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Please upgrade your browser to get better use experince: IECHROME This contact form is brought to you by Our Kids — The Trusted Source for thousands of families since Graduates UCC — an International Baccalaureate World School with one of the broadest programs in the country — are highly regarded by top universities and post-secondary institutions worldwide.

Our global network of alumni includes leaders and innovators in politics, finance, arts, athletics, media and beyond. Our unsurpassed facilities include a professional theatre, music studios, film editing labs, indoor and outdoor tennis courts, a swimming pool, a double-pad hockey arena and the Norval Outdoor School, a popular scholarship essay writer websites toronto nature sanctuary northwest of Toronto.

UCC is one of the oldest and most storied schools in Canada. Its alumni include a who's who of Canadian political, business, and cultural life.

Its history is, in many ways, the history of independent schooling itself; to attend is to become a part of a Canadian cultural tradition, one that retains a prominent place in Canadian education. The school leads in the provision of financial assistance, with a robust program of scholarships and bursaries intended to attract the brightest students in Canada and from around the world. Upper Canada College, Lonsdale Road, Toronto, Ontario Register by Sunday, May 28 from am Day admission for September is closed, but we continue to accept boarding applications through to the end of May.

Spaces generally fill up quickly so we encourage families to apply much sooner. Samuel James McKinney is the 19th principal of Upper Canada College and began his tenure on July 1, McKinney was formerly the deputy headmaster and head of senior school at St.

With a student population of more than 1, boys, including 90 richtet do my custom university essay on hillary Sie, Saints offers both the IB Diploma and the South Australian Certificate of Education. The son of schoolteachers, Mr. McKinney was born and raised in the Niagara region and attended St. Catharines Collegiate before receiving his bachelor of arts from Carleton University in Ottawa in Also a teacher, Rose has taught in the Junior and Middle schools at Pulteney Grammar School in Adelaide since I've had the privilege popular scholarship essay writer websites toronto working in a number of exceptional schools.

I feel extremely fortunate to have worked within the independent school sector, and within all-boys education, for many years. That's occurred in Perth, Western Australia, in Vancouver, and most recently in Adelaide. I'm looking for and beginning to feel the heartbeat of Upper Canada College, and it's clearly popular scholarship essay writer websites toronto people.

I believe fully that it's the quality of the relationships that exist within a school that popular scholarship essay writer websites toronto the school. My initial impression of these boys is they're proud, they're proud to be a popular scholarship essay writer websites toronto of this school. They're proud of the brotherhood - that's the term they used - the brotherhood that lives and breathes here. I'm read more teacher, but if you were to ask me "what am I?

Rosie and I view our role as parents as very much introducing our three boys to the doors of opportunities.

By bringing them to Toronto, bringing them back to Canada, we're introducing them to new doors. Which ones they choose to push open, that will be their choices. And what paper editing websites united kingdom fantastic thing it's been to be coming back to Toronto at this time. The city's electric in so many respects, and being able to share popular scholarship essay writer websites toronto with my boys has been a wonderful experience thus far.

I suppose my philosophy has its foundation in a letter my dad sent to me when I was actually at teachers' college. In the letter he was actually summing up his own career, and he spoke about what he'd learned over the course of his career. And he reminded me, and I think it's a great reminder, that we teach students not subjects.

He talked about the fact that to teach students well you need to know them well, and to know them well you must allow them to get to know you. What Upper Canada College says: As an International Baccalaureate World School, UCC aims to develop well-rounded boys with character who respond to challenges with optimism and an open mind. IB learners are better prepared to apply what they learn in real-world, complex, unpredictable situations. They strive to become inquirers, knowledgeable, thinkers, communicators, principled, open-minded, caring, risk-takers, balanced and reflective.

These attributes represent a broad range of human capacities and responsibilities that go beyond intellectual development and academic success. The liberal arts-based IB program at UCC is unique, enhanced by years of research and discovery in boys education. This includes drill, mental math challenges, hands-on activities, cooperative learning and the sharing of solutions. Most lessons begin with a math message or provocation; there are opportunities to work in small groups according to readiness, interest and learning profiles.

Games may used for practice and to develop depth of understanding. In the Middle Division the major areas of study are Number Sense and Numeration, Measurement, Geometry and Spatial Sense, Patterning and Algebra, and Data Management and Probability.

Calculator skills and the use of technology are further developed. There is an emphasis on problem solving which include participation in the Canadian National Mathematics League and Gauss contests. There are also opportunities for student-directed investigations and independent learning throughout the year. Textbooks and supplementary materials: Everyday Math, Kahn Academy, Jump Math, Mathletics and additional materials Calculator policy: In Grades calculator skills and the use of technology are further developed.

At the Upper School, an approved calculator is an essential tool. Balanced reading programs popular scholarship essay writer websites toronto typically Whole Language programs with supplementary phonics training. This training might be incidental, or it might take the form of mini-lessons. Students need to develop the skills necessary to decode, construct meaning and think critically about what they read.

Popular scholarship essay writer websites toronto part of this process, students must acquire a broad and varied vocabulary and an ability to interpret written conventions.

Students read a wide range of materials that illustrate different forms of writing. Teachers provide a print-rich environment, and model and promote a passion for both fiction and non-fiction texts. Students use library time to listen to stories read aloud, to browse, make choices and to read independently. They are introduced to a wide variety of genres and new and familiar authors and books.

Students learn bibliographic and locational skills, and how to use resources for their projects and popular scholarship essay writer websites toronto work. DIBELS Cheap editor service sf This school popular scholarship essay writer websites toronto not use DIBELS testing to assess reading progress.

What Upper Canada College says: This information is not currently available. Programs that balance systematic and process approaches equally likely have an emphasis on giving young students ample opportunities to write, while providing supplementary class-wide instruction in grammar, parts of sentences, and various writing strategies.

Students have opportunities across the curriculum to read a rich variety of texts and write daily. Learning to write is a developmental process. Students focus first on meaning rather than accuracy.

Writing conventions are introduced and mastered gradually along a continuum. As boys engage in meaningful writing activities that challenge them to think critically about various topics, they are motivated to master written communication skills throughout the curriculum. Once boys reach the IB Diploma Programme, they are required to complete a 4,word Extended Essay on a topic of interest from within the IB curriculum, usually taken from one of their Higher Level subjects.

Students at UCC complete the EE during their IB1 Grade 11 year. Science programs that balance expository and inquiry learning equally will likely have an equal blend of tests and experiments; direct, textbook-based instruction and student-centred projects. They learn about the interrelationships of ecosystems, learn the basic principles of heat and temperature, investigate the relationship between form and function in various natural and man-made structures, and investigate the fundamentals of.

Students spend time each term at the Norval Outdoor School popular scholarship essay writer websites toronto participate in a program designed to encourage respect and understanding for the environment. Details about the Upper School science program are available upon request.

Reading is encouraged with a reading period outside regular English class time. On a regular basis, students practice various forms of writing, including narrative pieces, popular scholarship essay writer websites toronto and essays. Core vocabulary is drawn from the literature studied and from other subject areas. During library time, students are introduced to a wide variety of new and familiar authors and books through book talks and reading aloud.

Popular scholarship essay writer websites toronto also use the periods to browse, choose books and read for pleasure. Further details about literature studied at the Upper School are available upon request. The Thematic approach organizes the curriculum around certain themes or cultural universals. Students might spend time focused on food. Then they might focus on transportation or government, and so on.

In grade 6 students have their first formal study of history. It begins with an introduction to geography and its relation to history, and proceeds to the study of Roman civilization, from its founding through the Republic and Empire periods.

Students spend the second term considering the genesis and development of world religions with a particular focus on Islam, and conclude the year studying Early Modern Europe, with an emphasis on the Renaissance, Reformation and the Age of This web page. Throughout the year, students are introduced to historical concepts such as time sequence, evidence, cause and click the following article, continuity and change, perspective, bias and moral judgment.

The geography skills introduced in popular scholarship essay writer websites toronto first term are woven into the history program over the entire year.

These programs represent an equal balance between the perennialist and pragmatic approach to teaching the humanities and social sciences. To study History, Economics and Philosophy is to embark on a voyage of discovery, to seek in many ways to advance beyond the limitations and preoccupations of the present.

Only by exploring the human in the past can we see how and why society changes and develop a sense of perspective on where we are heading in the 21st century.

These programs feature an equal blend of the audio-lingual and communicative styles of language instruction. While learning the target language, the student also becomes aware of the similarities and differences between his own culture. This awareness fosters a greater respect for other peoples and the way in which they lead their lives.

Through the study of authentic texts, students investigate and reflect on cultural values and behaviours. The main focus of all language courses is the acquisition and development of language skills through the study and use of a range of written and spoken material. Such materials will extend from everyday oral exchanges to literary texts and should be related to the cultures concerned. This will enable students to develop mastery of language skills as well as intercultural consideration.

In Music all students study an orchestral instrument from the woodwind, brass or percussion families. Students are strongly encouraged to perform in one of the three concert bands, three jazz ensembles, the string ensemble or the UCC Singers. The Drama and Theatre program is a dynamic, stimulating and rewarding program which prepares boys to be participants, do scholarship essay my and creators of theatre.

The Film program uses state-of-the-art equipment to teach popular scholarship essay writer websites toronto building blocks of filmmaking: still photography, photo manipulation, storyboarding, script-writing, cinematography, sound recording, color correction and both picture and editing.

A major effort is made to integrate the development of digital literacy throughout the curriculum and in everything students do. Digital literacy is understood to be a fundamental skill in the 21st century: it therefore follows, the idea goes, that teachers should find ways to connect every lesson back to technology.

The Computer Science Department offers a progression. Our emphasis is less on keystrokes and mouse clicks, and more on the development of ideas and algorithms to meet evolving communication and computational needs. Our goal is that students both understand the historical development of technology and the technological culture, as well as possess a strong set of skills in the design, programming and day-today use of digital devices, systems and networks.

All learning in computer science courses is hands-on and activity-based. Thus, the students will gain the confidence and competence to deal with the broad range popular scholarship essay writer websites toronto computer technologies found around the world today. What Upper Canada College says: Through courses offered by the Physical and Health Education Department, students will grasp the importance of physical fitness throughout their lives and, of equal importance, learn the value of good decision making and good judgment with respect to healthy choices.

In the early years of the Physical Education program, team sports are used to develop fitness and fundamental skills. Sportsmanship is taught and developed through healthy competition. In the later years, the Physical Education curriculum begins to emphasize carry-over sports that the student can popular scholarship essay writer websites toronto for the rest of his life.

We want the students to leave the school with a desire to remain active, fit, healthy and happy. We completely segregate or separate secular and religious curricula. We don't teach them together or combine them in any ways.

We mostly segregate or separate secular and religious curricula. We teach very few, if any, secular and religious subjects together, and we don't combine them in any significant ways. We completely integrate the secular and religious curricula. We combine the teaching of religious and secular popular scholarship essay writer websites toronto for the entire, or almost the entire, day.

Almost all of our units integrate secular and religious instruction. We have a highly integrated curriculum. We integrate most of our religious and secular subjects. We teach a few secular and religious subjects on their own, though. Our religious scripture is a factual text that is literally the word of God. Our task is to understand it and clarify its meaning. Play-based programs are the most common type of preschool and Kindergarten, and are founded on the belief young children learn best through play.

Largely open-ended and minimally structured, play-based programs aim to develop social skills and a love of attending school. Stations often contain an indirect lesson or developmental goal. Play-based classrooms are popular scholarship essay writer websites toronto social and active. What Upper Canada College says: Students in Forms SK—5 follow the Primary Years Programme PYP of the International Baccalaureate, which focuses on preparing children to be world citizens and lifelong learners.

The PYP's transdisciplinary, inquiry-based approach to curriculum popular scholarship essay writer websites toronto preset themes recur in various play-based activities. French as a second-language is taught to all boys. Boys enjoy immediate access to technology through the use of individual iPads.

Library time sees boys listen to stories read aloud, browse, make choices and read independently. Outdoor education takes place at Norval and in our Learning Garden. Math, arts, physical education and science are core subjects. The main curriculum accelerates beyond the pace of the provincial one; ALL students do the work of OLDER public-school peers in tangible and measurable ways. This accelerated pace is maintained by the teachers and school, through textbook selection, topic selection, grading, assignment standards and expectations, etc.

This does not mean the school is uncaring, unsupportive, or non-responsive -- far from it. A school can have a rigorous academic culture and still provide excellent individual support.

It does mean, however, the school places a particular emphasis on performance -- seeking the best students and challenging them to the fullest extent -- relative to a popular scholarship essay writer websites toronto baseline. High expectations and standards — and a challenging yet rewarding curriculum — are the common themes here.

Its first-rate modern liberal arts academic program is backed by experienced, dedicated, passionate teachers who ultimately give students the tools they need to learn on their own. By the time students graduate, they are primed in every way possible to embark on a successful university education. The International Baccalaureate IB is the principal read article program at UCC and is undertaken by all students in their final two years at the Upper School.

What Upper Canada College says: UCC has been preparing the country's leaders for over years. Whether it's business, politics, athletics, arts, medicine, finance or anything in between, a UCC grad is well positioned to take the next step in leadership development.

This means possessing a broad set of practical skills as well as social and intellectual intelligence; having a global perspective; empathizing with different people and issues.

And it requires grit, determination and perseverance. These are the hallmarks of a UCC grad. Upper Canada College can provide support for mild disablities. Formal adjustments are made to the delivery of lessons to help mitigate the learning difficulty or exceptionality. The underlying content and expectations remain unchanged with accommodations, however. Example: allowing a student to write tests in a quieter room. At the Prep, your son receives lessons in time management and study and organizational strategies so, for example, test-taking inspires confidence and not anxiety.

The overarching goal is to create a sense of confidence in boys around learning. As boys get older the popular scholarship essay writer websites toronto of the brain responsible for organizing the prefrontal cortex is developing rapidly. The CFL takes advantage of this precarious time to instill life-long organizing skills that will help boys manage workloads over their lifetime.

What Upper Canada College says: We ask parents to supply any information about learning differences with their application so that we may determine how we may be able to support them. All students enrolled at Upper Canada College are on an accelerated curriculum -- whether they are classified as gifted or not.

This means they perform the work of older peers in the provincial system. Curriculum delivery: Acceleration and enrichment There popular scholarship essay writer websites toronto an equal emphasis on acceleration and enrichment. What Upper Canada College says: As the academic standards at UCC are already quite high, we do not offer a gifted program. This does not mean the school lacks standards.

Prose narrative -based feedback Application Deadline: December 31, Repeats annually More information: www. This school works with Apple Financial Inc. A limited number of one-time Entrance Scholarship awards are available to top applicants beginning at Grade 7.

These scholarships represent about two per cent of all financial assistance awarded annually. If you want to learn more about popular scholarship essay writer websites toronto schools, check out our comprehensive guide. Type of student Upper Canada College is looking for:. Upper Canada College seeks to admit well-rounded boys who stand out from the crowd in a variety of ways — through academic performance, involvement in co-curricular activities, and demonstrated social skills.

We are looking for the link boys, from across Canada and around the world. It was all part of an increased emphasis on character development school-wide, through numerous creative initiatives.

The Prep boys were delighted to receive the free ice cream. The boys in 7H developed a greater empathy for those in the service industry and also felt the please click for source of joy from doing something explicitly to promote kindness. We are all grateful to Greg for the generous donation of roasted marshmallow, strawberry, sweet cream and malt crunch inspirations of kindness.

No regrets, prep wide. The student centre, Macintosh Library and adjacent academic, university counselling, information technology and Wernham West Centre for Learning offices fall under the learning commons mandate, which is to create a welcoming virtual and physical environment in which engagement in collaborative teaching and learning is supported and optimized.

As a result of feedback and data gathering from students last year, the above named departments formed a collaborative approach to working together and popular scholarship essay writer websites toronto boys and their learning. This has resulted in plans to improve furnishing, space design and usage in these areas.

Parents, Old Boys and other UCC community members have supported the learning commons initiative and contributed to its funding, but more is still needed to complete the project. Concussions have become top news stories for a good reason. Michael Cusimano to inquire popular scholarship essay writer websites toronto a possible research partnership with St. All of these things are now converging and much is happening. The three goals of the study are: to explore the risk factors that may make adolescents more vulnerable to sustaining a concussion; to look at the long-term effects that concussions may have on adolescents during their developing years; and to improve best practice standards of managing sports-related concussions in adolescents.

The study involves a baseline session and three voluntary follow-up sessions. Nanji works with the popular scholarship essay writer websites toronto team and helps the CFL encourage boys to participate. There are also plans to create an educational piece for younger boys on when and how to wear a helmet.

IB2 student Winston Kwok was the winner for an essay he wrote about living in Hong Kong, Guangdong Province in China and Toronto and how this has given him an international vision and an appreciation of both Chinese and Canadian culture. IB2 student Wilder Walker-Stewart placed third for his essay about seeing the pandas at the zoo and how they reflected Chinese culture and what they meant to him. He was the only non-Chinese participant to win an award.

The event was covered by Chinese-Canadian television media outlets. UCC and Royal St. The UCC team, coached by Middle Division head Bernard Lecerf with assistance from the recently retired Johnny McGrath, went undefeated through six games through the preliminary rounds on Oct. UCC had outscored its opponents heading into the final, but it gave up the first goal off a Collingwood School corner kick midway popular scholarship essay writer websites toronto the first half.

The team tied the game shortly before halftime to set the popular scholarship essay writer websites toronto for an exciting finish. A slide show featuring tournament highlights was shown on a large screen, and then Prep athletics director Nigel White thanked everyone who contributed to the success of the tournament for all of their efforts.

Tournament co-host Royal St. Collingwood players were then given their silver medals before the UCC 15 and their two coaches were presented with gold medals and the championship trophy. UCC has now won this national championship for three straight years and five out of the past six years. There was only one goal conceded in the entire tournament against very good opposition. Bacque founded The Trent Native Series, the first Canadian initiative to publish books exclusively by First Nations Canadians, in That interest aligns well with Frontiers Foundation, a non-profit aboriginal voluntary service organization that promotes the advancement of economically and socially disadvantaged communities.

But it was also at UCC that he was introduced to the work of Russian novelist Leo Tolstoy, which inspired Bacque to become a writer. He went on to write novels and short stories in the s before turning his attention to non-fiction books dealing with the Second World War.

Other Losses, about death camps for prisoners of war maintained by the French and Americans after the Second World War, has sold more thancopies in popular scholarship essay writer websites toronto countries.

This extended anecdote highlighted the spirit and importance of service and volunteering, which Bacque emphasized the relevance of. Frontiers Foundation helps build communities, both physically and spiritually, and Bacque would like people to make similar positive contributions to society. Stevenson Award and the Harold A. He was also pleased to announce that just under 80 per cent of all admission offers the College made were accepted, which is up more than five percentage points from previous years.

Burgess emphasized that popular scholarship essay writer websites toronto board strives to keep tuition fees as low as possible and that the average annual tuition increase over the last five years has been 2. Tuition and fees for services cover 78 per cent of the total cost to operate UCC, with the difference made up by other sources, such as donations.

Burgess summarized the progress being made with the seven pillars of the strategic plan, including: the expansion of advising programs; greater student involvement in co-curricular programs; faculty professional development; the revitalization of the boarding program, which this year includes boys from 20 countries; increased financial assistance; facility renovations; and the Think Ahead campaign. The evening concluded with Burgess and Power taking questions from audience members.

He also runs his own clinical practice and has won several national and international awards for his research accomplishment. Voineskos, a Prize Day recipient during his UCC days, extolled the virtues of hard work while reflecting popular scholarship essay writer websites toronto his time at the College and speaking about the importance of role models and mentors.

He also told the boys about brain development from adolescence to early adulthood and, since he was speaking on World Mental Health Day and works at CAMH, he stressed the importance of mental health.

It was then time for the presentations. In addition to the annual distribution of academic prizes, this ceremony also recognized the nine inaugural recipients of the Lang Scholarship, which recognizes extraordinary leadership potential in students. About two dozen hearty click to see more camped at Norval on Saturday night, while approximately members of the UCC community made the drive to the tiny hamlet near Georgetown for a six-hour event on Sunday that included a variety of family-friendly activities.

Visitors received a free lunch and could also buy bread, cheese, syrup and more from local vendors on site to take home with them. Norval and other UCC merchandise was also available to purchase. The final event of the day was the eagerly anticipated raft race on the Credit. A sauna tent was set up nearby to warm and dry the competitors after spending time in the chilly water.

UCC students revel in learning and playing at Norval, and this popular scholarship essay writer websites toronto event was a great opportunity for Old Boys to relive their youths and for parents and family members to partake in some of the activities that popular scholarship essay writer websites toronto sons and brothers enjoy during their visits.

It was a good omen when the sun was out and the temperature was in the high teens as folks started arriving for the new parent breakfast at Weston Hall at 8 a.

The Blue Army led a parade of energetic Prep students up the avenue to the Upper School front steps for opening ceremonies and remarks from popular scholarship essay writer websites toronto Jim Power, head of Prep popular scholarship essay writer websites toronto Upper Schools Don Kawasoe, Association Council president Jim Garner, A-Day chairs Jill Carmichael Adolphe, Johanne Popular scholarship essay writer websites toronto and Lucas Atkins, and head steward Andrew Callahan.

The See more Outdoor Education Centre had a larger presence than normal, owing to the th anniversary celebration it will host on Sunday, Oct. Three large Norval birthday cakes were cut up and served to anyone who wanted a slice.

Bidding was hot and heavy for the array of items available in the silent auction, including gift certificates, flights, sports tickets, lessons, food and catering, popular scholarship essay writer websites toronto, wine, clothing, spa sessions and much more. Children could also launch balloon rockets and watch how far they travelled.

A-Tunes A-Day was a new addition this year, and it proved very popular with people as it showcased the musical talents of both UCC students and faculty members. Sports have always been a big part of A-Day, and that was certainly the case again this year.

Prep Soccerfest pitted the various colour houses against each other in a morning tournament, while Conference of Independent Schools Athletic Association competitions took place between UCC and other schools in various age groups in soccer, volleyball and football.

The home teams came away with an impressive record of 11 wins, two ties and two losses. Old Boys also got in on the action at the Michael Evan Jurist Memorial Tennis Tournament, Allan Harris Popular scholarship essay writer websites toronto Boys Soccer Tournament and a ball hockey game between the graduating classes of and Separate receptions were held at noon for Old Boys from the leaving classes of andwho received and year ties respectively. A reunion dinner was held in the evening for Old Boys from all graduating classes with years ending in three or eight, which capped off a full day on campus and brought another A-Day to a close.

After a beschreibt professional business plan editing sites toronto schmerzen of requested anonymity, Upper Canada College alumnus Stu Lang has forward as the face behind the largest single donation in Canadian independent school history.

The key priority of the Think Ahead campaign is to ensure thator 20 per cent, of UCC boys will receive financial support by This would place UCC among the top financial assistance programs at Canadian independent schools. He retired as an officer of the company inbut still serves as a director.

Lang became head football coach at the University of Guelph in and led the team to its best-ever regular season in But his high school years still remain special to him. In honour of his gift, UCC will launch the Lang Scholar Program to ensure a legacy of furnishing current students with leadership and other character development opportunities. Upper Canada College students have more clubs than ever to choose from this year.

Club representatives signed up members at the Sept. Each club has a faculty or staff advisor and student head to oversee activities, and most of them meet weekly during lunch periods.

The way that Canadian students learn mathematics has come under criticism of late, as recent Globe and Mail articles and columns have pointed out that math scores have been decreasing across the country.

UCC students scored 20 per cent above the world average in International Baccalaureate IB standard level math scores from to Primary math teachers use the Everyday Mathematics program and supplementary materials to provide instruction, experience and practice patterns, numeration, place value, computation, geometry, measurement, decimals, fractions, graphing and problem-solving.

Math extension groups are offered to boys who excel in the subject. A strong math background is also considered when hiring new teachers in the Primary Division. The IB enables Upper School teachers to use a balanced approach in teaching math, as it structures exams into two papers: one using a calculator and the other with no technology allowed. Individual professional growth for teachers is encouraged at UCC, and members of the math department have attended well over conferences and given talks at regional and national confabs in Canada and the United States over the past five years.

Http:// School math teacher Byung Chun is a consultant for the Waterloo Mathematics Contests and trains students for the International Mathematics Olympiad.

Charlie Walker and Daniel Hong, who graduated from UCC in May, teamed up with IB2 student Harris Sheldon and Jacob Barker and Adam Donaldson from the Victoria Rowing Club in British Columbia to compete in the World Rowing Junior Championships.

They finished third in the B final with a time The World Rowing Junior Championships is designed for athletes 18 and younger to prepare for future international success at the under 23 or senior levels. Hong, the coxswain, is attending Columbia Popular scholarship essay writer websites toronto in New York City this fall.

Walker is going to school at Stanford University in Stanford, Calif. MeriTALKracy aims to explore how merit relates to notions of risk, reward, work, fairness, luck and talent with a wide read more of prominent people from UCC and beyond. The MeriTALKracy initiative is soliciting new submissions from members of the UCC community to add to the approximately two dozen which have already been posted on meritalkracy.

Enter two UCC parents. It was in discussions with senior development officer Michelle Golfman that the family hit upon the idea of leaving the naming of the renovated space up to the boys. Competition to rename the iDiv lounge was fierce, with an online contest running from May to June.

More than names were submitted and the top six were opened to voting by boys in Years 1 and 2. The Crib is undergoing the first phase of a two-part renovation. Upper Canada College rowers earned a second-place finish in the prestigious Head of the Charles Regatta in Boston, Mass. The performance of both crews guaranteed them entries in next year's regatta. This is a great starting point for our upcoming winter training season as well as the spring season in click The Head of the Charles is the largest two-day regatta in the world, with 2, boats competing in various categories over a challenging three-mile course on the Charles River.

You can watch the UCC rowing video here. The weather was beautiful and hundreds of people were on campus to traverse the five- or kilometre courses or volunteer in assisting the participants. UCC boarders, staff and faculty members were a big part of the event, as were corporate teams from the financial district who were among the biggest fundraisers. You can see photos from the day here. UCC students took part in a Terry Fox run of their own on Sept. The run was preceded by a school-wide assembly on the Prep playing field that featured guest speaker Lucy Fitzpatrick.

She told the students the story of her cancer diagnosis, surgery, recovery and involvement with the Terry Fox Foundation, which inspired students best article ghostwriting websites for school they set off on their fundraising run along the Beltline Trail.

A barbecue lunch filled up hungry participants before classes resumed in the afternoon. Upper Canada College Foundation Year students Harkirat Ahluwalia and Ben Mahon have created a not-for-profit organization called Picharity that aims to collect donated photographs, sell them as prints and hand over the net profits to a humanitarian organization called Right To Play. Lorna Pitcher founded the Canadian branch of Children of Hope Uganda after visiting the African country inand the charity has been the beneficiary of Upper Canada College fundraising projects for the past three years.

COHU's efforts were brought to life at UCC on July 11 when Grace Acan was the guest speaker at a presentation for Horizons program students at Weston Hall. Acan had eight years of her life taken away after she was abducted by the LRA as a teenager, but she's now using her horrifying experiences to just click for source and promote the rights of While the soft-spoken year-old described few of the most harrowing aspects of her time in captivity, her words were powerful and seemed to have a compelling effect on the young popular scholarship essay writer websites toronto in the room who could have been forced to become child soldiers had they lived in northern Uganda instead of Canada.

You can read more about the plight of Acan and other girls who were abducted by the LRA in this moving article from The New York Times Magazine. Acan has finished her second year at Gulu Go here, where she takes development studies, in her homeland. Her schooling, upon returning to her family after she was rescued, was sponsored by COHU. Many had thundersticks and glow sticks to show their team spirit, and a variety of food and drink choices were available to help fill and warm them up.

The Beaver Tails truck was particularly busy throughout the evening. The JV Blues got things started on the right foot as they defeated the Knights Receiver, defensive back and kick returner Marc-Andre Alexandre, running back Pelle Jorgen and quarterback Liam Power were the stars for the Blues, who built up a halftime lead and cruised to a victory.

Fans who missed the games in person had the chance to watch them on popular scholarship essay writer websites toronto, as Rogers TV was on hand to shoot them for later broadcast.

Upper Canada College IB2 student Nels Guloien was one of 34 young people to receive a Duke of Edinburgh Gold Award from Prince Edward, Earl of Wessex at a Sept. The award program was founded in by Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh to encourage personal development and community involvement for people between the ages of 14 and It will click the following article its 50th anniversary in Canada next year and involves almost 38, participants from all provinces and territories.

There are bronze, silver and gold levels of the award, with gold being the highest standard. Each participant must set his or her own personal goals in four areas: community service; skill development; physical recreation; and adventurous journey, which includes teamwork, appreciation of the environment and adventure.

It's made me think about those things and plan for the future and how I'll contribute in those areas. The day began with new parents packing Weston Hall for breakfast at 8 a. The boys then dispersed to their teams to take part in Soccerfest and various booths that were spread out along the south side of the campus opened and did brisk business in selling food, crafts, books and UCC clothing, or dispersing information and A-Day souvenir freebies.

The organic market was renamed in honour of the late Jon Wookey, who founded it in Students sold vegetables from the Prep learning garden and the Horizons program collected used hockey equipment, uniforms and books. People lined up for free popcorn and ice cream while the items up for grab on the silent auction tables attracted impressive bids.

Jamestown Steel Band presented a nice soundtrack for attendees learning popular scholarship essay writer websites toronto about the Norval Outdoor School, soaking teachers at the dunk tank or watching children bouncing around the Popular scholarship essay writer websites toronto. Members of the class of received year ties at a mid-day reception at Weston Hall, while others chowed down at a barbecue lunch in the Prep parking lot or enjoyed adult beverages popular scholarship essay writer websites toronto the hospitality terrace on the north side of the William P.

Wilder '40 Arena and Sports Complex. There was also a ceremony recognizing major donors to the boarding campaign and the unveiling of a new display created in their honour.

Sports, as always, were a huge part of A-Day. Jurist Memorial Tennis Tournament. You can watch A-Day highlights at bit. It's probably the worst-kept secret in College history and the big moment has finally arrived. Fuelling the excitement is a campaign filled with precedent-setting moments. While certainly ambitious, the goal is to offer at least 20 per cent of students or boys "needs-based scholarships by to remain competitive in the independent school sector.

Additionally, the campaign will raise funds for much-needed renovations to the Upper School, specifically classrooms and science labs that haven't seen improvements in more than 50 years. Focusing on the heart of the UCC experience, the campaign also aims to both expand academic and co-curricular programs, and enhance professional development opportunities for teachers so they can truly claim to be international leaders in their field.

Finally, incorporating all three priorities is a boarding component, a commitment to the popular scholarship essay writer websites toronto of both Seaton's and Wedd's houses. We invite you to step up and share in this defining moment. Thomson, along with Loudon Owen '76 and Andy Pringle popular scholarship essay writer websites toronto, are co-chairing the Campaign Cabinet. Martin Abell '81, Blake Hutcheson '83 and Adam Markwell '92 are co-chairing the Boarding component of the campaign.

Upper Canada College IB1 student Marc-Andre Alexandre won the silver medal in the senior metres at the Ontario Federation of School Athletic Associations OFSAA championships at Thousand Islands Secondary School in Brockville, Ont. Alexandre led for metres, but was passed late in the race.

The year-old still posted one of the top times for his age in the country. Alexandre was the busiest runner at OFSAA, as he was the only competitor to take part in the metre, metre, metre and 4 x metre relay races. He won the popular scholarship essay writer websites toronto medal with record-breaking times in each race at the recent Conference of Independent Schools Athletic Association CISAA championships.

He finished sixth in the metres and ninth in the metres, while joining with Alex Malone, Seamus Power and Liam Power to finish 12th in the relay at OFSAA. Foundation Year student Tyler Farrell dislocated his kneecap weeks ago and wasn't expected to be able to compete at OFSAA, but he persevered and finished ninth in the junior metre hurdles and 10th in the metre hurdles.

Year 2 student Akeil Zarudny finished 17th in the midget metre race. The year-old University of Virginia UVA freshman came up with the idea during a March break service trip to remote parts of Peru while he was at UCC. Linzon noticed that a lack of electricity to charge cellphones for communication and business purposes, or to provide light for students trying to study at night using kerosene lamps, was holding many people back.

He says the PowerSole can "empower the powerless, literally, one step at a time. Linzon put an inductive coil and a battery into the sole of a running shoe for the prototype that earned him and the PowerSole popular scholarship essay writer websites toronto recognition in the competition.

It took a week to make and he says, "It's not that complicated. Linzon was therefore pleasantly surprised to learn when a search conducted by lawyers he paid for with his prize money revealed that no one else had come up with the idea before. The PowerSole now has a utility patent in the United States. Durability issues -- so that it can withstand water, dirt and other elements -- have popular ghostwriter sites taken into consideration.

Linzon doesn't want to give up equity in his invention and, while he's had discussions with a couple of hedge funds, he says, "I need connections more than capital, though I'm open to ideas and opinions from people who are interested in helping. Linzon, one of 19 student entrepreneurs from Atlantic Coast Conference universities chosen to showcase concepts in the Popular scholarship essay writer websites toronto Madness event in Durham, N.

Linzon envisions two parts to his business: a for-profit element for developed markets where people could use PowerSoles in hiking boots while in remote areas without access to electricity; and a non-profit aspect that would subsidize the costs of distributing the technology in developing countries where the need is more acute. The "Top 20 Under 20" program presented by Youth in Motion is designed to identify outstanding young Canadian leaders, further develop their skills and aptitudes, and fuel their passions.

The award celebrates the "art of possibilities" and honours Canadians under the age of 20 who've demonstrated significant levels of innovation, leadership and achievement. While Linzon is interested in popular scholarship essay writer websites toronto entrepreneurship and helping others, he says he's "extremely fascinated with finance and hedge funds" and is applying to UVA's McIntire School of Commerce for the next school year.

It's ranked second among the nation's undergraduate business programs, according to the annual Bloomberg Businessweek rankings, and is the only program to be consistently ranked either first or second in the seven popular scholarship essay writer websites toronto that Businessweek has ranked undergrad programs.

Upper Canada College rowers performed to the best of their abilities at the Canadian Secondary Schools Rowing Association's 67th annual regatta from June 1 to 3 and ended up as the fourth-ranked popular scholarship essay writer websites toronto team with gold, silver and bronze medal finishes. The highlight of the read article was a popular scholarship essay writer websites toronto in the senior men kilogram eight with coxswain, where UCC's crew came from behind in the second half of the final race and made a furious sprint to the finish to end up 1.

The team members were Patrick Watt, Graham Buchan, Harrison Vincent, Luke Farewell, Sam Frum, Josh Kofman, Paul Soumalias, Jonas Mutukistna and coxie Daniel Hong. Watt, Farewell, Frum, Buchan and Hong also took part in the senior men kilogram four with coxswain after their victory and popular scholarship essay writer websites toronto effort expended in the earlier race might have caught up with them as they finished second to St.

UCCs junior men kilogram four with coxswain team, comprised of Year 1 and Year 2 students, came away with a bronze medal. The team members were Liam Findlay, Drew Willoughby, Brooks Ralph, Jacob Givertz-Steel and coxie Nikhil Kassum. UCC's senior men kilogram four with coxswain didn't have their best race in the final, but showed real determination in popular scholarship essay writer websites toronto fifth.

The heavy eight with coxswain crew had their best race of the season and also finished fifth in the final. UCC finished with 82 popular scholarship essay writer websites toronto, which placed it eighth overall and fourth among men's teams behind Vancouver College pointsSt. George's School points and overall champion E. Crossley Secondary School 89 points. The event took place at the Royal Canadian Henley Regatta Course in St.

Boys considering applying at Upper Canada College a year from now will be able to get a panoramic view of the campus even if they can't visit in person after Google Street View came to the school and captured it on camera on May UCC is one of the first sites in Toronto to be mapped with Link customized tricycle, which is equipped with nine directional cameras that produce degree views in near high-definition quality when viewed on a computer popular scholarship essay writer websites toronto. Google approached the College to ask permission to shoot on campus.

The service was free and UCC will be able to use the images to promote itself once the footage is edited which includes blurring out people's faces and vehicle licence plates to protect privacy and posted online in six to 12 months.

Not only would Street View be helpful for prospective students, but it can also be used as a tool for parents, faculty, alumni, the community popular scholarship essay writer websites toronto beyond.

Google Street Popular scholarship essay writer websites toronto launched in May when cars with roof-mounted cameras first appeared on roads in major American cities. The first Canadian images were made available on Oct. The trike was introduced in to map areas that may not be as easily accessible by car, and it now also uses snowmobiles and boats for the same reason. The company has an eastern Canada team based in Scarborough, Ont.

A lot of people at UCC did learn more here, some students hammed it up for the camera and others stopped Google's Jonathan Chang to ask questions when he was making his rounds of the campus on the trike. Principal Jim Power even took a photo of the trike when it was parked in front of the school.

Upper Canada College IB1 student Alex Gagliano came out on top over eight other finalists in the national championship of the Poetry In Voice contest at Toronto's Isabel Bader Theatre on April Eliot's "Journey of the Magi.

Poetry In Voice is a national, bilingual poetry recitation contest for high school students in Canada and raises awareness of the role that poetry plays in cultural life. It provides an entry point for students to develop a personal relationship with poetry by learning their favourite poems by heart and encourages them to learn about great poetry through exploration, memorization and performance.

Upper Canada College students posted excellent results at the 12th annual Chinese Arts and Literacy Contest for Youth on April 1. More than 5, Ontario students from Kindergarten to Grade 12 competed in nine categories performed in Mandarin, Cantonese and English: recitals individual and two people ; choral speaking; singing; impromptu speaking; composition; painting; calligraphy; translation; storytelling; and a Chinese general knowledge quiz.

The goal is to "promote Chinese popular scholarship essay writer websites toronto and culture as well as to enhance social harmony. UCC's David Wang won the Mandarin impromptu speaking contest while Jonathan Zhu finished right behind him in second place. UCC students also performed well in popular scholarship essay writer websites toronto Cantonese division.

Jasper Kan won impromptu speaking and the two people recital popular scholarship essay writer websites toronto Calvin Poon. Kinton Cheung finished third in impromptu speaking and teamed with Winston Kwok to take second place in the two people recital.

More competitions and results from the contest are pending. Upper Canada College's varsity swimming team placed first in the open boys category, out of schools at the meet, to claim the banner at the Ontario Federation of School Athletic Associations OFSAA championship at the Milton Sports Centre on March 6 and 7.

UCC placed third, just 32 points out of first place, in the junior boys category. The senior boys placed fifth. In the overall combined section --" which includes points from all boys, girls, open and para categories --" UCC finished third and was the only single gender school in the top The open medley relay team of Max Celej, Paul Wong, Josh Gold and Oliver Clark almost set an OFSAA record by winning their third gold medal in this race in three years.

UCC's U16 team of Hark Ahluwalia, Tor Kitching, Jake Poulton and Seth Zucker won the OFSAA silver medal after finishing just 0. The top individual performances were a silver medal for Jake Poulton in the junior metre backstroke and a bronze medal for Max Carnella in the senior metre individual medley. The Upper Canada College Blues are the Conference of Independent Schools Athletic Association CISAA champions after an exciting, come-from-behind victory over the St.

Andrew's College Saints on March 7 at the William P. The Blues started slowly and found themselves down after the first period. Andrew's continued to dominate through much of the second period, but the home team turned it on late and scored two goals to make the score headed into the third period. Conlon tied the game about five-and-a-half minutes into the third period and Paul Rekai tipped in a point shot less than two minutes later to stake the Blues to a lead that they held through the rest of the game.

This is the first CISAA varsity hockey championship by the Blues since Congratulations to all of the players, head coach Brian Green, assistant popular scholarship essay writer websites toronto John Cassels and Daniel Tkaczuk, and goalie coach Samuel Saintonge.

More than students, staff and faculty members from eight Toronto-area high schools converged on Upper Canada College's Lett Gym on Feb. UCC hosted the student-organized event for the third straight year, and Dignitas International chair Dr.

Michael Schull kicked things off at p. The senior scientist at the Institute for Clinical Evaluative Sciences practices as a specialist in emergency medicine at Toronto's Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre and has worked with medical aid organizations in South Africa, Iraq, Bangladesh, Burundi, Rwanda, Uzbekistan and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Schull spent parts of writing post blog site esl gb in Malawi with his family volunteering with Dignitas International. Teams collected donations beforehand and an African drum countdown began the proceedings and provided a rhythm to keep everyone pedalling their stationary bicycles throughout the two-and-a-half-hour event.

Most of the teams wore costumes that, what they may have lacked in dignity, made up for with creativity. That helped keep the enthusiasm running high along with other activities, including an educational "iPad Quiz," a "Minute to Win It" competition and performances by various student groups.

Dignitas Youth is a growing network of young leaders engaging their communities on global health issues and raising funds in support of the organization's life-saving initiatives.

Registration has opened for the June 3 Dignitas Race for Dignity Challenge at Toronto's Yonge-Dundas Square. Upper Canada College's Senior Jazz Ensemble scored a double gold at the GTA Musicfest Jazz Festival at York University on Tuesday. The win earned the band, under the direction of Peter Smith, an invitation to the MusicFest Canada national final at Ottawa's National Arts Centre in May. The Intermediate Jazz Ensemble, under the direction of Tony Gomes, also performed well at the festival.

Senior, Intermediate and Junior bands from UCC are part of the Humber College Next Generation Jazz Festival today and tomorrow. The festival includes 28 big bands and 20 combos from more than 20 schools. Upper Canada College's varsity swim team won the overall Conference of Independent Schools Athletic Association co-ed championship at the Etobicoke Swim Club on Feb. All of the guys swam personal bests and had amazing performances.

UCC popular scholarship essay writer websites toronto with a combined team score of 1, Eighteen schools took part in 62 events and UCC qualified all six of its relay teams for OFSAA. Two Upper Canada College students had impressive results in preliminary math contests to qualify for the April 4 Canadian Mathematical Olympiad CMO. IB2 student Matthew Brennan was one of two gold medalists in the Canadian Open Mathematics Challenge COMC and shared the best in Grade 12 award with the same student, Steven Yu of Pinetree Secondary School in Coquitlam, B.

Foundation Year student Thomas Wu made the COMC honour popular scholarship essay writer websites toronto after finishing in the top 17 in the competition. He shared the gold medal in the Grade 10 division with Desmond Sisson of Calgary's Western Canada High School. The COMC is the first in a series of Canadian Mathematical Society CMS competitions leading to the selection of student members for Math Team Canada to compete in the International Mathematical Olympiad.

CMS competitions attract student participants from across Canada and around the world. While swimmers spend much of their time underwater, the out-of-pool experience has become more pleasant at Upper Canada College after a number of renovations were done to the school's swimming facility. A number of parents and Old Boys kindly contributed to refurbishing the swimming pool area last year, and they were recognized at a Feb.

Little had been done to the yard, four-lane pool since it was built in the s and, since popular scholarship essay writer websites toronto a new one is still years down the road, the renovations were welcomed and overdue.

The improvements made were: acid washing and regrouting the pool, pool deck and tile walls; painting the entire pool area, shower and locker rooms; installing a new humidity sensor, bathroom stall, lockers and additional lighting in the shower room; electrical work; and general maintenance. The generous benefactors who attended the ceremony were: Richard Wu; John and Mimi Carnella and son Max 12; Fiona Lifman and son Gavin 13; and Andrew Munn, Kate Hall and sons Ted 16 and Chris The other magnanimous contributors to the pool fund were: Tom Huang and Xu Chen; Doug '81 and Susie Marshall; Richard Rooney and Laura Dinner; Richard Stewart '80 and Sandy Walker; Rob and Martine Celej; Karim and Shelina Jessa; and Victor and Courtney Lee.

Cheryl Perera is living proof that high school students can make a major difference in the world. Perera was appalled when she learned about link child sex trade in Bangkok, Popular scholarship essay writer websites toronto during a civics class.

But her disgust soon turned into action as she convinced her parents and popular scholarship essay writer websites toronto principal to allow her to go to Sri Lanka on her own for three-and-a-half months when she was 17 so she could see what was happening first hand with child sex slaves, and ended up going undercover in a sting operation to arrest a sexual predator.

That gave me a whole new resolve to do even more. That was the year she also started a successful petition campaign that convinced Air Canada to show an in-flight, anti-child sex tourism video created by OneChild. More than 22 million people have now viewed that low-budget video. It's estimated that 1. It's perhaps most prevalent in Thailand, the Philippines, Cambodia and Brazil, but goes on in North America as well. OneChild is doing remarkable things considering that it's an entirely volunteer-run organization headquartered at Perera's Markham, Ont.

Perera usually travels to child sex trade hot spots during the summer and flies to Switzerland, where she's completing her master's degree in children's rights at the University of Fribourg, half-a-dozen times a year.

She spends much of the rest of her time making presentations like the one on Monday at UCC. That's one of the major shockers for these kids. The sex trade for boys is rampant as well. I've been to these sex bars and clubs where boys are dancing on stage with nothing but a little thong and a number.

Something we're trying to do right now is develop a curriculum for teachers to teach about this issue in the classroom. Learn more here believe that teachers are one of our greatest allies in fighting this issue.

The outdoor environmental experiential education OEEE site, located just outside the hamlet of Norval read more the Credit River popular scholarship essay writer websites toronto a minute drive from UCC's main Deer Park campus, popular scholarship essay writer websites toronto been owned by the College since and has offered unique learning experiences since Boys gain a sense of environmental stewardship, learn core values of trust, sharing and cooperation, and acquire lifelong leadership abilities and team-building skills during day trips or overnight stays at the property.

From May to Aprilthe member LRPC consulted broadly with the UCC community and external consultants with expertise in various fields of environmental science and stewardship. While the members conceded that urban encroachment around the property will increasingly isolate it as an "island" in an urbanized environment, they concluded that the Norval property is large enough to withstand these pressures and can continue to effectively serve its educational purpose.

Russell Higgins '81, chair of the Norval LRPC, stated: "It became clear to the committee that it would be extremely difficult to replicate the benefits that all UCC boys, and in particular Prep boys, enjoy as a result of running the OEEE program at the Norval site.

The benefits of having in-house staff at a facility that is less than an hour from the main UCC campus are immeasurable. We found no other elementary or secondary OEEE program that offered all of the benefits that Norval provides. Upper Canada College's Wernham West Centre for Learning CFL is using its 10th anniversary to reflect upon and celebrate its many accomplishments in fulfilling its mandate to understand different learning styles and needs, provide learning support to students and professional development for faculty, and share research findings with other schools and organizations.

CFL executive director Mary Gauthier and her team of Susan Elliott, Tina Jagdeo, Jody McLean and Dale Park have a lot to be proud of in developing this fitness centre for the brain along with UCC faculty, staff and administration members.

But this milestone anniversary is also a time to look forward, and Gauthier is just as enthusiastic about what the future holds. She's particularly pleased that neuroscientists are starting to look to educators about how their findings relate to what's being done in classrooms.

Research that's being done on the brain and wellness, and the connection to learning and what schools can do, is an exciting model because that's new, Gauthier says. The whole notion of integrative thinking is what the Centre for Learning's been doing within Upper Canada College, but to move that out into other fields and bring them together is really exciting for us.

Because of the information that we know about the neuroplasticity of cheap phd writing brain and learning " we know now that you're not just born with what you're good at and that's it " and because of new developments in expertise in teaching and powerful tools in technology, we have more opportunities to personalize visit web page for students within the balance of a really challenging curriculum.

Moving forward, that's going to be a lot of the Centre for Learning's work. Where is that balance click the following article being able to personalize within a really exciting program, which is the International Baccalaureate? Where are the tensions, but where are the windows of opportunity to popular scholarship essay writer websites toronto personalize the experience for students to enrich their learning and enrich the popular scholarship essay writer websites toronto The CFL will welcome Dr.

Adam Cox "an American clinical psychologist, author and lecturer who has worked with families and schools around the world" to UCC from Nov. He'll be part of Monday morning's assembly, will share his knowledge with faculty members, and will speak to parents about his research and relay information on how boys can find significance in their lives in Laidlaw Hall at 7 p. Upper Canada College IB1 student Matthew Hong and teammates from two other schools finished first in the fourth annual Chinese Bridge - Chinese Proficiency Competition for Foreign Secondary School Students earlier this week.

Hong earned the right to go to the world championship by winning an initial competition on his own in Toronto in April. He was then placed with two teammates, a student from Toronto's Lycee Francaise and another from Montreal, and practiced with them for a few hours each night for two nights while in Chongqing, China before the competition began. They were led by UCC Mandarin teacher Jane Li. There this web page three rounds in the competition.

The first involved playing traditional Chinese games and then answering questions involving Chinese writing, reading and listening skills. The boys were given a set of topics to research before the second popular scholarship essay writer websites toronto, and then had to go to a supermarket and select items related to the topic given to them and explain why they chose them. Hong's topic was "I know everything about China," and he chose a toy bicycle because "many Chinese people sind best academic essay ghostwriters website toronto den bicycles as a transportation method.

Scores from each round were added together and Hong's team ended up on top of 47 other teams from 43 countries. Teams from Singapore won the first three competitions and Li was both surprised and delighted that popular scholarship essay writer websites toronto squad took the title this time.

Hong's family moved to Toronto from Korea and he just started learning Chinese when he entered UCC last year. He says similarities between Korean and Chinese vocabularies made it easier for him to grasp the new language. Each member of the winning team received a four-year scholarship to any university in Chongqing. Hong's not yet sure if he'll take advantage of the prize, but he definitely wants to continue learning Chinese as a third language. Upper Canada College won the Canadian Accredited Independent Schools CAIS under 13 national soccer championship at a tournament held at Ridley College in St.

The squad, coached by Bernard Lecerf and Johnny McGrath, defeated St. Andrew's College in the final to complete the team tournament undefeated. This marks the third time in four years that UCC has won the championship. The U13 team has won all of its games so far this season and will take part in the Conference of Independent Schools Athletic Association CISAA championship tournament on Oct.

UCC's varsity soccer team has also enjoyed another successful year. It lost to St. Andrew's in the final of the team CAIS championship tournament on Oct. Upper Canada Popular scholarship essay writer websites toronto varsity football team may have clinched first place in the Conference of Independent Schools Athletic Association after a win over Ashbury College on Saturday, but the team members aren't quite ready to turn professional yet.

The entire Upper School student popular scholarship essay writer websites toronto, however, learned more about the Canadian Football League when commissioner and Old Boy Mark Cohon '85 and longtime player Adriano Belli attended the principal's popular scholarship essay writer websites toronto on Oct.

Principal Jim Power interviewed Cohon before boys in the audience popular scholarship essay writer websites toronto invited to ask their own insightful questions of the man who previously worked for Major League Baseball and the National Basketball Association.

Cohon said he compares notes with fellow professional sports commissioners in the United States and says they have the same issues, but they deal with larger numbers. The CFL is the oldest professional sports league in North America and, while Cohon admits it has had its ups and downs over the years, he's confident that it's on the rise again with the building of new stadiums and strong television ratings.

He's not worried about the Buffalo Bills moving to Toronto and is focused on building his and its brand. In response to student questions, Cohon said popular scholarship essay writer websites toronto league is taking steps to address concussion problems both among high school and professional players, he thinks the Saskatchewan Roughriders have the best fans, and that CFL games are shown on television in the U.

Belli, who retired as a CFL player at the beginning of this season to become a TV analyst, cited his experience at this summer's International Federation of American Football Senior Men's World Championships in Austria where Canada lost in the final to the U.

The Toronto native also spoke about how proud he was to have played in the CFL and asked everyone to support the league. Steward and Scadding's House head Sam Frum presented Cohon, a Scadding's alumnus, a House T-shirt and tie as a thank you gift. Frum gave Belli a UCC ball cap and the 6'5, pound former defensive tackle lived up to his Kissing Bandit nickname by planting his lips on both of the young man's cheeks in return. The Grey Cup will be awarded to the top team in the CFL at this year's championship game in Vancouver on Nov.

The Grey Cup's th anniversary will be celebrated next year with the east and west division champions squaring off against each other at Toronto's Rogers Centre. Upper Canada College is one of 22 Canadian high schools participating in a pilot program of The Jack Project, which facilitates workshops and presentations, evaluates program components, promotes dialogue about mental health, and encourages collaboration between educators and students The Jack Project was founded by Eric Windeler to honour his son Jack, who committed suicide while in his first year at Queen's University in March To help people learn from the tragedy, he teamed up with Kids Help Phone, Canada's only nationwide, bilingual phone and online counselling service for youth aged five to Working in partnership with the Mental Health Commission of Canada, the goal is to promote young people's mental health by providing them with much-needed information and support as they move from late high school into college, university or independent living.

It also aims to equip parents, family members and educators with the knowledge they need to support the young people in their lives The staff of the Upper School health centre is spearheading The Jack Project at UCC with the support of the administration and leadership roles taken by IB2 students who receive "Creativity, Action and Service" hours toward their diploma for participating.

They're also hoping to involve students from The Bishop Strachan School Brainstorming sessions are taking place to come up with initiatives and activities that will be presented at cheap phd paper help faculty seminar in January, which will be followed by similar presentations for parents and students If a kid is stressed out and anxious, it's going to affect his entire wellbeing.

More details about The Jack Project at Kids Help Phone can be found at www. Students and parents alike continue to be quite satisfied with Upper Canada College's program and delivery, facilities and overall performance, according to the results of two recent comprehensive surveys UCC received a high or very high general satisfaction rating from The results show an improvement from the last survey done in and reflect an overall upward trending in positive responses from both constituencies UCC has traditionally used such surveys to identify areas where the school can improve, which has resulted in concerted efforts to give more individualized attention and support to boys, communicate more clearly and frequently with parents, and offer specific please click for source enhancements in the College's curricular and co-curricular programs Parents noted an increased sense of school community and better popular ghostwriter websites online from the College, two areas that UCC has focused on improving in recent years to create a "small school feel with big school opportunities.

The student survey results showed strong and consistent increases in school culture ratings, including relationships with administrators, peer relations, sense of community and safety. There were also improved indicators of individual attention being given to students, co-curricular engagement and a love of learning and expression UCC's program and delivery received high or very high ratings from The school's facilities were ranked high or very high by An impressive 90 per cent of boys rated their popular scholarship essay writer websites toronto educational experience high or very high.

They were also enthusiastic about UCC's academic facilities 84 per cent high or very high ratingsathletic facilities 89 per cent and arts facilities The College's technology resources received an Boys are also appreciative of what UCC has to offer outside the classroom, as the school's co-curricular program sports, arts, clubs, service activities and more received high or very high ratings from Sollten professional article editor service for mba und quality of a UCC education received an Parental pride in UCC was quite evident, as These high ratings relate to positive responses to these statements Parents of boarding students said the overall boarding experience for their son deserved an That's a significant improvement fromwhen the future of UCC's boarding program came into question before a wave of support ensured its survival, and bodes well for the College's recently launched boarding fundraising campaign to improve its facilities and increase the availability of needs-based scholarships for deserving boarders While the survey findings are generally positive, UCC administrators, faculty and staff members are continuously striving to make improvements at the College to further solidify its position as one of the most respected independent boys' schools in the world The surveys were administered by Kevin Graham of Lookout Management Inc.

They were answered by parents and students and have a confidence rate of 99 per cent, plus or minus three per cent. These latest survey results article source to UCC's long history of data collection, which is the most extensive of any Canadian independent school.

For more information, please contact vice-principal Innes van Nostrand atext. Prizes, awards and medals for a variety of academic disciplines and extra-curricular accomplishments were presented to dozens of boys ranging from Year 1 to Popular scholarship essay writer websites toronto as the proud parents, staff and faculty members who filled Laidlaw Hall looked on.

Principal Jim Power made opening remarks, UCC's wind ensemble performed Florentiner March op. Good morning and thank you. Let me begin by saying how excited I am to be here this morning. To the winners of prizes and awards, let me direct a first greeting to you. We are here today to acknowledge your hard work and special accomplishments. May I add my voice to all the others when I more info congratulations to you on your achievement today.

Acknowledgement is due to the parents of today's winners as well. Your boys have earned their accolades, but they did not earn them alone. As the mother of a boy on the UCC crew, I know well the dedication, commitment and support of our UCC parents. And of course I have to greet our magnificent faculty and staff. You inspire these boys, you lead them, you shape them. Popular scholarship essay writer websites toronto success is your handiwork. On behalf of parents and boys, I say: thank you and thank you and thank you.

I have to say that when I received the email from Dr. Power last month inviting me to be your Prize Day speaker this year I popular scholarship essay writer websites toronto like a prizewinner myself. You see, for me, this invitation holds within it the opportunity for a second chance to get something right because returning to popular scholarship essay writer websites toronto podium actually involves returning to the scene of one of my greatest public speaking failures ever.

Twenty-five years ago I was invited to speak at UCC. I can remember it vividly. I was in my early 20s then, and had just completed a Guidebook to Canadian Universities. The book led link many, many speaking engagements at universities and schools across the country, including one here at UCC. Indeed I believe it was Mr. Matthews who extended that invitation and it's reassuring to me that he and I are both still kicking around this place, looking just as youthful click at this page we once did.

Anyway, as a journalist, and now as a parliamentarian, I have faced all kinds of crowds. Sometimes friendly, sometimes hostile, sometimes just confused. But in the case of the boys at UCC I encountered a completely different reaction.

I'm not sure how to describe it exactly. But for the entire length of my speech I looked out at a sea of blank, disapproving faces. What was especially baffling was that I was using the same material that had worked perfectly well in other venues. But in this case, my words fell to the ground with a thud. The memory haunts me still. Studies show that the one thing North Americans fear most, more than esl home work writer sites ca or spiders, is public speaking.

And when people wake up in a cold sweat in the middle of the night because they study case editing cheap sites liverpool having a nightmare about being on a stage making a speech that's just tanking, well, what they popular scholarship essay writer websites toronto picturing in their minds is exactly what I lived through.

Now, it is a little reassuring that no less of an orator than Dr. Power has confessed to me that he also finds you boys can be something of a tough audience. Finally, as a friendly word of caution, my son advised me not to build up too many expectations about this speech today either, because, as he pointed out, nothing's changed.

The caliber of the men in the audience, is still, obviously, extremely high. I'm still a girl. And it's still morning. So the dynamics here do not play in my favour. But regardless of the strength of Sam's analysis, the point of my story is this: I'm back. I'm giving this a second try. And I've learned a lesson from my previous failure - and from the accomplishments of the boys here today - which is that the key to success is: persistence.

Which is why I feel it only fair to deliver this warning: If you don't clap like crazy at the end of this speech, I will return next year and do it all over again. The lapse of time between that first speech and this one underscores an important message for the boys here who will not receive a prize or award today.

UCC is unusual among today's private schools in its public honoring of success. While many schools in North America have done away with prize day giving altogether out of sensitivity for the delicate psyches of their young students, UCC understands that competition drives boys to thrive and excel. So, to those of you who have won prizes today, let's get this straight: You worked hard.

But it's also true - and I can attest to this - that we are not all on popular scholarship essay writer websites toronto same timetable of success. Some of us were ready to deliver a whizzbang of a in Others needed a quarter century of rehearsal.

In the same way, you boys are unfolding and developing at your own pace. Some of you are sprinters. Some don't gain speed until the second mile. For those boys, the honors are all to come - and the prize days will be the class reunions of future years. At Harvard Business School they tell a local joke about two students. One excels at math, wins prizes, graduates at the top of his class, and is promptly hired by a major bank. The other is baffled even by basic arithmetic and eventually drops out.

The two students meet again, in the lounge of a private aviation terminal. Both are boarding their click the following article planes. The former prizewinner notices the former drop-out. He approaches him, reintroduces himself, and then says, ' you don't mind my asking -- but what happened to you? They put me in the mailroom. I was bored, so I started reading the catalogues of our suppliers.

One day I saw an ad for a new kind of straw, it went popular scholarship essay writer websites toronto of all curly. I had the thought you could attach little cartoon characters to it, and that fast food companies might buy them to attract kids. Maybe movie companies would pay you too for the commercial tie-in. I took the catalogue, quit my job, started my own company. The straws have been a huge success for us. I have been a mother at this school for twelve years.

And I have had the honor to serve as a member of the Board of Governors for five. But by the time June comes around I will no longer belong to either group. This is very sad for me because I am deeply proud of my association with Upper Canada. And one of the chief reasons I am proud of this school is because of Dr. Now it's very bad form to repeat what gets said at a board meeting, boys, because they are held in the strictest of confidence, and when you swear to popular scholarship essay writer websites toronto things secret you must.

But I think I'm on safe ground when I share this with you at one of my very first ever board meetings, when I was just getting to know Dr. Power, and he himself had only been at the school for about one year, I can remember how upset he was because a fairly large sum of money that had been raised by you boys for charity had gone missing.

Or put more plainly, it had been stolen. Power was absolutely devastated. What good was UCC's reputation as a school of leading scholarship, of high IB totals or impressive university placements, if such lapses of character could take place inside these walls?

Power vowed to make this his mission. He vowed that he would dedicate as much of his energy to your intellectual development as to your moral development. And over the past 5 years, I've seen him, his administration and his teaching staff do precisely that. As they share today the triumph of your scholarly achievements, they most fundamentally popular scholarship essay writer websites toronto that the truest triumphs are personal and moral. What this school dissertation editor services usa what true education - most upholds and should most recognize is character.

The character of the boy that will become the character of the man. The character that earns a future place of leadership by integrity and by service. Character is honoured - not by a cup or a plaque - but by the recognition of those who know you. It's proven not popular scholarship essay writer websites toronto a second dash on a track, but over the longest of long hauls.

We'll be following all of you over the decades ahead popular scholarship essay writer websites toronto hail the honorable, upright men we hope - and expect - you will grow into. As we salute and congratulate today's prizewinners, the highest accolades - and the hardest struggles - still await. Give it your best! We're cheering for you! The 33rd annual Association Day on Oct.

Coffee sales were brisk in the morning following the a. Scholastic Books had their wares for sale. Prep entstehen speech writer website gb Sie hawked vegetables from the learning garden. A range of snacks were available. Folks could learn about the Popular scholarship essay writer websites toronto Outdoor School.

The Horizons program held a used hockey equipment drive. The Children of Hope Uganda booth sold crafts for a worthy cause. Student popular scholarship essay writer websites toronto had displays. People made bids on a variety of silent auction items. Other UCC supporters were scooping up Believe in Blue Gala raffle tickets as they admired the grand prize: a Chevrolet Volt.

And that's just what was happening along the main avenue leading up to the front steps of the school. That was the same route taken by the bagpiper as he led a parade of Prep soccer players, principal Jim Power, Upper and Prep School head Don Kawasoe, UCC Association president John Cape "87, A-Day co-chairs Matt Flynn '96 and Sandy Mingay, and head steward Ryan Manucha to officially open the ceremonies at 11 a. The "Kidzone" featured games and inflatable bouncy rides and slides for the little ones, who were also filling up on free popcorn and ice cream.

And kids of all ages took turns tossing softballs at a target popular scholarship essay writer websites toronto try and soak director of residential life Andrew Turner, popular scholarship essay writer websites toronto Adam Ross, Kawasoe, dean of students Evan Williams, Power, teaching assistant Steve Carr, Senior Division head Scott Cowie and residential assistant Sean Kelly in for my case study dunk tank.

Kawasoe was in the dunk tank hot seat for 20 minutes and got wet almost once a minute, but he said the water was warmer than the air and he was happy to take his turn. Jamestown Steel Orchestra added a tropical flavor to a somewhat frigid early afternoon. The Class of received year popular scholarship essay writer websites toronto at a luncheon reception that was the precursor to a much larger reunion dinner honouring the graduating classes of,, and that took place in the evening.

Five dollars got people a cheap mba essay writer website us barbecue lunch, while the hospitality area on the Simon and Kit Leung Terrace offered hot chili, cold beer and a great view of the sports action on the oval.

The Prep Soccerfest lasted all morning and the Red House came out on top with points. Jurist Tennis Tournament attracted a full bracket of doubles teams, including a few father and son duos. The competition was a little less friendly in the Lett and Prep gyms, where UCC volleyball teams won three out of four matches, and on the various soccer fields where the home team won a large majority of the games against squads popular scholarship essay writer websites toronto other schools.

UCC's junior varsity football popular scholarship essay writer websites toronto beat TCS in the morning and set the stage for the final football game of the day, where UCC jumped out to a halftime lead before resting a number of starters in a second half that saw both the Blues and the Bears score a touchdown each.

More than 1, people took part in and enjoyed all of the Association Day activities, which wouldn't have been possible without the continue reading put in by a Blue Army of volunteers made up of students, staff and faculty members, parents and Old Popular scholarship essay writer websites toronto. The countdown has started to May 12,as Believe in Blue Gala chairs Pat and Michelle Meneley and members of their team are already working hard to make the exclusive event at Toronto's Royal Ontario Museum a highlight of the social calendar.

A fine wine auction at Weston Hall at UCC's Prep School will precede the gala on April continue reading, popular scholarship essay writer websites toronto Proceeds from the gala table and ticket sales, a gala after-party, the fine wine auction, a raffle, silent and live auctions will be targeted towards three areas of vital importance to the College: a state-of-the-art science wing at the Upper School; needs-based scholarships; and the boarding program and facilities.

The fine wine auction kicks off the Believe in Blue Gala festivities. The event begins with a p. A live auction offering individual bottles and groupings of fine wine for the discerning palate will start at p. Visit the Believe in Blue Gala web page at www. Colin Greening popular scholarship essay writer websites toronto has made the Ottawa Senators roster, and the St. The game was a professional homecoming for Greening, who was a boarding student and hockey star at Upper Canada College for two years before playing for a season with the Nanaimo Clippers of the British Columbia Hockey League.

Greening then attended Cornell University for four years, where he was involved in a conclusion for website cheap dissertation writer phd of charitable activities and maintained a 3. John's, played 59 games for the American Hockey League's Binghamton Senators last season before he was called up to Ottawa to play 24 games. The 6'3", pound left winger mba esl examples descriptive essay six goals and 13 points in those games.

Looking back, I could popular scholarship essay writer websites toronto I could have done this or I could have done that, but at the time those were the best decisions. I don't regret them. They were great stepping stones. I think I'm better for it. The way I was raised, there was a lot of academic encouragement in the household.

Growing up, I knew if I could play hockey and get my education at the same time, I'd be very lucky. From the time I started playing hockey, we geared towards that route. Upper Canada College's boarding fundraising campaign to improve its facilities, enhance residential life, expand recruitment and professional dissertation results ghostwriter service ca needs-based scholarships is launching today.

UCC aims to firmly establish its boys' boarding program as one of the best in the world and enable it to comfortably popular scholarship essay writer websites toronto and educate boys from across Canada au report site editing around the globe.

Housing a diverse group of boys, who can offer fresh perspectives in the classroom and socially, benefits both boarders and day students. It's all about giving extraordinary boys an extraordinary opportunity.

Significant funds will go towards renovating UCC's two boarding residences, Seaton's and Wedd's, which haven't been significantly updated since the s. The remainder of the money will be earmarked for scholarships and bursaries to ensure more boys of exceptional ability have the chance to receive a UCC boarding education, and to popular scholarship essay writer websites toronto the range of after-school and weekend programs for boarders.

UCC has already increased its staffing so that each residence of 44 students now has two live-in senior house advisers rather than one, ensuring that each boarder gets more individual attention and that staff members have time to communicate with parents about their boy more frequently. The future of boarding at UCC was called into question inbut overwhelming support by students, parents and alumni in favour of keeping the program alive convinced the college's der top speech ghostwriting service for university according of governors that it should continue -- but only with a significant investment in both programs and facilities in order to keep pace with the rest of the internationally respected school's offerings.

I know I benefited greatly from the boarding program, and I wouldn't be the man I am today without it. That's why I was among the many that fought so hard to keep the boarding legacy alive, but we'll need significant support from our community to ensure it remains a strong and vital program for future students. That need popular scholarship essay writer websites toronto investment has led to this launch of the boarding campaign.

A wide variety of recognition opportunities are open to contributors, including the naming of the program, residence complex, study rooms, lounges, scholarships and smaller items.

Here are some of the major contributors to the boarding campaign thus far:. February 27, - UCC's World Affairs Conference attendees discuss emerging technologies More than students from 15 schools gathered to learn about and discuss a range of issues under the theme of "The Innovation Game". February 9, - UCC faculty look to educate educators with new popular scholarship essay writer websites toronto Tina Jagdeo and Lara Jensen have compiled a collection of real classroom experiences they hope will act as a practical guide to educators.

You are currently on OurKids. Please upgrade your browser to get better use experince: IECHROME. Request a package from: Upper Canada College. Request a package This contact form is brought to you by Our Kids — The Trusted Source for thousands of families since Contact name: David McBride.

SK - 12Boarding: 88 Gr. Contact Name: David McBride. Website: visit school website. Challenging but rewarding IB program. First rate academics, athletics and arts. The Our Kids review of Upper Canada College. Upcoming Events Next event: May 28, Below are excerpts from a video interview:.

What are your first impressions of UCC? How would you describe your philosophy as an educator? For the full video and to learn more about Sam McKinney visit here:. Curriculum Liberal Arts, International Baccalaureate. Primary Curriculum: Liberal Arts. Secondary Curriculum: International Baccalaureate. Primary Years Middle Years Diploma program Career-related program. Pedagogies and subject courses:. Early Reading Balanced Literacy.

Topics covered in curriculum:. Biology Chemistry Ecology Geology Meteorology Physics Physiology Zoology Treatment of evolution:. Evolution as consensus theory Evolution as one of many equally viable theories Evolution is not taught. Humanities and Social Sciences Equal Balance. Foreign Languages Equal Balance.

Fine Arts Equal Balance. These programs popular scholarship essay writer websites toronto an equal emphasis on receptive and creative learning.

Expressive Disciplined What Upper Canada College says: The Art Department offers students a challenging and flexible program that is innovative but also rooted in historical precedents. Computers and Technology Heavy integration. Computer science Robotics Web design.

Approach to teaching religious and secular curricula. Completely segregated We completely segregate or separate secular and religious curricula. This doesn't apply to us because we don't have a religious curriculum. Our religious scripture, while the word of God, is open to interpretation and discussion. Play-based Montessori Waldorf Reggio Emilia Academic Play-based programs are the most common type of preschool and Kindergarten, and are founded on the belief young children learn best through play.

Standard-enriched Accelerated Student-paced The main curriculum accelerates beyond the pace of the provincial one; ALL students do the work of OLDER public-school peers in tangible and measurable ways. Developmental Priorities Balanced, Intellectual. Primary Developmental Priority: Balanced Equal attention is paid to a balance of priorities: intellectual, emotional, social, and physical. Academically strong, creative, and critical thinkers, capable of exercising rationality, apprehending truth, and making aesthetic distinctions.

Special Needs Support Mild difficulties. Learning strategy and study counselling; popular scholarship essay writer websites toronto formation Extra support and minor accommodations for children experiencing subclinical difficulties Mild but clinically diagnosed Best critical thinking ghostwriting service nyc. Accommodations Formal adjustments are made to the delivery of lessons to help mitigate the learning difficulty or exceptionality.

Examples: allowing student to use a calculator on a test when other students can't; allowing students to bring word-banks or "cheat sheets" into certain tests, etc Research-based therapeutic measures that target and ameliorate the underlying weakness.

Gifted Learner Support Accelerated curriculum. Gifted education: If you want to learn more about gifted education, check out our comprehensive guide. In grade 12, Upper Canada College students perform an average of 1 hour of homework per night. SK 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 Upper Canada College 0 mins 15 mins 15 mins 30 mins 30 mins 45 mins 45 mins 60 mins 60 mins 60 mins 60 mins 60 mins 60 mins Site Average 7 mins 15 mins 17 mins 24 mins 29 mins 34 mins 40 mins 54 mins 59 mins 73 mins 84 mins 98 mins mins.

How assessments are delivered across the grades:. What Upper Canada College says:. Over 60 different active clubs and student groups. All students play a musical popular scholarship essay writer websites toronto at the Prep School. Sports Offered Competitive Recreational. Grade range that need-based aid is offered: 5 to Application Deadline: December 31, Repeats annually. Request Receiving an enrollment package. Average enrollment per grade Gender grades SK to 12 Boys.

Request Admissions standards and advice. Request Admissions standards and advice Application. Interview SK - SSAT 7 - SSAT out of province 8 - Entrance Exam s 3 - 6. Average graduating class size Schools our students attend last 4 years custom analysis essay proofreading website for college. University of British Columbia.

University of New Brunswick. University of Ontario Institute. Berklee College of Music. Georgia Institute of Technology.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Palm Beach Atlantic University. Parsons The New School for Design. University of California, Berkeley. University of California, Popular scholarship essay writer websites toronto. University of California, Los Angeles.

University of Massachusetts, Amherst. University of Notre Dame. University of Southern California. University of Texas, Austin. Washington University in St. Budapesti Corvinus Egyetem HU. Chinese University of University ghostwriting websites australia Kong.

Czech Technical University CZ. James Cook University AU. The London School of Economics. Queen Mary, University of London UK. Ist custom cv writers for hire toronto sind College of Surgeons IE. University College Dublin IE. University College London UK. University this web page Birmingham UK. University of Bristol UK.

University of Cambridge UK. University of Edinburgh UK. University of Exeter UK. Popular scholarship essay writer websites toronto of Kent UK. University of Leeds UK. University of Oxford UK. Yale NUS College SG. One of Canada's most internationally celebrated novelist, playwright, journalist, and essayists.

Journalist and Governor General's Award for English language fiction winning novelist. Celebrated writer, humourist and economist. The most widely read English-speaking author in the world between and Peabody award-winning journalist and former editor of Macleans and the Toronto Star. Noted chronicler of the "Canadian Establishment". Legendary broadcaster and Hockey Hall of Fame inductee.

Grammy Award winning musician and co-author of the Broadway musical Hair. Stage, film and television actor Forever Knight. Emmy Award, Golden Globe, and Writers Guild Award winning producer and writer of Lost, House, The Good Wife and many other sitcoms. Internationally recognized modern artist, with public works featured prominently throughout Toronto.

Exhibited around the world, including at MoMa. Founder of the now-defunct Eaton's department store. Owner of Gooderham Worts Distilleries and president of the Bank of Toronto. Co-founder of TerraCycle, an innovative recycling company. Youngest faculty member ever to join UofT's cardiac surgery division.

Second youngest Chair of cardiac surgery ever in Toronto's University Health Network. Made Canada's Top 40 under Leader of the Liberal Party of Canada and Her Majesty's Loyal Opposition. Noted Harvard historian and journalist. Lionel Gelber Prize winner. Shortlisted for Booker Prize. Owner of the Toronto Maple Leafs, Hamilton Tiger-Cats, and Maple Leaf Gardens. Hockey Hall of Fame inductee.

Current NHL hockey player for the Ottawa Senators. Owner of the Toronto Maple Leafs, founder of Maple Leaf Gardens, and coach of the Winter Olympics popular scholarship essay writer websites toronto medal winning team.

Namesake to the NHL's Conn Smythe Trophy. Member of the Canadian Football League Edmonton Eskimos and winner of four Grey Cups. Leading Canadian political scientist and Member of the Order of Canada. Internationally renowned Canadian philosopher and theorist. Had a major influence on subsequent Canadian scholars and political culture. Considered one of Canada's most original thinkers. Visionary entrepreneur and Popular scholarship essay writer websites toronto ninth wealthiest man.

Founder and Chairman of Rogers Communications. Chairman of George Weston Limited and Canada's second wealthiest man. Grandson of George Weston and father of Galen Weston Jr. Chairman of Thomson Reuters. Canada's wealthiest man, and sixth wealthiest in the world. Son of Kenneth Thomson, also a UCC graduate. Founder of Street Kids International and recipient of the Outstanding Young Persons of the World award. Military General, and Canada's leading field commander during World War II.

Federal Minister of Finance and Canadian Ambassador to the US. Chairman of Barclays Capital Canada. Order of Canada recipient. Federal Minister of State for infrastructure and communities. Editor of the Financial Post. Leader of the Opposition and Interim Liberal Party of Canada Leader.

Foreign Affairs Minister, National Defense Minister. President of the University of Toronto, President and CEO of Torstar, Chairman of Bank of Montreal. Officer of the Order of Canada and Member of the Order of Ontario. President of the University of Toronto, President of the University of Western Ontario. Officer of the Order of Canada. Emmy Award winning executive producer of "Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution".

Founder and executive chairman of Alliance Atlantis Popular scholarship essay writer websites toronto. Member of the Order of Canada. President of the CTV Television Network. Member of the Canadian Association of Broadcasters Hall of Fame. Journalist for Harper's, the New York Times Magazine, and television correspondent for CBC. Editor-in-Chief of The Globe and Mail. Award winning Senior Correspondent for the CBC's "The National".

Distinguished Senior Fellow at the Munk School of Global Affairs at UofT. Member of the Order of Ontario. World's leading mathematician in representation theory and creator of the General Trace Formula. Dean of Law at Oxford University. Legal scholar and philosopher. Commissioner of the Canadian Football League CFL. Director of corporate and game development for MLB.

VP popular scholarship essay writer websites toronto business development for the NBA. Chair of the Ontario Science Centre. Silver medal winning Olympic rower Athens and Oxford University graduate.

Chairman of Goldman Sachs Asia.

Popular scholarship essay writer websites toronto

All of these scholarships required applications and essays, and most of them also required interviews. The reason I was successful is largely due to my attitude and overall approach to the process.

Most people would say that you need to be really lucky to win a major scholarship. So I guess you could say that I was extremely lucky to win so many. It would be extremely unlikely for me to have been that successful on luck alone. The reason a lot of the same students win many of the major Canadian scholarships is popular scholarship essay writer websites toronto these students have a solid approach to writing their essays for their applications.

There are a lot of students with similar backgrounds, experiences and accomplishments, but the same students keep coming out on top. So believe me, there is absolutely a science to it. And once you know this approach, you will maximize your chances of winning, and reduce the need for luck to get you popular scholarship essay writer websites toronto. Unfortunately, this is not the case. Let that sink in for a few seconds.

The only information the scholarship judges have to go by is what you provide: the application and perhaps an interview. They only know whatever you tell them in your application. People only know what you tell them. If you have done some great things, I want to help you market yourself in a way that best impresses the popular scholarship essay writer websites toronto. Remember, how you write your essays is just as important as the content of your essays.

Joshua Liu is a University of Toronto MD and York University Bsc alumni. He has received various honours, please click for source being a Canadian Top 20 Under 20, Next 36 high impact entrepreneur, TD Canada Trust Scholar and receiving the Eric Fonberg MD Award for Health Systems Leadership.

How to Write a Winning Scholarship Essay — Part 1: Thinking Like a Scholarship Popular scholarship essay writer websites toronto. There is a Science to Writing a Winning Scholarship Essay.

And so the following is an extremely important concept that I believe is necessary to introduce right here:. Read the other parts of the How to Write a Winning Scholarship Essay series here:. Part 1: Thinking Like a Scholarship Winner. Part 2: Planning the Essay. Part 3: Writing the Essay. Part 4: Revising the Essay. New eBook — TD Canada Trust Scholarship for Community Leadership Toronto Star Article on Scholarships.

Why You Need to Think Critically about Advice and Who You Get it From. Interview Advice: The Importance of Being Memorable and Telling Stories. Scholarship Interview Cheap presentation writing website TD Canada Trust Scholarship for Community Leadership. Guest Post: Should I go to medical school in Popular scholarship essay writer websites toronto or the UK?

Popular scholarship essay writer websites toronto eBook — University of Toronto Medical School How to Write a Winning Scholarship Essay — Part 2: Planning the Essay. How I Aced First Year University Science — Part 5: The Art of Test-Taking. When should I take the MCAT? Mastering the University of Toronto Medical School Essay — Part 3: Why Medicine and How Did You Prepare.

Sorry for the extremely late question, but after r. Slope of a tangent line. Yes, it is very good to notice that doctors who ca.

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