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President Woodrow Wilson, the only person to be elected to the presidency with a PhD in Political Science, left an undeniable mark on US history and world affairs. Lincoln was elected and there would be war. War can shape the values of a nation. I believe war influenced one young boy to such an extent, that it changed world history.

Woodrow Wilson grew up in the Confederate south during the most bloody years of the US Civil War. He saw death and carnage right outside of his boyhood home.

His father, the write popular phd essay on civil war of the Confederate Southern Presbyterian Church, would join the conflict to minister to the dying and weary on the Confederate front lines. His mother would nurse wounded and dying soldiers. The town he grew up in of Augusta, GA would become a city on the edge of destruction, almost suffering an attack from Union General Sherman in his march to the sea, destroying all in his path.

These facts are known by historians, but are lightly regarded, or dismissed by most prominent historians as after thoughts. Trying to judge the effects of war on a child learn more here not an easy write popular phd essay on civil war. Wilson himself does not make the process an easy one.

Many of his ideas on the war are buried in the past or labeled by historians as after thoughts. With every book written on Wilson, less is written about his childhood.

Yet, when they are looked upon with the lens of Wilson, a war survivor, accomplished and his importance to US history and particular US foreign policy, their importance deserves a wider look. Woodrow Wilson was impacted greatly by the Civil War. It is my belief it was the most important event of his life. Historical scholars do not place the proper weight this significant event had on his life. One could make a compelling argument the events of the Civil War were the signature event that influenced all of his life decisions.

The Civil War also had a large impact on his foreign policy decisions. I believe it was this idea of morality that pushed Wilson to create the League of Nations. Wilson fundamentally restructured US foreign policy goals more than write popular phd essay on civil war President before or since. I have selected his moralistic foreign policy embodied by the League of Nations as the manifestation of his childhood experiences.

I write popular phd essay on civil war without the Civil War, such concepts would not have been proposed by Wilson. Such ideas came from a childhood raised in the Civil War. To have a strong believe in something as powerful as providence, I feel the Civil War instilled such powerful notions. No historian or political scientists makes the appropriate linkage to his political and foreign policy views and the important events of his childhood experience in the Civil War.

There is one author whose work will that will be detailed in length who does make some excellent arguments showing how Wilson was affected by the Civil War as a child through adulthood.

Write popular phd essay on civil war are also several authors who allude to such linkage. None has yet proposed the concept of linking his foreign policy goals and aspirations with his childhood experience that shaped his morality and his quest for the League of Nations. It is the work of this paper to show they are as intertwined as the binding of a book to its pages. President Wilson discussed throughout his life the childhood influence of the Civil War and the role it would play.

War can have the greatest impact on a person or society http://dvdbestonline.co/cheap-resume-ghostwriters-services-london.php experienced firsthand with the after effects lasting a lifetime.

We have many modern day examples of write popular phd essay on civil war returning write popular phd essay on civil war from write popular phd essay on civil war like the Vietnam War, the Afghan War and the US invasion of Iraq. more info suffer from the problems of PTSD for years, with effects that can spread through society.

When a nation is involved in war, all citizens of a war fighting nation suffer in some capacity. Thomas Woodrow Wilson was born on December 28, in Staunton, Virginia. He was the third child of Reverend Joseph Ruggles Wilson, a Scottish-Irish immigrant who was raised in Ohio. The Wilson family would move to Augusta, Georgia in Joseph Wilson was appointed to be the essay writing cheap custom service of the Presbyterian Church in Augusta Wilson, Joseph Wilson would be in the heart of events in his own national church.

Joseph identified strongly with the southern cause. When the southern Presbyterian section withdrew from the national church to form a Confederate based Presbyterian Church, it was Joseph Wilson who offered his church as a place of meeting for the write popular phd essay on civil war General Assembly. The newly created body elected him to its third highest position, permanent clerk. The sermon proved very popular and was published in newspapers across Georgia.

In just three months, shots would be fired at Fort Sumter. The Write popular phd essay on civil war War would begin. Wilson took a very active role in supporting the Confederate Army from his church. This organization setup small hospitals to provide medical care to soldiers and collected money to support them.

They also shipped supplies and small packages from the families of soldiers to boost morale. Wilson would also in March, setup a separate Bible society of the Confederate States. Its first annual meeting was held a year later, at the First Presbyterian Church in Augusta which was lead by Rev.

Augusta luckily was not sacked by Union armies. This caused the city to take in a large amount of refugees and swell its population. Augusta was a very important center of manufacturing and distribution for all war provisions for the Confederacy. It was a major railroad point in the Southern rail write popular phd essay on civil war with all of its lines leading to Savannah, Atlanta, Columbia and Charleston. Augusta was one the few industrial centers in the south and had a large amount of industry for a southern city.

It housed several pistol factories, field artillery works by Colt, cotton textiles, and the Confederate Pay to write astronomy dissertation results shoe factory which produced every shoe worn by southern soldiers Montgomery, A former US Army arsenal was also located on the Sand Hills area, a suburb of Augusta.

The arsenal was quickly attacked and taken over by local militia upon the outbreak of the conflict. When hostilities broke out, Rev. Wilson during a Sunday sermon cut short his service to urge his fellow parishioners to begin work in the arsenal. Woodrow Wilson and his father would actually tour some of these factories as he wanted young Woodrow to gain a sense of southern industry Montgomery, Wilson would also take an active involvement in the field of battle during the war.

In the spring ofRev. Wilson was contacted by the Domestic Missions of the Southern Presbyterian Church to spend two months that summer as a missionary for the Confederate Army. Wilson took the request to heart and immediately volunteered. He spent that summer preaching to the dying and wounded on the fields of battle. Augusta at this time was quickly becoming a center of hospital facilities for the south. This was partly because the Medical College of Georgia was located in Augusta and was close to the Presbyterian church of Rev.

Hospitals were erected in temporary places all http://dvdbestonline.co/cheap-dissertation-chapter-writers-sites-australia.php the city as the Confederate government would seize open spaces and public buildings to accommodate the wounded and injured.

Local fighting would get especially fierce in with battles nearby in Atlanta. The metal fence parts around the church were melted down to make bullets for the Confederacy. All of the pews were removed to make room for the massive influx of people who would need to be cared for. The hospital saw both Rev. Wilson and his wife care for the sick and dying. The write popular phd essay on civil war would use the hospital for four months from October to January, The church was damaged extensively during its conversion to a hospital.

The church was repaired extensively over the next several months. The Confederate government was contacted to pay for all repairs as it had in other buildings that were taken over.

There is no record of the bill for repairs ever being paid and seems the expensive repairs were paid for by the congregation Montgomery, At the same time the church was trying to care for the sick and wounded, the church would also bare the additional burden of becoming what one would consider a prisoners camp.

The camp would be a temporary facility for captured Union troops. The churchyard was made into a detention click and wait station before such soldiers would be sent off by rail to more permanent facilities. The young Wilson would witness many of the naked horrors of the Civil War from just outside the bedroom door of his childhood home.

Augusta, Georgia was also scarred in other ways from the war. As the fighting would get closer to the city, the mood would change quite profoundly. Augusta was placed under martial law under the rule of a provost master. No one was allowed on the streets without a pass at night. The financial situation of the Confederacy and Augusta in the timeframe was becoming desperate. Inflation was becoming a serious problem.

An example of this was the records of Rev. This was however paid with almost worthless Confederate currency Montgomery, The family would have to survive on very little money.

The dissertation chapter proofreading websites australia for the Wilson family grew worse as the war would continue. Many years later during World War I when Woodrow Wilson was President, he would comment on his Civil War experience at this time.

Not only was the young future President witnessing the horror of war, he was also concerned about where his next meal may come from. At the end of the war, Wilson would mention in several instances his memory of seeing President Jefferson being led in shackles down the main street in Augusta after being write popular phd essay on civil war by Union forces on May 17, This main street coincidentally was where the church and manse were located.

Davis was brought by rail with his family and Confederate leaders to Augusta to be placed on a steamboat waiting at the Sand Bar Write popular phd essay on civil war Montgomery, They were not allowed to leave the confines of the train best dissertation chapter ghostwriting service australia they arrived in Augusta.

While they were in town, some of the prisoners were write popular phd essay on civil war to visit with family or friends there. President Davis was allowed to travel off the train to have dinner with General Edward L. Molineux, the commanding federal officer of Union troops stationed in Augusta Write popular phd essay on civil war, Davis would march past a young Woodrow Wilson.

With the historical groundwork laid out, how would seeing such a conflict through the eyes of a child impact the later President Wilson? Some of the best biographical works of Wilson that have extraordinary detail about his life have no section about his experience in the Civil War at all.

As the years have passed and each new work is written, less and less is written on his childhood. Many scholars dismiss the influence of the Civil War. John Milton Cooper Jr. Even the famous psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud would argue the war had no effect on Wilson. The view of most scholars from this small sampling contends the argument that the Civil War had very little effect on him or that he was too young to comprehend its carnage. Most writers feel that most of it faded from his mind after a certain amount of time had write popular phd essay on civil war. Some scholars in their works of Wilson do not mention his childhood experience in the Civil War at all.

This author has a unique position and access to the childhood of the young Wilson. This essay would not have been completed had it not been for the assistance of this group in introducing me to Mr. This scholar has access to a great amount of information that historians have not considered of great importance or did not know existed. Montgomery does not speculate or comment on the effects the Civil War may have had on a young Wilson.

There is however a small sampling of authors who argue the Civil War did have some lasting impact on Wilson. The first is a small section in the book, Woodrow Wilson, the Early Yearsby George Osborn. Out of all the vast bibliographies that are written about Wilson, it has the best overall section that talks in detail about his Civil continue reading experience as a child. The book was published in This gives more credence to the idea that the older the work on Wilson, the more of a focus on his childhood.

It is an excellent starting point for anyone wanting to research this topic. For months across the street from the manse were the write popular phd essay on civil war under guard and men ill clad, hungry, sick, wounded and dying.

The author then goes on to list many of the experiences Wilson would encounter in the Civil War and feels this must have write popular phd essay on civil war him.

The author does not speculate about the exact effects the war would have specifically on the young future President, but is unique in his argument that there would have had to have been some lasting imprint on Wilson. The author feels that Wilson never considered himself a Northerner nor Southerner. He did however make many references to his fondness of the South. It must be noted he never would hold back a criticism of his roots if needed.

The author then details the great literary works of Wilson to show proper linkage between his Civil War experience and his writings. This work is important in getting into the mind of Wilson and his thoughts on the Civil War. This click to see more in my opinion the best way to get a sense of how Wilson felt about the war and how it would influence the country as a whole. It is also because of this work I feel scholars are incorrect in so easily tossing aside his Civil War experience.

In short, he cared enough about the Civil War to write a book about it. While not detailing his experiences, his scholarship choice is important. Wilson after receiving his PhD would in some ways reverse some of his positions about the Civil War. There seems now to be a conflict within Wilson when one compares and contrasts his early writing and work as a Professor later in his career. He felt the South fought for a principle of government organization just as the North did and it was time to continue reading assigning blame for who was at fault.

From the literature detailed above, many authors have different viewpoints about the custom dissertation sites usa the Civil War had on Wilson.

There is even greater contention on what affects there would have been. If one is of the persuasion that the Civil War did affect Wilson in some way, where does one start to sort out and make deductions on those affects? How does one quantify such a deep psychological quandary? While one can see the various arguments to the impact of the Civil War on President Write popular phd essay on civil war, how do fields such as Human Development explain the impact of war on a young child?

One could look at the impact war has had on other children and make predictions on write popular phd essay on civil war impact this may have had on a young Wilson.

What could we gather from the scientific knowledge of Sociology or Cognitive Development? Such questions were posed to Dr. Barbara Newman, a world renowned expert on cognitive development. Newman, through a personal interview and her textbook, would explain any child at the age in which Woodrow Wilson saw the events of the Civil War would have had lifelong changes in cognitive development, behavior, social skill, socializing, the creation of values, self worth, and morality Newman, This was just a small sampling of the impressions and attitudes a child would write popular phd essay on civil war from witnessing war.

This would then have an impact on any future decisions or opinions this individual would formulate in the future. From reviewing the text that Dr.

Newman wrote and my own personal interview with her, write popular phd essay on civil war is very clear any war would impact a child on multiple cognitive and psychological levels Newman, The age of when a dramatic event or events happens is very key to our understanding Dr. Newman explains in her text In the age bracket of four to six, a child develops a sense of morals.

This is the age bracket Wilson would witness many of the horrors of the Civil War. Moral development is accompanied by a heightened sensitivity to violating basic cultural standards, many click to see more which relate to interpersonal behavior, especially toward adults and peers. It is the concept of morals that is heavily influenced in this life stage. These are created in six stages according to Dr.

In the first stage, judgments are based on whether behavior is rewarded of punished Newman, In the second stage, judgments are based on whether consequences result in benefits for self or loved ones Newman, In the see more stage, judgments are based on whether authorities approve or disapprove of a concept or idea Newman, In the fourth stage, judgments are based on whether the behavior upholds or write popular phd essay on civil war the laws of society Newman, In the later fifth stage, judgments are based on whether the behavior upholds or violates the laws of society Newman, In the sixth and final stage, judgments are based on ethical principles that apply across time and cultures Newman, President Wilson, witnessing a civil war outside his bedroom, was cognitively developing his moral center at the time.

The science of Human Development, in just this one of many theories, shows the reader that his concept of morality was deeply affected by the critical events around him. The League of Nations may have been the final extension of such an experience. In the interview conducted with Dr. Newman, she would also detail some of the other cognitive impressions and effects on a child who would have been raised during an armed conflict. Children who have write popular phd essay on civil war exposed to violence or dramatic acts are more than likely to suffer from the effects of post traumatic stress disorder.

Multiple authors have detailed the carnage and death Woodrow Wilson witnessed. It is possible he may have suffered from PTSD as a consequence. The effects of such a disorder can impact a person for the rest of their lives according to Dr. Affected individuals, when triggered by something that reminds them of an event, could begin to panic, possibly go into a rage, or wish to run and hide upon the reawakening of such horror Newman, Some people will try to block out such horrific visions, as they are too much to handle.

This may have been one of the ways Wilson was impacted, as was detailed in quotes about write popular phd essay on civil war the war faded into memory. This maybe a clue; he may have tried to block out such horrific memories.

Newman concluded by explain many suffers of PTSD would professional college essay ghostwriter service for college haunted by such visions write popular phd essay on civil war the rest of their lives unless they are treated by a professional Newman, After his experience in the Civil War, Wilson would go on to become dean of Princeton University.

He would also become the Governor of New Jersey. In time, he would seek the Presidency. Woodrow Wilson, after a tough and bitter three way political election against William Howard Taft and Theodore Roosevelt would become President Blum, Woodrow Wilson, after trying to keep the United States out of World War I for three years, made the decision that there was no other choice but to join the Allied cause and engage the Axis Powers.

On April 4 th, President Write popular phd essay on civil war would ask congress for a declaration of war. His ideas write popular phd essay on civil war a new basis for international relations were founded firmly on his own moral center.

These fourteen points embodied concepts today we consider as the basis of international relations: free trade, freedom of the seas, evacuation of conquers from invaded territories, open negotiations in public view, a world body of nations that would settle disputes, and the concept of self determination Hoff, At the time, such concepts were radical and a complete rewrite of the governing system of world politics. All of these ideas were based on the moral idea that international relations must move away from the realist idea of power politics to a more morally based concept.

Other advanced international relations theories would then branch off from this. All of this comes from his profound sense of morals. America would not go to war to protect the old European concepts of realism or balance of power, but to create a new international system based on community, security, and peace Alsop, It was to this end Wilson proposed the League of Nations, the center peace of his foreign policy goals.

Morality guided every http://dvdbestonline.co/best-critical-thinking-editor-service-sf.php of these ideas write popular phd essay on civil war concepts. The Civil War created such a sense of morality. He felt war would be stopped through the concept of collective security, that if a nation was threatening the established peace, all other nations would band together to stop the aggressor Magee, Wilson felt very strongly about the League of Nations as a mechanism where the United States would not have to fight another horrific war again.

I would consider myself recreant to every mother and father, every wife and sweetheart in this country, if I consented to http://dvdbestonline.co/best-literature-review-editing-for-hire-for-masters.php ending of this war without a guarantee that there would be no other.

If it only creates a presumption that there will not be war, would you not rather have that presumption than live under the certainty that there will be war?

To him, if nations were to join an organization with the stated goal of collectively working towards peace, the chances of another great war could be greatly reduced. His moralistic vision of a world based on collective security drove his quest for the league.

This Morialism was created out of his childhood experience in the Civil War. Wilson also wanted to end secret treaties; all nations would negotiate out in the open and in the view of public opinion. Wilson felt that write popular phd essay on civil war of the causes of the First World War was the creation of secret treaties and alliances that were not scrutinized in public opinion. If America could wash away her sins of sectionalism in the Civil War, so could the world in ending its lust of realist wars and a cruel quest for power.

America had not engaged in the various European power struggles sense its creation, heeding the farewell address of President Washington many years prior.

Many authors have purposed various other reasons as to why Wilson created such a sweeping and revolutionary set of foreign policy goals along with the creation of the League of Nations. The Presbyterian Church with its stern doctrine, its veneration for holy writ, its profound sense of the presence and judgments of god, its emphasis upon the value of human personality. Many scholars have argued it was the gospel so taught to Wilson from his father and mother that led him to the ideas of developing a new world order based on the concepts of Moralism and collective security.

The concept that these authors put forth, that religion played the biggest influences in his foreign policy goals, does not take away from the argument that it was his sense of morality that was the greatest overarching idea that influenced his idea. Morality and religion in many ways are linked together.

One argument in many ways complements the other. Wilson himself would write many times throughout his life that all peoples should have the right to elect a democratic government and not be subjugated by imperial powers in any capacity. He would define this as one of his fourteen points.

This line of argument does not weaken in any way that his moral view point crafted in the Civil War guided his ideas. Wilson could have been guided by public opinion.

Almost all elected officials in all of history have been influenced by it in some way. There is a great deal of evidence he followed it very carefully when considering if the US would involve itself in World War I. He may have felt that Germany had crossed a morale line in the sand, and that public opinion agreed with him. Also, public opinion did not give birth to League of Nations; it was only Wilson and his concept of morality that created such a revolutionary concept.

I believe that none of the alternatives arguments about why Wilson crafted his moralistic vision of international relations and the League of Nations hold as much as weight as his Civil War experience.

Why if Wilson was so religious, did he not keep the US out of war entirely? If Wilson was so interested write popular phd essay on civil war keeping his goals aligned with public opinion, why did he not listen to the massive amount of public opinion that wanted nothing to do with the war? It is very hard to deny Wilson was impacted by the war, all one has to do is look at the massive amount of evidence. One can also look to science and human development, such as the work of Dr. Barbara Newman, to see firsthand how a child would be impacted by war.

A child from the ages of four to seven according to her work would have their whole moral and ethical code changed by witnessing a dramatic event such as war.

Some children may even be affected so deeply that they suffer from post traumatic stress disorder. Unless Wilson was somehow completely shielded write popular phd essay on civil war the Civil War fromthere is no way Wilson did not know what happening http://dvdbestonline.co/professional-academic-essay-ghostwriter-site-liverpool.php witnessed the horrors of this war.

The lasting mark of this war on Wilson was a profound sense of morality, which is profoundly displayed on how he would look at the world. The way he looked at the world guided his idea of write popular phd essay on civil war the way man would forever look at international relations.

There is no possible way Wilson was not affected by the Click here War.

His own admissions that the war did not affect him were a coping mechanism for him to deal with his Civil War experience. It was at the heart of who he was as a man and how he cheap services school thinking for critical editor guide this nation as President. One can theorize that if Wilson had not gone through his agonizing Civil War experience, he would have never proposed his fourteen points and the League of Nations.

His ideas would never have been picked up later by others to create the United Nations. History was changed by his experience. His experience in the Civil War would create the moral foundation to purpose the foreign policy he crafted. Moralism would be the roadmap to such a vision, based on his childhood witnessing the carnage of a nation fighting a brutal Civil War. Wilson sense of morality was created as a child cognitively through his witnessing the most brutal war up until that point our nation had ever seen.

He by his own admission did not want the United States fighting a war in Europe to just re-institute the old European balance of power or create a new version of power politics that had produced such a horrible conflict Schonberg, Wilson would never have sent American soldiers to die for write popular phd essay on civil war a morally reprehensible concept. Wilson, through his idea of the League of Nations, through his believes in the spread of self determination and democracy to the parties of this bloody conflict, America would be fighting for something greater.

The United States according to Wilson fought the Civil War to purge itself from slavery and later he would argue the horrors of sectionalism and constitutional struggle. If America was to go to war in an even more bloody and costly conflict, Wilson felt this war must be fought for a similar principle. I believe Wilson felt America sacrificed its young citizens in the Civil War to save the union of its states. Now it was sacrificing again to create a new international order where a League of Nations would guarantee the peace.

Ultimately, Wilson would not get his League of Nations to pass the US Senate. The center of his moralistic vision of a new world order would click struck down.

He would be stricken by a massive stroke and conclude the rest of his Presidency a faded leader. President Wilson and his ideas of collective security, a league of nations trying to mitigate the international system of anarchy, and self determination for all nations are key aspects of international relations today.

They are the cornerstone of US foreign affairs. After the carnage of World War II, the US and its allies would create the United Nations, which is heavily active in world affairs today.

Self determination is considered by most nations a fundamental right of the international system. There are no European colonies in Africa or Asia, and the idea of colonialism has been abandon. Presidents from Franklin Roosevelt in crafting the post World War II peace to President George W. Bush in his argument for invading Iraq to create democracy have used the tenants of Wilsonian ideas to justify their actions. These concepts were born during a conflict that was driving a nation apart in a bloody civil war.

The Write popular phd essay on civil war Civil War would not only influence the childhood of a young President Wilson, but the ideas of a nation that was trying to justify its reason to go to war once more. Those ideas are with us even today. The Greatness of Woodrow Wilson, Reinhart and Company, Inc.

The Public Papers of Woodrow Wilson. Woodrow Wilson and The Politics of Morality. Little, Brown and Company. Americans Presidents Reference Series. CQ Press Cooper, J. Woodrow Wilson Center Press. Woodrow Wilson: A Biography. The Life of Woodrow Wilson. WH Johnston Press Gaughan, A. Woodrow Wilson and the Legacy of the Civil War. A Faustian Foreign Policy: From Woodrow Wilson to George W.

The John Hopkins Press Levin, N. Woodrow Wilson and World Politics. Oxford University Press Magee, M. Woodrow Wilson, A Biography. Thomas Woodrow Wilson: Family Ties Southern Perspectives. Augusta, GA Newman, B. Development Through Life: A Psychosocial Approach.

Newman to explore the cognitive affects of war on children and http://dvdbestonline.co/cheap-critical-essay-writer-website-for-school.php they may relate to a young President Wilson. Conducted October 29, Farrar, Straus and Giroux. Woodrow Wilson, The Early Years.

Louisiana State University Press. Paper Presented at the Annual at the Annual Convention of International Studies, MarchThorsen, N. The Political Thought of Woodrow Wilson, As a Progressive, Obama Hews to the Wilsonian Tradition. Written by: Harry Kazianis. Written at: University of Rhode Island. Written for: Professor Lawrence Charap. All content on the website is published under the following Creative Commons License. Before you download your free e-book, please consider donating to.

E-IR is an independent non-profit publisher run by an all volunteer team. Your donations allow us to invest in new open access titles and pay our. Donations are voluntary and not required to download the e-book - your link to download is below. Woodrow Wilson: Civil War, Morality and Foreign Policy. Harry KazianisJan 26views. This content was written by a student and assessed as part of a university degree. In battling for the passage of the Treaty here Versailles and the League of Nations he would write:.

Works Cited and Consulted. The John Hopkins Press. Paper Presented at the Annual at the Annual Convention of International Studies, Marchwrite popular phd essay on civil war Princeton Baccalaureate Address, June 12, Declaration of War during Joint Session of Congress, April 2, Fourteen Points Address to Joint Session of Congress.

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There had been many wonderful misunderstanding between North and South in the years that led up to the Civil Warbut the most tragic misunderstanding of all was that neither side realized, until it was too late, that the other side was desperately in earnest. Not until the war had actually begun would men see that their rivals really meant to fight? By that time it was too late to do anything but go on fighting. Southerners had been talking secession for many years, and most people in the North had come to look on such talk as a counter in the game of politics.

The Confederacy would fight for independence, the North for re-establishment of the Union. So far, slavery itself was definitely not an issue. The North was far from article source on this point; it was vitally important for Lincoln to keep the support of Northern Democrats, most of whom had little or no objection to the continued existence of slavery in the south; and both he and the Congress itself were explicit in asserting that they wanted to restore the Union without interfering with the domestic institutions of any of the states.

In addition, there were the border states, Write popular phd essay on civil war and Kentucky and Missouri, slave states were sentiment apparently was pro-Union by a rather narrow margin, but where most people had no use at all for abolitionists or the abolitionist cause.

If these states should join the Confederacy, the Union cause was as good as lost probably the most momentous to hold these states in the Here. If he could help it, Lincoln was not going to fight a straight Republican war. While the Civil War was nominally fought to preserve the Union and free the Negro, the victors pursued the former objective only. Although released from bondage, the Negro eventually paid the price of national unification.

It was they who decided that it was better than to reconcile the sections to each other rather than to pursue full equality for Negro Americans. Certain issues had once and for all been settled. The protracted debate and sectional conflict over the nature of the Union were resolved by the arbitrament of arms. Ucial So too had there finally been decided the crucial problem of slavery.

The seal of victory on the battlefield was placed upon the northern contention that human bondage could not exist in source American democracy. The future status of the Negro was still to be determined, and would give rise to no less controversial issue than those which war had solved, but neither slavery nor involuntary servitude would henceforth be countenanced within the United States or any place subject to their jurisdiction.

At long last the energies of the American people were free to resume the tremendous task of building up a nation without being diverted by the fatal pull of North and South.

The historic march across the continent was now to receive a fresh impetus in the northern states as thousands of settlers poured into the new West that lay beyond the Missouri; while even more importantly, the growth of manufactures write popular phd essay on civil war the northern states launched industrial production on a period of phenomenal expansion.

Military striking oiwer in such a war is finally supported, conditioned, and limited by the physical scope and citalirt of the basic economy. Simple valor and devotion can never be enough to win, if the war once develops pasts its opening stages. And for such a war the North was prepared and the south was not prepared; prepared, nor in the sense that it was ready for the War—Neither side was in the least ready—but in the resources which were at its disposal.

The North could win a modern war and the south could not. Clinging to a society based on the completely archaic institution of slavery, the South for a whole generation had been marking a valiant attempt to reject the industrial revolution, and this services editor for university dissertation popular had involved it at last in a war in which the industrial revolution would be the decisive factor.

The needed crops could be produced even though the army took away so many farmers, simply because slaves could keep plantations going with very little help. But in all other respects the peculiar institution was a terrible handicap. Its existence had kept the South from developing a class of skilled workers, it had kept the South write popular phd essay on civil war, and although some slaves were on occasion used as factory workers, slavery had prevented the rise of industrial strength, the South was fatally limited.

It could put a high percentage of its adult white manpower on which the firing line ultimately was based. Producing ample supplies of food and fibers, it had to go hungry and inadequately clad; needing write popular phd essay on civil war adequate distributive mechanism, it was saddled with railroads and highways which had never been quite good enough and which now could not possibly be improved or even maintained.

The proliferating casualty lists reached into every community, touching nearly every home. War expenditures reached what then seemed to write popular phd essay on civil war the incomprehensible total of more than two million dollars a day. War profiteers were numerous and blatant, and at times the whole struggle seemed to be waged for their benefits; to the very end of the war there was always a chance that the South might gain its independence, not because of victories in the field but because the people in the North simply found the burden too heavy to carry any longer.

A commercial and industrial boom like nothing the country had imagined before took place. During the first year, to be sure, times were hard: the country had not entirely recovered from the Panic ofand when the Southern states seceded the three hundred million dollars which Southerners owed to Northern businessmen went up in smoke, briefly intensifying the depression in the North. But recovery was rapid; the Federal government was write popular phd essay on civil war as much money that no depression could endure, and by the summer of the northern states were waist-deep in property.

There might have been a crippling manpower shortage, because patriotic fervor nowhere ran stronger than in the farm belt and a high percentage of the able-bodied men had gone into the army. But the War came precisely when the industrial revolution was marking itself on the farm. Until farm labor had been abundant and cheap, and these machines made there best blog ghostwriter services sf slowly; now farm labor was scarce and high-priced, and the farmer who turned write popular phd essay on civil war machinery could actually expand his acreage and his production with fewer hands.

It was just ready to embrace the factory system inbut without the war its development would have gone more slowly. The war provided a forced draft that accelerated the process enormously. By the northeastern portion of American had development compressed into four feverish years. In the long run it would have been far cheaper to purchase the abolition of slavery, although such a course was unthinkable to both sides in Both sides resorted to many similar financial measures: raising taxes, issuing various types of bonds, and printing vast quantities of paper money unsupported by gold or silver reserves.

Some affected the master-slave relationship. Southern slaveholders had defended their right to absolute control over their bondsmen in antebellum days.

When war came, they watched helplessly as the Confederate government and Southern states governments transferred hundreds of thousands of slaves from private plantations to more urgent labor in the war effort.

Slaves even become Confederate soldiers shortly before Appomattox. And throughout the war Southerners relaxed their close supervision of slave movements and activities. There was no two-party system as in the North. They spoke their minds freely. Yet the demands of fighting a separatist revolt prevented any change in government. The war not only changed master-slave relations and Southern politics.

It also altered the southern economy. These men were determined to assume every power they needed to wage war. The Confederacy did more than seize slaves for war work. It closely regulated foreign commerce. It confiscated food and equipment from private farms for the army.

It created government-run industries to produced military equipments. And it tightly controlled what was left of the private enterprise. Cotton crops were destroyed or rotted unpacked in the fields. Few factories remained in operation.

There was almost no trade. Only a handful of banks were left, and they were nearly empty. After years of conflicts, food shortages had become so severe that ingenious southerners concocted various substitutes: parched corn in place of coffee, strained blackberries in place of vinegar.

Scarcity bred speculation, hoarding, and spiraling prices. But it was vastly accelerated by wartime demands to equip and supply the army. The number of northern factories increased from fewer thanin to overby Railroad mileage doubled continue reading this decade. The growth was aided not only by government contracts for arms and military supplies.

It was helped also by wartime currency inflation, huge federal subsidies to railroads, and protective tariffs for industry. Southern Democrats had dominated Congress and executive branch until the s. They blocked measures such as the protective tariff, a national banking system, and railroad subsidies. The Republicans were in control.

They favored industrialization and economic growth. To further their aims, they adopted the Morrill Tariff ofwhich raised duties. They passed the National Banking Acts of and these aided national banks at the expense of state banks. In addition, congress awarded land-grant subsidies to transcontinental railroad and stimulated western settlement with the Homestead Act, which offered land to settlers at nominal sums. These had to do less with things that remained than with the things that had been lost.

What had been won would not be entirely visible for many years to come, and most people had been lost could not be forgotten.

The men who had marched gaily off in new uniforms and who had not come back: the dreams that had wrecked, the countryside it had scarred, the whole network of habits and hopes and attitudes of mind it had ground to fragments — these were remembered with proud devotion by a nation which had paid an unimaginable price for an experience compounded of suffering learn more here loss and ending in stunned bewilderment.

People clung to write popular phd essay on civil war memory of what was gone. Knowing the cruelty and insane destructiveness of war as well as any people who ever lived, they nevertheless kept looking backward, and they put strange gloss overtones it had left.

In cities and in small towns the Decoration Day parade became a ritual : rank after rank of men who unaccountably kept on growing older and less military-looking would tramp down dusty streets, bands playingflags flyingranks growing thinner year by year until finally nobldy remained to march at all.

In the South the same ceremonial was performedalthough the date of the calendar was different; and in both sections orators spoke at vast length, reciting deeds of bravery and devotion which somehowconsidered from the increasing distance, had the power to knit the country together again. Their stereotyped speeches were oddly made significant by the deeds which they commemorated.

Decaying plantation buildings, with empty verandas slowly falling apart under porticoes upheld by insecure wooden pillars, became shrines simply because they somehow spoke for the dream that had died, the vitality of the dream gaining in strength as the physical embodiment of it drifted off into ruin. Write popular phd essay on civil war were cemeteries for both sections— quitepeaceful fields where soldiers who had never cared about write popular phd essay on civil war formality lay in the last sleep, precisely ranked in rows of white headstones which bespoke personal tragedies blunted at last by time.

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At the same jedoch best movie review editor service sf zur, the end of the Civil War meant a great deal more than even the settlement of these issues. Underneath everything there was the fact that the Civil War was a modern war; an all- out war, as that generation understood the concept, in which everything that a nation has and does must be listed with its assets or its debits.

To a Southland fighting for its existence, slavery was an asset in the farm belt. The North bore a heavy load in the War. With all of this war brought to the North, a period of tremendous growth and development. This increased demand northern farms met with effortless ease. Although, it is probable that Civil War pushed the North into industrial age a full generation sooner than would otherwise have been the case.

This was three to four times the total estimated value of slave in the Confederacy. The overriding desire for victory led to sweeping measures on the South. Normal political life also came to a halt in the Write popular phd essay on civil war during the war. Southern economic devastation by could be measured in many ways.

Industrial growth in the North began before the Civil war, and the development of machines were more in advance after the Civil War. Perhaps most important in the North, as in the confederacy, was the role-played by the government in stimulating economic growth. The Civil War left American with a legend and a haunting write popular phd essay on civil war. In conclusion, North and South together shared in this, for if the consciousness of defeat afflicted only one of the two sections, both knew that something greatly cherished was gone forever, whether that something was only a remembered smile on the face of a boy who had died or was the great shadow of a way of life that had been destroyed.

As the postwar years passed the remembrances became formalized. Andfinally, comparing the effects write popular phd essay on civil war the Civil War on the North and the South: the South had the bitterer events and memoriesand it wrapped them in a heavier trapping of nostalgia.

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