the teachings contained therein, through the metaphors it communicates, and through the ability it has to speak into the lives of individuals.

Likewise, all cases agree that Christ is exceedingly important to the success of these ministries in His role of Higher power, Scapegoat and the giver of true healing. All cases also report that healing prayer is used in the form of petition and supplication by and for the participants in these programs. Accountability between leaders and participants is employed by all cases and is an important indicator of ministry success. Case 2 takes into greatest consideration the biological make-up of the participant in order to aid healing, however all three ministries focus on the environmental past of the participants through the use of moral inventories and Life Trauma Surveys to help individuals heal from past wounds.

All ministries help the participant catch a glimpse of the person that God is helping them to become by freeing them from the affects of trauma and helping them to own a scriptural identity. Quantitative evidence of success was substantiated in the number of saved marriages and the number of participants to have reported experiencing sexual healing. Qualitative evidence of success was established through personal experiences of healing, the testimony of others, and the experience of the sexually broken helping others who were sexually broken to find healing.

Selected Case Studies of Effective Deacon Ministries in Large Southern Baptist Churches. The thesis of this dissertation is that practices that produce effective deacon ministries exist and can be discovered in selected large Southern Baptist churches. The body of the dissertation is divided into three portions. A literature review examines the New Testament words and texts related to the diaconate and the practice of deacon ministry from the first century to the present day.

The research procedure communicates the rationale for choosing the case-study research methodology, the selection of the casestudy churches, and the means of studying the selected churches. The case-studies demonstrate the practices that produce effective deacon ministries.

Many Southern Baptist churches have deacon boards just click for source function popular dissertation hypothesis writer site united kingdom an administrative board of the church rather than as a body of ministering servants.

Many contemporary churches and Christian authors regard such a practice as a misapplication of the apparent intent of Scripture and desire a more biblically-informed and functionally beneficial model of deacon ministry. The case-studies of the selected popular dissertation hypothesis writer site united kingdom Southern Baptist churches reveal healthy and effective forms of deacon ministry.

These churches define the role of deacon scripturally as a role of service, possess carefully constructed job descriptions for which deacons are trained, hold deacons accountable for their assigned roles, and reward or affirm http://dvdbestonline.co/cheap-thesis-editor-sites-united-kingdom.php for faithful service in the church. Churches that adopt these practices have popular dissertation hypothesis writer site united kingdom opportunity to develop, enhance, or transform a deacon ministry.

Such an application of this role in the church will provide deacons a meaningful ministry, assist and alleviate the pastor and staff so that they can give priority time and energy to the ministry tasks for which they are best suited, and practically meet needs popular dissertation hypothesis writer site united kingdom hurting members of congregations.

Case Studies of Selected Church Reconciliation Ministries. This project is case study of reconciliation ministry at four churches: Two Non Evangelical and two Evangelical churches. The purpose of the dissertation was to examine reconcilia tion ministry in four churches. The body of the dissertation focuses on review of current literature.

Case Studies of the Use of Transforming Family Leadership Principles and Practices in Selected Korean-American Christian Families. A strong marriage is a marriage that will last in the face of challenges posed by the family crisis and it will be able to resist the general trends towards marriage dissolution. A strong quality family life is expressed in a pattern of biblically-ordered relationships between the family members, where each fulfills their God-given roles and tasks with proper attitudes reflecting the fruit of the Spirit in their lives.

Case Studies into Transforming Family Leadership Involving Africian Families at Dallas Theological Seminary. Many African students, who have not been educated in a Western context previously, are challenged to learn and to apply their Dallas Theological Seminary education in Africa within its different culture and historical context. This project addresses the application and impact of the book, Transforming Family Leadership, 10 Exemplary Church Leaders by Jerry C. Wofford as applied to African family leaders critical analysis editor for hire canada are pursuing Doctoral level studies at Dallas Theological Seminary DTS.

Three of the couples in the research project were pursuing Ph. This applied research project brings out family leadership aspects of the husband leader and the father leader. These families were selected from different African countries. In the project I conducted interviews and administered surveys with the husband and wife of four different African couples.

The interviews and surveys assessed the leadership dimensions used by the husband in practical ministry life in leading their families. Seminary Worship Education for Future Pastors.

The purpose of this research was to evaluate how well Dallas Theological Seminary DTS has prepared future pastors to lead their churches in the present-day elimate of controversy over corporate worship. The survey assesed their views of corporate worship in the church and their experiences of various worship issues during their pastoral ministries, and gave them opportunity to assess the preparation they had received at Dallas Seminary in terms of how it prepared them to face the actual worship issues they ahd faced in ministry.

The survey also asked them for recommendations for improving the seminary's program in this area as well as for suggestions as to how to make room in the curriculum for such improvements. An Evaluation of the Mens Family Leadership Development Class At Trinity Baptist Church. This project evaluates the lasting impact of a nine-month, high-intensity training experience designed to equip men as leaders in their families as part of a larger leadership-development strategy in the church.

Using a survey and a control group, the study looked for lasting impact thirty-two to fifty-five months following the training. Findings indicated overall impact was lacking. The study also examines the biblical basis for husband headship in Ephesiansand surveys literature on Christian and secular leadership models, father and husband leadership in the family, and effective leadership development.

Pasos hacia la restauracion de una iglesia donde el pastor ha popular dissertation hypothesis writer site united kingdom en infidelidad sexual. Como presidente de las Iglesias Centroamericanas en El Salvador fue designado a resolver algunos de estos casos. El impacto, la influencia y la notoriedad de este tipo de problema ha aumentado. Lo mas triste de todo es que muy poco se ha hecho para minimizar los efectos que causa en los matrimonios, en las familias y en las iglesias.

Evaluacisn de una explicacisn de la doctrina del cesacionismo. This project examined a question about spiritual gifts and the doctrine of cessationism. The author researched whether confusion about cessationism in popular dissertation hypothesis writer site united kingdom evangelical churches in southern Spain comes from the lack article source a clear explanation of cessationism.

The research method was to have 27 readers from 10 non-charismatic churches read a manuscript explaining cessationism and complete pre- and post-reading questionnaires to evaluate its usefulness. The results showed that the explanation helped reduce confusion about cessationism. The manuscript is helpful in explaining the cessationist position on spiritual gifts. The Filipino Value 'Shame' within Ministry Leadership. This applied research project focuses on the effects of the Filipino value "Shame" in ministry leadership.

The research method sought to provide assessment through ethnographic interviews of seven individual ministry leaders of the Biblical Community Church of Richardson, Texas. The literature review includes research that describes current thought on the primacy of shame in Filipino life.

Effects and accompanying evaluations were documented from previous works. There is also a list of previously recommended approaches on how to manage the influence of shame within its essay argumentative sites mba ghostwriting esl for locus. The curcial goal of this project is to form a ministry model that can be adopted by the Biblical Community Church.

Adopted from the local cultural challenges of the Petrine community in 1 Peter, the ministry model advances the necessity of a biblical model of distinction, orientation, community, identity, balanced tension, subversion, and social interaction. The practial aspect of this proposed model is detailed in the concluding application of the study.

Program Design And Evaluation of Faith Summit: A Leadership Coaching Program at Faith Community Churcht in Brookhaven, PA. The author identified four leadership principles from the Pastoral Epistles, designed a coaching program to increase the competence and confidence of leaders at Faith Community Church, Brookhaven, PA, and evaluated the program's custom critical website for masters. A biblical survey and literature review established the value of read article coaching and the four commitments: Guide Others, Gift Development, Guard popular dissertation hypothesis writer site united kingdom Gospel, and Godly Conscience.

A mixed methods approach was employed using pretest and posttest surveys to evaluate the click to see more of the program.

The hypothesis of the research project, "Does Faith Summit affect the competence and confidence of the individuals who participated at Faith Community Church?

Se seleccionaron 24 participantes para la encuesta; seis de estos encuestados fueron esposas de ancianos. An Evaluation of the Effectiveness of Selected Church Discipleship Programs. This research project was a descriptive survey to study and evaluate the effectiveness of selected church-based discipleship programs.

It was anticipated that completing the discipleship programs researched would strengthen participants' spiritual health in each of the six areas measured.

It was discovered that the only area in which the programs studied strengthened maturing participants' spiritual health was that of "Committed to the Lost. Significant contributors to spiritual health were also discovered. The importance of intentional disciple making for new believers was also revealed. An Evaluation popular dissertation hypothesis writer site united kingdom please click for source Children's Ministries of Chinese Churches in the Greater Los Angeles Area Focused on Increased Retention of Adult Church Members.

A further goal of this project is to recognize the reasons why young adults of Chinese churches have been retained and popular dissertation hypothesis writer site united kingdom actively serve in their own local churches. This project contains a descriptive popular problem solving proofreading services for masters designed to gather information as to the reasons why Chinese young adults choose to remain in the Chinese churches within the greater Los Angeles click at this page. A questionnaire was administered through emails to Chinese young adults who are currently attending ten Chinese local churches.

The evaluation of this project took place through collecting and analyzing the data of the descriptive survey. The primary goal of the project was to figure out the significant factors for retaining young adults in their own local churches. Case Popular dissertation hypothesis writer site united kingdom of Integration of the Spirtual Disciplines into the Lives of Individual Believers in Selected Local Churches.

The problem of this dissertation is popular dissertation hypothesis writer site united kingdom discover how three case study churches are successfully promoting the integration of the spiritual disciplines into the lives of individual believers.

The research design is qualitative. The researcher interviewed individuals to collect data on the integration and Patienten, cheap essay ghostwriters website liverpool Hausmittel of the disciplines. Each church believes the disciplines aid renewal and transformation of lives.

Through modeling, intentionally teaching, and through personal experiences the selected churches successfully integrated the disciplines into individual believers. Because of the diversity of the churches, their methods are transferable. These methods will help congregations develop contextually-relevant ways of integrating the disciplines. A Study of the Factors that Contribute to the Cultivation of Church Multiplication Movements by High Yield Church Planting Organizations.

The issue of my research is to study high-yield church planting organizations i. A survey was designed to collect data on various church planting organizations including local churches, denominations, regional judicatories and para-church church planting organizations.

High-yield church planting organizations were defined as any local church that planted an average popular dissertation hypothesis writer site united kingdom one church every three years or a denomination, regional judicatory or para-church church planting organization that planted an average of twenty percent of the churches within their network per year.

With regards to local churches, the research showed that these types of high-yield church planting organizations regularly envision participating in the cultivation of a church multiplication movement, and they have organizational structures that are flexible and adaptable. The research did not popular dissertation hypothesis writer site united kingdom my hypotheses that these organizations tend to be decentralized, that they have a significantly lower per capita giving and that they tend to popular dissertation hypothesis writer site united kingdom younger than their counterparts.

With regards to denominations, the research showed that these types of high-yield church planting organizations regularly envision participating in the cultivation of a church multiplication movement, they have organizational structures that are flexible and adaptable, and they tend to be decentralized.

However, the research did not confirm my hypothesis that these organizations have a significantly lower per capita giving, nor did it confirm my hypothesis that they tend to be younger than their counterparts. With regards to popular dissertation hypothesis writer site united kingdom judicatories and para-church church planting organizations, the research showed that these types of high-yield church planting organizations regularly envision participating in the cultivation of a church multiplication movement, they have organizational structures that are flexible and adaptable, they tend to be decentralized, and they tend to be younger than their counterparts.

However, the research did not confirm my hypothesis that these types of high-yield church planting organizations have a significantly lower per capita giving than their counterparts. A Case Study of the Impact of a Stategic Envisioning Process on Calvary Bible Church of Hanover, Pennsylvannia.

This case study measures impact of Malphurs' strategic envisioning process on Calvary Bible Church of Hanover, Pennsylvania. Progress indicators of attendance, membership, baptisms, and giving noted. Study builds on previous research in areas of spiritual formation, church leadership, strategic planning, and issues related to implementation of goals, such as understanding organization's culture and leadership's role in implementing change.

Conclusion: process helped renew church leaders' focus on fulfilling Christ's mission to make disciples, with increased spiritual maturity resulting from more in congregation using their spiritual gifts and applying God's Word to their lives.

Case studies of the T-net training program used in selected churches. T-net International is an organization whose aim is to help churches make disciples by training them to re-tool their ministries to best accomplish the Great Commission. My quest is to discover if the training works.

This project asks the following questions: Does T-net training make an impact on a church's ability to grow numerically through people coming to Christ? Do churches that have gone through T-net training experience an increased number of committed followers of Jesus Christ?

Do T-net trained churches experience an increased number of leaders who are competent to lead?

DMin Sample Dissertations | Dallas Theological Seminary (DTS) Popular dissertation hypothesis writer site united kingdom

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