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Occasionally, even experienced Wikipedians lose their heads and devote every waking moment to edit warring over the most trivial thing, wasting time debating topics of no practical valueor wrestling over questions whose answers hold no practical consequence. This page documents our lamest examples. Edit warring is believed by some to be important, possibly due to the historical regularity and frequency of the occurrence of these wars.

A careful and scholarly study of available archeological evidence has even suggested that edit wars may top masters essay editor service liverpool recurred on a regular basis going back all the way to the beginning of recorded history, even before the advent of proper writing circa C.

In some earlier instances of edit warring, dating back from before the good old daysparticipants would simply utilize their swords and fight a battle, or later, their guns and fight a duel. Truly, the revolutionary Wikipedia outlook has changed the way things get done. It has changed them from actually getting done to never getting done. On the other hand, nobody gets dispatched so far! Some discussions are born lame; some achieve lameness; some have lameness thrust upon them. Upon coming across a discussion that is borderline top masters essay editor service liverpool, some Wikipedians may be tempted to go do something useful.

This is a big mistake. Left to top masters essay editor service liverpool own devices, the discussion might inadvertently become useful. It is essential that as many editors as possible chime in, not adding to the discussion at hand, but merely commenting how lame it is and what a big waste of time it is.

See Self-fulfilling top masters essay editor service liverpoolPositive feedbackand Exponential growth.

Merely stating the discussion is lame is frequently not sufficient; every opposing statement must be denied with increasingly vehement assertions of the lameness. While at first blush, wasting time whining about what a waste of time something is may seem illogical, the inherent irony just magnifies the lameness.

An additional step to increase lameness is to include repeated links to this essay, which is WP:LAME. The best way to set about a lame edit war is to change a large number of articles based on your interpretation of minutiae in the manual of style. If this does not work, try changing the MOS itself, that always works. Was Chopin Polish, French, Polish—French, or French—Polish? For years, there has been a low-level and at times high-intensity conflict about which country can claim Chopin as its son.

Or was it Szopen? The observer learns a lot about the Napoleonic codeabout the nuances of "citizenship", "nationality", and "ethnicity". Students of law can argue the finer points of jus sanguinis and jus soli.

The use of "Polish-born" is branded as a racist slur. There is spirited debate about whether the citing of a passage of law is considered original research, tantamount to "dropping Mentos into a bottle of Pepsi to see if it will explode. Can you receive citizenship if you already have it? The possibilities for intensive study are endless. Celebrity witnesses such as ObamaChurchillSean Taro Ono Lennonand Dr.

Seuss are pressed into making appearances. Collateral damage even reaches WP:Lamewhere the Chopin entry is removed because of an alleged lack of lameness.

And then there are the trolls. The body rests in Paris, the heart in Warsaw. He is considered by both Hungarians and Slovaks to be the unsung father of the dynamo and electric motor. But what was his true ethnicity, Hungarian or Slovak? It appears that the dust has settled and the Hungarian side won, but at the cost of nine citation numbers immediately after "Hungarian".

Is he the most famous Iranian rock star? Just one example can be seen here. Oh, and this one, like all the others, had its share of random vandals, people leaving unmarked anonymous insults, and gnashing of teeth. But whence came this great beauty? Is she "Bosnian" because she was born in Sarajevo or "Bosnian-born" because Bosnia did not exist as a nation when she was born there? Go ahead and edit the article and see how long your version lasts before someone reverts you!

Is she American or American-born? Does she need all-those-prefixes-in-front-of-her-nationality-American? Did Kiriakis mastermind the entire affair? Is he American or American-born? With Chinese and Taiwanese Chinese-Taiwanese and Americans Mainland Chinese and Taiwan Chinese Real Chinese and Chinese who had forgotten their ancestors Freedom fighters and threat to humanity Mao Zedong worshippers and modern Chinese " Unionists " and " Independencrats " reviving arguments that once almost sabotaged zh.

Was he Polish, German, or Prussian? Or did he have no nationality at all that bears mentioning? If Copernicus were around today, he might have suggested that he would be satisfied to be remembered as an astronomer, but we will never know. Was he ever married? What is his middle name? No one knows exactly.

Whether this edit war will spread to the page on his memorial on the periodic table is unknown. Born of Serbian parents in a part of the Austrian Empire, which a short time later became a part of the Hungarian half of Austria-Hungary and is now in Croatia.

He eventually became a naturalized citizen of the US. So was he Serbian? Is this porn star Italian? Does she have Indian blood? Anonymous editors: be sure to insert multitudes of her different "real names," with no sourcing whatsoever.

Born in Germany, supposedly of a German mother and a Yugoslav father, and raised in Bavaria, Germany. Does that make Http:// a Croatian top masters essay editor service liverpool b Serbian?

How about the fact that the relatives live in Bosnia-Herzegovina? Use edit summaries to publish interviews that you conducted — or heard rumors about. Mirrors and forks are great sources too. After consulting a printed source, it turns out that it was the mother who top masters essay editor service liverpool from Croatia.

Montenegrin became the official language of Montenegro in and received a new standard on 10 Julybut it has been promoted by the Montenegrin community since Where do you stand? A mercifully brief edit war over whether Orpheus can be classified as Greek, Thracian, or Macedonian.

And to what extent does "Thracian" mean "Bulgarian"? Apparently one may be Scottish, or British, but not both. A year-long, low-intensity desultory chain of edits and reversions consumes human time and effort with no net content added to the Encyclopedia. Are U2 an "Irish band" or simply a band that happen to be from Ireland, since two of their members were born in the UK? Many discussions have taken place over the course of several years as whether "U2 are an Irish rock band" or simply "U2 are a rock band" should be included in the text.

Casey Kasem may have foreshadowed this edit war decades ago when he offered his first impression of U2 early in their career: "This is bullshit.

These guys are from England and who gives a shit! Eventually, a heated discussion took place for over two-and-a-half weeks speech websites united kingdom resulted in at least one editor getting blocked and many more getting warnings, to eventually come to the conclusion that U2 are, in fact, an Irish band.

At least for now. Is she Canadian or Portuguese-Canadian? Editors ruthlessly argue over the formalities of citizenship and nationality.

Apparently, she was born to Portuguese parents and has released albums in Portuguese, but "she was born, lives, and works in Canada". Accusations of xenophobia are made. Much like reality televisionthis could get nasty.

Was he born in Scotlandor Great Scotland the UKor Great Britain? Was his nationality Scottish or British or both? Top masters essay editor service liverpool then adopt a strategy to argue over which of the versions should be in place until the discussion resolves the questions, but it remains a mystery as to whether they did so expecting that the top masters essay editor service liverpool will never be resolved. Does it geographically include the entire Northern European archipelago; or is the term inherently anti-Irish?

Should it always be "the UK and Ireland" instead? No consensus has truly emerged as to an ideal term; or even if the existing one is really a problem or not. Was top masters essay editor service liverpool tasty salad invented in Mexico inor in ancient Rome?

Is it named after Caesar Cardini or Julius Caesar? If you add tomatoes is it still a Caesar or is it top masters essay editor service liverpool called a "Letchworth salad"? A slow motion edit war stretching out over a year two three four five years is surely the best way to find out!

Was this marinated raw fish top masters essay editor service liverpool invented in Peru, or in Ecuador? Or maybe Mexico, Polynesia, Spain, Chile, Granada, Argentina.

Cue edit warring, accusations of vandalism, and full protection of the article. Multiple back and forth about whether the local nickname for the building is the bat building or the B. T building from British American Tobacco. Looking for citations showed that it is mostly referred to as BAT, which led to the absurdity of three versions of the top masters essay editor service liverpool in the lead for this barely notable tower block in a small provincial town.

Costumed climbing of said tower now seems inevitable, presumably dressed as an alternative superhero from usual. Edit war about whether the alternative name Lerin is MacedonianBulgarian or South Slavic which covers both Macedonian and Bulgarian. Who first donned a frilly skirt and threatened to kill anyone who questioned his manhood over it? Was he Albanian or Greek?

If Albanian, Gheg or Tosk? Thankfully, none of the modern day warriors on this topic have access top masters essay editor service liverpool real weapons we hope!

Is Niko Bellic the main character SerbianSlovakBosnianCroatianRussianor from some unnamed Eastern European country? Normally reliable sources do not agree on the matter with those written pre-launch suggesting the character is Russian, and post-launch Serbian or Croatianand the actual game itself is just ambiguous enough about the best dissertation proposal ghostwriter sites united kingdom to create dissent and of course this is a part hat academic essay writer services uk sterilen the world where nationalist feelings run high, see Balkanization - even the order that Top masters essay editor service liverpool and Serbia are listed also offends some.

The article reached eventual consensus on the nationality issue unknown and the name top masters essay editor service liverpool the war an unknown war in Eastern Top masters essay editor service liverpool based on the author s having not revealed the information about the character.

Are these beautiful waterfalls on the Kaveri River located in Tamil Nadu — or on the border between Tamil Nadu and Karnataka — or in Tamil Nadu on its border with Karnataka? Or is it really the Cauvery river, and Hogenakal Falls? Do a dispute top masters essay editor service liverpool water usage, and a separate dispute over access to an island below the Falls, have website proofreading thinking critical cheap us bearing on this, or top masters essay editor service liverpool they prove that the location of the Falls must be on the border?

Or is it a purely Arab food that the Zionists have illegally occupied? Finally, Tabbouleh saw action, this time mercifully free of Arab-Israeli connotations; instead, the question was: can we call this dish a part please click for source Levantine cuisineor is the very term "Levantine" a European colonial plot to divide the great Arab nation?

Conclusion: Tasty snacks in the Middle East are hilariously politicized. As of January [update]the talk page for Hummus states: "The article Hummus, along with other articles relating to the Arab—Israeli conflict, is currently subject to active arbitration remedies". Is it a lake or is it just a name? Top masters essay editor service liverpool is it a system?

And if it is a top personal statement editor for hire for university, how is it different from the Great Lakes system? And if it is just a name how can it be the largest lake? Should it be called a lacustrine entity instead? Is this a category error or definitional attribute? Or there is simply no such entity [7]. And is notifying any WikiProjects forum shopping?

No, this is not the title of an album by the band Liancourtbut a group of sinking volcanic rocks that has been claimed by both Japan and Korea since really, really long ago.

This is not a silly dispute as the rocks have important economic and military value, yada yada yada. Serious Japanese or Korean Wikipedians may even choose top masters essay editor service liverpool make these rocks their place of residence living there not required! This article extensively documents every little factoid that could possibly indicate ownership by one country, with each, of course, having a countering top masters essay editor service liverpool. Newspapers and internet forums like 2channel are part of the discussion, yet everyone claims their POV is NPOV.

As properly befitting this major political issue, most edit summaries begin with "rv See also: Liancourt Rocks dispute. Why lay bricks when you can edit bits?

The headquarters of this British organisation are located in Buckinghamshire. In Aprilthis crucial issue became the focus of an edit war involving no fewer than 8 users and one anonymous editor over a period of click week. This is particularly inexplicable since England is, of course, part of the United Kingdom.

Not the dancer, but rather the tasty antipodean dessert, which was invented in Australia [10] visit web page, New Zealand [11]Australia [12][13][14]New Zealand [15]Rabbit SeasonDuck Season, fire! The people for the inclusion and giving a higher priority believed that the actor has significant history in that state of India, as well as sufficient fan-following to merit a transliteration, while top masters essay editor service liverpool editors from Tamil origin were of the opinion that they would be surrendering their most prized possession.

The talk page had been bubbling with so many threads on this singular issue. Ina consensus was reached after an RfC: All the Top masters essay editor service liverpool language scripts would be replaced with the IPA for such articles.

Nobody can agree, but even flags are being hoisted at top masters essay editor service liverpool point in the infobox. Should it be called the Sea of Japan, the East Sea, or even the East Sea of Korea? Or should it be the actual most common English and international name Sea of Japan East Seaparentheses and all? Should the dispute top masters essay editor service liverpool be called the Sea of Japan naming disputeor the Naming dispute over the body of water between Japan and Korea and the Russian Far East?

Given the existence of other names meaning "East Sea" in other languagesshould East Sea redirect to the disambiguation page or to the "body of water bordered by Japan, Russia and Korea"? Which unincorporated and thus unbounded hamlet of the town of Colonie north of Albany, New York, is this small Catholic liberal arts college in: Loudonville or Newtonville? Discussion reaches 30, words, reverts spill across all three articles, two get protected, an informal RFC is opened and one editor briefly retires.

Snakes from the Middle East are hilariously politicized too! Users have been edit-warring for six years now over how to describe it. The opinions of the snake itself on the political status of Palestine are unknown. The Final Fantasy VII ghostwriters essay phd australia site top was introduced to English audiences in as Aeris, but her name changed to Aerith in later appearances. Was the first name a misspelling?

A mistranslation from the original Japanese pronunciation? But the later appearances are official too right? But she was known and referred to as Aeris for years, so that makes it the common name. Many edit wars, page moves, top masters essay editor service liverpool lengthy discussions later, the page is at Aerith Gainsborough and when mentioning her first appearances, she is called Aeris.

All other appearances are called Aerith. With every title in the Compilation of Final Fantasy Top masters essay editor service liverpool using Aerith, the warring and discussions seem to have ended. Should there be a separate page for New Avengers comics?

Is the name of the team now the New Avengers or is it editing essay services au admission custom a new Avengers?

Is it a new comic entirely or just a continuation of the old one? Following a positive merge vote, a series of reverts occurs when an editor "merges" the two by simply pasting the merged information into top masters essay editor service liverpool article, creating two articles in one. The creature from the movie Cloverfield was never explicitly named in the movie, or was it?

Is "Cloverfield" the name of the military top masters essay editor service liverpool, or the monster, or both? Or wait, maybe it should just be "Cloverfield creature", maybe it should be "Cloverfield monster "? OK, now we have one. But the logo says "Compact disc". And the term is now used as a generic term for compact disks or compact discs, depending whereabouts in the world they are.

So where to put the article? Everyone calm down — relax, have a cup of coffee, and listen to your favourite Shockingly, there are multiple locations in the United States with the name "Devils Lake" with and without apostrophes. A very heated war broke out here regarding which one should be featured, whether a disambig page was needed, even over the usage top masters essay editor service liverpool the apostrophe — eventually literally degenerating into "my lake is better than yours!

Is it "Eagles" or "the Eagles" when speaking about this group? Despite these facts, every "tequila sunrise" there appears an odd and concerted effort [20] [21] [22] [23] [24] [25] [26] [27] [28] to erase the Someone needs to tell Don Felder to change the title of his bookbecause apparently he was wrong.

Was Eris named after the Greek goddess Eris or the Greek and Discordian goddess Eris? Does it matter that the IAU and discoverer Michael E. Brown referenced only the Greek aspect, even though the referenced mythological event was identical with The Original Snub?

Is mentioning Discordianism POV because it gives the religion undue weight? Edit war results in loss of good article top masters essay editor service liverpool and temporary article locking. War finally resolved by not actually mentioning what type of goddess Eris is.

See also: Pluto and Ceres dwarf planet. A heated debate took place on whether English Robin was an alternate common name for the European Robin, often simply called Robin.

One editor persisted [31] [32] [33] [34] in adding this essential piece of information despite opposition, [35] [36] [37]until there was a concession of sorts Or does persistence pay off? Is this the last word on the matter?

Can it suspend a coconut from its husk? In the end, nobody got blocked and the dispute died down on its own, probably because both sides realized they were battling over a woman who willingly went on a reality television show to "fall in love with" Flavor Flav. Does the name of a Canadian TV channel, originally an offshoot of namesake American onecontain the top masters essay editor service liverpool "Canada" in its official title, ergo it should be parenthesized in the title?

Finally, while not trying to pour fuel over the fire, it should be noted that in Arab countries its birthplace, after alland a lot of Europe, people call it "benzine". There have even been threats of ArbCom. Alessa was captured, but just how captured do you have to be to be considered "captured"?

That "forced medical attention" makes all the difference in the world, so why would we need the word "captured"? While playing the game, a user might get the idea that a character implies something, so does a subtle wink at the camera mean something entirely different; something that could affect the whole plot and our own pride, for going with sourced material?

It mattered for some, obviously, as a massive edit war broke just click for source about a few words here and there and the war would be still going on, had it not been for the fact that administrators did some shallow digging and discovered that the instigator of the edit war was a famed blocked top masters essay editor service liverpool who has been top masters essay editor service liverpool to create no fewer than 23 sockpuppet accounts.

But what is her last name? Is it Morris after the actress who portrayed her? Certainly not on the page for the game itself. It actually broke out on the Silent Hill 3 blurb on the series overview page and its talk page. Are the Halo numbers notable enough to be disambiguated? Are any people going to search for Halo 2 or 3, not expecting information about top masters essay editor service liverpool video game?

Thankfully it seems like that this debate did not flare up again with the release of Halo 4. A discussion followed by a straw vote indicated that the majority of the participants preferred the latter top masters essay editor service liverpool, but there was no consensus. The debate and the edit war settled down for a few months until someone associated with Miami Dade Collegewhose Hialeah Campus is, er, near Miamirekindled the reversions with an insistence that the phrase should be cited with an online reference and that "near Miami" violates WP:NPOV.

Since then, the dispute — mainly through edit comments — has spread to a question as to whether a cited "in Hialeah" should please click for source trumped by an uncited "near Miami".

The dispute has pitted students and faculty of MDC against a handful of Wikipedians who believe that a precedent should prevail. As the standoff persists, the rest of the top masters essay editor service liverpool rolls by…until finally, it seems "in Hialeah, FL near Miami ", with cite! Was she really a Top masters essay editor service liverpool of England? Should her page be at Jane of England or Lady Jane Grey? Should she be referred to as Her Majesty Queen Jane? Does her husband merit inclusion in The List of royal consorts of the United Kingdom?

Notice that, top masters essay editor service liverpool recently, " Royal Consorts of the United Kingdom was a red linkunlike The weather in Liverpool. Top masters essay editor service liverpool in many cut-and-paste page moves, edit warring across multiple pages and flaming on those talk pages.

Warriors did not come link their senses even when it was pointed out how long Top masters essay editor service liverpool herself had been dead, though mercifully none of them met the same fate as their subject by having their heads lopped off.

Though that would reduce the chatter! Is her name pronounced like "rolling" or to rhyme with "howling"? Rowling is on record claiming she pronounces her name like "rolling".

An irate editor argues that this is a "British" pronunciation and the "American" pronunciation of her name should also be noted. This is slightly ridiculous as she is English, and therefore of course will pronounce it in an English manner. Cue endless spats on talk pages over whose arguments are "more cogent", and multiple reversions. Issue finally resolved sort of by very, very, very obliquely implying that top masters essay editor service liverpool pronounces her name "rolling", rather than stating that that is how her name is pronounced.

Edit war was brief, but, astoundingly, other people have since logged on and made the same complaint. Perhaps it rhymes with "Trolling"? Then again, rhymes themselves are dangerously POV. An unseemly brawl over whether the article should name him "Richard Kyanka" or "Richard Charles Kyanka". At least the anon editors insisting on the insertion of the middle name provided good verifiable sources.

Is it a collection of myths or a motif? Should "sun" be capitalized or not? Is he the Supreme Pontiff or just the Bishop of Rome? Two months of edit war on whether the page should say "[[Harry S Truman President Truman]]" or "President [[Harry S Truman]]" plus the same with several other presidents.

The Potrero Hills are "a range of low hills on the western edge of Richmond, California ". But is it the "Chevron Richmond refinery" or the "Chevron Richmond Refinery"?

An on-and-off edit war over this detail roils for months. After an exasperated if excitable administrator goes to the length of fully protecting the page, the war spills over onto Potrero Hill, San Franciscowhere it is now being "debated" whether the disambiguation tag at the top should say " For the Potrero Hills in Richmond, California, see Potrero Link " or " For the bluffs in Richmond, California, see Which one is the proper name for the article?

Or should it be called the Sega Fourth Top masters essay editor service liverpool console? The article has been moved from one name to the other multiple times, there is an FAQ and a "Falsehoods in the FAQ" discussion on the issue, and the war has spilled over into Wikipedia talk:Article titles.

The article currently sits at Sega Genesisand reached featured article status in Decemberso it looks like the debate is finally over Is Scotland a Constituent country linking to constituent countryor a Country within a top masters essay editor service liverpool linking to constituent countryor a Country linking to constituent countryor Country linking to top masters essay editor service liverpoolor a Semi autonomous subdivision of the United Kingdom, or a Semi autonomous constituent subdivision of the United Kingdom, or a Semi autonomous subdivision of the United Kingdom, or a Home Nation, or a Nation, or a Kingdom, or a Part, or a Province, or a Region, or a combination of any of the above, or visit web page of the above?

There have also been similar edit wars on pages about EnglandNorthern Ireland and Wales. What name should Wikipedia give to the article about the railway station in London from which direct international passenger trains depart? Should it be primarily given the historic, shorter, simpler and everyday " St Pancras " or the mostly official, longer, more formal and more descriptive " St Pancras International "?

Should the UK convention of calling a railway station "X railway station" be overturned in favour of "X station"? All rather lame as they all redirect to the article and the two most popular variations are bolded in the lead anyway. Multiple moves and a stupidly long, long, long talk page court case complete with top masters essay editor service liverpool A" and various chums ensued.

Starfleet representatives have neglected to comment. Should articles for U. There were numerous edit battles and huge debates over official terms top masters essay editor service liverpool common vernacular and over uniformity versus state individuality.

Some advocated for the pipe tricked version while others preferred full string method of disambiguation. This skirmish raged on for about a full click between roadfansmembers of the U.

Roads WikiProjectregular editors, and administrators, resulting in a few probations and even a song. The debate was finally settled with a poll after three previous naming convention " conventions " 123 failed to resolve the conflict. In the end, the "State Route xx" format prevailed by a small margin. All the state route articles in the United States have been grandfathered into this format. An account of the entire war and eventual peace agreement is found here. For this CD by "Weird Al" Yankovica dispute about whether "outta" should be capitalized spawned lengthy threads on the admin noticeboard, as well as accusations of abuse, and page protection.

Until a naming convention change, Straight Outta Lynwood may be SOL or SoL. Oh yes I do! Must a queen deceased for over a century still be styled here " Her Majesty ", an epithet conventionally reserved for the current monarch? Involved parties vouch for only aiming at accuracyand certainly some argumentation goes deeper than believed humanly possible. This even created an edit war over whether it could be mentioned here. A truceseemingly imposed by a Royal intervention that dragged in innocent bystander Prince Michael of KentScottish accents and snail slime, top masters essay editor service liverpool to be holding, though occasionally some new fallout is being generated.

Pet views on royalty again, mostly the same parties warring — but this time, aligned contrariwise. An interesting point has been whether it is fatal or not that she married her Duke after his abdication, and this relates to various and sundry Austrian, Russian, and Romanian monarchies lost, as well as to her sisters-in-law top masters essay editor service liverpool also to Fergie no, not that Fergie or the other Fergie.

Is this article about "Wii" or "Nintendo Wii"? Does it rhyme with "We" or "Wee"? Should "Wee" link to urine? Is "Wee" slang or a euphemism for urine?

Is it a British or International word for urine? Is it even worth mentioning in the article at all? Was this top masters essay editor service liverpool name of one King of England and also of some totally obscure minor characters in the mists of history — or was it actually the name of two important and well-known Protestant Heads of State, etc? That became the object of a dispute over a redirect.

This vital question divided custom essay writing service nyc bunch of eminent readers of history and led to a revert war that alternated the redirect almost every hour.

Casual viewers were holding their breath when top masters essay editor service liverpool to check what was the current position of that weathervane. Extensive and in-depth arguments in several talk pages and usertalk pages included claims of original primary authorship of a redirect as well as accusations of nationalistic POV, filibustering and "using all the tricks top masters essay editor service liverpool the box.

A formal poll resulted in votes 9—5 in favor top masters essay editor service liverpool renaming the disambiguation page as simply William of Orangeand most fallout is being settled. Many post offices in the United States are known as "U. Post Office, Podunk Branch" — unless top masters essay editor service liverpool course that should really be "United States" and not "U. Resolving this involved an edit war that dragged in sources ranging from top masters essay editor service liverpool National Park Service to the U.

This city in North Italy has two official names, Bolzano and Bozenwhich are used together on street signs and the like. Should the article be under BolzanoBozenBolzano-BozenBolzano Bozenclick to see more Bozen-Bolzano?

Surely one of these Italian-German German-Italian names is English usage; or should we try Botzen? This has spread to several talk top masters essay editor service liverpool highlights so click the following article include the two separate move requests from Bozen-Bolzano to Bolzano-Bozen or was it the other way around?

The edit war was detailed in a chapter of a book. Perhaps ironically, the city hosted Wikimania Has the mis fortune of its Russian name being internationally much more widely known than its native Ukrainian name, Kyiv. Since it top masters essay editor service liverpool unthinkable that any of the warring camps were wrong in their contentions, it must have been the NPOV policy that was faulty.

Is it important to know that Korea has been preparing to officially register the name "Ulleung Basin"? The ocean feature is known both under the Japanese name Tsushima basin and under the Korean name Ulleung basin. There is also lots more info disagreement which name is the more commonly used name in English for a place that pretty much nobody knows.

Also see the related lame edit war for the Land making up Tsushima subprefecture below and the related edit war concerning the Liancourt Rocks above. Does this university have a Latin name, Universitas Sidneiensisand should it appear in the infobox?

Is the evidence for the name from a primary source or a secondary source? The cheap ghostwriters service mba eventually fizzled when everyone stopped caring. The lengthy, unproductive discussions involve legibility, respect of original spelling, dissertation writers sites sf wide variety of silly name callings, an ANI threada call to armstwo separate AfD debatesa short move war and Der Spiegel ranking it among the five most absurd Wikipedia debates.

See also FIFA World Cup. Should a tropical cyclone custom article writers for hire united states formed on December 30and lasted until January 6Tropical Storm Zeta be placed in the Atlantic hurricane season article?

The debate eventually explores the terms of hurricane season, how long it lasts, why hurricane followers are so tied to the concept of a hurricane season, and even whether a stapler moved from one desk to another is considered to be on the other desk.

It was a truly stunning debate that spanned seven months, drew comparisons to civil unions and gay marriageand could restart at any moment.

January edit history Early in Wikipedia history, when dinosaurs roamed the Earth, Jimbo recorded his own birthdate in the annals of the Wikimedia Foundation as well as the article talk page. Then, inhe changed his mind and used oversight tools to "unsign" his original edits. An edit war ensued over original research and whether Jimbo should be allowed to revoke his announcement of his own birthday, resulting in not one, but four secondary sources being tacked on to the date.

Was she born in or ? This also came about as a result of age fabrication After days of editing, does anyone really care THAT much? Should a year appear as or ? Six months of edit warring goes through three requests for comment and culminates in a full arbitration case.

The Arbitration Committee even finds it necessary to enact a temporary injunction. The 6-month arbitration case ends with 19 principles, 47 findings of fact, and 32 remedies. Was his height even consistent during his entire career? Is this in reference to his actual height or the height which promoters billed him at? Did his actual height decrease in his final years due to the effects of acromegaly or due to back surgery?

He was tall, just leave it at that. Are there a couple snowstorms a year, or several? Do some winters bring less than an inch of snow, or only a trace? Top masters essay editor service liverpool seemingly easily verifiable facts have been the subject of a slow-motion edit war for many months, with occasional language-parsing jockeying for position for example, "However, winter warm fronts can bring brief periods of top masters essay editor service liverpool weather, while Arctic fronts drop temperatures into the teens" vs.

Is an uncited claim valid for the latter? Sockpuppeting follows over a matter of one inch. In response to the sentence "For every females there were Speaking of which, see also Prudhoe Bay, Alaska : while nowhere near as lame, edit warring dragged on in that article for years for pretty much the exact same reason. Why not just tell the truth--there is one woman, 20 men?

We have learned two things, however: Alaska has a number of underpopulated communities, and the manner in which many underpopulated communities are portrayed on Wikipedia is truly lame. It is widely acknowledged that Larry was a Category 5 storm on the Australian tropical cyclone scale the one that matters with respect to Larry Was it a Category 3?

Soon after Larry made landfall in QueenslandAustraliaedit warring broke out and the talk page became filled with personal attacks and egos. How shall they word that? Is the hyperdrive class 3 or 4? This is war, after all. Before it became a featured article in Julyfor four and a half years tempers flared over this article.

Not surprising, seeing all the controversial topics in play: their disputed status between the UK and Argentina, their naming as Falkland or Malvinas, coastal, fishing, and mineral rights, a reasonably recent war, etc. Who would have guessed that the most controversial issue would be whether to list top masters essay editor service liverpool with miles first and kilometers -metres?

August edit war asking: who finished third in the FIFA World Cup? For a year before the Football World Cupand persisting after, this subject gives involved users something to pass the time. The fight continues more than a year after the players went home.

Should the official WWE website be taken as accurate despite its common practice of increasing heights and weights for entertainment purposes? What about heights as they appear in video games? Are they 8—12 years old? Even 17 years old? Webster says something different from Oxford. American Dictionary says otherwise.

And what click to see more the deal with top masters essay editor service liverpool typing in all caps? Drawn-out revert wars over the correct heights and weights of fictional characters such as Ken Masters and Balrog are ultimately solved by leaving the statistics off entirely.

Should the full names of characters be used, or the abbreviations? Is Kurt Angle the first champion, or is Christian Cage? When the NWA World Heavyweight Championship was withdrawn from TNA by the NWA, did TNA recognize the physical title as the TNA World Title, or did Angle win nothing when he took the belt from Cage? Is Angle in his first, or second title reign? What caused all the "squawk"ing? The fact that is the emergency code you put in a transponder when top masters essay editor service liverpool aircraft has been hijacked.

Because, apparently, would-be hijackers use Wikipedia as their only source of information on aircraft, and would recognise the code when the pilot entered it, whereas it could be entered without recognition otherwise, or so the IPs claim. One even left an edit summary saying "Deleted reference to hijack code for secutity [sic] reasons. Consensus keeps the code on the page, joined after yet another well-meaning IP removed the code by an admin admonishment in an editnotice.

Was the attendance of the event in question 78, or 93, — or is it really 75,? Is Dave Meltzer an unreliable source because he is personally anti- McMahon? Is McMahon an unreliable source because he is pro-McMahon? Should Meltzer be considered a reporter because he freelances for the LA Times and Sports Illustratedor as a self-published hack who runs a tabloid? Either way, this has led to a lot of tears and an eight-month long edit war. And because all wrestling feuds deserve a disappointing rematch, a nearly identical dispute erupted regarding the true attendance for this WWE event, which may or may not have set the all-time record for a particular sports arena that had existed for 4 years.

The debate included insults, blocks, and an editor arguing that Dave Meltzer is not a reliable source for Top masters essay editor service liverpool Meltzer. Also included top masters essay editor service liverpool the question of whether a statistic ending in 7 can be trusted. Can anyone tell the real story?

See the histories for individual films, such as PagluTop masters essay editor service liverpoolKhokababuetc. Also seen on Toronto Pearson International AirportKochiand many others. Should 4G be included when referring to LTE even though top masters essay editor service liverpool technically does not meet 4G requirements? There are occasional attempts to put the word back to aluminum. See here and here for the gory historical details.

Intense edit warring ensued, and continues, over this contentious matter. Many personal attacks and a request for page protection were also included. Editors constantly change spellings of the country name to Brasil, because this is the local name of the country.

There have been heated debates about the spelling, saying that it is American imperialism naming Brasil with a z. Is it "jerkwad" or "jerk wad"? Made it to AN3 [40]. Many editors have made corrections to this word even though it is technically correct.

Should "Cougar" be capitalized? The war over capitalization erupts again a few months later, this top masters essay editor service liverpool simultaneously in Cougar and Cheetahand leads to full protection of both articles. Ihr cheap bibliography ghostwriters websites online ist writes it as danah boyd.

Are the extant references using all-lowercase sufficient and sufficiently independent to allow the style guide exemption? Or are scientific publications by her and her colleagues biased and not admissable references? Cue extensive edit and rename warring… This Soviet Ukrainian film director is an example of wars over whether the first name of Ukrainians should be Olexandr instead of Russian Aleksandr or international Alexander.

Native species in North America where the dominant spelling is gray. Invasive species in the United Kingdom where they call it grey. Nationalistic tempers simmer for two years in slow and remorseless edit war after a content request for comment supposedly settles the issue in favor favour of the Americans. Dissatisfied Brits continually tiptoe back, changing a to top masters essay editor service liverpoolwithout ever actually proposing a title change for the article.

The British are coming! A read more editors make nuclear war over a small speck above the I, bringing new meaning to the word iota.

A cut-and-paste move to the American spelling "color". Other attempts follow, with one attempt to move it to simply Orange to end the war. Similar wars over the correct spelling of the word "colo[u]r" have happened far more times than anybody cares to count. According to the article on PittsburghPennsylvania, "Pittsburgh is one of the few American cities to be spelled with an h at the end of a burg suffix. Should a short shwa sound that almost nobody actually pronounces anymore in the plural form of this word be represented in the transliteration by an "e"?

More than a dozen reverts both ways, two page protections later, and over ten pages of debate on the talk page, this question of immense import remains without consensus. Should potato chips be flavored or flavoured? What is the provenance of the potato chip, America or Ireland? Four-user revert war on these important issues results in the page getting protected and listed on RfC. As a compromise, the chips became seasoned.

And are they not talking about crispsanyway? Much time has been spent on if the name of the wolf deity in the series should be top masters essay editor service liverpool Holo or Horo. Beginning in Januarythe war still continues eight years later into Sources have been provided for the spelling as Holo, but this continuously gets changed back to Horo due to popularity of the spelling in the anime fandom community.

A lengthy discussion has occurred on the issue which would even make your Engrish teacher faint. Should it be spelled the American or the British way? A Japanese author with a habit of inventing "foreign" names whose spellings harken more to H. Should Wikipedia refer to them by the archaic fГr best letter ghostwriters website online Operation wrongly pronounced but fan-favorite vizardor by the grammatically awful but officially supported visoreds?

Editors take the official line; thousands of IPs disagree! Is "Yoghurt" the "traditional" spelling, and is it American cultural imperialism to not have it as such? For over eight yearsbefore an RFC restored Truth and Justice to dairy products; for more news, see Strained yoghurt or is that strained yogurt? The first time around, this controversy spawned a thread on ANI and led to a wheel war over a block placed due to a move of the page.

Later occurrences involved arguments over the meaning of "stable" in the context of WP:ENGVARcompeting interpretations of WP:MOSsuggestions that editors should really not care so much about spelling variations, and LOTS of Google page counts. This active cultural top masters essay editor service liverpool re-fermented in NovemberJuneNovemberMayFebruaryOctoberApril—MayJuneJuly which spilled over into this ANI reportand again in November-Decemberwhich then produced yet another ANI report and an edit war with added full page protection and unprotection over whether or not to close another requested move so soon after the last one [42][43].

Fortunately, Wikipedians realised that after wars get boring on one page, you can continue it on another page, leading to discussions on whether the requested moves process should be changed to allow a rename to Yoghurt. Or maybe to change WP:CREEP to allow a change to the requested move policy to allow the article to be moved.

A slow-moving edit war that centred over the use of While we are at it, should it be punctuated as And is "unnecessity" even a word?

The possibilities are endless infinite endless infinite infinite endless endless-infinite Endless. Example January 24— August 9or January 24— August 9 Related edit war over whether the month or the date comes first, i.

The title of this section is not a hyperlink because this is a very general lame edit war — it has actually happened on several different articles! Should the ellipsis have three dots, or four?

An edit war was not totally resolved when the article was renamed from the three-dot version to the four-dot version. Not quite punctuation, but the question nevertheless remains: should the discussion of Ms. HUUUGE edit war over line breaks vs commas in a list of genres. Leads to a WP:ANI case and is still ongoing despite total irrelevance to anyone. An edit war involving three sysops over whether there should be commas in "10," and "1," led to a blocking and liberal use of the rollback button.

This riveting debate, so important that violations of WP:3RR occurred, resulted in the page being fully protected for a month with the protector declaring it the lamest edit war they had ever seen. Or should that be Russell T.

Most recently, a sysop moved it to regain that all-important? Doctor Who fans are not to be trifled with, so two separate complaints against admin abuse were duly lodged. As it currently stands, the article has been moved back to the form without a dot. Is the usage of dash and hyphen between "Mexican" and "American" more important than the disagreements which led to this historic struggle?

Some top masters essay editor service liverpool would think so. This led to a long thread on WP:AN and a topic ban proposal for no fewer than six editors, as well as the essay Wikipedia:Short horizontal line. The action at WP:AN may be seen as the lamest part of the whole affair top editing letter sf site far, since it involved an attempt to swat every editor within the perimeter peacemakers and seekers-after-order included with a topic ban!

That thread is now closed, as an elaborate joke that got out of hand. But fans need not fret: Jarndyce and Jarndyce II continues at WT:MOSwith clowns for the amusement of all. Merchandise is available in the foyer. One recent suggestion was to change the name to "Mexican War" and be done with it. Is it DDT, or Lita DDT? Powerbomb or Lita Bomb? Do you go by the games, by the announcers, or by WWE.

After several arguments and many people exclaiming they will continue to change it back, a Fan Name section is created, listing the names fans have given her moves. Not so much an edit war as an editing armed standoff. Ask yourself: should this song be declared "written one pluvious night" or "one rainy night"? Ironically, "one" night was declared superior to the previous version, "in a" night. Pluvious actually won in a voting showdown, but when it was article source changed back to rainy, nobody really cared.

Jazz pianist had a career spanning decades and was father to two adopted sons. An edit war surrounded the sentence "Theological disputes about the correct interpretation of Christian teaching led to internal conflicts and Church authorities condemned some theologians as hereticsdefining orthodoxy in contrast to heresy, the most notable being Christian Gnosticism.

The user preferring heresy before orthodoxy claimed grammatical accuracy and no meaning change. The user preferring orthodoxy before heresy claimed it completely changed the meaning of the sentence. This discussion can be found here. But was she best known for this? Cue increasingly aggressive back and forth [51] [52] [53] [54] [55] [56] [57] top masters essay editor service liverpool [59] [60]semi-protection amid accusations of sock puppetryand top masters essay editor service liverpool obligatory ANI thread.

See also David Gilmour for a similar theme - [61] Does the Conch Republicthe name assumed by Key West when it "seceded" from the U. For months, an edit war has progressed over this burning question. Supporters say the name is still used in tourist promotions, while detractors say the "Republic" was a joke protest, and the "Prime Minister" surrendered one minute later.

Others say micronationalism is an incredibly silly concept anyway. Was Cranky Kong the original Donkey Kong? Could it be the character in Super Nintendo and Nintendo 64 games is actually his son? Or perhaps his grandson? Should we trust offhand comments made by a video-game character? Does being licensed by Nintendo make Rareware publications "official"?

How official is the "Nintendo Seal of Quality"? To some people, these questions are a matter of life and death. There was a kerfuffle over several sentences on this page. Is a Danish pastry a "variant of puff pastry " or merely similar to it? Should you describe a picture of one as "A typical Danish of Spandauer type with apple filling and glazing" or "A typical Top masters essay editor service liverpool Danish with apple filling and glazing"?

Whatever the case, tempers got so frayed the article and the talk top masters essay editor service liverpool needed to be protected, until everyone calmed down and settled for a nice cup top masters essay editor service liverpool tea and a Or Daylight Saving s Time. Or Daylight-Saving s Time. Send in the dualling or is it duelling?

Is top masters essay editor service liverpool comic produced by Curtis Magazines or by Marvel Comics? People might not see it in the article, learn more here will not read the article. Extensive coverage of this on the talk page. The revert war is over, since the article has been protected, but still the battle lingers on in the talk page.

Clearly this article should be named exclusive or. Google hits and a majority of editors confirm the popular name. This is mob rule! Mathematicians know the real name is exclusive disjunction!

Discussion subheadings during this move war include "Are you kidding me? It clearly cannot be both. Is the alliterative phrase "the blast blasted blubber beyond all believable bounds" worthy of inclusion? Was placed on WP:RFC at one point. Other wording issues were also discussed.

Unfortunately, all options required that sources be cited. The article has since become a featured article. In a patient and anonymous editor with a fondness for archaic spellings changed the wording for the many occurrences of "between" in the article every few months, prompting immediate reversions and comprising a large minority of edits to the article that year.

Furious edit war that leads to a thread on WP:ANI and an editor proclaiming that they were leaving Sofern best application letter writing service ca und project. The point of contention? Whether this fictional character from a sitcom in the mids was to be described as an "irascible curmudgeon" or as merely "irritable". Was protagonist Fry cryonically frozen or cryogenically frozen or even crygenically frozen?

Seeing as it has been changed nearly daily since the creation of the article occasionally accompanied by a bit of text on the talk page uncovering some new evidence gleaned from an top masters essay editor service liverpool commentary top masters essay editor service liverpool, we may never know An editor added the sentence "The conceit of "questioning answers" is original to Jeopardy!

Was it just a wound or a "minor wound"? Should wound itself be wikilinked? Was the injury "bandaged", or simply wrapped with "gauze"? The wound issue ended with the Rex arbitration case and that editor being banned from editing top masters essay editor service liverpool article for a year. One year later, the same edit war re-ignited, leading to another arbitration case and the permanent ban of said editor, who then departed Wikipedia.

See also Swift Vets and POWs for Truth Is top masters essay editor service liverpool an " entertainer " or a " journalist? This edit war is fast approaching its first year of existence, mostly a top masters essay editor service liverpool between two users, but has drawn in other editors for brief periods.

It started with disputed information on the guns, then moved on to repeated accusations of using weasel words, NPOV, original research, sock-puppetry, disruption of Wikipedia, and vandalism. Should the German "Arsch" top masters essay editor service liverpool the title of a joke composition be translated as "arse" or "ass"? See first edit warsecond edit warthird edit war3RR reporttalk page hilarity.

The edit summaries that accompany these are equally lame. Between these edits are much of the same. This looks to continue well into the future. The moral of the story: Whether you are going for top masters essay editor service liverpool ass or the arse, either way, you are going to want full protection. Dispute over the ordering of the two terms used to describe the band.

The edit war also threatened to spread into other related articles as well, including Fred Durst and Rapcore. Should the term "period" or "full stop" be used to describe a full stop or period? An edit war and heated discussion on the talk page broke out over this very issue. This use of the term "alternate" is consistent with usage in North America, where it means "taking the place of; alternative".

This has prompted many editors to try, even after a wikilink hidden note was added, to change the term to "alternative airport", which is not consistent with usage in the aviation field. Was Mama Vicki Lawrence "pro-active", "foxy", "clever", "cunning", or none of the above?

Apparently this question is important enough to occupy over 30 edits in one day. Or, since the Xbox is the only sixth generation console to be discontinued, is the GameCube "failing" to regain the market share? An edit war over these two words ensues after editor attempts to get the wording changed from the former to the latter.

After a very passionate discussion and an inconclusive sockpuppet report, full protection ends the war. Was the manga published by Viz in a "flipped" formatreading left-to-right, or in a "flipped"left-to-right format? Is Adam Carr Ph. D, a Historian, or does Adam Carr hold a PhD in history? In addition to 5 reverts, also spawns thread on the Administrators Noticeboard. An admin and top masters essay editor service liverpool user edit war over a number of album articles over the use of "second" or "sophomore".

Editing gets heated and eventually results in a block and a request for arbitration. Is Spore a god gamea life simulationa strategy gameor a sandbox game? Can we fit everything it is into the template, or do we need a separate section in the article, just to explain its many genres? Top masters essay editor service liverpool of posting, the dispute is unresolved and the page has been protected. Is Squall a hero or a protagonist? Does Tifa, a character in a PlayStation game Final Fantasy VIIhave "ample breasts "?

Lara Croft strongly opposes such a ludicrous claim. Lengthy debate over wording, whether breast size is POV, and the entire concept of mentioning something that silly. And what exactly is her hair colour top websites for university to be, anyway — black or brown? A revert war on whether the tiger can properly be described as the "most powerful living cat" complete with accusations that people were "tiger fanboys" gradually led to arguments about how tigers would match up vs.

The debates about bears and crocodiles continue on the talk page. Is Urban75 a "left leaning" or "liberal leaning" site? Is the Danube Tower "an observation tower" or "a television and observation tower"? This edit war was so lame that it got covered in Der Spiegel. Is Tony Almeida more important, therefore should be closer to the top? The war was eventually bar one or two attempts finished when the cast was organised by surname.

Is the language being spoken Latin? Or is it Ancient? Is it Ancient or Ori rendered as Latin? All of the above? Ergo, ipso facto columbo oreo. Is it a turn-based strategy game, or a turn-based tactics game? Apparently in an interview with the developers, the "s" word was used. But the back of the box uses the "t" word. One user cared so much about it that he resorted to sockpuppetry and was top masters essay editor service liverpool banned multiple times. Although the user pops up every once in a while under another sockpuppet, the debate fizzled out, with "tactics" remaining in the article unopposed.

A term created to define Top masters essay editor service liverpool animeAmerime was deleted as a neologismthen reborn, then deleted, then reborn, then deleted, and then stuck when the software jammed.

It was then deleted and reborn again, at which point it managed a sufficient rally on the AfD to survive, roughly 18 months after the original was first posted; however, it has been top masters essay editor service liverpool to another location.

Is this character canon? Is Dragon Ball GT canon? Who decides what is and is not canon, anyway, and is it fact or opinion to say so? Should they be listed in the "traditional" order or in alphabetical order? One such installment of this saga was brought before the arbitration committee by an administrator, no less where it was quickly declared top masters essay editor service liverpool. A certain character who appeared before in the show has his name revealed as Pierre Chang, but while shooting video uses an alias from previous episodes, Marvin Candle.

Is this fact relevant enough to warrant top masters essay editor service liverpool In a frustrating portrayal of blind and ignorant persistence, the user under a series of different IP addresses continued his frankly tiring edit warring as soon as the page became unprotected.

His first edit to the article was on the 3rd March and he has continued to war into May The DHARMA Initiative could start top masters essay editor service liverpool whole experiment on this. After 8 deletions and 5 restoresimage dramaa deletion reviewand an AfDthe important questions regarding this hyperactive year old on YouTube were faced. First, is the discussion about a meme with a girl, or a girl with a meme? Is she underaged, or pretending to be? And most importantly, is this Guardian story a blog or a news article?

Should the identity of the Daedalus class battlecruiser destroyed at the end of the Stargate SG-1 season 9 episode " Camelot " be mentioned? The show left this as a cheap content ghostwriter for hire ca for the next episode but widely available casting information and episode summaries for upcoming episodes make the answer obvious.

Is such information canon? Is this a "worse" spoiler than other spoilers already present elsewhere in Wikipedia? The edit war continued in fits and starts over the entire between-season hiatus, when the season opener aired and confirmed the information.

Did Daffy Duck father any children? Should the events of certain animated films be taken to have occurred in "real life" while others should not? Daffy to Wikipedia: "No comment".

A Barbara Walters special is reportedly in the works. Not the movie or the novel it was based onbut check this out band.

Are they metalcoreChristian metalcoreor just metal? Page about a member of a rock group. This article has been subject to several long term, slow pace edit wars. One is about his height, of all things, with the number being changed several times a week. And a third slow edit war is over how to pronounce his name.

Ernest Vincent Wright wrote this novel as a lipogramomitting the letter e. Should the article be written in the same way as an homage?

At one point a few editors made an effort to remove the letter from the sections and the markupleading to the removal of the Table of Contents, edit buttons, and reference tags. Garfield only had this as a response. Edit wars over whether each is a gay icon. Are you a racist for not wanting mention top masters essay editor service liverpool this? A two-week revert duel with accompanying Top masters essay editor service liverpool debates over whether this should redirect to the bandthe torture deviceor the disambig page.

Is a heavy metal band more popular than a medieval torture device, or vice versa? What will be the case one hundred years from esl writing au And what would Google do?

Two anonymous editors change that single name back and forth as humanity weeps. Is the video game Jak and Daxter: The Lost Frontier canon to the main story, or is it a spin-off? Did he found Wikipedia or co-found it? Does it really matter all that much? And why am I asking you? Not surprisingly, those who actually were around at the time and know the answer stayed far away from this one. The casualty list has yet to be compiled, but no doubt editor egos will be among the worst hit. Revert war on over the contents of the top masters essay editor service liverpool ; i.

The slow speed of the edit war never surpasses the limits imposed by the 3RRand the war only ends when the page is permanently protected. Page protections, admin interventions, accusations of vandalism and sockpuppetry fly like Featured revert summaries like "I hope they DAMN WELL ban you! The battle of interpreters was so intense that two articles needed full protection in order to move the battlefield to various talk pages.

Luckily, the truth they are one and the same eventually came out of the series itself A very slow, and long-running edit war regarding the demographic of the series. In order to rectify further edits, a neutral "male" demographic was included, but even this still continued to be changedand reverted on a regular basis.

The demographic field has even been removed entirelyonly to be included again. Top masters essay editor service liverpool one time, both demographics were included. Every album has a title track. Two self-proclaimed leaders of micronations in a lengthy revert war in this and other articles about the comparative value and notability of their made-up countries. Fortunately, the category has since been moved and deleted. A single Saturday Night Live sketch generates a remarkable volume of strong feelings among Wikipedians, with a particularly lengthy debate over whether an animated GIF of the sketch in question is too irritating for inclusion.

A debate has lasted, more or less, since over whether the "So i herd u liek mudkipz" meme is notable for inclusion anywhere on Wikipedia and, if so, where. Is Baby Cuddles blue or green? Top masters essay editor service liverpool Fizzy blue or green?

Editors resorted to uploading photos of their own ponies to debate the point, possibly indicating 10 year old girls are more computer savvy than ever Is it an RPG or is it a Console RPG? Or is it a fish! Yet, oddly enough, no wars have occurred on the pages for the Generation I games, Generation II games, Generation III games, Generation I remakes or Generation II remakes.

Slang term which originated from a typo for "owned" displayed on a computer screen during an online multiplayer video game and is now the subject of heated debate as to its actual meaning.

Does it mean to reduce your opponent to such a state that no actual words exist to express your dominance over them? Does it mean you possess "ownage" over them? Or does it mean to soundly defeat an opponent? Also, who invented it? What is the correct oral pronunciation of it?

What is its phonetic spelling? All these are the subject to serious and heated debates in academic style language mixed in with vandals who type in ALLCAPScurse like sailors, and call everybody n00bs. Is it a Dutch television broadcaster or is that just a hoax? Believe it or top masters essay editor service liverpool, there was an extensive debate on where this character class from the video game Team Fortress 2 inherits his accent from — despite only having a handful of spoken lines in-game.

At the very least, it proves that the Spy is good at his job of causing confusion. Are Anakin Skywalker and Darth Vader considered one character or two separate ones? Do they deserve separate listings in the "credits" section? This seemingly trivial disagreement degenerates into a full-fledged revert war, complete with allegations of vandalism, 3RR violations, aggressive edit summaries, and a week-long page-protection.

After an WP:RFCconsensus settles on top masters essay editor service liverpool the films in production rather than in-universe order. Much blame is placed on George Lucas for creating the mess in the first place. Revert wars over whether or not the credit list should duplicate the official credits at the end of the film, or be edited by Wikipedians to include uncredited roles. Both sides of the war seem top masters essay editor service liverpool feel they have the weight of policy on their side, but no one actually points to policies.

Thankfully this seems to have eventually resolved itself, with an "official credits" section, and notes made afterward about uncredited roles. Should it say "also known as Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens "? Is it officially an alternative title? Much edit warring and most of the talk page is used on this vital question after the premiere.

Who cares what the film is about? Was she top masters essay editor service liverpool Survivor: Pulau Tiga or Survivor: Borneo? Are they alternative metalor should they be on the List of Nu metal musical groups?

See the "mature" arguments at the talk pagesuch as YES, THEY ARE NU METAL, OK! This band also spawned a few more lame edit wars regarding two of its albums. Debate rages over whether the WWE United States Championship is included among criteria for becoming a WWE Triple Crown Champion. Edits for and against the inclusion of the title lead to several reverts, many angry people, and one fairly active user retiring due to the edits he later returns on a semi-active basis.

Eventually the US Title was given its own section separate from the main list, though the debate is still going on. A similar case is made for the ECW World Championshipbut due to its newness in the WWE, it is generally agreed on that it does not count. Another dispute erupted over the use of the word penultimate for "The Stolen Earth" after an editor insisted that the current standard usage of the word was incorrect esl scholarship sites for phd BBC usage of the word in their press release and its definition in the Oxford English Dictionary.

Or should it be Wild ARMs series? Akari Kanzaki started an arms conflict demanding that Wild Arms check this out be renamed to Wild ARMs because top masters essay editor service liverpool company later decided Arms was an acronym and another editor disagreed.

A lame war erupted at the page for the then not-yet-aired WWE pay-per-view event over whether the match between The Undertaker and Mr. Kennedy should be listed second or third. Top masters essay editor service liverpool ensuing argument led to the page being fully protected and spilled into the talk pagethe WP:PW talk page and even the page for the following pay-per-view.

You thought vampires did not exist? You thought vampire hunters do not edit Wikipedia? All I can say is — think again. A somewhat controversial comic book artist who felt there were errors in his article and so blanked almost all of the content without explaining what specifically the errors he was top masters essay editor service liverpool to were. He raised the subject on his own message board and both supporters and detractors flocked to Wikipedia to join in the fight, resulting in numerous articles in blogs and other comic industry media about the ensuing conflict.

See page history and VfD discussion. The reason why external links sections are not web directories is aptly illustrated when the owners of two top masters essay editor service liverpool fansites, www. The link goes back and forth for weeks — as they leave no messages or edit summaries, few notice and none care. One uninvolved editor tries to add bothtop masters essay editor service liverpool "Is there not room for both self-proclaimed third best pages?

Eventually yet another editor drops a train on all learn more here spam, including that oh-so-vital link.

Lameness originating from violation of WP:OWN leads to an epic edit war after the "author" attempts to remove all the information they ever posted on Vic Grimes claiming they own the information. Top masters essay editor service liverpool resulting war escalated and incidents that derived from the war ended up on WP:ANWP:ANIWP:3RRWP:PAINa WikiProjectand the talk pages of many users and admins.

The war temporarily ends when the "author" was blocked indefinitely for violation of numerous policies and trolling but it soon began again when the "author" started using AOL sock puppets to continue their campaign. After that, the user was banned and still continues to pop up with more sock puppets.

No, I could LOSE MY JOB. Was the head of the Zionist Union party Isaac Herzogor was it headed jointly by Herzog and Tzipi Livni? Does it matter if they changed their minds about who heads the party the day before the election?

A debate ensues over the difference between a partya factionand a list in Israeli politics, whether any math ghostwriter sites all of these even have defined leaders under Israeli law, and whether editors should read the actual contract signed between the two parties before making a decision.

This debate was solely about whether Wikipedia can or should list two party heads in an infobox. Is it a nickname or a sobriquet? Is he "the most famous plumber in the nation" or not? For that matter, is he a plumber at all?? Is it the burial place of the British royal familyor the Royal family of the Commonwealth realms? What about the Canadian Royal family?

An edit war involving at least 6 editors lasted over a month, through two periods of page protection, before consensus was reached: to leave the page as it had begun. For some reason, the inhabitants of the cemetery themselves appeared singularly unconcerned by the dispute, not seeming to care what One were described as.

Is Stephen Colbert considered a serious candidate? And, perhaps most importantlyis candidate Stephen Colbert comedian or Stephen Colbert character? If Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard says she does not believe in Goddoes that make her an atheist? And if she is an atheist, does that mean her infobox should display Religion: Atheist or Religion: None?

Then again, maybe there should not be a Religion entry in her infobox at all? The edit warring continues for years and years. Watch as a highbrow debate invoking Kierkegaard and Wittgenstein inevitably descends into accusations of WP:POV and WP:OR.

Maybe an RfC will sort it out? Huge ongoing revert war over one external link critical of Smart. Discussion filled several talk pages, with each side accusing the other of POV, systemic bias, stalking, paranoia, bad faith edits and being lame in general. Escalated to a request for arbitrationand eventually an Office Action. A three day long war starting with this good faith edit which turned into an edit war as to whether it should be included or not, ending with please click for source last revert edit.

A slow burning edit war lasting over three months over the file extension of one link. Not the inclusion of the link itself — just its extension. A huge edit war regarding the inclusion of external links. Should commercial sites be linked, should the section be top masters essay editor service liverpool big, or should the external links section be there at all?

These are some of the questions plaguing this article. Edit war over how a table should be formatted, which led to 46 reverts 23RR for both users over the course of 14 hours. Leads to page protection, allegations of ADMIN ABUSE and sockpuppetry.

Such a list was created in April Led to dispute over what locations should be listed, whether they should be only major top masters essay editor service liverpool, small towns too, and suburbs of major cities. Then the list was proposed for deletion.

Survived the first AfDthen died on the second. Made better sense when the service existed only in the United States. Are people who are White and Multiethnic considered Multiracial? The number 3 was being considered as possibly being not odd. Page protection was needed to halt the heated debate. Supposedly as a means to illustrate the ludicrousness of the subject, various examples such as "the atomic numbers of gold and silver, but not their sum" and "the number of days in a year except leap years " were added to the list.

Should the list have a pink background? Yes, this really happened. Should they be in the main tables, or discussed in the header? Should there be one table or several, broken out by console? What should the default sort order of the list be? All of these issues came to a head at once, resulting in a huge revert war. Four talk pages of debating, arguing, and "discussion" later: and we have arrived on the conclusion of rock and dance for the time being and a disabling of editing by top masters essay editor service liverpool or unregistered users.

Dissertation introduction ghostwriter website toronto over whether or not "alternative gatherings" should be included in the list of gatherings, leading to failed mediationprotectionsblocks, and finally one party walking away from the whole project.

Should this group devoted to high-power model rocketry and related legal advocacy, the subject of a New York Times article headlined top masters essay editor service liverpool Cult of Backyard Rocketeers Top masters essay editor service liverpool the Solid Fuel Burning", therefore descriptive essay ghostwriter sites online top masters essay editor service liverpool in List of groups referred to as cults?

The debate raged in February and again in Mayapparently because its inclusion makes some sort of point about the list simply being a disguised non- Top masters essay editor service liverpool list of cults.

Should the article Beer style include a link to the Beer Judge Certification Program BJCP? A months-long revert war ensues over a single link.

Is the Bitcoin a currency? Should the fact that it is worth more than any other currency swing it either way? Going on-and-off sincethis debate that has led to most of the talk page being filled with ad hominem attacks, dozens of reverts with both sides claiming vandalismand two protection locks so far. The article was merged to List of circulating currencies but a short edit war started over whether it should be in the top masters essay editor service liverpool article.

Slowly edit warred over several years to include it in itself despite the guidelines saying otherwise. The proponents of the loop have variously argued that it should be done as a joke, as a recursively defined?

Insofar nobody has tried to argue that yo dawg would have done it. The page is now indefinitely fully protected. With the release of the iPod classicthere was a lot of confusion on whether the new iPod is in the same line as the original iPod. Can a new product be "classic"? Should it just be part of the iPod article?

Maybe there should just be an article for every generation of the product? What about the iPod photo — is that part of the iPod classic family or some freaky half-cousin? Eventually "original" and "classic" became synonymous and the iPod photo was deemed unworthy as a member of the classic family. Should it redirect to Main Page as a shortcut for Firefox users?

Or should it link to printf where it serves as a shortcut to print text. How about transcluding the Main Page as a compromise? Involved page protectiona vote, top masters essay editor service liverpool an appeal. In the end, as User:This, that and the other observed, more than 64 KB of discussion was recorded over a redirect for a two byte title.

After being featured top masters essay editor service liverpool the webcomic xkcdan article on this term was created and deleted three times in one day before being turned into a redirect and listed on Redirects for discussion. In the end, the redirect was kept, but on the talk page the arguments over it rage on. What do you get when a country has the same name as a U. You get one of the longest running debates on Wikipedia. It seems to have everything but the kitchen sink. Which of the two should receive the coveted title as " primary topic ", and thus get to have the disambiguating phrase in its article name removed?

The archived discussions are full of endless content and tables regarding search engine results, population statistics, and the number of English speakers in each enough material to create its own encyclopedia. This is top masters essay editor service liverpool by the many accusations of either U.

Well, if the pages are move protected for now, then which article gets to be listed first on the Georgia disambiguation page? And do flag icons make a Behandlung top dissertation editor website toronto vital top masters essay editor service liverpool that disambiguation page? Does this entire debate make the English Wikipedia "out of step" with all other Wikipedias?

Or are we just flogging a dead horse? This debate has been going on for so long that there have been occasional requests on Talk:Georgia for brief summaries of the previous discussions! Should the Gay Nigger Association of America be at the top of this irrelevant disambiguation page, or somewhere in the middle? The ongoing dispute leads to the page being protected and one administrator being blocked for WP:3RR.

This critical issue of a single Wikilink led to full protection three times and a Request for Comment on a disambiguation page. The situation calmed down only when the disambig page for a 4-letter acronym joined the tiny number of articles with indefinite full protection it has since been reduced to semiprotected. Phenomenally lame, multi-stage edit war at the disambiguation page for Lolita over the purpose of disambiguation pages.

Is the Manual of Style written in stone, or is it merely a " recommendation " that can be ignored? Should the page include a list of Japanese fashion styles that include the word "Lolita" in the name? Will anyone type in "Lolita" looking for Amy Fisher? The one thing that never occurs to anyone is that they have better things to be doing. In the end a level-headed admin fixes the mess and protects the page for a week, and at least one user takes a long wikibreak over the ordeal.

The August 29,announcement of Sarah Palin as the presumptive Republican nominee for Vice-President of the United States set off a firestorm at among other places the Palin disambiguation page which had previously been edited three times since it was created nearly a year before.

Should Palin redirect to Sarah Palin? Is Sarah Palin more famous than Monty Python member Michael Palin? Following a handful of polls and rampant accusations of bias, a consensus seems near, but who knows what the future will bring? These are not about discussions on talk pages, but actual edit wars as typified by reverting occurring on talk pages.

Probably the first instance of revert-warring on an article talkpage, where one editor accused another of using the talkpage as an alternative soapbox for a POV agenda. That section was reverted back and forth numerous times, since no statute seems to govern behaviour in talkpages. Edit war over whether the template at the top, announcing that the article was speedy kept after an Articles for Deletion debate lasting less than an hour, should include the word "ZOOOOOOOM" to exemplify the speediness of the process.

It was kept in until finally being supplanted by a note in the archive box template. One editor and later his sockpuppet reverts against consensus many, many times. Should a talkpage section heading have a question mark? Two IP editors slow revert war over punctuation until another editor top masters essay editor service liverpool in and chastises them both for it.

Is the concept of contact between an anus and a mouth complicated enough that we need a picture to explain it? Or is the concept too icky to put in an article? Is preventing someone from seeing something really censorship? Would biology students find see more picture of a disembodied mouth licking a disembodied asshole informative? Not one but two debates have been spawned at the Village Pump top masters essay editor service liverpool this page.

An edge-enhanced photograph from the Afrikaans Wikipedia was used instead, and a cease fire seems to be in effect. Has there been a homosexualization of this article? Top masters essay editor service liverpool war over which image should be the first, the straight one or the gay one.

Should the demonstration anus be male or female? Should the level of hair in the anus be "moderate"? Debates over whether cropped porn images of bleached human anuses are appropriate for Wikipedia abound. Since Wikipedia is not censoredis it appropriate to include a huge picture of a tarantula for illustrative purposes on a page discussing the fear of spiders?

Although this question can be pondered as far back as Junethis issue enjoyed nearly total dominion over the talk pageand accounted for virtually all edits to the article between November and February Edit war in June over the inclusion of a screenshot from Second Life in which the character pictured is holding a hammer. This led to the page continue reading protectedand a straw poll [84] on whether or not the sollten esl analysis essay editor websites united kingdom gibt should be included, along with accusations of sockpuppetry, single purpose accounts, and meatpuppetryand eventual banhammers.

Eventually the article was deleted anyway, making the entire argument moot. Is a bathrobe better illustrated with a photo of a guy smiling at the camera making a thumbs-up gesture, Fonzie -style, or a photo of a different guy in a different bathrobe striking a dramatic pose in his bathroom? Should the chosen photo include a model at all, and is a toddler less suitable than an adult? These crucial issues led to dozens of edits inchanging between at least 7 images with frequently changed captions competing for the prestigious position of the Wikipedia bathrobe illustration, and inspiring the formation of The Illustrious and Honourable Bathrobe Cabal of Wikipedia.

Consensus eventually favoured pink fluffy bathrobe on a hanger. And then the dramatic pose top masters essay editor service liverpool came back.

And then the bathrobe on the hanger turned purple, and then Cue more edit wars! Annotated bibliography writer site usa war in December over whether the picture at the top should be on the left and face left, or be on the right and face left, or be on the left and face right, or be on the right and face right.

Image was eventually replaced with a higher quality version. Edit war over which pictures should be used to represent black people, and how to caption those pictures. Be sure to practice your absurd captions go here the pics on the talk page. Then, ramble on ad nauseam on said talk page justifying your edits.

This started on British Rail Class when the replacement of one image of a train with another led to a two-day edit war [85] over whether it was more important to show that said train is one carriage long or to make the interior and exterior shots match. On a page with three edits in the preceding month. This was sorted when it was proved it was possible to do both, but similar debates then began for vaguely different reasons on British Rail Class and, most spectacularly, British Rail Class — where the talk page increased in size from 1KB to over 28KB in just over a week [86].

Autism is not a factor ". Similar "debates" continue to flare up occasionally, but nothing has quite reached that top masters essay editor service liverpool of lameness Top masters essay editor service liverpool pressing issues: Should one unremarkable photo be included? Is the cat depicted really smiling? Both users were blocked for 30 seconds — "a suitably lame block for a remarkably lame edit war" — after protection of the page had halted the reverts.

One user resumed after protection was lifted the next day, leading to further 12 reverts over the same photograph. Another page protection put a stop to the lameness. As it turned out, the photo was deleted for not having any copyright status. Is it appropriate to include a picture top masters essay editor service liverpool a cow with the caption An unsuspecting potential victim?

People disputed this caption, largely because some considered it humor and no evidence could be found that it was. Many variations were put forth from plain "A cow" to humorous "Mooo?

Perhaps cow tipping is just an urban legend and the implication that this cow could be tipped violates WP:NPOV. Can any reliable source verify that the cow is unsuspecting? Does it matter that the cow is looking at the camera? How article source this segue into links to flatulence humor and the dozens?

Learn the answers to these burning questions and others at Talk:Cow tipping. Truly, an edit war over dental floss! For those who take their dental hygiene seriously, this became quite a crusade. Page protection was applied in December to help heal the bleeding gums. The crux of an argument concerned a top masters essay editor service liverpool of a building in Warsaw that houses the Australian Embassy; top masters essay editor service liverpool other tenants also occupied the same building, should the caption state that the building was the Australian Embassy in Poland?

The photo was removed and argy-bargy top masters essay editor service liverpool, with the photographer complaining the rule was inconsistently being applied. Debate continues to rage over whether a picture and a video presumably of a Wikipedia editor of ejaculation is encyclopedic. Some editors object on the grounds that the subject is ejaculating without apparently touching his penis — top masters essay editor service liverpool this top masters essay editor service liverpool considered "normal" ejaculation?

Much wailing and gnashing of teeth, along with the usual pleading " for the children, " including one post by a parent whose 12 year-old daughter had bookmarked the article, and who concluded that "gay perverts have overtaken Wikipedia" Obligatory Village Pump discussion can be seen here.

See also Semenbelow. Revert wars, alleged sock-puppetry, and page protection: should the article on feces include this picture of a large human turd? As of early Julythe discussion on this issue alone had reached 12, words. Someone commented "Seriously, guys. The edit war was sparked over whether an image of the "one finger highway salute" should have been included.

Several different pictures were added; the debate even top masters essay editor service liverpool the lighting of the picture.

Top masters essay editor service liverpool it was settled. At least no one went out on the highway and rammed somebody to get a good shot Edit war over what pictures if any to include of an invisible parody deity, and how to caption them. Also included is image of a pink unicorn with its alpha channel altered to form an invisible image of a pink unicorn.

Do the leggings pictured have a floral design? A splattered paint design? Both flowers and splattered paint? Is it ok if we simply describe it as a "colored design"? A third opinion was requestedand per this page the respondent commented that the dispute was lame.

Edit war by multiple users and anonymous IP editors in October regarding whether to put a picture of the 7th Heaven actress on the left side of the page or the right. In the end, the picture top masters essay editor service liverpool deleted anyway. Should this drawing of the sexual position include a teddy bear?

Low-level edit war reverting between the two versions has been going on for over two years, with 46 reverts in alone. A revert war over the top image. Some users felt that because the free image depicted an outdated model, it should be replaced by a promo image. Others cited the WP:FU policy that states that a free alternative should always be used.

Heated debate commences on the talk page after it gets page protected. The issue still comes up time to time about why the free image is on the page.

Since then, the PS3 has been released, a free image has been created, and the war has ended. A picture of a nude pregnant woman has been the subject of numerous discussions.

Basically, while a few want to delete the image completely, most simply want to move the picture to another section of the article and replace the lead image with something less controversial.

The other side argues that this picture is the best image out there and to move it is a violation of WP:CENSOR. The lead image has since been changed to a fully clothed woman, and there has been little warring since. Cue an ongoing several-years-long revert war over the image on whether a badly taken picture should be included as a visual aid. Has since been replaced with a more top masters essay editor service liverpool image of semen in a Petri dish.

Which picture should top the article: "Old style" Sonic or 3D Sonic? After some discussion, including an image-by-image vote on every image on the page, consensus settled on both, and montage of the two was created. Just to make this war more irrelevant, a single 3D picture appeared in the infobox later, the dual picture was deleted and a 2D Sonic was later readded Ironically, the current picture shows both Sonic variations in question from Sonic Generations top masters essay editor service liverpool material.

Does an image of an unaired episode pass NFCC 8 or not? From a dispute between two editors, it quickly scaled into a WP:ANI thread involving several admins. Sorted out now, with the WikiProject deciding that they fail unless otherwise discussed. A userbox reading "This user top masters essay editor service liverpool pissed about admins ignoring policy" the word "pissed" was later changed to "annoyed".

Surprisingly enough, the userbox was speedily deleted by admins See the firstsecondand third Templates for Deletion votes. During its third DRV, support waned just enough and the userbox remains deleted. Should the font size for this userbox be 10pt or 14pt? And then end result of the fight? A rather heated debate over changing the text of this user box from "This user top masters essay editor service liverpool from the United Kingdom. It only got resolved by a straw poll vote and the changing of the text.

Should Template:Infobox Biography be used in this article? Is it ugly or not? Are the place and date of see more birth and death important enough to be highlighted in a big box? Does a box which repeats information that is already in the article offer any substantial advantage?

Do the top masters essay editor service liverpool of those who wrote most of this featured article count for anything? Multi-sided edit war over top masters essay editor service liverpool issues. This terribly important convention was the subject of several reports at WP:ANI [] [] [] []multiple page protections []rampant sockpuppetry [][]multiple 3RR blocks over several months, and several dozen reversions of a page within a few hours [].

As administrators were called in for assistance, everyone agreed the situation was truly, very very lame. An administrator full-protected Laurence Top masters essay editor service liverpoola featured article, for one week, in order to end an edit-war. There had indeed been some edit-warring. However, the edit-war did not concern the content of the article. The edit-war did not even concern whether or not there should be an infobox on the article.

Rather, the edit-war concerned whether the article should contain two sentences of hidden text i. Another user suggested that the essay was only tangentially related to civility and removed it. Editors then took to the talk page and began hurling profanity at each other as they discussed whether the essay contained valuable advice about civility.

After two full protections of the template and multiple blocks, the matter appears to have been resolved. Another editor reverts it as a Eurocrat POV. Other small European countries are also involved. Revert warring over the inclusion of the Wikipedia Biography Project template at the top of the talk page. Many top masters essay editor service liverpool proclamations that this picture previously part of the Wikipedia Biography Project template was RACIST OMG and a direct attack on author Jack Vance.

Two editors contribute more than thirty reverts in two hours over whether Spyro is a part of the Crash Bandicoot universe or not. Tempers flare in Edit Summaries, but Talkpage contributions are mysteriously left unsigned. On June 12,England and the United States started the group C play with a draw. FIFA seemed naively unbothered by this - perhaps under the assumption that the results of the remaining games against Algeria and Slovenia would determine who would advance.

Should England be awarded second place, above the thin green line separating advancing teams from eliminated teams? The revert war can be seen in the page history. The edit war was revived for a short time in Januaryand in April a similar banner by a different user also precipitated a brief user block.

Unfortunately, edit warring top masters essay editor service liverpool to end when the page and two templates were deleted and the third template became article source redirect. Edit war over background color of various parts of user page. Jimbo himself never made his color preferences known, but the war ended nonetheless. Several users reverted each other and one was blocked for WP:3RRhowever after he was unblocked, he was at it again, careful not to violate WP:3RR.

Should people be allowed to edit this page if they have more than one letter in their username? Warring involves sysops deleting and restoring the page to remove "unwanted" contributions to the page. Two sysops in a revert war over the user page of a blocked sockpuppet of banned user Then, a month later, a user takes one of them to Quickpolls over the revert war.

The anonymous user removed the test message. Edit warring about this edit war then proceeded onto this very page. Other admins were called in to look at the situation, and, after careful analysis and fact-checking, it was determined to be a very lame edit war indeed.

An anonymous user copied and re-posted an attack originally posted by another anonymous user in It was subsequently reverted by others and then restored by the user a total of 22 times in 10 minutes. I hope everybody realizes all the IPs posting here are one individual, who is thereby entitled to remove not refactor comments here. Does top masters essay editor service liverpool hatnote pander top masters essay editor service liverpool creationism?

Does deleting a hatnote constitute censorship and even disenfranchisement? Does putting this hatnote violate policy? Is it important who might want to read the hatnote? English town formerly part of Cheshire ; should the article mention that many people still use Cheshire on their post? Inspired a talk subpageand a sock puppetry accusationnot to mention the associated blood boiling rage and name calling on Talk:Association of British Counties Is Aphex Twin really IDM?

Is IDM even a legitimate genre, or is it just a huge internet troll? If you are an editor aged 38—42, your opinion is requested. Should the royal anthem be included in the infobox, or should it be a footnote? Is it even worthy of a footnote? A long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long debate continues on the talk pageincluding an Should they have their own section?

Is YouTube encyclopedic enough or should be counted as a personal website? Debate lasted for over a month and involved many a personal attack, accusations from the single user advocating the inclusion that he was being ganged up on against WP policy and threats to have users blocked. Is this country in northern North America, in the blog for hire nyc editor best part of North America, or just in North America?

The first option is just vandalismand a poll was needed to achieve consensus on this important issue. Does specifying what parts are usable violate NPOV? Is sharing a birthday with Abraham Lincoln important enough to include in the Charles Darwin article, or is it a bit of trivia that has no place in an encyclopedia? As of 4 Februarythere has been an eight week-long revert war over a single sentence. There have been two polls on the Darwin Talk pages, one request for a debateone WP:RFCtop masters essay editor service liverpool WP:RFMone WP:RFAr denied, and a Charles Darwin-Lincoln dispute arbitration case.

Trivia: Agatha Christie was born on the same day as Frank Martin. A lame edit war started in the wee hours of the morning on May 31, for those in UTC over whether or not the article should state that, from a top masters essay editor service liverpool angle, a cluster bomb resembles a certain part of the male body. Is Royal Dutch Shell a Dutch company or half-Dutch, half-British? Leads to 93 consecutive reverts 79 of them deleted over the course of a week.

Noted science fiction author dies, which is tragic. Then the tragedy is compounded when the death is reverted for being an uncited statement in a BLP. Edit war and thousands of words of often uncivil argument ensues sometimes valid, sometimes invalid, sometimes downright stupidnoted by various external sites [][]but Fred remains dead. The resulting article has three citations for his death and no citations for any other fact contained within. Can anonymously written folk songs be copyrighted?

What if the anonymous author sues Wikipedia? What goes into an Irish breakfast; black puddingwhite pudding or neither? Is the bacon boiled or fried?

See the talk page for an in-depth analysis of the various issues. In a several week long edit war over the Italian Editor website paper united custom kingdom sandwich ensued over many many topics regarding the popular Chicago style dish, if a variation of it including cheese is common, if it is in fact Italian in anything besides name. A link to the talk page over this war still exists.

Much like Jesus [ citation needed ]the dispute is sometimes resurrected. Edit war over long-time contributors preferring the old Harvard references versus the new Cite.

Multiple users attempt to use the Ref converter with other users reverting back. One side files a WP:RFC over the issue, while the other side takes a strawpoll. The strawpoll results in an overwhelming consensus to convert. The top masters essay editor service liverpool supporter of Harvard references left the project as a result.

Is adding that rival KSL-TV is owned by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints vandalism that must be reverted on sight? Is the am DJ of this Oregonian radio station a "personality"?

The edit war receives mention on-air — and possible Wikipedia editing — from a KUFO DJ. Nielsen claimed copyright over the concept of the DMA or TV marketand the entire United States section of this article required a complete overhaul.

Is linking to the FCC officially verboten due to copyright, or is the government organization under public domain? Either way, the only solution seems to be having no list for the United States at all. See also: Irish breakfast. Is it North or South? Reversions were once a daily occurrence and the discussion page was rife with debate offering little more than personal reflections, but a subpage helped clean things up and provided the riff-raff a place to babble away.

Does traditional Mayonnaise contain lemon juice or not? If so is it really required to make it? Those ponderous questions led to a major revert-war that stretched for the better part of Septemberincluding the usual name-calling, bias-tag-adding and "summoning the top masters essay editor service liverpool threats Did David Saks write "the official song of Memphis", or top masters essay editor service liverpool he write a Memphis "song of the year"?

An editor calls the City Council to find out, only to find that the songwriter himself has already called requesting proof that he wrote "the official song"- citing Wikipedia as his source.

He grew up in Davison, Michigannext to Top masters essay editor service liverpool, Michigan []. Was Zachary Jaydon a cast member throughout the MMC incarnation of this Disney series? Some say yes, some no, as his click here is added to and removed from the cast top masters essay editor service liverpool with depressing frequency.

Were those references added by Jaydon himself? Edit war over whether it is appropriate for the text some demons to link to the article Evil reptilian kitten-eater from another planetwhich has since been merged and redirected to Ontario general election, Is it a puzzle of probability or of game theory?

Is it even correct? This dispute has led to multiple mediation attempts and an ArbCom case. After ten years of disputing, as of August there have been 1, words posted on the article talk page without reaching any agreement. Regarding the table of Moscow Metro lines, should the color of the line be in the first column or the second?

Should the color names spelled out or do the colors speak for themselves? Edit warring over the version of the table occurred at the onset of June Following a month-long full protection, a straw poll, a request for comment, and an appearance in the New York Times on June 17, for its protection and almost certainly this lame disputethe article was unprotected, not because anything was actually resolved but because the article had been protected for so long.

A single editor from Connecticut objects to Boston being mentioned as the "business and cultural center" of New England. The editor endlessly reverts article to remove all mention of Boston from top masters essay editor service liverpool article, believing it to be a conspiracy by Boston propagandists to covertly "recapture" Connecticut via Wikipedia.

A compromise is attempted by conceding in a subsection that the " New York metropolitan area [is] an important economic influence on Fairfield County New England editors offer to cede Fairfield County to NYC to resolve conflict. Issue receives mention in a Nashua Telegraph article about Wikipedia.

Should boys or girls be listed first? Should it be in traditional English or alphabetical order, popular homework editor services united kingdom should it be in the order that humans start puberty? Is there some kind of conspiracy in favour of females over males, or is it entirely innocent?

The eventual consensus was to list boys first, and the article has remained that way for some time. Anonymous user with a bone to pick spends more than half a year on a crusade to discredit the subject and to promote a boycott. Page is protected multiple times, several sockpuppets are blocked, threats are made to bring Wikipedians before an attorney general for consumer fraud, blocking an entire ISP is tried.

The last man to be hanged in Australia died decades ago, but the debate over his possible innocence still rages on as all the best controversies do in Wiki form. Accusations and top masters essay editor service liverpool are thrown around like confettieditors are accused of promoting various possibly fictional books and ALL CAPS edit summaries abound.

The only thing all the editors-turned-detectives can agree on top masters essay editor service liverpool that the truth is out there.

Source made a correction, giving her middle name and month of birth. This was lost through an edit conflict, and Danny and Alexandros added a paragraph worth of content.

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