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Immigration, Ethnicities and Historical Research in New Orleans Western European Studies Section (WESS) Conference Program WESS is a section of the.

An alley or alleyway is a narrow lanepathor passageway, often reserved for pedestrianswhich usually runs between, behind, or within buildings in the older parts of towns and cities. It is also a rear access or service road back laneor a path or walk in a park or popular thesis writers services liverpool. The origin of the word alley is late Middle Englishfrom Old French : alee "walking or passage", from aler "go", from Latin : ambulare "to walk".

Similar paths also exist in some older North American towns and cities. In some older urban development in Popular thesis writers services liverpool America lanes at the rear of houses, to allow for deliveries and garbage collection, popular thesis writers services liverpool called alleys. Alleys and ginnels were also the product of the Public Health Act click the United Kingdomwhere usually alleys run along the back of streets of terraced houseswith ginnels connecting them to the street every fifth house.

Modern urban developments may also provide a service road to allow for waste collection, or rear access for fire engines and parking. Because of geography, steps stairs are the popular thesis writers services liverpool form of alley in hilly cities and towns.

This includes Pittsburgh popular thesis writers services liverpool Steps of PittsburghCincinnati see Steps of CincinnatiMinneapolisPopular thesis writers services liverpool and San Francisco [4] in the United States, as well as Hong Kong[5] Genoa and Rome.

The latter follow the line of rights-of way that existed before the railway was built. Arcades are another kind of covered passageway and the simplest kind are no more than alleys to which a glass roof was added later, like, for example, Howey Place, MelbourneAustralia see also Block PlaceMelbourne. However, most arcades differ from alleys in that they are architectural structures built with a commercial purpose and are a form of shopping mall.

All the same alleys have for long been associated with various types of businesses, especially pubs and coffee houses. Bazaars and Souqs are an early form of arcade found in Asia and North Africa. It was originally a gambling district with restaurants, shops, and opium dens.

Today it is a tourist destination with popular thesis writers services liverpool small shops including a barber shop, art gallery, Chinese cafe and apartments. It may well be the narrowest street in Canada. At its narrowest point it is only 0. Other heritage features are buildings more than a century old lining the alley and a rare metal carriage curb that edges the sidewalk on the southern end.

In residential areas, particularly in those that were built beforealleys provide rear access to property where a garage was located, or where waste could be collected by service vehicles.

A benefit of this was the location of these activities to the rear, less public side of a dwelling. Such alleys are generally roughly paved, but some may be dirt. Beginning in the late 20th century, they were seldom included in plans for new housing developments.

When Annapolis, Marylandwas established as a city at the beginning of the 18th century, [11] the streets were established in circles. That encouraged the creation of shortcuts, which over time became paved alleys. Some ten of these survive, and the city has popular thesis writers services liverpool worked on making them more attractive.

These include Hyde ParkRosedaleand areas northwest of the Austin State Hospital. Boston also has many of the more seedy kind.

Another early settled American city, New Castle, Delaware has a number of interesting alleys, some of which are footpaths and others narrow, sometimes cobbled, lanes open to traffic. Many of the alleys in the Back Bay and South End area are numbered e. Originally French Hugenot merchants built homes on it, along with warehouses to popular thesis writers services liverpool supplies their ships.

Cincinnati is a city of hills. The exclusion of alleys has been criticized as a flaw in the plan, since services such as garbage pickup cannot popular thesis writers services liverpool provided out of sight of the public, although other commentators feel that the lack of alleys is a benefit to the quality of life of the city. The mid-block crossing at 57th Street is equipped with a traffic light. Greenwich Village also has a number of private alleys that lead to back houses, which can only be accessed by residents, including Grove Court, [27] Patchin Place and Milligan Place, blind alleys.

Patchin Place is notable for popular thesis writers services liverpool writers who lived there. The alley was originally created ErnГhrung esl research proposal writers website for masters bindet a fire exit between the Shubert Theatre on West 45th Street and the Booth Theatre on West 44th Street, and the Astor Hotel to their east.

Actors once gathered in the alley, hoping to attract the attention of the Shubert Brothers and get employment in their theatrical productions. However, official, Shubert Alley consists only of the space between the two theatres and the lot line.

In the Brooklyn Heights neighborhood of BrooklynGrace Court Alley is another converted mews, [30] as is Dennett Place in the Carroll Gardens neighborhood. A typical house on these alleys or lanes is called a Philadelphia "Trinity", named because it has three rooms, one to each floor, alluding to the Christian Trinity.

James Place, [39] and numerous others. Writing inwar correspondent Ernie Pyle wrote popular thesis writers services liverpool the steps of Pittsburgh: And then the steps. Oh Lord, the steps! I was told they actually had a Department of Steps. The stairway is bordered by greenery, that consists both backyards, popular thesis writers services liverpool a border garden tended to and paid for by the residents of the "street", and runs down to an eastern stub of Filbert Street and the walkway through the plaza to The Embarcadero.

Many houses in this residential neighborhood are accessible only from the steps. Approximately 3, sponsored by the French government, arrived near the end of the Gold Rush in There are over publicly accessible Seattle stairways within the city limits. This program, called the Green Alley Program, is supposed to enable easier water runoff, as the alleyways in Chicago are not connected directly to the sewer system.

With this program, the water will be able to seep through semi-permeable concrete or asphalt in which a colony of fungi and bacteria will establish itself. The bacteria will help breakup oils before the water is absorbed into the ground. The lighter color of the pavement will also reflect more light, making the area next to the alley cooler.

New life has also come to other alleys within downtown commercial districts of various cities throughout the world with the opening services ghostwriting application for cheap masters letter businesses, such as coffee houses, shops, restaurants and bars.

Another way that alleys and laneways are being revitalized is through laneway housing. A laneway house is a form of housing that has been proposed on the west coast of Canadaespecially in the Metro Vancouver area. These homes are typically built into pre-existing lots popular thesis writers services liverpool, usually in the backyard and opening onto the back lane.

This form of housing already exists in Vancouver, and revised regulations now encourage new developments as part of a plan to increase urban density in pre-existing neighbourhoods while retaining a single-family feel to the area.

Typical regulations require that the laneway home is built on the back half of a traditional lot in the space normally reserved for a garage. An alley in London can also be called a passage, court, place, lane, and less commonly path, arcadewalk, stepsyard, terrace, and close. These activities were the popular thesis writers services liverpool of the modern London Stock Exchange.

The first mention of a pub on the site is It was the temporary home of an eight-year-old Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart while he was touring Europe in For almost four months the Mozart family lodged with barber John Couzin. It was built, as an alley, along the backs of houses on Upper Street, then Islington High Street, in The term close has an unvoiced "s" as in sad. Close is the generic Scots term for alleyways, although they may be individually named closes, entries, courts and wynds.

A close was private property, hence gated and closed to the public. A wynd is typically a narrow lane between houses, an open throughway, usually wide enough for a horse and cart. The word derives from Old Norse vendaimplying a turning off a main street, without implying that it is curved.

In many places wynds link streets at different heights and thus are mostly thought of as being ways up or down hills. A pend is a passageway that passes through a building, often from a street through to a courtyardand typically designed for vehicular rather than exclusively pedestrian access.

A vennel is a passageway between the gables of two buildings which can in effect be a minor street in Scotland and the north east of Englandparticularly in the old centre of Durham. In Scotland, the term originated in royal burghs created in the twelfth century, the word deriving from the Old French word venelle meaning "alley" or "lane". Unlike a tenement entry to private property, known as a "close", a vennel was a public way leading from a typical high street to the open ground beyond the burgage plots.

The traboules of Lyon are passageways that cut through a house or, in some cases, a whole city block, linking one street with another. They are distinct from most other alleys in that they are mainly enclosed within buildings and may include staircases.

The word traboule comes from the Latin trans ambularemeaning "to cross", and the first of them were possibly built as early as the 4th century.

For centuries they were used by people to fetch water from the river and then by craftsmen and traders to transport their goods. Most traboules are on private property, serving as entrances to local apartments.

Venice is largely a traffic free city and there is, in addition to the canals, a maze of around lanes and alleys called calli which means narrow. Their width varies from just over 50 centimetres The narrowest is Calletta Varisco, which just 53 centimetres It is a pedestrian zone and though only some metres long, is nevertheless famous for its medieval history.

The Lintgasse was first mentioned in the 12th century as in Lintgazzinwhich may be derived from basketmakers who wove fish baskets out of Linden tree barks. These craftsmen were called Lindslizermeaning Linden splitter. Lintgasse 8 to 14 used to popular thesis writers services liverpool homes of medieval knights as still can be seen by signs like Zum HuynenZum Ritter or Zum Gir.

The town dates back to the 13th century, with medieval alleyways, cobbled streets, and historic buildings.

According to sources from the late 16th century, he was dealing in first iron and later copper, by had sworn his burgher oath, and was later to become one of the richest merchants in Stockholm. Closed off in the mid 19th century, not to be reopened untilits present name was officially sanctioned by the city in In Beijing, hutongs are alleys popular thesis writers services liverpool by lines of siheyuantraditional courtyard residences.

The word hutong is also used to refer to such neighbourhoods. The term "hutong" appeared first during the Please click for source Dynastyand is a term of Mongolian origin meaning "town".

The traditional arrangement of hutongs was also affected. Many new hutongs, built haphazardly and with no apparent plan, began to appear on the outskirts of the old city, while the old ones lost their former neat appearance. Many residents left the lanes where their families lived for generations for apartment buildings with modern amenities.

In Xicheng Districtfor example, nearly hutongs out of the it held in have disappeared. Many hutongs, some several hundred years old, in the vicinity of the Bell Tower and Drum Tower and Shichahai Lake are popular thesis writers services liverpool amongst recreated contemporary two- and three-storey versions.

At its narrowest section, Qianshi Hutong near Qianmen Front Gate is only 40 centimeters 16 inches wide. As with the term hutong, order english dissertation Shanghai longdang can either refers to the lanes that the houses face onto, or a group popular thesis writers services liverpool houses connected by the lane. It is composed of a network of six narrow alleys, connected by even narrower passageways which are just about wide enough for a single person to pass through.

Over tiny shanty-style bars, clubs and eateries are squeezed into this area. Nowadays, most of the surrounding area has been redeveloped. Typically, the buildings are just a few feet wide and are built so close to the ones next door that they nearly touch. Most are two-storey, having a small bar at street level and either another bar or a tiny flat upstairs, reached by a steep set of stairs.

None of the bars are very large; some are so small that they can only fit five or so customers at one time. However, Golden Gai is not popular thesis writers services liverpool cheap place to drink, and the clientele that it attracts is generally well off. Golden Gai is well known as popular thesis writers services liverpool meeting place for musicians, artists, directors, writers, academics and actors, including many celebrities.

Many of the bars only welcome regular customers, who initially should be introduced by an existing patron, although many others welcome non-regulars, some even making efforts popular thesis writers services liverpool attract overseas tourists by displaying signs and price lists in English. Since then it has developed as a drinking area, and at least some of the bars can trace their origins back to the s.

The medina is typically walled, contains many narrow and maze-like streets. Because of the very narrow streets, medinas are generally free from car traffic, and in some cases even motorcycle and bicycle traffic. The streets can be less than a metre wide. This makes them unique among highly populated urban centres. The Medina of FesMorocco or Fes el Baliis considered one of popular thesis writers services liverpool largest car-free urban areas in the world. From Wikipedia, the popular thesis writers services liverpool encyclopedia.

An alley in FiraSantoriniGreece. Howey Place, MelbourneAustralia. Hagay Street, Old City, Jerusalem. Rua Sobre-o-Douro, PortoPortugal. Main article: Steps of Cincinnati.

Arco di Via Tirolo, Rodi GarganicoPugliaItaly. Centre Place in Melbourne. Schnoor neighbourhood in BremenGermany. Medina TripoliLibya. Alley in ChefchaouenMorocco.

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Retrieved 2 August Accessed: 11 August Retrieved 1 Jan Palmer]: to which is added a glossary, by J. Posted on 19 May [9]. See also: David Wilson, Staffordshire Dialect Words: A Historical Survey. Moorland Publishing Company, The Place Names of Edinburgh.

Planning Bulletin No Western Australian Planning Commission. Retrieved 4 October Retrieved 18 February Guinness World Records Random House Publishing Group. E-Paper — Wirtschaft-Neckar Alb. Stockholms gatunamn 2nd ed. The Chinese Language: Its History and Current Usage. Retrieved 10 October Accessed 15 January Longtang however might not be so explicit as lilong for the li in lilong means The earliest lilong compound resembled the lifang residential ward in imperial capitals, but instead of being enclosed by Highway systems by country.

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An alley or alleyway is a narrow lane, path, or passageway, often reserved for pedestrians, which usually runs between, behind, or within buildings in the older parts.
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An alley or alleyway is a narrow lane, path, or passageway, often reserved for pedestrians, which usually runs between, behind, or within buildings in the older parts.
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